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Danvers Rotary Bulletin

June 18th, 2018


President Bill welcomed 13 Rotarians today and a invocation was read by Don Desmond.  We had Sheriff Brad Hunt on duty.

Today’s meeting was a special gathering, knowing this was President Dr. Bills last day with the gavel.  The meeting had a good attendance and delicious food.  Great way to start the summer with hot dogs, burgers, soup and assorted salads. 

Today’s Rotary Moment was brought to us from President Elect, Jacqulyn Shambaugh.  Being a part of the District Installation Dinner was her special moment.
Future President Shambaugh Installation dinner will be on June 26th at Pellanas
  • June 26 - We will induct Jacqulyn Shambaugh as our President for 2018-19 along with her slate of officers and directors.Invitations are out, contact Jackie to rsvp by June 16, with your dinner choice;,Tuesday June 26, Pellana Restaurant 530-830. Filet, Roast Chicken, Salmon, cash bar, wonderful setting and dining, $50 pp.
  • The chess tables planned for the library patio are waiting for the DPW and Peabody Institute to get their timing together but is progressing.
  • June 13 - The Farmers’ Market opened. Great start with returning and new vendors. Bring your friends, relatives and your $$ to future gatherings.  Thank you to everyone for getting the signs out promoting the market.  First week had a great turnout.
  • Sunset Cruise went well.  Great crowd and lots of fun was reported.
  • June 28th – Concert at the Rotary Pavilion
  • This week at the Farmers Market the DHS singers will be performing
Committee Reports:
  • Secretary’s Report – Gary Nangle updated us.  We were at 52% attendance throughout the year.  Looking for a President Elect.  There is also an open BOD seat.
  • Treasurers Report – Dan Dougherty - we have $500K in our endowment.  Reminded us that our Centennial celebration is also coming up.
  • Community Service – Becky Killborn – Neal Waldman reported that the Chess Tables  will be installed soon at the library.
  • Membership – Jacqulyn Shambaugh updated us on perspective members.  We have 4 people that are interested in joining.  Looking forward to an increase in September.
  • Foundation Report – Gary Nangle reported the following
    • We have reached 88% of our Annual Program Funds Goals of $3525
    • #of club members 37 active, 20 contributing, 54% contributing
    • We have a number of Paul Harris Follows in our club.  Passed out a sheet identifying those who have achieved this great level.
  • Farmers Market – Matthew Schroeder.
    • 19 Vendors, 36 applicants, July 11 will have backyard growers, $20 per vendor, we offer sponsorships and additional sponsorships will be available
  • Fundraising – Don Desmond updated us on wiffleball, and a number of other fundraising events that took place this year.  All very successful
  • Scholarships – Mary Beth O’Connell
    • $6500 was given out at the DHS Scholarship Night
      • $1000 Joe DeLorenzo Scholarship
      • $1500 Ralph Ardiff Scholarship
      • $4000 Mark Regan Scholarship
President Bill thanks everyone for all their hard work and successes.
Attendance Awards handed out by President Dr. Bill
  • Marybeth O’Connell
  • Don Desmond
  • Jacqueline Shambaugh
  • Tom Standring = Note 52 YEARS of PA
  • Gary Nangle
  • Lenny Mercier
CARDS – Annelie Serios and Tom Standring were our lucky Loosers today
Sheriff Bradley Hunt collected $136, among the highlights;
$50     Gary – Great Fathers Day and Raffle
$20     Bill – Baseball Champs/ son had 14 Strike Outs.  2 shy of a no hitter
$5      MaryBeth – Bills last meeting
$5      Kids Bop Concert with family for fathers day
$5      Annelie – Bills last meeting
$5      Jacqueline – 1 more Board meeting for Bill
$5      Dan D – Great US Open
$3      Alden – Red Sox
$5      Larry – Heat Wave
$5      Neal – Nothing!
$3      Tom – Nothing Special
$5      Brad – 1st Fathers Day
Submitted by John Somes




Danvers Rotary Bulletin


President Bill welcomed 17 Rotarians today and a Memorial Day parayer was read by Barry.

Like today’s meeting, this will be a short but thrilling report.

First was the announcement of the Tuesday morning (now past) Board meeting at Endicott Park where the final 20 Orchard trees will have been planted, and anyone wishing to participate was invited.

The chess tables planned for the library patio are waiting for the DPW and Peabody Institute to get their timing together but is progressing.

Still not the thrilling part...


No speaker today, Chelsea’s classification is postponed so we moved right along to Dates to remember;


June 13 - The Farmers’ Market opens. We expect a great start with returning and new vendors. Sounds like more food then ever, both cooked and cookable. Bring your friends, relatives and your wallets.


June 16 - The District BBQ at the DYC


June 19 - Our evening ‘thank you’ cruise for up to 70 (?) people out of Salem. Contact Matt to reserve your spot on board. A beautiful sunset and calm waters are nearly guaranteed.


June 26 - (while this is thrilling, especially for Bill, it’s still not it). We will induct Jacqulyn Shambaugh as our President for 2018-19 along with her slate of officers and directors.

Invitations are out, contact Jackie to rsvp by June 16, with your dinner choice;

Tuesday June 26, Pellana Restaurant 530-830. Filet, Roast Chicken, Salmon, cash bar, wonderful setting and dining, $50 pp.


Sheriff Gary collected $84, among the highlights;

Annalie’s gymnast daughter was selected at a recent meet for a special invitation-only training camp - congrats!

Gary celebrated his daughter’s graduation, Rick is off to NJ and NYC for a baseball extravaganza, Matt for his daughter’s dance recital, Larry and Judy both for her upcoming nuptials, Bill for just a little more snow, several of us for the Celtics (we got our wish, one more to go), Alden for another graduation from Gordon College, others for such a nice day, and Tom for another wedding!


Ok, this is it, are you sitting down? There were just four cards left in the raffle. All eyes were on Judy, some of us even hoped she would win to help pay for the wedding..she pulls a Black Ace..but oh no it’s a club! So sad, then as usual, it was Alden’s turn to pull one of the last three cards, and... no again! Now there is no meeting next Monday so in 2 weeks, if the creek don’t rise and there ain’t no meltdown, there Will Be A Winner. It could be you - this should be the biggest attendance meeting of the year, except for the presentation of Larry’s finches and budgies last week, which was loved by all. Bring your tip jar, spare change and tax returns to buy up those tickets. Happy Holiday and Warm Wishes to our veterans for their service.

Rotary Meeting May 14th:
I am sorry for being so late writing this Rotoracle.  Being retired, I don't know how I found time to do things when I was working.  Well, here goes at what is happening with Danvers Rotary this week.
President Bill opened the meeting and asked if anyone had a Rotary Moment.
Becky shared a Rotary Moment, when she went to Endicott Park and watched the Essex Tech Students plant our 40 apple trees in the new Rotary Sponsored Apple Orchard.  The trees were 4 feet high and included 5 varieties of apples.  This represented our 40 Rotary members, one tree for each member.  The Essex Tech teens will help maintain the orchard as part of their studies.  Salem news will be doing a story on the project.  

Farmers Market Update

There are 32 vendors signed up for the market, many committing o every week.  Chef Leo's Kitchen Food Truck, farmers and bakers along with others will sell food.  Vendors, selling wine, honey, etc are still needed to fill in the group.  Sponsor opportunities for $100 to $500 are open.  There is a Friends of the Market group that will allow donations  to help each week.  The Sr. Voucher program will be offered again this year, thanks to the sponsorship from Layhey.  Most of all we need everyone to talk it up and get people to the Market.  Rotarians should make a special effort to attend and buy things in support of the program.  Signs have been approved and are being printed for Lawn Advertising.  Let Matt know that you can help with this.  

Navy Band Concert

Larry Raimondi reported that the Navy Band is set for August 15th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  They need a foot print of 40 X 30.  Looking for some portable staging to help with this.  They would like to play outside, there will be no rain date.  Last year worked out fine in Maple Street Church but they would like to be at the Pavilion. 

Other Date To Note:

  • June 14th, District Installation Dinner will be held outside at Danversport.  Cost is $60 and will be a fun time.\
  • June 26th, Danvers Rotary Installation Dinner will be held at Pellana's Restaurant.  Soon to be President Jacki has planned a great event and everyone should make every effort to attend.  I believe the cost will be $50 and I have been told that the food will be outstanding, as well as the company for the evening.  Mark your calendar for this as it is our special meeting of the year when we install the new President, Jacki, along with the rest of officers and directors.  
  • June 28th, Rotary Pavilion Concert, starring Pop Disaster, sponsored by Danvers Rotary.  Always a great concert and fun time.

Speaker - Larry DeLorenzo & The Birds

No, I did not say Larry was for the birds, I said Larry and his birds.  About 15 years ago Larry brought in some of his birds and it was a great hit and he agreed to share with us again this week.  He showed us a picture of his Scarlet Macaw that he has had for 40 years, they live to be 100, so chances are he will outlive Larry.  Larry's Aviary has over 100 birds that he takes care of.  Many finches and parakeets are being bread for sale.  He brought with him some parakeets and finches to show the beautiful colors and how they get along.  The birds can survive in temperatures from 40 to 90 degrees, but love to be 60 to 65.  He spoke about how you can't keep wild birds and it is against the law to take birds from other countries.  All his birds came from private breeders.  His Aviary is attached to his home and include 17 cages, many of which are used to breeding.  Most birds fly free in the Aviary.  I looked back to see if I had any pictures from Larry from fifteen years ago but was unable to find any.  When Larry travels, Daughter Judy watches over the birds.  As you can see in one of the included pictures, Judy, as a young child, enjoyed biking with her cockatiel.  There is a lot of work that has to be done to keep birds, but Larry does not mind.  Great talk and wonderful presentation.  Thanks Larry.

Some great pictures:

Great pictures.  Who knew that both Larry and Judy are for the birds.      Thanks Larry!!!!!
Rotary Meeting May 7th:
President Elect Jacki opened the meeting and called on Judy D. for the invocation.  

Rotary Moment:

Larry D. spoke about his one month road trip and how he was at least 50 Rotary signs in a variety of settings.  While he did not make any meeting makeups in those communities it is obvious that Rotary is doing great things throughout the country and around the world.  He said that he will get a better count and some sample pictures on his next trip.

Dates To Remember:

  • RYLA fast approaching, looking for High School Students to take part.
  • Walk for HAWK from Salem Commons is this Saturday, May 12th.
  • District Installation Dinner will be a cookout this year, at the Danversport on June 14th.  Cost is $60 per person.
  • Danvers Rotary Induction Dinner will be Tuesday, June 26th at Palana Restaurant.  Mark your calendar.
  • Band Concert, sponsored by Rotary, at the Pavilion on June 28th

Danvers Rotary Installation Dinner

The Induction, Installation dinner is planned for Tuesday, June 26th.  Soon to be President Jacki will host the dinner meeting at Palana Restaurant.  Mark your calendar and let's celebrate the beginning of Jacki's term as our leader.

Farmer's Market

Matt reported that the club is looking for all Rotarians to locate a sponsor or consider sponsoring themselves for $100.00  It is getting down to the wire for sponsorships and these are available from $100 to $500.  

Rotary Multi District Summit

Gary reported on his attending the Multi District Rotary Summit.  The International Rotary President's message was to looking to Diversity, women in particular.  This is not a problem in our club but in other areas it is a concern.  A couple of interesting facts were that 6% of Rotarians are age 40 and younger, membership number are down in the USA but there is much growth in Asia.  Our district actually is presently at +26, which shows the strength in our area.  

Speaker Dr. Dierdre Anderson

This week's speaker was Dr. Dierdre Anderson, Audiologist who has offices in Salisbury and in Methuen.  Dr. Anderson lives in Epping, NH and has numerous credentials.  Recently she went on a trip to he Dominican Republic to help underprivileged youth by fitting them with hearing aid systems to help their profound hearing loss.  The group she went with purchased these hearing aids directly from the manufacturers at a huge discount.  The group made molds of the children's ears on Monday and were fortunate to be able to get the finished product by Wednesday night, allowing them to be fitted to the children on Thursday and Friday.  Another trip brought an FM system to children that allowed a teacher to, through FM waves, connect the teacher directly to the students hearing system.  They were fortunate to have the system donated by a local School for the Deaf that was updating their system.  Dr. Anderson also spoke about the importance of testing babies since one out of a thousand have hearing loss.  She also answered some questions from the group about if insurance covers these aids in our area. For those of us 65 and up, on Medicare, only a very small portion of the cost, which could be up to $6,000.  Also to note is that within 2 years hearing aids will be sold over the counter.  She stressed the importance of being fitted for the correct type to insure actual improvement and the will to keep using them.  For the best benefit a person must wear them all the time to get the best benefit.  Neal Waldman speaks highly about Dr. Anderson as she is his Dr..  Very informative speaker and topic.

