Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

September 17th, 2018 Rotoracle

Danvers Rotary Bulletin
September 17th, 2018
Welcome:  President Jacki opened today’s meeting. 
Lunch:  Coffee, salad, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, seafood chowder, and ice cream cake for desert
Invocation:  Suzanne started us off in prayer 
Rotary Moment:  Neil received an email from the Rotary District over the weekend.  The email entailed how Rotary offered up camp/cottage rooms for those that were homeless due to the gas explosion in Merrimack Valley. 
Becky’s Rotary moment involved receiving a thank you from the Town of Danvers for the concerts at the Rotary Pavilion. 
Visiting Rotarians:  We had two guests today from Danvers Town Hall.  Jen Breaker, Asst Town Manager and Alexander Lent, Danvers Library Director.
  •          Rotoplast –Rotary International is still looking for volunteers to help with the Rotoplast mission.
  •          Evening Meeting – Matt Schroeder updated us on the membership evening meeting last week at The Berry Tavern.  The food and drinks as well as the attendance was great.  Everyone seemed to have a nice time.  We had 4 guests and close to 20 people in attendance.  Matt is looking for the next venue.  If you have any suggestions, please let Matt know.
     *           Farmers Market – Is doing well.  Every week something new. Be sure to visit the market this Wednesday.
  •          Guest Speakers – If you have any suggestions on guest speakers, please see Rick Gilmore.  Rick is also putting together the speaker’s calander.
  •          BREAD – Brian Ahern, our official newest member to Rotary has been bringing in home made bread for the raffle.  It’s been a huge hit.  Every week 2 Rotarians go home              with a loaf of delicious bread.  For those that are interested in buying bread – see Brian – and the $$ raised will go back to Rotary.  Thank Brian for all you do.
  •          Dictionary Distribution – Next month we will start distributing dictionaries throughout the Danvers Schools and we will need volunteers. 
  •          Chess at the Library –The Rotary wheel will be installed very soon.
  •          Raffles – Don Desmond and Jackie are organizing a couple of Rotary Raffle Fundraisers.  One may be a trip to Italy.
GUEST SPEAKER – Danvers Town Manager, Steve Bartha
Town Manager, Steve Bartha updated us on a number of Town updates.  Some of the topics included the Smith School Project.  Everyone should be excited that the blueprints/site plan is now posted on the town website.  Smith School has a great reputation and has received a number of awards over the years but it has been determined that the school needs to be replaced. 
Mr. Bartha also updated us on commercial and residential zoning rates.  The possibility of Hayrides at Endicott Park, the Red Barn restoration, and expanding the bike path into Middleton.  Other topics included affordable housing within the community and if it’s possible.  Sandy Beach at Danversport is being reviewed for upgrades and making it more community friendly with a splash pad, kayak rentals and redesign. 
The Town Manager is the Chief Executive Officer for the Town of Danvers and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen. The position was created in 1949 , with the adoption of the Town Manager Act, and provides leadership and administrative oversight to all departments, except for Library and Schools. The current Town Manager, Steve Bartha, was hired in December of 2014.
The Town Manager is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and Town ordinances, the appointment of department heads and many Town boards and committees, and the submission of the annual budget to the Board of Selectmen.  In addition, the Town Manger and his staff recommend policies and programs to the Board of Selectmen and implement decisions of the Board, as well as Town Meeting.  The Assistant Town Manager oversees purchasing, legal, insurance and customer service functions, and provides administrative oversight to the IT Director.
Beyond this, the Town Manager's Office coordinates the work of employees and volunteers to make sure Danvers remains a place you are proud to call home - a place that you and your families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors choose to live, learn, work, and play.
Sheriff’s Report.  Sheriff Analee collected $68 today.
Raffle:  Lenny and Brian were our 2 unlucky winners
Bread Winners:  The 2 BIG winners were Ralph and Bill L.
Take Care
John Somes
Rotarian Bulletin Editor