Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

May 14 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Rotary Meeting May 14th:
I am sorry for being so late writing this Rotoracle.  Being retired, I don't know how I found time to do things when I was working.  Well, here goes at what is happening with Danvers Rotary this week.
President Bill opened the meeting and asked if anyone had a Rotary Moment.
Becky shared a Rotary Moment, when she went to Endicott Park and watched the Essex Tech Students plant our 40 apple trees in the new Rotary Sponsored Apple Orchard.  The trees were 4 feet high and included 5 varieties of apples.  This represented our 40 Rotary members, one tree for each member.  The Essex Tech teens will help maintain the orchard as part of their studies.  Salem news will be doing a story on the project.  

Farmers Market Update

There are 32 vendors signed up for the market, many committing o every week.  Chef Leo's Kitchen Food Truck, farmers and bakers along with others will sell food.  Vendors, selling wine, honey, etc are still needed to fill in the group.  Sponsor opportunities for $100 to $500 are open.  There is a Friends of the Market group that will allow donations  to help each week.  The Sr. Voucher program will be offered again this year, thanks to the sponsorship from Layhey.  Most of all we need everyone to talk it up and get people to the Market.  Rotarians should make a special effort to attend and buy things in support of the program.  Signs have been approved and are being printed for Lawn Advertising.  Let Matt know that you can help with this.  

Navy Band Concert

Larry Raimondi reported that the Navy Band is set for August 15th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  They need a foot print of 40 X 30.  Looking for some portable staging to help with this.  They would like to play outside, there will be no rain date.  Last year worked out fine in Maple Street Church but they would like to be at the Pavilion. 

Other Date To Note:

  • June 14th, District Installation Dinner will be held outside at Danversport.  Cost is $60 and will be a fun time.\
  • June 26th, Danvers Rotary Installation Dinner will be held at Pellana's Restaurant.  Soon to be President Jacki has planned a great event and everyone should make every effort to attend.  I believe the cost will be $50 and I have been told that the food will be outstanding, as well as the company for the evening.  Mark your calendar for this as it is our special meeting of the year when we install the new President, Jacki, along with the rest of officers and directors.  
  • June 28th, Rotary Pavilion Concert, starring Pop Disaster, sponsored by Danvers Rotary.  Always a great concert and fun time.

Speaker - Larry DeLorenzo & The Birds

No, I did not say Larry was for the birds, I said Larry and his birds.  About 15 years ago Larry brought in some of his birds and it was a great hit and he agreed to share with us again this week.  He showed us a picture of his Scarlet Macaw that he has had for 40 years, they live to be 100, so chances are he will outlive Larry.  Larry's Aviary has over 100 birds that he takes care of.  Many finches and parakeets are being bread for sale.  He brought with him some parakeets and finches to show the beautiful colors and how they get along.  The birds can survive in temperatures from 40 to 90 degrees, but love to be 60 to 65.  He spoke about how you can't keep wild birds and it is against the law to take birds from other countries.  All his birds came from private breeders.  His Aviary is attached to his home and include 17 cages, many of which are used to breeding.  Most birds fly free in the Aviary.  I looked back to see if I had any pictures from Larry from fifteen years ago but was unable to find any.  When Larry travels, Daughter Judy watches over the birds.  As you can see in one of the included pictures, Judy, as a young child, enjoyed biking with her cockatiel.  There is a lot of work that has to be done to keep birds, but Larry does not mind.  Great talk and wonderful presentation.  Thanks Larry.

Some great pictures:

Great pictures.  Who knew that both Larry and Judy are for the birds.      Thanks Larry!!!!!