Sheriff Larry Quick Report

Larry D. gave for his one month road trip, Gary's daughter is engaged, Judy D. is engaged and the rest of us gave for a variety of reasons.  

Rotoplast Mission Planned

The next Rotoplast Mission is set for September 30th through October 14th.  The group is looking for a couple more Rotarians to help.  Gary reported that the cost is usually about $1,000 to $2,000 depending if you want to bunk with another Rotarian or if you want a private room.  It is very rewarding to take part in these missions, helping children in other parts of the world.  Ask Gary for any details.

Next Week's Speaker Is For The Birds

Larry D. will bring in some of his birds and will share some great stories about his hobby.  While he was on his one month road trip Judy took care of the birds and four new little ones were born.  Larry spoke about 15 years ago and it was a great talk.  This is a don't miss meeting.
Lastly cards were played by Bill Lee and Judy DeLorenzo who were both loooooosers.  There are only 6 cards left and the money is really growing.  
Enjoy your week and we will see you with the birds on Monday.

The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.

  - Richard Monckton Milnes

Weekly Meeting April 23rd, 2018
This week's meeting was called to order by President Bill.  District Assistant Governor Kang Yu was visiting this week along with our guest speakers Debbie Gilmore and Kathy Gauthier.

Rotary Moments were shared:

Suzanne talked about her attending the Selectman's meeting for their vote to accept our Rotary Club's contribution of the Apple Orchard, planned for Endicott Park.  She was proud to represent the club at the meeting.
Becky spoke about her volunteering along with Matt, Matt's son and John Zannino and his girlfriend.  They all helped out at the Senior Center honoring Senior Center volunteers for their work during the year.  It was a great event.

Dates and Notes to Remember:

There was a Board meeting on Tuesday at the Staples Work Bar.
Women's Build Day for Habitat for Humanity in Danvers.  Saturday, May 5th beginning at 9:00 AM.  Mary Beth has details for Rotarian women to help out.
Farmers Market begins June 13th.  To date there are 15 vendors and Matt is still looking for someone selling fresh Honey.  There is space available for sponsors for the bags and signs at both ends of the Market.  Let Matt know is you know of anyone.

Guest Speakers from the Registry of Deeds in Salem:

Becky introduced Debbie Gilmore and Kathy Gauthier from the Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds.  The topic this week was a new program "Property Fraud Watch Service" that is now offered to our District.  While there has not been a major issue with fraud in our area to date, it is becoming a big issue in larger cities and the Registrar feels it is only time before fraud becomes common place.  With filings being done electronically it is easier for this to take place since you don't physically have to sign paperwork.  Presently most issues of fraud are family related.  This new service can be signed up for online and Deb and Kathy encouraged everyone to periodically check the paperwork on their properties.  When you sign up for the service you will be notified by email anytime that any paperwork is submitted at the Registry of Deeds.  This was you will know if anyone files anything related to your property.  Another thing they were recommending for each of us was to take advantage of the Homestead Act and that when any changes are made to the deed of a property a new Homestead must be files.  Example of this is when a property is put into a family trust, as many of us are taking advantage of.  It was very obvious that our Salem Registry of Deeds office is all about Customer Service and the Registrar wants his staff to be as helpful as possible.  Kathy and Debbie are making the effort to meet every Rotary Club and will be working to meet other clubs and groups throughout the Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds.  Great speakers this week.  

Sheriff Brad Collects $122

This week Sheriff Brad collected from himself saying that he needs to begin saving for Diapers, Neal for Brad's new baby, Larry Raimondi rampaging Red Sox, Don Desmond for never driving again, Barry for Golf and Baby, Shelly for the Baby, Suzanne and Mary Beth for the baby, Lenny for being happy to being at the meeting, Tom Standring for the new Dad, Alden for the Red Hot Red Sox, Matt S for Peter Pan Junior "Matt's Son" and for is son's Goal.  Becky for the same, Bill Lee for the week, President Bill for an awesome vacation, Rick Gilmore for the speakers, Gary Nangle for Melatonin-Get some sleep, Jacky for her birthday this weekend, Kang $10 for Jackie being at the District Assembly.   Thank you to all.

Cards Played:

Both Tom Strandring and Brad Hunt were loooooooooosers, this week.  There are only 10 cards left.  Brad whined a bit, something about needing the money for diapers..... Sorry Brad.
Lastly, I will be away next week on vacation, getting a tan.  Someone else will have to write.
See you when I return.

Success comes before work only in the dictionary.

  - Author Unknown   Must be Lenny

Notes for this week:
First to note, there will not be a meeting this Monday, April 16th, due to the holiday and the Boston Marathon.  Enjoy the rainy day and spend some time with family.  If you come to Rotary you will be meeting alone.  
President Bill opened the meeting followed by Neal with this weeks words.  Neal ended his message with his grand child's prayer: "Quiet Hands, Quit Feet, we are all together, now let's eat."  
There were three guests this week, Rick Kee, Alex Lent - Library Director and John Somes.
For this week's Rotary moment Mary Beth and Annelie talked about their experience with Family Promiss, preparing and serving dinner to 9 children and 3 adults.  Rotarians spent time with these families, serving a meal that they had cooked for them.  Mary Beth spoke about an 8 year old boy she enjoyed a conversation with.  He asked all sorts of questions and was really enjoying himself.  A great hands on program.  
Ted reminded everyone about the Job "Profession Day" to be held at the High School Friday Morning.  He thanked everyone for helping and for their participation.  This is not a job fair, but a chance o share information about our professions with the High School Students.
District Assembly is planned for April 19th from 2:45 to 6:30.  Interested in going?  Let Bill or Gary know.
Board Meeting is planned for April 24th, 8:30 AM and the Staples Work Bar, Liberty Tree Mall.
Rotary Leadership Institute is set for April 28th, Sheraton Wakefield.  Having taken part in this in the past I recommend it as it gives a member great knowledge about Rotary and how to build our club to be the best it can be.  Members learn so much more than just attending Rotary meetings.
This next Tuesday night, the Selectmen will vote to approve the Rotary Orchard for Endicott Park.  Suzanne will be representing our club at the meeting.  Anyone is welcome to attend.
Habitat For Humanity "Womens Building Days" will be held May 5th and May 9th.  See Mary Beth if you would like to attend with her.  
Farmers Market is looking for this year's Bag Sponsor and a couple of other sponsors.  Matt is also looking for a vendor that will sell honey and possibly cold pressed juice.  Barry will ask someone he knows.  If you have any ideas on a vendor, please let Matt know.

Speaker - Alex Lent - Library Director

Becky introduced Alex Lent, our new Peabody Institute Library Director.  Alex was chosen from 40 candidates and stated on November 20th.  He grew up in North Hampton, MA and sent to Simmons and McGill Universities.  Most people do other jobs and when they get older decide to enter the Librarian profession.  This was not the case for Alex, as he decided to go into this profession right out of college.  He interned and worked as Assistant Library Director in Medfield and Millis for three years.  It was so refreshing to hear his passion about his job.  He brought some great ideas to Danvers.  While most think about a place to check out books, in recent years that was expanded to include things like DVDs and CDs.  Alex has expanded the offerings to include many home items like guitars, sewing machines, pedometers, soil testers and even records and record players.  Plans are to expand this program to create a larger variety of reasons to go to the library.  The library will be closed on April 25th thru the 27th for the staff to restructure and redistribute items throughout the library to make them easier to find and check out.  A few things that our club has done for the library include furnishing the Tom Standring Room, Building the Rotary Pavilion, Restoring the mural of George Peabody and  sponsoring the Children's Garden and recently providing outdoor Chess/Checker setups for people to enjoy the game on the grounds of the library.  Danvers is very fortunate to have such a fine looking library and is very fortunate to have Alex Lent as our new Library Director.  

Sheriff's Report

Sheriff Larry collected $258 this week.  A great deal of the funds were from Neal (100 for his birthday) and Lenny (65 for his birthday.  Obviously Neal is older than Lenny.  John Somes paid 25 for be happy to be back in Danvers, Alden and Don for the Red Sox, Bill was looking for wine, Rick and Bary for the team of Lenny and John, Gary for being out riding his bike, Matt for his guest Rick Kee, Kim for the Sunshine, Dan for enjoyable Masters Golf Tournament, Mary Beth for daughters Engagement and Brad's Baby, Suzanne for time spent in KeyWest, Becky and Anellie for Alex our speaker, Lary D. for receiving his first Social Security Check.    Thank you to all.
Cards were played by Larry and Ted,  Both loooooooooooooooooooooosers.  
Remember, no meeting this Monday, April 16th.
See you on the April 23rd.

Success is the goof fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

  -Evan Esar

Here we go with this week's notes from the meeting.  Meeting was on the small side, only two tables.  For those of you that missed this one you missed one of the best meals ever; seafood newburg with plenty of lobster, prime rib, and great veggies and unbelievable deserts.  Becky was collecting at the table, President Bill opened the meeting and John Zannino gave the invocation.

Rotary Moment:  Tom Standring

Tom Standring returned from his wintering in Florida in the Villages.  He was reading in the news paper that there was a support group for those affected by Polio, that was part of the local Rotary Club.  He decided to attend the meeting to hear what it was about.  There were people that either themselves or relatives has been treated with the iron lung, along with other treatments.  They spoke about fundraising for the cause.  There were polio survivors and family members.  Tom spoke to the group about how committed Rotary is to the cure and how Ralph and company had biked across the country to raise funds for Polio research.  He asked if he could say a few words and with his passion, told the story of what Danvers Rotary has done.

Upcoming dates to remember:

District Assembly - "Be The Inspiration"

This year's District Assembly will be held Thursday, April 19th, DoubleTree, Danvers.  The theme for this year is "BE THE INSPIRATION".  Cost is $35.00 each and registrations are thru the District Website.  This is a great experience and a great way to learn more about what is happening throughout the district.

RYLA - May 11th-13th

This year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program will be held at Camp Glenn in New Hampshire this year.  High School Sophomores and Juniors can apply for this training opportunity.  Our club has put funding together to allow for some students to take advantage of this and has notified Danvers High School, the Prep, Bishop Fenwick and Essex Tech.  If you know of anyone that would benefit from this experience please let the club know.  

District Conference - May 4th - 6th

This year's District Conference will be at the Mount Washington Hotel the weekend of May 4th thru the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and encouraged others to attend as well.  The only issue is a place to stay as the room s are booked.  You can do AirB&B or other B&Bs.  Interested?  Information is on the District Website.

John Zannino's Classification

What a great Classification Talk, given by one of our new members, John Zannino.  He was brought up in Peabody and moved to Danvers 4 years ago and lives in the Highlands on Centre Street.  Went to College in Maine and when he finished up with school he came home to work, doing tree work.  After doing that hard and challenging work with trees he went into the family Insurance Business.  He loved the tree work as he did the climbing work to trim, that most so with bucket trucks.  After being in the high risk type of business he feels he is well positioned to help with insurance for those high risk jobs.  His business is in 
Peabody.  So glad he joined Danvers, he is such a fun guy to talk with and surely to work with.  While in college he did volunteer work with those in Poverty and just loves how Rotary jumps in to help those in need, exactly what he loves to do.  His hobbies include anything that is outside, hiking, etc..  He and his girl friend live in a historic house on Centre St.  
Let us not forget he plunged into the ocean for all of us this winter and is there for everything that we do.  
So glad t have you in the club John.

 Sheriff Brad Collected $54.00

Lenny paid for his retirement party last Friday night.  Thank you for everyone that attended.  Ted S, Dr. Bill and Becky all for Lenny's retirement party.  Bill Lee for more Snow, Dan for a good Easter, Rick Gilmore for Surf and Turf, Tom Standring is back, John Z and Karen for Brad's Doom Due Date, Mary Beth for two weeks in Florida, Annelie for a wonderful Easter, Chelsea IOU and Brad H. still waiting for the baby.  $54.00 - Thank you to all.

