Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

July 30th, 2018 Rotoracle

Danvers Rotary Bulletin
July 30, 2018
Welcome:  Kim Lobonte filled in for President Jacki Shambaugh today.  We had a good turnout for today’s meeting.  
Lunch:  Coffee, strawberry summer salad, steak tips on skewers, chicken, veggies, cream rice and pudding for desert.
Rotary Moment: 
Visiting Rotarians:  Brian Ahearn from Buffalo NY (Soon to be joining our club).  Brian also brought some breads from The Berkshire Farms for raffle prizes.
  • Neal Waldman.  The chess tables planned for the library patio are installed and ready for use. We are looking to have a photo op tomorrow at the library with the Salem News.  Neil would like as many Rotarians present for PR.  2PM July 31st
  • Larry Ramondi – reminded us that the Navy Band will be playing August 16th at the Rotary Pavilion at 6pm.  8 piece band.  This event is sponsored by the Danvers Rotary
  • SOLD OUT:    BOTTOM’S UP - Larry DeLorenzo will have a Tribute for Jeff DeLorenzo on August 3rd at the Danversport Waterfront Patio with LIVE music featuring “Horizon & The Horns – Ray Novak (6-9 PM) and a DJ (9-11PM).  Cost is $20 – all proceeds going to Boys and Girls Club of Salem.  DONATIONS:  If you would like to make a donation – please contact Larry.
  • Dan Dougherty – Wiffle Ball – reminder that we have a tourney on August 11 at Danvers HS.  We need volunteers, Sponsors and Players.  Spread the word.  This is a BIG Fundraiser for the Club.  Flyers and Posters being distributed this week.
  • June 28th – Concert at the Rotary Pavilion
  • Farmers Market – Matt Schroeder updated us on the success of the market.  Vendors keep coming back.  We have over 20 vendors and more produce should be coming in weeks to come.  If you have not visited – make sure you stop by. Matt also passed around a sign-up sheet – looking for Rotarians to volunteer the day of 
Professional Chef,
Tony Bettencourt and wife
Valarie.  Owners of
BestLife mealprep
GUEST SPEAKER – Tony Bettencourt of BestLife mealprep
Tony & Valerie Bettencourt, formerly, the owners of 62 Restaurant & Wine Bar in Salem, MA  have now taken their restaurant and hospitality experience and founded BestLife mealprep.
Tony's taking his 17 years of professional chef experience and focusing on clean healthy eating as a convenient alternative to the fast food rut we all find ourselves in when life gets busy. 
At BestLife they prep, cook and deliver, to your door, delicious restaurant quality meals using fresh, organic, ingredients.  
BestLife meals are made fresh for you with organic produce, all natural and grass-fed meats. These are fresh meals from a kitchen, not a science lab, designed to help you live healthier, happier and live your BestLife.
Tony also brought some delicious samples to share with our Rotarians.  So….if your strapped for time, looking for a good, healthy meal for the whole family, be sure to place an order from their website.
For more information, visit their website
Sheriff’s Report.  Brad Hunt
Bill Nolan $5 Danvers National, Dan Doherty $5 Danvers National, Tom Standring, Danvers, Sue C Concert $5, Larry DeLorenzo $5, Judy DeLorenzo $5 Busy, Bill Lee $5 for 5, Larry Raimondi $5 this is why we are here, Neal Waldman $5 something good, Mary Beth $5 wonderful summer, John Somes $5 Tooth Fairy, Barry Kaplan $10 Absent, Becky Kilborn $5 Happy and wiffleball, Sarah $5 Danvers National, Chelsea R $5 Happy Campaign Stan G, Ralf Ardiff $5 next to Barry, Brian Ahearn $5 Bread, Brad Hunt $5 speaker
Total Collected $106.00
Raffle:  John Somes and Tony Bettencourt were are Lucky LOOOOOOOSers !!
Our Lucky Winners:  Matt Schroeder, Neal Waldman, Tom Standring won some gourmet bread thanks to Brian Ahern.
Take Care
John Somes