Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

January 29 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Lenny Mercier
Wow, what a fun day we had at this week's meeting. 

First of all, there is a new Sheriff in Town.

Annelie Sirois stepped in this week as a new Sheriff in Town. She did a great job collecting a total of $83.00 from everyone for their variety of reasons.  Annelie is one of our newer members and she found that it is a great way to get to meet all the members by checking out their name tags or asking a members name who forgot to wear their badge.  With most donating for the New England Patriots, others donated for the speakers, the weather, snow, vacations and even for the new Sheriff.  Great job Annelie and thanks for stepping up.

Food Packing Event (15 Clubs from District Work Together)

What a time we had, last Tuesday, working along side of 14 other clubs, packing food for local Pantries to distribute.  We had 10 volunteers from our club alone, so that shows you how many people worked together to put together, seal and package over 17,000 breakfast meals, with oatmeal, Cinnamon, Apples and other ingredients.  We were sworn to secrecy about the special recipe.  When I got home that night all I could think about was oatmeal.  Boy, I couldn't wait till breakfast to quench my thirst for oatmeal.  Attached at the end you will find two sheets of pictures that were passed around at the meeting.  Have to say the hair net and mustache net did not help with my photographic look.  I at least pulled by the net from the facial hair for the picture.  All food packed went to local pantries for distribution to those in need,  Our 1,000 meals went mostly to the People to People Food Pantry in Danvers, with some meals going to the Pantries in Boxford, Topsfield and Middleton, through the Y.  Many would remember that we have hosted the food packing before and participated in a district packing event in Salem.  Those other events produced dinner meals to be distributed around the world and in US places, like helping out with Katrina.  Rotary helps in many ways, but this event is great because it is a hands on event to help locally and world wide.  Great job Rotarians. 

Polar Plunge this Saturday

President Bill is still seeking someone to represent us in the District Plunge, this Saturday morning in Gloucester.  Are you up for the chill?  If not you are encouraged to go to the District website and sponsor the event with a pledge.  I know, my Outreach Director, at the Y, a Tri Town Rotarian, will be plunging.  I am sponsoring her, Suzanne Malach.  If you are looking for someone to support you can support Suz Malach at the Y.  Remember, the money collected goes to help stamp out Polio.  As Tom Standring would say, "We are so close and look to the future when Polio is gone."    

Raffle only has a week and 1/2 left to sell tickets.  

More than three hundred tickets are in the hands of Rotarians and they should be all sold.  Some tickets were handed out this week.  Remember, being a Rotarian is not just about coming to the luncheons on Mondays at noon.  It is about sharing the responsibility of helping with service projects and for helping the club raise the much needed funds needed to support those projects.  This raffle is one of those important tools we need to work with to raise these funds.  Are you buying any tickets, are you asking your friends, family and business associates to buy a ticket.  You will be giving someone a chance at winning the cruise of a life time or a chance to win $6,000 to help with their finances.  Just think what you could do with $6,000; vacation, paint the house, help with a new car, buy that important person in your life a nice piece of jewelry.  There are probably 6,000 reasons to try to win and it only costs $50 for that chance.  Better odds than the lottery, than betting on the SuperBowl, and surely better odds than gambling.  Boy I think I just talked myself into buying another ticket, just don't tell Diane........................................  How about you.  Tickets are available at Hancock Engineering, second floor, Hancock Engineering building on Centre Street Danvers.  Go to the counter and see Pat.  She has tickets there and will also take money if you want.  

Coat Drive:

Shelley Silverman reminded us that the drive will be completed this next Monday, February 5th.  Drop off coats at the Y, North Shore Bank, Mountain One Bank, Gilmore and Gilmore, Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or bring them to our meeting on Monday.  
Coats will be given to Family Promise for their clients.

Club Project - Apple Orchard

President Bill reported that our board of directors have approved building or rebuilding an Apple Orchard at Endicott Park.  The plan is to plant one tree for each of our members in the orchard.  That is 40 trees to be planted.  New member John Zannino has a friend that is an Arborist at Essex Tech who will help to set up and maintain the orchard.  On Arbor Day or Earth Day, the plan is to have a hands on day of planting of the trees.  Trees will not be little seedlings, but will be trees of decent size to be sure they take to their new home.  No, you name is not on your tree so you can go pick your own apples...  This will be a great project that will continue to flourish for years to come.  The location is by the entrance into the park, where there is still a few apple trees from a previous orchard.  What a great project.

DanversCARES - This week's speaker

Peg Salladae talks about the importance of the program.
Stephanie Beilin discusses the ways DanversCARES works to give those important alternatives.
Peg Salladae, DanversCARES Director and Stephanie Beilin, DHS Social Worker gave a wonderful, in-depth talk about the great work of DanversCARES in town.  This group works closely with other organizations in town, working to give healthy choices to Danvers students and families.  Originally the program was started as Communities that Caress, which was set up to work on keeping kids away from smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Now DanversCARES has a much wider focus to build awareness on all types of behaviors and to help parents learn how to communicate with their students.  Your peer groups are at both the Middle School and High School levels, having Danvers students work to prevent issues before they begin and to problem solve ways to get kids "peers" on the right track.  Making good decisions is an important part of this program with Youth Leadership groups at both the Middle School and High School.  Some of the things they do include mentoring for Athletes, A Parent's University Workshop for faculty and parents to learn how to help youth.  Fun activities are planned to give good alternatives to bad behavior.  Just last Friday night, over 50 Middle School students attended a fun event at the Y.  This event happens a couple times each year with the Y offering the Y facility for he activities and the volunteers and staff from DanversCARES plan the event.  It is great partnerships in Town that help keep our youth on that all so important Right Track.   Peg invited the club to consider having someone from Rotary represent the club on the coalition.  It is all about partnering to make this happen.  Danvers is so fortunate to have Peg working with this program in town for the past 9 years.  Seems like yesterday that Communities that Care was established.  Guess I am getting old.  

Danvers Y Winter Dance this Saturday.

Yes I will continue to pay my fine.  Looking for something to do this week?  Saturday, February 3rd, 7:00 to midnight is the Y annual Winter Dance Fundraiser.  What a deal, $50 each gets you a night out with dinner, wine and beer included at no extra cost, along with coffee, soda and water.  A live band, "Wild Fire" will play dance tunes and a silent Auction, small live Auction, raffles and more will make up the night.  The Y looks forward to seeing many people at this event, celebrating the community and helping to raise needed funds to help youth and families.  Love to see you there.  Call Lenny at the Y 978-774-2055.
Cards were played by Gary Nangle and Dan Doherty.  Truly I was wishing them to win but it did not sound that way.  So sorry that you were both loooooooooooooooooosers...  Better luck next time you two...
Enjoy your week,  

Go Patriots


Life is a long lesson in humility

   --James M. Barrie