Hunt Baby Arrives:

Tuesday Night, April 3rd, Lauren and Brad Hunt's baby girl was born.  Surely when we see Brad again, he will be wrinkled, unshaven and quite tired. Surely he will still have a smile on his face.  Seems like just a year ago Brad was ready to sign up for being the bachelor.  Now he is the old tired married Dad.  Who new his time would come.............  Congrats Lauren and Brad, for these are the fun days.

Cards were played by:

The cards were played by both Bill Lee and Ted Speliotis.  Both were looooooooooooosers.....  Sorry you two.
Enjoy your weekend.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.


  -Winston Churchill


Notes from the meeting.......

President Bill opened the meeting following by words of wisdom.  There were two guests this week; on Christopher Sanborn the speaker and Chris Wood from Essex Tech High School.  More to follow on these two under the Speaker Section.

Rotary Moment

President Elect Jacki shared information from her PETS weekend.  No not her weekend playing with dogs, cats and other pets, but her Rotary Weekend for "President Elect Training" for her upcoming time as our president.  During this weekend she met with a lot of people and learned a great deal about Rotary, what other clubs do, the right and wrong things to do, and much more.  This is the time when the future club president plans for what their club can and will achieve during heir upcoming year.  Jacki would love to partner with other local clubs to do some projects that can make a great difference in our community and those of others.  When thinking back, I have such great memories of when I went thru PETS and my year as President of our club.  Many of you have similar memories.   The PETS weekend is a time for bonding with other incoming club presidents, learning what works and what doesn't, and just a fun time.

New Member Orientation - District wide

On Tuesday, April 3rd, from 6 to 9 PM, the District will hold a New Member Orientation at the Sheraton Wakefield.  The club pays if you are interested in attending this chance to learn more about Rotary.  New Club Members will learn about the many programs and activities included with Rotary.  Learn more about Rotary beyond the local club's activities.  Let President Bill or Gary Nangle know if you want to take part in the orientation.  

District Assembly - "Be The Inspiration"

This year's District Assembly will be held Thursday, April 19th, DoubleTree, Danvers.  The theme for this year is "BE THE INSPIRATION".  Cost is $35.00 each and registrations are thru the District Website.  This is a great experience and a great way to learn more about what is happening throughout the district.

RYLA - May 11th-13th

This year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program will be held at Camp Glenn in New Hampshire this year.  High School Sophomores and Juniors can apply for this training opportunity.  Our club has put funding together to allow for some students to take advantage of this and has notified Danvers High School, the Prep, Bishop Fenwick and Essex Tech.  If you know of anyone that would benefit from this experience please let the club know.  

District Conference - May 4th - 6th

This year's District Conference will be at the Mount Washington Hotel the weekend of May 4th thru the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and encouraged others to attend as well.  The only issue is a place to stay as the room s are booked.  You can do AirB&B or other B&Bs.  Interested?  Information is on the District Website.

Board Meeting Highlights

At the recent Board Meeting some of the items approved for funding included $500 for the Band Concert "Disaster", $600 for the Summer Concert Series, $300 for Pure Water, $250 for DanversCares, $1,600 for 4 students to take part in RYLA and $3,000 for Friends Forever.  The Cruise Raffle had a profit around $6,000 and the club looks to the next fundraiser.

Speaker - Christopher Sanborn

This week's speaker was Christopher Sanborn, who happens to be the Danvers Harbor Master and the Director of Natural Resources at Endicott Park.  Today's talk was about Endicott Park and the 165 acres of recreational land available to the community as a great resource.  Also at Endicott Park is the Danvers Historical Society's Endicott Estate that sits on 11 acres.  There are over 200,000 visits to Endicott Park a year.  The Dog Park is a local favorite and the Nature Center is the newest addition/program.  As President Bill's major project this year, Rotary and the Community, with the help of students from the Arbor Department of Essex Technical High School, will restore and plant an Apple Orchard at the park.  Bill's plan is to plant an apple tree for each Rotarian in the club (40 trees).  The partnership with the High Schoolers in the Arbor program will be a great one since they can help to plant, maintain and oversee the orchard for years to come.  Chris Wood who heads up the Arbor Department at Essex Tech was with us this week, mentioning that he was excited to be part of the project and that it will be a great opportunity for his students to maintain the orchard as part of their program.  It is estimated that in as little as three years the trees till develop fruit.  There will also be a picnic area near the orchard and care will be taken to keep it safe from any spraying and maintenance of the trees.  Bill thanked Rotarian John Zannino for his knowing and introduction for Mr. Sanborn and Mr. Wood.  This program will be another great connection our club has with the Town.  Even got President Bill in the picture.

Sheriff Brad collects $71.00

Brad Hunt collected from Ted for St. Patty's Day, Bill Lee for Happy Spring, Alden for the 1st Pitch, Annelie for the guests, Suzanne for Barry filling in for her at the table while she is away, Dan for Danny Boy, Matt for a nicer sheriff that the one last Thursday and for the sun shining, Barry for the Kids March in DC, Karen for the guests, Lenny for a good weekend, Shelly for her event, John Zannino for the guests, Jacki for PETS, Don for Spring and his Birthday, President Bill for the guest speaker and Brad for 15 days.  Thank you to all.

Career Fair Danvers High School

Ted S. asked everyone to consider participating with the following details from Ted.
As you know, on Friday April 13th from 7:30 - 11:30am Danvers Rotary is once again hosting a Career Fair for students in grades 9 through 12 at Danvers High. The purpose of this fair is to expose the kids to as many careers paths as possible, our hope is to have diverse representation from local businesses and organizations.
If you are interested in having a table at the fair (or know of anyone outside of our club that may be interested) please email my office including your name (and the names of anyone else that will be joining you), the name of your business/organization, your title, and a contact phone number. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ellena Christopoulos in my office at 617-722-2410.
A VERY Special thank you to all the Rotarians who have already signed up!

NEHD Event

Shelly reported that the New England Homes for the Deaf will be present an Afternoon of Deaf History and Artifacts on Saturday, April 14th from 2 - 6 PM.  See attachment  at end for details.
Cards were played by two Rotarians that were both loooooooosers.  Sorry you two.
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Every tomorrow has two handles.  We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.

 - Henry Ward Beecher

Well, attendance was a bit light this week.  Meeting was opened by President Bill, followed by an invocation by Kim.  There was quite a bit of talking at our table, much about skiing, vacationing, the weather and retirement. Larry D. tells me I am going to totally enjoy retirement, not having to follow any schedule, etc.  As for the skiing, Larry and Rick were sharing notes on how the past couple of weeks will go down as some of the best ever skiing in New England.  The meal this week was a variety of sandwiches, ravioli's and more with clam chowder.  The desserts were wonderful.  Don't tell my wife or Doctor but I had two. 
The following date are to be remembered:
  • April 3rd is the New Member District Orientation, held at the Sheraton Wakefield from 6 to 9 pm.  Information is available on the District Website and there is no cost to you personally.  You can only learn so much from your fellow local Rotarian.  This District event will help orient the member, who joined in the past year or so, to all the avenues of Rotary.  Give it some thought. 
  • April 4th is the Family Promiss Volunteer Meal Preparation, which is sponsored by our club.  Rotarians will work to prepare a meal for a homeless family and enjoy some time with them.  Jacki has the details.
  • District Conference is fast approaching and those interested in attending can register through the District Web Site.  Will be held at Mount Washington as the 2018 Rotary Summit from May 4th to the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and would love to see other Rotarians attend.
  • District Assembly will be held at the Four Points Sheraton, April 19th.  From 2:45 6:30 the assembly will be held with this year's theme of "Be the Inspiration"  Register on the District Web Site.
  • RYLA 2018 (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) will be held May 11th thru the 13th.  This year's program is moving to Camp Glen Brook and is for teens in grades 10 and 11.  The board has appropriated funding for students to take part in the Leadership program.  Know anyone that would like to take part in this program.  Get those hames to Jacki.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute will be held at Four Points Sheraton, Wakefield on April 28th.  Having taken advantage of this training myself, I highly recommend it to every Rotarian.  Give it some thought.
  • Camp Rotary Camperships:  Our club has approved the funding of two campers to the Camp Rotary Program for this summer.  Children ages 6 to 14 are accepted into this camp and please get any recommendations to Bill.

Speaker - Deborah Burkholder, IC Transitions

Matt introduced Deborah Burkholder from IC Transitions, who is a HR Stratagist.  Her business is new to the Danvers Community and is located at the Staples Work Bar.  The purpose of IC Transitions is to work with and help individuals who find themselves unemployed for an extended amount of time, helping them tackle tough challenges.  Even with unemployment numbers at record low levels in Massachusetts there are a number of people, especially in their older years that find themselves without work for a variety of reasons and with their are factor it is hard to find work that matches their talent.  Most businesses are hiring younger individuals as they can pay them less.  For the older available employee to accept a position that pays 1/2 of what they were used to making, it is difficult to start over.  Many spend years trying to locate the right job, which opens a new category of unemployment, extended unemployment.  Today most Americans can't cover a $400 emergency bill from any savings, as they live week to week.  This program was launched in Danvers to help those with this issue and help them find meaningful work.  Working from the Work Bar is great as there are 180 professionals, all types of businesses with a variety of talents.   Presently they raise funds for their office space and everyone volunteers in the group, helping to coach what used to be for ages 45 and up and now is also working with those younger.  They are looking to fund the growth of their business.
Here Deborah is clearly telling a Work Bar story about President Bill.

Sheriff Report

This week each table collected and reported on their funds.  Many were for the weather, the speaker, vacations. skiing and more.  

Card Game

Both Kim and Jacki took their chances with the cards this week.  Lucky for everyone else they did not succeed.  Sorry you two looooooosers.  Maybe the next time.  I really was looking for one of you to win but sorry can't change it.

Next Week's Speakers

Next week both Matt Nastasia and John Zannino will give their classification talks.  This will give us a chance to learn what really makes them tick.  Surely John has stopped shaking from the cold water at the Polar Plunge and who knows, maybe Matt will bring some money samples for each of us.  Either way come and listen about these newer Rotarians.
Enjoy the weekend.

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

  - Thomas Edison

What a great meeting this week.  It opened with President Bill welcoming the group followed by special words from our Polar Plunge member John Zannino.  We has two visitors from St. Vincent DePaul.

Rotary Moment

Matt was in Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, in the everglades.  He met some Rotarians that were running a Bike Race as a fundraiser for Polio Plus.  He did invite them to our District's Polar Plunge for next year, but something tells me that they will probably pass on that.  Point to the moment is that no matter where you go in the world you will run into Rotarians doing great things, helping many people.  Personally I would prefer to run into Rotarians in Florida rather than at the Polar Plunge. Brrrrrrrrrrr.
Since we were on the subject of raising funds for Polio Plus a few figures were shared.  While I do not have them all, these are a couple that stand out for me:  Our district raised 1 million thos past year, our club raised over $1,000, mostly by John Zannino's plunging, the Gates Foundation matches $2 for every $1 raised by Rotarians for this effort.  Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are the only countries left were Polio is still present.  Hopefully this will be taken care of soon.
This week there was a Board Meeting on Tuesday and the Peace and Understanding Dinner was held on Wednesday.  

St. Patrick's Week Meeting

We will not be meeting on Monday, March 12th.  We will be meeting with the Beverly Rotary Club on Thursday, March 15th for a day of Irishness.  You know green water, corn beef and fixins.  I have heard that there will be another option, Chicken Florentine.  Well I enjoy the corn beef once a year.  Surely there will be entertainment and such. Jacki sent our a reminder today about the joint meeting and would like to see a good attendance from Danvers Rotarians.  Good time, plan on attending and again, do not go to the Yacht Club on Monday the 12th, unless you are going for a swim.  Don't forget to mark your calendar.

