Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

February 5 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
President Bill opened the meeting followed by Chelsea with this week's invocation.  At all the tables, at least at ours there was much talk about the Patriots vs. everything.  Everyone had their opinion as to who will remain, who will retire and who will move on.  We had one visiting Rotarian, Peter Cullen from the Methuen Club.  Hard to think of Peter as a visiting Rotarian after being with our club for so long.  Always great to see him. 

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • Board Meeting, Tuesday, February 27th, 8:30 AM at the Work Bar. Staples, Liberty Tree Mall.
  • District Assembly in Danvers, April 19th
  • Peace & Understanding District Event, February 28th at the Double Tree, Ferncroft.  6-9 PM and the club pays

Cruise Raffle Ticket is being pulled this Monday.

This is your last weekend to sell tickets and hopefully everyone has sold the tickets that they have out.  Please bring any ticket stubs and money to the meeting Monday.  I just can't wait to win.  I can taste the food on the ship, can you?????????

Job Fair at the High School

Ted Speliotis mentioned that we should all start thinking about this year's Job Fair for High School Students to look for summer jobs.  I know last year the Y picked up a couple of students that did great jobs with our camping programs.  Surely many of you will be looking for some help this year.  It is also a great way to talk about your businesses to allow kids to decide what they would like to do in their adult lives.  More information will be up soon but Ted said it should be one Friday morning in June.

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

With three families being served by Family Promise, they are looking for volunteers to serve an evening meal and spend some time with these families.  Mary Beth is thinking about Monday or Tuesday the week of February 18th.  She is looking for help.  Please let her know if you can help.

Don Desmond Reclassification

This week we were entertained by Don Desmond, who has been a member of the club for many years.  I want to say I remember his saying 24 years but I may be incorrect.  Don has not just been a member, he has been a devoted active member, willing to chair and or work on any committee needed to move the club forward.  He joined the club, not for business but for personal reasons.  His business, Hancock Engineering  has moved many times in Danvers, currently having 5 offices in Massachusetts with Danvers being the headquarters.  Don talked about some of the projects that he has worked on, many large and some small.  Many in the room can talk about how his surveying and engineering has made it possible for design and building of great things.  On the personal side, Don and his wife have five children between the two of them, loves to travel, hike through the mountains and has spent much time sailing.  He has taken up golfing and continues to travel and has been to 31 countries since 2001.  He joined Rotary in 1994.  A great member and surely a great friend to all of us.

Sheriff Larry D. Collected $90.00

Larry went around the room this week collecting $90.00 for a variety of reasons.  Many for changing their efforts to the Celtics now and looking forward to Red Sox Season.  Others for many other reasons. 

Rotary Member John Zannino Takes Plunge

One of our newest members, John Zannino took the challenge and took part in Rotary's Polar Plunge last weekend.  If you want to support his efforts you can go on the District Web Site and make a contribution to the plunge.  May thanks John for your jumping in to represent our fine club with this effort.  The picture is from a previous meeting but John is the young good looking one in the middle.  Sorry Tom and Bill, but he did take the plunge........

Card Game This Week:

Rotarians Chelsea and Larry D. took their chances at cards this week and were both looooooooooooooosers.  I truly was hoping that one of them would win but they did not so the money builds. 

Speaker for Monday - Annelie Sirois

Annelie Sirois will give her Classification Talk this Monday.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear about Annelie.
Sorry I am so late this week with the Rotoracle.  Life just got ahead of me.  See you this Monday.  Don't miss while the cruise raffle is pulled.

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly 

  -- John F. Kennedy