Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

February 12 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Club meeting was called to order by President Bill Nolan with an inspirational invocation by Brad Hunt.  What a team to open the meeting.  Three guests were visiting this week; Michael Wise was the guest of Don Desmond, Juliana Sirois  was the guest and daughter of Annelie Sirois, and Scott Shultz from the Institute of Career Transition was the guest of Matt Schroeder.  Great to see guests with us.  

No Meeting Monday, February 19th

Don't forget Monday is President's Day and there will not be a Rotary Meeting. It's a good day to go for a walk, pick up the sticks around the yard if there isn't any snow, and car dealers would say it is a great day to buy a car.  Well for many of us it is a day to work.  Well think about Rotary and how you can help to improve the world.

Rotary Moment:

Matt volunteered a Rotary Moment.  He went to the Peabody Breakfast meeting and learned about the Haven from Hunger and how each month there is a Friday when volunteers help.  Through that contact he was able to have his son do some volunteer work for his school or scouts.  It is amazing how we make these contacts.

District Peace & Understanding Dinner February 28th

Wednesday night, February 28th will be the District Peace and Understanding Dinner, 7:00 PM at Danversport "Yacht Club".  Let President Bill or Gary know if you can make the meeting.  Sure would be good to have a number of Danvers Rotarians there.

St. Patrick's Day Joint Meeting March 15th

On Thursday, March 15th, we will be having a joint meeting for St. Patrick's Day.  We will meet at the Danversport with I know the Beverly Club but can't remember if anyone else will be meeting with us.  This is a Thursday so we will not be meeting on Monday, March 12th, so mark your calendar and set aside the 15th for a fun time.  There will be the traditional St. Pat's meal along with another option for those who would prefer that.  President Bill will be looking for who can attend so we can let them know.  Count me it.

Rich Maloney - Guest Speaker on Monday, 26th

Rich Maloney, Building Code Administrator for Danvers, will be the guest speaker on Monday, February 26th.  He will give us an update on what is new in his department and things we need to be looking at for staying up to date.  Have any questions, this is a great time to bring them.  Rich has been with the town for many years and is a wealth of knowledge on what needs to be done to keep everyone safe.  Let's plan on being at that meeting.

Coats Collected

Shelley thanked everyone for their help with collecting coats for the coat drive that was recently held.  Shelley, Jacki, Mary Beth, Rick and Lenny hosted boxes, collecting coats at their businesses. Many bags of coats were collected to help those in need.  Shelley turned in the coats and reported that anyone wishing to donate can still donate funds to help with the program, but the actual coat collection is complete for now.  Thank you Shelley for doing this.  What a great way to clean out closets and donating those slightly used, new like coats, to help others.  

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

Mary Beth is looking for volunteers to help on April 4th, the first Wednesday in April.  Volunteers will work with Mary Beth to cook and serve a meal to a family or couple of families, who are homeless.  Following dinner volunteers will spend some time socializing with the family.  A great way to spend a couple of hours.  Can you help?  Call Mary Beth and get on the list.

Annelie Sirois - Classification

Annelie Sirois did her classification talk this week and what a great talk it was.  She was born and raised in Sweden, leaving home at 19 to come to America as an Au Pair, for a family in Salem.  Having 12 siblings, she explained how things are quite different in Sweden.  High School ends earlier than in America, with most finishing their education around 18 years of age.  Once you move out, you are out and on your own, where we are used to having our kids leave, come back, leave and come back, until around 25 or 30 when they can be out and on their own.  I guess being the second oldest, Annelie must have been used to taking care of kids.  This Rotarian is a single mom with three children 11, 16 and 18.  She has a lot of energy and is a hard worker.  She owns McClair Real Estate in Danvers and was sponsored by President Bill.   With three employees she loves selling homes, loves to renovate them as part of the program.  When asked how often she sees her family in Sweden, she said that she has tried to bring her kids their a couple of times and recently went by herself a couple of years ago as her mom was ill.  Things in Sweden are much slower with family home away from the busy area.  She was educated to be a Preschool Teacher.  Loves the Realty work and home renovations that people need someone to manage.  There were many questions and it was so interesting to hear about her life.  Bill reported that she is a remarkable present wrapper as well.  Great job Annelie and it is wonderful to have you in the club.  

Chris Culkeen Wins Cruise

With a little help from Danversport, President Bill announced the winner of the Cruise.  Chris Culkeen, ticket sold by Jacki wins the cruise.  While we all wanted to win, at least most of us knew the winner.  

Sheriff Brad collected $79.00 from everyone for the Campership Fund.  Many thanks to all.

Cards played by Michael Wise and Matt Schroeder, both loosers.  Sorry you two, better luck next time.

That is about it for this week.  Enjoy what is left of your weekend, remember no meeting on Monday the 19th.  Spend some extra time with family and friends.  
See you on the 26th.

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.

  - George Matthew Allen