Thank you from St. Vincent DePaul

Dee Rielly and a fellow volunteer from St. Vincent DePaul visited with us this week to thank our club for stepping up to help when they did not know where to turn.  Dee remembered a conversation she had had with Matt Schroeder when she and fellow workers were panicking, just as the holidays were approaching for the winter break.  Two homeless families, living in local hotels were going to be without gifts for their children, one having 4 children with one still believing in Santa Cullen on the roof.  Knowing that helping these families with food was never an issue, but she had no avenue to secure toys and such for the children.  Remembering her conversation with Matt, she called him, just hoping that he could help or give her suggestions.  As we all know Matt and how he works, he told Dee that he would take care of it with the club resources and he did just that.  The had their holiday with the belief of Santa in tack and these two families were taken care of in a manner that our club is know for.  Thank you Matt for all you do for Rotary and all you do for the community.  I, for one, am proud to have you as a friend and fellow Rotarian.

Guest Speaker - Rich Maloney

This week's speaker was Rich Maloney, our Danvers Building Inspector, Manager of Inspectional Services.  Rich heads up all code enforcing in Danvers.  Went to Danvers High and Merrimack College, worked as assistant to our previous inspector for a number of years.  His department is responsible for inspecting all buildings, electrical, gas, plumbing and everything else that has to do with services that need inspection.  Mr. Maloney shared some interesting facts about our fine town.  There are almost identical numbers of new homes built in Danvers each year and the population has stayed pretty constant.  Homes are bigger than ever today with fewer people living in them.  Some buildings in town have to be inspected yearly, like the schools, the Y and other places of assembly, all meet this requirement.  My first hand experiences with Inspector Rich Maloney and his staff in that they are all fair, treat everyone the same and are extremely knowledgeable about the codes and are very helpful in assisting people to meet those codes.  Interesting to note that in the early times there was a small book that covered the codes needing attention for inspectional services.  Now there are a number of 5 inch binders that list the codes required in today's construction.  We would all agree that things today are a lot more complicated than they were when we were younger and construction is totally different now that it ever was.  Like electronics and technology changing at such a rapid pace, construction materials and all building codes are trying to keep pace.  Being a son of a plumber, (not a son of a B----), I still have a hard time accepting that plastic water pipes are as good as copper.  Now that is showing my age.  Anyway, Rich Maloney and his code enforcement department do a wonderful job.  We are very fortunate to have so many great people working within our town that truly care for the entire community.  Great job speaking this week, making code enforcement an interesting subject.  

Sheriff Brad Collects $76.00

This week Sheriff Brad collected $76.00 from the following:  Shelley for Peace, Lenny for a great weekend, Dan for Meghan Duggan and the US Girls Hockey Team, John for fun, Suzanne for the Women's Hockey Team, Annelie for help for victims, Becky and Jacki for our guests, Alden for the Season Opener, Bill Lee - What no wine?, Don for the guests, President Bill for the Guests, Gary N, Mary Beth and Ted for Meghan Duggan, Matt S. for his recent trip to Disney in Florida, Sara for some reason I don't understand and Brad for USA and a note about 5 weeks from due date.  Thank you to all.......

Cards Played

Both Brad and Bill Lee took their chances at cards and lucky for us and not for them, they were both loooooooooooooosers.

Speaker for Monday, March 5th

Noam Baranovsky will be speaking on Friends Forever International.  Always a great presentation with Friends Forever.  
That is about it for now.  Have to go check out the leaks from all today's rain (Friday).  
Not a great day to fly a kite or to stand outside for very long.
Enjoy the rest of you day and weekend.

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.  

   - Woodrow Wilson

I would add that he also knows how cold it is.  Lenny
Club meeting was called to order by President Bill Nolan with an inspirational invocation by Brad Hunt.  What a team to open the meeting.  Three guests were visiting this week; Michael Wise was the guest of Don Desmond, Juliana Sirois  was the guest and daughter of Annelie Sirois, and Scott Shultz from the Institute of Career Transition was the guest of Matt Schroeder.  Great to see guests with us.  

No Meeting Monday, February 19th

Don't forget Monday is President's Day and there will not be a Rotary Meeting. It's a good day to go for a walk, pick up the sticks around the yard if there isn't any snow, and car dealers would say it is a great day to buy a car.  Well for many of us it is a day to work.  Well think about Rotary and how you can help to improve the world.

Rotary Moment:

Matt volunteered a Rotary Moment.  He went to the Peabody Breakfast meeting and learned about the Haven from Hunger and how each month there is a Friday when volunteers help.  Through that contact he was able to have his son do some volunteer work for his school or scouts.  It is amazing how we make these contacts.

District Peace & Understanding Dinner February 28th

Wednesday night, February 28th will be the District Peace and Understanding Dinner, 7:00 PM at Danversport "Yacht Club".  Let President Bill or Gary know if you can make the meeting.  Sure would be good to have a number of Danvers Rotarians there.

St. Patrick's Day Joint Meeting March 15th

On Thursday, March 15th, we will be having a joint meeting for St. Patrick's Day.  We will meet at the Danversport with I know the Beverly Club but can't remember if anyone else will be meeting with us.  This is a Thursday so we will not be meeting on Monday, March 12th, so mark your calendar and set aside the 15th for a fun time.  There will be the traditional St. Pat's meal along with another option for those who would prefer that.  President Bill will be looking for who can attend so we can let them know.  Count me it.

Rich Maloney - Guest Speaker on Monday, 26th

Rich Maloney, Building Code Administrator for Danvers, will be the guest speaker on Monday, February 26th.  He will give us an update on what is new in his department and things we need to be looking at for staying up to date.  Have any questions, this is a great time to bring them.  Rich has been with the town for many years and is a wealth of knowledge on what needs to be done to keep everyone safe.  Let's plan on being at that meeting.

Coats Collected

Shelley thanked everyone for their help with collecting coats for the coat drive that was recently held.  Shelley, Jacki, Mary Beth, Rick and Lenny hosted boxes, collecting coats at their businesses. Many bags of coats were collected to help those in need.  Shelley turned in the coats and reported that anyone wishing to donate can still donate funds to help with the program, but the actual coat collection is complete for now.  Thank you Shelley for doing this.  What a great way to clean out closets and donating those slightly used, new like coats, to help others.  

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

Mary Beth is looking for volunteers to help on April 4th, the first Wednesday in April.  Volunteers will work with Mary Beth to cook and serve a meal to a family or couple of families, who are homeless.  Following dinner volunteers will spend some time socializing with the family.  A great way to spend a couple of hours.  Can you help?  Call Mary Beth and get on the list.

Annelie Sirois - Classification

Annelie Sirois did her classification talk this week and what a great talk it was.  She was born and raised in Sweden, leaving home at 19 to come to America as an Au Pair, for a family in Salem.  Having 12 siblings, she explained how things are quite different in Sweden.  High School ends earlier than in America, with most finishing their education around 18 years of age.  Once you move out, you are out and on your own, where we are used to having our kids leave, come back, leave and come back, until around 25 or 30 when they can be out and on their own.  I guess being the second oldest, Annelie must have been used to taking care of kids.  This Rotarian is a single mom with three children 11, 16 and 18.  She has a lot of energy and is a hard worker.  She owns McClair Real Estate in Danvers and was sponsored by President Bill.   With three employees she loves selling homes, loves to renovate them as part of the program.  When asked how often she sees her family in Sweden, she said that she has tried to bring her kids their a couple of times and recently went by herself a couple of years ago as her mom was ill.  Things in Sweden are much slower with family home away from the busy area.  She was educated to be a Preschool Teacher.  Loves the Realty work and home renovations that people need someone to manage.  There were many questions and it was so interesting to hear about her life.  Bill reported that she is a remarkable present wrapper as well.  Great job Annelie and it is wonderful to have you in the club.  

Chris Culkeen Wins Cruise

With a little help from Danversport, President Bill announced the winner of the Cruise.  Chris Culkeen, ticket sold by Jacki wins the cruise.  While we all wanted to win, at least most of us knew the winner.  

Sheriff Brad collected $79.00 from everyone for the Campership Fund.  Many thanks to all.

Cards played by Michael Wise and Matt Schroeder, both loosers.  Sorry you two, better luck next time.

That is about it for this week.  Enjoy what is left of your weekend, remember no meeting on Monday the 19th.  Spend some extra time with family and friends.  
See you on the 26th.

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.

  - George Matthew Allen

President Bill opened the meeting followed by Chelsea with this week's invocation.  At all the tables, at least at ours there was much talk about the Patriots vs. everything.  Everyone had their opinion as to who will remain, who will retire and who will move on.  We had one visiting Rotarian, Peter Cullen from the Methuen Club.  Hard to think of Peter as a visiting Rotarian after being with our club for so long.  Always great to see him. 

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • Board Meeting, Tuesday, February 27th, 8:30 AM at the Work Bar. Staples, Liberty Tree Mall.
  • District Assembly in Danvers, April 19th
  • Peace & Understanding District Event, February 28th at the Double Tree, Ferncroft.  6-9 PM and the club pays

Cruise Raffle Ticket is being pulled this Monday.

This is your last weekend to sell tickets and hopefully everyone has sold the tickets that they have out.  Please bring any ticket stubs and money to the meeting Monday.  I just can't wait to win.  I can taste the food on the ship, can you?????????

Job Fair at the High School

Ted Speliotis mentioned that we should all start thinking about this year's Job Fair for High School Students to look for summer jobs.  I know last year the Y picked up a couple of students that did great jobs with our camping programs.  Surely many of you will be looking for some help this year.  It is also a great way to talk about your businesses to allow kids to decide what they would like to do in their adult lives.  More information will be up soon but Ted said it should be one Friday morning in June.

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

With three families being served by Family Promise, they are looking for volunteers to serve an evening meal and spend some time with these families.  Mary Beth is thinking about Monday or Tuesday the week of February 18th.  She is looking for help.  Please let her know if you can help.

Don Desmond Reclassification

This week we were entertained by Don Desmond, who has been a member of the club for many years.  I want to say I remember his saying 24 years but I may be incorrect.  Don has not just been a member, he has been a devoted active member, willing to chair and or work on any committee needed to move the club forward.  He joined the club, not for business but for personal reasons.  His business, Hancock Engineering  has moved many times in Danvers, currently having 5 offices in Massachusetts with Danvers being the headquarters.  Don talked about some of the projects that he has worked on, many large and some small.  Many in the room can talk about how his surveying and engineering has made it possible for design and building of great things.  On the personal side, Don and his wife have five children between the two of them, loves to travel, hike through the mountains and has spent much time sailing.  He has taken up golfing and continues to travel and has been to 31 countries since 2001.  He joined Rotary in 1994.  A great member and surely a great friend to all of us.

Sheriff Larry D. Collected $90.00

Larry went around the room this week collecting $90.00 for a variety of reasons.  Many for changing their efforts to the Celtics now and looking forward to Red Sox Season.  Others for many other reasons. 

Rotary Member John Zannino Takes Plunge

One of our newest members, John Zannino took the challenge and took part in Rotary's Polar Plunge last weekend.  If you want to support his efforts you can go on the District Web Site and make a contribution to the plunge.  May thanks John for your jumping in to represent our fine club with this effort.  The picture is from a previous meeting but John is the young good looking one in the middle.  Sorry Tom and Bill, but he did take the plunge........

Card Game This Week:

Rotarians Chelsea and Larry D. took their chances at cards this week and were both looooooooooooooosers.  I truly was hoping that one of them would win but they did not so the money builds. 

Speaker for Monday - Annelie Sirois

Annelie Sirois will give her Classification Talk this Monday.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear about Annelie.
Sorry I am so late this week with the Rotoracle.  Life just got ahead of me.  See you this Monday.  Don't miss while the cruise raffle is pulled.

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly 

  -- John F. Kennedy

Wow, what a fun day we had at this week's meeting. 

First of all, there is a new Sheriff in Town.

Annelie Sirois stepped in this week as a new Sheriff in Town. She did a great job collecting a total of $83.00 from everyone for their variety of reasons.  Annelie is one of our newer members and she found that it is a great way to get to meet all the members by checking out their name tags or asking a members name who forgot to wear their badge.  With most donating for the New England Patriots, others donated for the speakers, the weather, snow, vacations and even for the new Sheriff.  Great job Annelie and thanks for stepping up.

Food Packing Event (15 Clubs from District Work Together)

What a time we had, last Tuesday, working along side of 14 other clubs, packing food for local Pantries to distribute.  We had 10 volunteers from our club alone, so that shows you how many people worked together to put together, seal and package over 17,000 breakfast meals, with oatmeal, Cinnamon, Apples and other ingredients.  We were sworn to secrecy about the special recipe.  When I got home that night all I could think about was oatmeal.  Boy, I couldn't wait till breakfast to quench my thirst for oatmeal.  Attached at the end you will find two sheets of pictures that were passed around at the meeting.  Have to say the hair net and mustache net did not help with my photographic look.  I at least pulled by the net from the facial hair for the picture.  All food packed went to local pantries for distribution to those in need,  Our 1,000 meals went mostly to the People to People Food Pantry in Danvers, with some meals going to the Pantries in Boxford, Topsfield and Middleton, through the Y.  Many would remember that we have hosted the food packing before and participated in a district packing event in Salem.  Those other events produced dinner meals to be distributed around the world and in US places, like helping out with Katrina.  Rotary helps in many ways, but this event is great because it is a hands on event to help locally and world wide.  Great job Rotarians. 

Polar Plunge this Saturday

President Bill is still seeking someone to represent us in the District Plunge, this Saturday morning in Gloucester.  Are you up for the chill?  If not you are encouraged to go to the District website and sponsor the event with a pledge.  I know, my Outreach Director, at the Y, a Tri Town Rotarian, will be plunging.  I am sponsoring her, Suzanne Malach.  If you are looking for someone to support you can support Suz Malach at the Y.  Remember, the money collected goes to help stamp out Polio.  As Tom Standring would say, "We are so close and look to the future when Polio is gone."    

Raffle only has a week and 1/2 left to sell tickets.  

More than three hundred tickets are in the hands of Rotarians and they should be all sold.  Some tickets were handed out this week.  Remember, being a Rotarian is not just about coming to the luncheons on Mondays at noon.  It is about sharing the responsibility of helping with service projects and for helping the club raise the much needed funds needed to support those projects.  This raffle is one of those important tools we need to work with to raise these funds.  Are you buying any tickets, are you asking your friends, family and business associates to buy a ticket.  You will be giving someone a chance at winning the cruise of a life time or a chance to win $6,000 to help with their finances.  Just think what you could do with $6,000; vacation, paint the house, help with a new car, buy that important person in your life a nice piece of jewelry.  There are probably 6,000 reasons to try to win and it only costs $50 for that chance.  Better odds than the lottery, than betting on the SuperBowl, and surely better odds than gambling.  Boy I think I just talked myself into buying another ticket, just don't tell Diane........................................  How about you.  Tickets are available at Hancock Engineering, second floor, Hancock Engineering building on Centre Street Danvers.  Go to the counter and see Pat.  She has tickets there and will also take money if you want.  

Coat Drive:

Shelley Silverman reminded us that the drive will be completed this next Monday, February 5th.  Drop off coats at the Y, North Shore Bank, Mountain One Bank, Gilmore and Gilmore, Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or bring them to our meeting on Monday.  
Coats will be given to Family Promise for their clients.

Club Project - Apple Orchard

President Bill reported that our board of directors have approved building or rebuilding an Apple Orchard at Endicott Park.  The plan is to plant one tree for each of our members in the orchard.  That is 40 trees to be planted.  New member John Zannino has a friend that is an Arborist at Essex Tech who will help to set up and maintain the orchard.  On Arbor Day or Earth Day, the plan is to have a hands on day of planting of the trees.  Trees will not be little seedlings, but will be trees of decent size to be sure they take to their new home.  No, you name is not on your tree so you can go pick your own apples...  This will be a great project that will continue to flourish for years to come.  The location is by the entrance into the park, where there is still a few apple trees from a previous orchard.  What a great project.

DanversCARES - This week's speaker

Peg Salladae talks about the importance of the program.
Stephanie Beilin discusses the ways DanversCARES works to give those important alternatives.
Peg Salladae, DanversCARES Director and Stephanie Beilin, DHS Social Worker gave a wonderful, in-depth talk about the great work of DanversCARES in town.  This group works closely with other organizations in town, working to give healthy choices to Danvers students and families.  Originally the program was started as Communities that Caress, which was set up to work on keeping kids away from smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Now DanversCARES has a much wider focus to build awareness on all types of behaviors and to help parents learn how to communicate with their students.  Your peer groups are at both the Middle School and High School levels, having Danvers students work to prevent issues before they begin and to problem solve ways to get kids "peers" on the right track.  Making good decisions is an important part of this program with Youth Leadership groups at both the Middle School and High School.  Some of the things they do include mentoring for Athletes, A Parent's University Workshop for faculty and parents to learn how to help youth.  Fun activities are planned to give good alternatives to bad behavior.  Just last Friday night, over 50 Middle School students attended a fun event at the Y.  This event happens a couple times each year with the Y offering the Y facility for he activities and the volunteers and staff from DanversCARES plan the event.  It is great partnerships in Town that help keep our youth on that all so important Right Track.   Peg invited the club to consider having someone from Rotary represent the club on the coalition.  It is all about partnering to make this happen.  Danvers is so fortunate to have Peg working with this program in town for the past 9 years.  Seems like yesterday that Communities that Care was established.  Guess I am getting old.  

Danvers Y Winter Dance this Saturday.

Yes I will continue to pay my fine.  Looking for something to do this week?  Saturday, February 3rd, 7:00 to midnight is the Y annual Winter Dance Fundraiser.  What a deal, $50 each gets you a night out with dinner, wine and beer included at no extra cost, along with coffee, soda and water.  A live band, "Wild Fire" will play dance tunes and a silent Auction, small live Auction, raffles and more will make up the night.  The Y looks forward to seeing many people at this event, celebrating the community and helping to raise needed funds to help youth and families.  Love to see you there.  Call Lenny at the Y 978-774-2055.
Cards were played by Gary Nangle and Dan Doherty.  Truly I was wishing them to win but it did not sound that way.  So sorry that you were both loooooooooooooooooosers...  Better luck next time you two...
Enjoy your week,  

Go Patriots


Life is a long lesson in humility

   --James M. Barrie


Meeting Notes for Members

Everyone was a bit tired after the two football games on Sunday.  The Patriots, in their special way, pulled off the win and move on to the Superbowl for Sunday, February 4th.  Many contributed to the club this week in honor of the Patriots moving forward.  President Bill opened the meeting and called on Jason Allain for this week's invocation.  Larry D. reported to duty this week as Sheriff and the rest will follow.
Shelley shared her Rotary Moment talking about a recent orientation for new Rotarians that she attended at the Wakefield Sheraton.  She spoke about how she and an auditorium full of new Rotarians learned all about Rotary and the great work done around the world.  

Rotary Food Packing

I know it is a bit late, but Tuesday afternoon a great number of Rotarians from our section of the district, met at the Wakefield Sheraton and packed thousands of meals for those in need.  This program designed to stamp out hunger is working to provide families with a balanced meal.  I know that Jacki took many pictures and they will show up soon.  The meal consists of outmeal with additional protein, apples, cinnamon and other special ingredients, carefully measured and sealed in a packet that feeds a family of six.  Many would remember that we have done this project before, once in Salem and the Hathorne Hotel and the other time at night at the Danvers High School.  The previous times were packing food to be shipped to other parts of our country and around the world.  This event was designed to pack food for local use.  Danvers is distributing 1,000 meals to local Pantries.  It was a great time and always fun to be part of a hands on project.  I was scooping oatmeal in my dreams, Tuesday Night and had a yearning for hot oatmeal Wednesday morning.  Luckily there is always oatmeal at home and I was able to satisfy my craving.  I would highly recommend every one of you to participate when we do this the next time.  What a fun time, helping others.

Polar Plunge

The District Polar Plunge is fast approaching and the water isn't getting any warmer.  Date is set for Saturday, February 3rd in the morning, 10:30-12:30.  Surely the plunge will be from 10:30 to 10:30.30 AM.  Everyone was trying to get President Bill to take the plunge but I think he is allergic to salt water.  Past President Matt took the plunge and tried to get President Bill to take the plunge but was not successful.  If you are interested in filling in for Bill and want to have a refreshing dip in the ocean, please let us know so we can sponsor you.  My Community Outreach Director Suz Malach, is one of four Tri Town Rotarians that will be taking the plunge.  I will sponsor her this year.  

Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales

How are you doing with your selling of Cruise Raffle Tickets?  We need everyone to sell as many as possible to see the profit we need to do the projects that our club would like to do.  Please don't hold tickets and expect to turn them in unsold.  There are no extra tickets and everyone needs to be sold for the fundraiser to be successful.  There are only a couple of weeks left to sell tickets and everyone needs to help.  Do I sound like a broken record? Am I being a pain? Am I telling it like it is?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I am doing my job trying to get everyone to work as a team to make this successful.    Just ask your family, coworkers and friends and I am sure you will find some buyers.  I Did.... How about you!

Coat Drive

Rotarian Shelley Silverman has a Coat Drive running for two weeks, collecting new and slightly used coats.  Coats can be brought to the New England Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or you can drop them off at the Y or bring them to our meeting this next Monday.  She also has small boxes collecting $5.00 donations to purchase and clean coats.  So check out your closets and bring in those coats and consider making a $5 contribution to help with the cause.

Farmers Market Time Is Fast Approaching

Matt reported that this year's Farmers Market will be held the same day and time as this past year.  He is looking for a few more committee members to help with the planning and operation for this 2018 Market year.  Looking to add some vendors and wishing for some great weather.  Let Matt know you can help.

Speaker for this Monday - Danvers Cares

The speaker this Monday will be Danvers Cares.  We will hear what is happening in town to help our youth and families on the right track.  They are doing great work.

Sheriff Larry Collects $74.00

Lenny, Mary Beth, Matt, Jacki, Bill, Rick, Alden, Ted, Jason and Larry D. all conated in honor of the Patriots and looking to the Superbowl, Don for the Cruise Raffle, Tom Standring is set to be away for two months, Sara was just happy, Chelsea was thankful for being with us after falling down the stairs at home and is ok, Suzanne put in $6 in because she messed up.  She isn't getting out of the job that easily.  Thank you to all for contributing.

Card Game

Both Bill Lee and Jacki Shambaugh played with their tickets being drawn.  Too bad they did not draw the right card.  Sorry you two for being looooooooosers.  So the money builds.

YMCA Dance Saturday, February 3rd

Yes I will pay a fine but want to see some Rotarians at the Dance.  Larry D. will be sitting at my table.  Who else is attending.  For $50 you get a great meal, beer and wine (wine donated by Bill Lee), dancing to the band Wild Fire and a chance at winning or purchasing a number of great items.  Call the Y at 978-774-2055 for details and to purchase tickets.  Tickets are $55.00 at the door.  Always a fun time.
That is about it for now.  
See you all on Monday.

One important key to success is self-confidence.  An important key to self-confidence is perparation.

     --Arthur Ashe

Well, the winter holidays are over and the white weather is certainly here.  What is a New Englander to do.......  One thing to do is to go to a Rotary Meeting.  If you missed this week, here is the overview.  President Bill opened the meeting, followed by Past President Mary Beth with the invocation. Bill asked for any Rotary Moments.  Mary Beth and Kim talked about the Chidren's Holiday Party, held at Danversport.  The kids danced, enjoyed a great meal, sat with Santa and opened presents.    Matt Schroeder thanked everyone that helped with 2 families that were going to go without Christmas presents for their children since they were homeless, living in one of the Danvers Hotels.  Quickly, in the last minute, Rotarians stepped up and saved the holidays for these two families. Thanks Rotarians and thank you Matt for making this happen.

Food Packing Event

A district Food Packing Event will be held January 23rd.  Let Mary Beth, Jackie Shambaugh and Kim Labonte Kay know that you can help.  My hands make easy and fun work.

Polar Plunge is set for February 3rd

Go to the Rotary District Website and make a donation and if you want to dip, let President Bill know so we can support you.

Danvers Rotary Board Meeting January 23rd

The next board meeting for our Danvers Rotary Board will be held on January 23rd, 8:30 AM, at the Staples Work Bar, Liberty tree Mall Staples.  If you haven't been to a board meeting, I would recommend it to give you a great look at what happens behind the scenes.  This is also a great way to make up for a missed meeting.  

Danvers Cares will Speak on January 29th

Danvers Cares will give an update on what is being done in Danvers to help steer youth and teens in the right direction.  

Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales

Have you been selling your tickets for the Cruise Raffle?  We only have a few weeks left to sell the rest of the tickets so we can make some good money to help with our projects.  Don Desmond will be collecting funds from ticket sales and distributing any available tickets.  Tickets are $50 each and the winner will either enjoy the cruise of a lifetime or will take the cash.  Either way the winner will enjoy the winnings.

Sheriff Brad collects funds:

Brad collected from Matt S. for Good NY, Suzanne was happy, Mary Beth for a Happy New Year, Gary for being interviewed, Jackie for the long weekend, Bill N. for skiing Gunstock, Chelsea Happy New Year, Kim just because, Shelley for the Pats, Tom S., Lenny and Becky for the New Year,  Larry R for something, Bill for good Skiing, Larry D for the Pats and Brad for Happy New Year.  Thank you to all.

Cards Played

Bill Lee and Matt took their chances with the cards.  Sorry you two for being loooooooosers.  Better luck next time.
Seek you all on Monday, January 22nd.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

  - Francis Bacon


John Zannino - Newest Danvers Rotarian

John Zannino was inducted this week as the Danvers Rotary Club's newest Rotarian.  John is a local insurance guy who was proposed by Rotary Member Jason Allain.  The induction, led by Tom Standring.  Tom, a dedicated Danvers Rotarian explained the importance of the four way test in today's world, the importance of attending meetings and how we get the most of Rotary when we get involved and stay involved.  We look forward to hearing more about John Zannino when he does his classification talk.  Let's give John a warm Danvers Welcome......

Paul Harris Plus 1 Presented to Mary Beth

Gary Nangle carefully pinned Past President Mary Beth with a new pin for attaining her Paul Harris Plus One level with Rotary International's Foundation.  Individuals are awarded a Paul Harris award for contributing One Thousand Dollars to the Rotary International Foundation.  The Thousand Dollars can be paid, pledged over time, showing support for the International Foundation. Many Danvers Rotarians pledge to donate One Hundred Dollars each year.  This adds up quick towards attaining this award.  Our Danvers Club has it's own Endowment Trust that is used to support many of the projects we support.  Danvers Rotarians are encouraged to support both our Danvers Rotary Endowment along with the Rotary International Foundation.  As a side note, everyone should know that 1/2 of the money donated to the International Foundation comes back to the district after a few years, to be used for local projects.  We have been able to utilize these funds for some of our Danvers projects.  Gary represents us on the Foundation Committee.  Great job Mary Beth and we are happy that Gary did not stab you with the Paul Harris pin.  Gary, sorry I need to get some better pictures of you.

Annual Meeting Committee Reports:

Committee Reports
  • Secretary Gary N. reviewed the attendance and statistics for our club.  Would like to see a bit better attendance.  With new members we will see a increase in club membership.  Great job...
  • Treasurer Dan D.:  The club has about $38,000 in two accounts, following a $5,000 payment to the Danvers YMCA for camperships. Finances are in good shape.  
  • Becky reported on community service projects completed includeing meals at Thanksgiving, adoption of a traffic island, support of the rail trail. Upcoming projects include the meal packing. A member asked about Family Promise event, which was also completed, and included several members cooking/feeding families at a short term shelter.
  • Becky reported on our Endowment. Presently there is just under $1/2M in the fund.  Projects funded this past year through the Trust include work at Endicott Park, Great Oak school playground, and senior center vans. Future project includes chess tables at Peabody Institute Library. Members include Becky, Jacki, Bill, Tom, and Neal.
  • Foundation Chair Gary N.: reviewed our commitment to the Rotary International Foundation. This year's pledge is for $4,000 and we are getting close to making our commitment.  Many of our members donate $100 each year.  60% of our membership have contributed so far this year, totaling $3,075 or 77% of President Bill’s goal. Gary also presented Mary Beth with a Paul Harris +1 award pin.  
  • Vice President Kim on Programs and Social Media/PR: Kim asked new members to follow RC Danvers on Instagram, facebook, and ask family and friends to also. Kim noted we have had some good speakers, and working on someone from Workbar, DanverssCares, DEEP, Police and Fire Chiefs, a nutritionist, and a micro-brewer. Please let her know if you have any ideas.
  • Membership Chair Jacki: sick, no report
  • Fundraising chair Don D.: We had wiffleball fundraiser, raised about $13k, and it is on track for next year as well. Matt N. will be taking the lead. Current cruise raffle is in process.
  • Farmers Market Chair Matt S.: Collected $3.9k in vendor fees,a nd $150 in bag and shirt sales. Made 13k, depending on where you allocate about $3k in joint sponsorship of wiffleball sponsors. Thank you to gold and corporate sponsors in the room. Left about $3k in the DFM account, and transferred about $10k into the RC Danvers account. Looking at having a young entrepenuers table at the market, for kids to sell their wares. Also, hope to get an early start with vendors this year to make sur we have a fish vendor, meat vendor, and multiple farm vendors. A member asked if wiffleball and DFM will share sponsors again. Matt not sure, still looking at this issue, but perhaps.
  • Scholarships Mary Beth: Mary Beth is taking chair back over from Jill, who has left the Club. Committee awarded $7k in scholarships this year.
Upon being recognized by the chair, Secretary Gary N. made a final call for nominations from the floor for the position of Director, to take office upon the expiration of the terms of Director Don Desmond and Director Rick Gilmore on 6/30/18. Hearing none, Gary N. presented a single ballot to President Bill and asked him to cast a vote for each of the two candidates on a single ballot for the two expiring terms. President Bill cast such a ballot (below), re-electing Director Gilmore and electing member Sue Contreas to the Board for a three year term beginning on 7/1/18, expiring on 6/30/21.
Gary N.

Holiday Joint Luncheon Tuesday, December 19th

Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Club Members will meet together on Tuesday, at noon, at the Yacht Club to share fun times, laughs, and enjoy the entertainment from the Danvers High Singers.  Always a great time to bring your spouse, friends, coworkers, etc.  We will not be meeting on Monday the 18th this week.  I did not hear anything special but this is always a great meeting to wear your ugly holiday sweater, tie, hat or whatever.    Don't forget, Tuesday is the day and we are not meeting on Monday.  

Other Local Clubs Meet at Night on the 19th

There will be a joint meeting of the clubs in our area on December 19th, 5:30 PM at the Hathorne Hotel in Salem.  $30 each and you need to let Gary know you want to attend asap.  

Bermuda Cruise Raffle Underway

If you need tickets call Don Desmond, Raffle Chair.  Cost of the ticket is $50.00 for an unbelievable cruise that includes a family suite with just about everything you can imagine.  Only 400 tickets are being sold.  Sell, Sell, Sell.

Food Packing

Food Packing will be held on January 13th, with other clubs.  

District Polar Plunge is set for February 3rd

I heard that the ocean will be warm that day and it will be a great time for a dip.  Are you up for it?  Let President Bill know.
Cards were played by Bill Lee and Judy Delorenzo.  Sorry to report they were both loooooooosers.  The money grows.....
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday, the 19th, with bells on.
Best for the Season.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

   - Vince Lombardi

Notes from December 4th meeting:
Sorry for being so late with this week's Rotoracle but time has been short this week.  President Bill opened the meeting and we enjoyed a great meal and some great company.
Speaking about company we were blessed to have two visitors this week; one was Kang Yu, our Assistant Governor and the other a very special guest Ridab Abutaleb, a visiting Rotarian from Jordan.  

Ridab M Abutaleb visits from Jordan

Ridab was a joy to share conversations with at lunch this week.  She traded banners with President Bill and shared discussions with all of us at the table.  She has been in the Jordan Club for some time and prior to her time there she had been President of the Shanghai Club.  Why is she here you might ask?  She has a brother and sister in Salem and Peabody that she is visiting thru the month of December.  Have to say that she is a remarkable Rotarian and well versed in Service Above Self.  Their big fundraiser is a Grand Dance Social where they raise all sorts of money.  

Two New Danvers Rotarians

Richard Keithahn and Chelsea Rosato were inducted into our club this week.  With Tom Standring away, Neal stepped up and did a great job welcoming them into the club with true excitement.  Rick is a Manager at the Danvers Citizens Bank, located at the Stop and Shop.  Chelsea is a DS Consultant.  We will learn more about these two when they do their classification talk in the near future.  So when you come to the next meeting give these two new Danvers Rotarians a warm welcome.

Cruise Fundraiser

Are you ready cruise???   Well Cruise Raffle Chair, Don Desmond is looking forward to one of the 400 available tickets to win this Nine Thousand Dollar Cruise.  This cruise of a lifetime is going to a lucky winner on February 12th, at our luncheon meeting.  Tickets are $50.00 each with no more than 400 being sold.  So you are not comfortable around the water?  Winner can take $6,000 in cash and fly to Bermuda instead.  Either way there will be a winner and it could be you.  Don was passing out tickets at the meeting and would like to see every Rotarian sell their share of the tickets.  They would make a great holiday gift for that special person that will ask you to go with them.  This year's cruise will be in a two bedroom family suite, featuring a large tub and balcony for seven days.  There are so many extras that go with this package.  I am attaching a copy of the handout that includes all the information to share with your friends, loved ones and others.  SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Annual Meeting this next meeting

Monday, December 11th, will be the Annual Meeting luncheon when Committee Chairs give their reports on their progress, so far this year.  

Holiday Joint Club Meeting Tuesday, December 19th

The joint meeting for Rotarians, Kiwanians and Lions will be held on Tuesday, December 19th, regular luncheon time.  This is always a fun time to bring your spouse or close friend, co-worker, and others.  The Danvers High Singers will entertain us and who knows, maybe Larry Raimondi will dig out his old holiday sweater for the event.  I think Brad thought his tie was a sweater and posed for the Ugly Sweater contest.  Yes, this picture is from two years ago and I believe Larry won.  He got my vote.
We will not be meeting on Monday that week so don't go to the Yacht Club on the 18th, unless you want to eat with the fishes in the harbor.  Our weekly meeting will be on Tuesday, December 19th.

Gary Nangle talks about his Rotoplast Mission

I know, not the best picture of Gary.  I will have to make that up to him later.  This week Gary gave an overview of his recent Rotoplast Mission that he attended in the Philippines.  He talked about how important this work is and the joy he received from seeing how it changed so many lives.  The cost of the mission was $90,000 to run the mission at the Miller Hospital.  Every volunteer had a special job that they had to do to make the system work.  All volunteers were treated with great respect as they were giving of their special time to help others around the world.  Families were so appreciative.  Some were sadly turned away since they were too old or not prepared for the surgery.  Others that could not be helped during this mission will be placed on the list for the next mission.  The group of volunteers from our district joined a large group from the California area to make it happen.  With no air-conditioning and weather in the 90s and humid, there were no complaints about the conditions since they were there to help.  Gary recommends any Rotarian to go on one of these experiences to get a real taste of what Rotary does around the world.

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • December 16th, Saturday, 11-2:00 - Children's Holiday Party at the Yacht Club.  Rotarians are needed to help with the event.  Children will enjoy lunch, games and some time with Santa and receive gifts.  Let Larry and Judy know you can help
  • December 19th, Tuesday - Joint meeting with Kiwanis with the DHS Singers.  Always a great time, dig out that ugly holiday sweater.  Bring your spouse, friend, coworker or even an enemy and make them a friend again.  Rotary will not have a meeting on Monday, December 18th, that week.
  • Rotary will not meet on Monday, December 25th or Monday, January 1st.  You should spend more time with your family and friends on those days, even if you don't want to.  
  • January 23rd will be the Food Packing Event.  We will be working with other clubs to pack meals to be used around the country and the world so many can enjoy an important and healthy meal.  This is a great hands on mission project to take part in.  Please put it on your calendar

Sheriff Brad Collects $84.00

Sheriff Brad collected $84 from the following:  Matt N. for the Roll Tide, Peter Cullen for an announcement about his moving to Methuen abnd he is going to try his best to make meetings, Becky for the Pats Win, Chelsea in memory of her son, Jacki for the Inductees, Barry for the visiting Rotarians, Larry and Judy for being honored for the Youth Enrichment program that they support each year (special award), President Bill for Kang and Ridab, Don Desmond for the Raffle, Kang was happy to be with us, Alden for the Christmas tree in the square, Neal for the guests and inductees, Suzanne for Barry's win in someplace, MaryBeth for the guests, Lenny for enjoyable conversation with our international guest, Brad for the good meeting and good energy and Gary for the Xmas Lights up before Xmas (guess he is always a bit late and must get them up for St. Patricks Day).  Many thanks to all.....
Well that is it for now.  Enjoy your weekend.

Great effort from great motives is the best definition of a happy life.

   - William Ellery Channing

Rotoracle November 20 2017
I hope everyone had a pleasant-or-better Thanksgiving with their favorite people.
As a result of the shortened week, I am behind the curve on the newsletter and apologize!
Monday 11/21 was a most interesting meeting
President Bill welcomed about 20 members and our guests, new inductee Annelie Sirois, and our speaker Cindy King.
We were served baked chicken wrapped around asparagus and an interesting version of meatloaf along with tasty veggies and potato. Dessert of cheesecake followed.
We welcomed a new member today! Tom Standring did his always fine job of induction for Annelie who was sponsored by President Bill. She is a Realtor in Danvers with her own agency. Please make her feel welcome as she acclimates to the Rotary experience.
Our guest speaker was Cindy King who spoke about her struggle with Polio which she acquired at a young age before the vaccines were perfected. Cindy is a lifelong resident of Danvers and hers was the first recorded case of the disease on the North Shore back in 1955. There were 4000 cases in Massachusetts.
Within just a few days of falling ill, she found herself unable to breathe, swallow or talk, and was rushed to MGH with a paralyzed right side. The doctors didn’t think she’d make it through that night alive, but she was placed in the infamous ‘iron lung’ machine that saved her life by forcing her breathing. Her childhood recovery was to leave her with constant pain, weakness and therapeutic treatments that yet have allowed her to continue working and contributing to the public’s awareness of the fight. We have all contributed to the cause and know how Rotary and its partners have been fighting to eradicate Polio overseas but Cindy’s talk brought home the reality of life ‘post - polio’.
Hers is an inspiring story of gratitude to her mother, her friends and her own determination and resolve.
Sheriff Brad, looking especially dapper, rose to the occasion again and collected $103 dollars for his nice white teeth and snappy dress (could it be his impending fatherhood has affected him in such a positive manner?), appreciation for our new member, the Patriots, thanksgiving, the volunteer crew assisting the food Pantry (thanks Becky, Jackie and those who contributed food), congrats to Danvers Gymnastics team, and a happy birthday memory for Joe DeLorenzo.
11/28 Board Meeting at Workbar
12/11 Annual Meeting with committee reports
12/19 Joint meeting w Kiwanis
Director nominations - if you want to serve your club, Gary Nangle and Jackie will put you on the ballot for that annual meeting
Losing cards were down by Ralph and Jackie - so sorry :).
As faithfully reported as possible by Jimmy Olsen.

Danvers Rotary Honors Local Veterans

This week's meeting was devoted to the Veterans who gave of their time, efforts and in many cases their lives, so all Americans can live with freedom and justice.  President Bill Nolan opened the meeting and called on Lenny for this week's invocation, that was built around honoring Veterans for all that they have done.  A number of Veterans were invited to share bread with us in honor of their dedication to country and family.  Annelie Sirois was with us as a visitor, not really a visitor as she is in the works to becoming a Danvers Rotarian.  Welcome Annelie!  
Peter Mirandi, Danvers Health and Veterans Director brought ten Veterans along with his co-worker Leanne Ruleo.  Local Veterans included Alan Weeks who went in the Navy in 1966, Bruce M. Sweeter Navy 1964, Dana S Sweeter Navy 1969, Raymond Young 68 and I think he said Army, Ronald Mercier Army 1965, Frank Geary Army 1990, David W. Woundy from Gloucester Army 68-69, Rich Greenlaw Army 1969, Dick Moody Airforce and well known for his Project Troop Support, Dave Corte Service 1967, Leanne's Husband served 1991 in the Marine Corp.  Also present, from our own club were Veterans Alden Goodnow Navy 1942, Bill Lee Navy and Tom Standring 1957 too 1959 Army.  Danvers Rotarians thank each of our Veterans, for your service and we are so proud to be able to share bread with each of you.  
Peter Mirandi talked about a program titled "Wreaths Across America" that is fast approaching.  On December 16th, at 11:00 AM, a group will be placing wreaths on graves at Walnut Grove Cemetary.  This program is a national program that will take place at Arlington National Cemetery as well as 1,200 other locations across the country.  Peter is looking for support, both money and help with the distributing of wreaths.  I believe each wreath costs $13.00 and people can sponsor one or many wreaths.  Let President Bill know you want to help.

Rotary Moment

Brad Hunt shared a Rotary Moment and I am sorry but I think I will mess it up if I list it.  We will have to ask him to repeat it next Monday.  I was concentrating on my table conversation with the Veterans and missed a good part of it.  Sorry Brad and yes you can fine me for that...

Dictionary Project Finishes This Week

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 9th is the last day for the Dictionary Project this year.  Danvers Rotarians will be handing out dictionaries to third graders at 8:30 AM at the Thorpe Elementary School and at 9:15 at the Highlands School.  Surely Sarah would love to have you join her to give out these dictionaries.  I have to repeat it again, it is wonderful to see the excitement within each of these children when they are given a dictionary, knowing that it is their's to keep and they love learning everything about it.  So show up at either school 5 minutes before the scheduled time and take in the excitement these children bring with them.  

Calling all Nuts

No, not nuts that are people, but cans and jars of nuts, packaged candy, cookies or other specialty items that we can turn over to the Food Pantry to help make the holidays special for the families that are being served.  Becky is collecting them at each meeting and would like to see many more items brought in.  I know I need to make a special effort to bring in some nuts, etc on Monday.  Can we count on you?????

Rotary Foundation 101st Birthday Party - November 14th

This Birthday Party will be held at the Yacht Club with a dinner cost of $60.00 each.  Let President Bill or Gary Nangle know if you can attend.

District Roundtable / Town Meeting - November 15th

District Leadership is looking for Rotarians to attend the Roundtable and give their input on the future direction of the District.  Will be held in the evening at the McClane Law Firm.  Details on the Rotary District Site.  Let Gary know if you can attend.

Sheriff Brad Collects $108 for Camperships

Sheriff Brad collected $108 for Y camperships from the group this week.  Starting off, Brad auctioned off a picture of our 4th place Softball Team, which Tom Manuel paid $2 for Brad to keep the picture.  While most; Rick Gilmore, Anne Lie, Mary Beth, Kim, Becky, Alden, Don, Neal, Tom M and Lenny for the Veterans, Bill Lee for the weather, Suzanne a big thank you, Gary Nangle for his water.  Many thanks to everyone this week.  
Cards were played by Bill and Brad and you guessed it.  They were both loooooooooooosers... Sorry you two....Right!!!

Friends Forever Students Share With Rotary

Ten High School Students from Ireland along with Irish and American Leaders attended Danvers Rotary this week. As a group they have been working together since the beginning of March, preparing for their trip to the United States for two intense weeks of working together, understanding how all faiths can closely relate with one another and how differences of opinion and beliefs should not come between their relationships with others.  These young adults are chosen for their leadership skills and how they are perceived as being teens that can help to make changes in their area.  After enjoying a meal with them today, I have to agree that they are well versed and worthy of being chosen to help with change.  Interesting, they were required to leave their cell phones at home, to come with an open mind to accept others for who they and not for their religion, race, etc.  When asked where their were from they answered that basically they were chosen from two youth centers in Northern Ireland.  Some were Catholic, some Protestant and yet others are Polish.  Around the table we talked about differences in neighborhoods, schools, sports and life in general.  Here in America you don't have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic School, which is the same in Ireland.  Where it differs is that here in America no one gives you a hard time, but in Ireland you would be bullied for not being of the faith of the school.  While that is getting better in Ireland, race is becoming a larger issue.  

Club Notes

Kim opened the meeting and introduced John Zannino, guest of Jason Allain.  John has his application in and should be inducted soon.  Following the opening, Kim called on one of the Friends Forever students to give an invocation, which was done wonderfully.  Shortly after the invocation, President Bill arrived.  
First of two Rotary Moments was from Tom Standring, who talked about how 31 years ago the Friends Forever Program first started and the Irish student who spoke was Karen Woods, who recited a poem that she had written titled, "No Hope For Tomorrow".  Later, Past Danvers Rotarian Al T. put it to music.
The Second Rotary Moment was given by Past President Mary Beth O'Connell, who talked about how meaningful this morning's visit was at St. Mary's School.  When Mary Beth and Lenny arrived there the Fire Department had everyone outside since the fire alarm had gone off.  The Friends Forever group met us there to help with distributing the dictionaries to the 3rd graders.  It was great seeing the 3rd graders and the Friends Forever group interact and how they asked each other questions about life in Ireland vs. live in America.  The teacher for their class went to another grade to get a student that had moved here from Ireland, so they could interact.  A great Rotary time.

Dictionary Project Underway

Yes, it is that time of year when our Danvers Rotary Club gives every third grader in Danvers, a dictionary that they can keep for their own.  If you payed close attention over the past few weeks we have been having College Students, Adults, and High School students talk about receiving their dictionaries and what they have meant to them over the year.  As you can see in the picture to the right, all the children/people are not 3rd graders from St. Mary's Elementary School.  The Friends Forever youth came and helped distribute the books and helped teaching the students the many things that a dictionary can help with.  How it is more than just words and their definitions, but also held great information like sign language, information on counties and the individual states in the United States.  Also there is the largest work in the our language with 1909 letters.  That will be our secret word this next week.  It was a great experience for the children to have the Irish youth attending, giving them a chance to ask questions about Ireland and how things differ there.  The Irish youth were a couple of minutes late, since they had to get up, clean up and get dressed in the dark, travel around all the downed trees and make it to St. Mary's School for the event.  They really were not late as there had been a smoke detector that went off, which brought the Fire Department to the school.  A real life Fire Drill for the students.  Have to say they did a great job getting everyone out in case there was a real fire or emergency.  All and all a fun, exciting time with the 3rd graders.
Next dates for the Dictionary Project are as follows:
Thursday, November 2nd:
  • 8:30 AM Smith School
  • 9:15 AM Riverside School
  • 10:00 AM Great Oak School
Thursday, November 9th:
  • 8:30 AM Thorpe School
  • 9:15 AM Highlands School
If you have not signed up, please let Sarah know you can help.  Guaranteed, you will really enjoy meeting the 3rd graders and seeing their faces light up when you give them their own book.

In Search of Nuts, Etc.

No, we are not looking for people that are nuts, we are looking for cans or jars of nuts, boxed candy and or cookies.  Becky is collecting these extra, fun items, to donate to the Pantry, for distribution with the Thanksgiving and Holiday food packages.  Rotary wants to make sure that families less fortunate, have a complete meal on Thanksgiving.  Yes, they always need turkeys and all the fixings, but we would like to see each family have the complete experience that includes the finger foods like nuts, candies and cookies.  So when you are shopping this week, consider picking up a couple of items to bring to the meeting on Monday, for this collection.  You know, one for me and one to help others.  After all everyone has a sweet tooth, even me..........

Upcoming Events:

  • November 1st - Rotary Means Business Meeting - See District Site for Details
  • November 8th - Welcome Home from Rotaplast Mission Celebration - See District Site for Details.
  • November 14th - Rotary Foundation 101st Birthday Party See District Site for Details.
  • November 15th - Rotary District Round Table - Town Meeting - All Welcome.
  • November 6th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Classifications
  • November 13th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker: Mike Stare, Spectrum Fitness
  • November 20 - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker: Cindy King
  • November 27th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker Andy St. Pierre, DHS Athletic Director
  • November 28th - Danvers Rotary Board of Directors Meeting 

Sheriff Barry's Report

Jason psid 20 for missed Meetings, John Zannino 20 for being with us, Neal, Sarah, Becky, Lenny, Don, Barry, Bill and MaryBeth for the Friends Forever students being with us this week, Matt for "Trunk or Treat", Dan for being up early, Ralph 20 for being back after knee surgery, Kim for new Rotarians, Don for Poland and Gary still has Jet Lag.  $127.00 collected for the Y campership fund.

More on Friends Forever:

Students from Ireland speak of their experiences in the top left picture, Leader Bethany gives an overview of the program and how the kids are doing in the top right picture,  In lower left picture, American Leader Leah, gives a lesson on history of the program and Darren, in the lower right picture talks about the youth and the great potential they possess.  
Lastly was the card game this week.  Even with everyone at my table wishing me the chance to win, the cards were pulled for President Bill, "late Bill", not the late Bill, and also for Sarah.  While you all know I was routing them on, they were unsuccessful in picking the right card and as you might expect were both looooooooooooooooooooooooosers.  The money builds.......
That is it for now.  Enjoy your week and sign up to help or just drop in to help on Thursday with the Dictionary Project.  You will be glad you did...

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.

   Emily Dickinson -

Jason Colombino - High School Principal

Jason Colombino, new High School Principal was with us this week.  Jason recently worked with the Salem School System and is building his new team for DHS.  He is very energetic and young.  Young is a good thing as surely he is bringing some new ideas and programs to our school.   Along with Jason we had the Business Manager Keith Taberna, Superintendent Lisa Dana and new Highlands School Principal Paula Jones.

Paula Jones - Highlands School Principal

Paula Jones is the new Highlands School Principal this year.  Paula come to Danvers following many years in the Marblehead School System and is also a resident of Danvers.   Like Jason, Paula is fast at work, with her team, working to make the Highland School the best it can be.  You can tell that Superintendent Dana is proud to have these new Administrators on her team.  Danvers is a well run system and I am sure it will continue to flourish.  

Meeting Notes:

Well, Well, Well!  What a great day we had on Monday, weather wise and this week we had the new Administration from the Danvers High School with us.  President Bill opened the meeting and called for the invocation.  Besides the four guests from the school system we were honored to have Chelsea Rosato as a guest of Jackie Shambaugh.  We enjoyed some great table conversations this week.  Topics included the old Nike Missal Site off North Street, about school plans for the future and discussed how the actual class sizes are so different now.  I was remembering back 40+ years ago when our High School Graduating class had well over 500-550 students, compared to half that now.  How we all fit into the high school when it was 1/2 the size and now it is tight with half the number of students.  Surely we were smaller then and did not take up as much space, RIGHT!!!!!.  Also discussed how the Woodvale and Northfield Developments changed the town, bringing so many more children into the system.  Statistics show that over the next 5 to 10 years Danvers will see in increase in children entering the school system by 15%.  It is amazing at how computers and other statistic things can predict numbers as they do and be correct at doing it.  Another discussion was on how we are known for our onions and carrots.  Yes, the Danvers Carrot came from here.  Did you know that Binney and Smith "Crayola Crayons" started in the building now housing Hotwatt, in the square?  When I was in the 4th grade I interviewed the owner as a school project and left with a box of 64 crayons.  I was on cloud 9 for weeks.  Danvers Bricks also originated here and were shipped all over the country for building.  Very interesting history and discussions were shared.  I guess I am getting old, since I remembered all of those things.  Danvers is quite a town to be proud of, don't you think?
Barry Kaplan spoke of his Rotary Moment this week.  He was at a function, wearing his Rotary Pin I have to add, when a woman asked him about the pin and what it stood for.  When he explained Rotary to her she was so excited she is going to look into taking part in Rotary in her home area.  We did not pick up a new Rotarian but Barry sparked the interest to help another club out with a potential member.  Great job Barry, you should get an extra credit for wearing that pin.

Rotoplast Mission Completed

Gary Nangle has returned from spending two weeks in the Philippines, volunteering with the Rotary Districts' Rotoplast Mission.  Gary reported that it was an unbelievable experience and encouraged everyone to try to fit it in for the future.  One hundred and fifty plus were operated on for clef lips and clef pallets.  There were a number of children turned away and or put off for another mission as time was such that they could only operate on a certain number.  The Clef Pallet also can't be repaired on individuals once they reach a certain age.  Everyone had a certain job to do and sometimes you had to wait a bit to do your job since an operation may have taken longer than expected.  They took great care of the volunteers and he was surprised that he did not gain any weight as there was always a variety of food to eat.  All in all he was so happy that he was able to go on this mission and help these children.  Such a great program sponsored by Rotary, showing our commitment to helping around the world.

World Polio Day - October 24th

Yes, I know I am late but I am just the messenger...  Tom Standring, Danvers Rotarian that is so committed to the Rotary World Program to Alleviate Polio, reported about that in 2005, Rotary's 100 Anniversary was when Rotary International decided to make this project a main goal and we are so close.  in the next couple of years we hope to be able to say that Polio has been Eliminated.  There are only three countries that are in the waiting period for Polio.  Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are the only three countries left and once each has been able to certify no new cases for a third year in a row Rotary will be able to close the books on this.  Over the past 6 years the District's Polar Plunge has raised over $600,000 towards this effort and the Gates Foundation has matched that with a 2 to 1 pledge for the program.  Many thanks go to the Gates Foundation for their joint commitment with Rotary on this process.  

Dictionary Project News

The Dictionary Project is underway with the first schedule visit planned for this Monday, 8:30 AM, at St. Mary's Elementary School.  Sarah is chairing the program this year and would love some help with the distribution of the books.  I plan on attending on Monday and surely some of you would like to as well.  On November 2nd at 8:30 AM the dictionaries will be distributed at Riverside and then Smith.  On November 9th 8:30 AM, we will b e distributing to Highlands and then to Thorpe.  At this Monday's meeting we will take a few minutes and put stickers and letters in each of the dictionaries for the children to bring home.  Other than St. Mary's signups will be taken at club meeting on Monday.  Check your calendar to see if you can help.  Have to tell you it is one of the best things we do, interacting with the third graders.  

Sheriff Barry took in $140 from the small group this week:

In looking over the notes I believe Matt paid $85 for the nice weather, others for the weather, Tom S. for his Grand Daughter's wedding in Cincinnati, some for the guests, Alden is going to Houston, President Bill for Youth Football Playoff win 20-0, Gary for a great mission, Jackie for the guests and Sheriff and Chelsea in memory of Kayla.  Thank you to all.

Other Danvers School System Notes:

Smith School is beginning a feasibility study for a replacement school to be built for 465 students, two times the size it is now.  There are about 3,600 students in Danvers right now and expected to see an increase of 15% in the next 5 to 10 years.  Lisa thanked the club for our contribution to the Great Oak School Playground that is being dedicated this week.  There was a question about volunteerism with the high school students.  As part of their schooling requirements each student must complete 40 hours of volunteer work over their 4 years of school.  Some do much more as required by certain programs.  It was great to have the School Administrators visiting with us this week.
Cards were played by Becky and Alden.  Sorry to report they were both looooooosers.  So the money builds.
Have a great weekend.
What a great Monday to start off Rotary.  If you did not make the meeting you missed an unbelievable great meal, which I will get to later in the this week's news.  Suzanne Contreas brought her mother Rose and brother Vini Contreas.  Always nice to see Rose and have to report she is 88 years young as of this Friday and looking wonderful.  It was great seeing Vini as he was one of my fellow counselors at the Y camp back, when I first started.  I guess that must be why both his and my hair are white.  So the Contreas group sat with Larry and Judy DeLorenzo, so that table was referred to as the family table.  Now Shelley was sitting with them but I guess she fit right in.  
President Bill opened the meeting and called on Shelley for this week's inspirational words, which she did a great job with making them fit our mission.  Our speakers this week were from the Essex Tech School; the combined school previously being Essex Aggie and our local Tech Schools, now all under one roof or should I say many roofs.   

Speakers from Essex Tech High School

We changed it up a bit this week as the students from the school had to get back early for educational commitments at Essex Tech.  Lisa Berube and Marissa at senior staff from the school that reviewed the set up of the school that included an explanation of how students from all over the state are allowed to apply for entrance into the school with most of the actual students attending, represent the many towns in our North Shore area.  There are 1,400 students attending in the 24 different programs.  To give an idea of how many young adults seek this great education, for the 350 Freshman seats over 1,200 applied.  This shows the importance of vocational and agricultural education and how important and lucky we are to have it right in our community.  The two students Amy and Meghan, both seniors, spoke of how proud and lucky they are to have been able to have this education and how challenging it is.  Staff member, Lisa, works the Co-Op department, placing the students in working jobs in the state, in their local communities.  There are four new programs that are going to be offered, but the faculty were sworn to secrecy until the formal announcement is made about their areas.  Students are given the opportunity to compete in their area's of expertise.  Larry Raimondi has a grand child that is graduating from this school and echoed the quality of education that the kids are receiving there.  Some of the students have taken part in RYLA, Rotary's Youth Leadership program, held at Camp Rotary in Boxford.  Neal Waldman asked if they would be interested in having a Rotary Interact club, for the students to take part in.  The Interact club is a Rotary Club for High School Students to take part in, giving them a great taste of community service and leadership.  They seemed excited about the opportunity and President Bill will follow up with them.    

Rotoplast Report from the Philippines:

Danvers Rotarian, Gary Nangle, reported on how the Rotoplast Mission is going in the Philippines.  When he arrived things were going slow and he thought he was going to be bored.  Well that was the farthest from the truth.  49 children had been operated on through Sunday, with many more to take place.  Surely Gary is far from bored with his mission to the Philippines.  Can't wait to hear what Gary has to report when he returns.  We are so lucky to have him represent our club with this program.  Thank you Gary Nangle, for your commitment to the world through Rotary.  
What a wonderful way to change a child's life.  Thank you Rotary for helping around the world.

Upcoming Items To Remember:

  • October Rotary Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 24th.  President Bill wants those who have reviewed strategic notes to comment to him prior to the meeting.
  • Dictionary Project Begins October 30th:  Sarah is chairing this year and will be looking for help to distribute the dictionaries to the students.  The first date will be on October 30th, 8:30 AM at St. Mary's School.  Other Danvers Elementary Schools will be distributed to on November 2nd and 9th.  The times/schedule will be announced.  Think about when you can help.  I have to say, this is one of the best projects since we get to interact with the children and talk about Rotary.  Some ask if dictionaries are still relevant since the world of computers and smart phones.  One of the Vocational Students said she remembers receiving her dictionary at the Smith School and still uses it today.  Check out my desk and you will find one as well.  So, that answer is yes.
  • Turkeys for Food Pantry:  Becky reported that it was approved to purchase 25 turkeys, to help with the Food Pantry, for distribution for Thanksgiving.  This represents a portion of the many turkeys that are distributed to families in need.  The club is also seeking other sweet/nutty items to donate to the pantry as well.  Can you pick up a box of candy, nuts, or other item and bring them to our meetings.  Becky will be collecting these to help the Food Pantry make Thanksgiving special for families in our community.  Just bring them to Rotary.  Also, if you have any connections for other turkeys, etc. please let Becky know.
  • Children's Holiday Party:  Judy and Larry DeLorenzo reported that Judy had met with Barbara Remon, at the Food Pantry, and due to popular demand, this year's Children's Holiday Party will be held on December 16th at the Yacht Club.  Children, who's families utilize the Pantry, ages 6 to 12 will be at the Yacht Club on the 16th of December, from 10:00-2:00 for a meal, some fun games and even a visit from Santa.  A DJ will provide great music and the Pantry will provide the gifts.  Last year 42 children took part in the event.  Judy will chair it this year.  

Danvers Rotary Endowment Approves Special Donation

The Danvers Rotary Endowment Committee approved a special project that will have two Chess / Checker Tables specially made out of granite and installed in the outside front of the Library.  Through Swenson Granite, these tables will be installed on cement platforms, allowing people to enjoy chess and checkers outside.  Chess and Checker materials will be at the Library front desk for sign-out.  

Sheriff Brad's Report

Brad collected $145 from the 15 Rotarians in the room.  Suzanne for her Mom Rose's 88th Birthday and for Brother Vini's visit, Lenny was glad to be here, Neal for the blonds, Alden for the Patriots, Mary Beth for her Anniversary "with Hubby that is", Bill Lee for the desert, Kim for no special reason, Larry R. for Essex Tech, Larry D. for the happy family table, Shelley for the Pats, Judy for cutting trees, Jackie and Dr. Bill for the guests, Brad for his Birthday and for missed meetings.  Many thanks to all.

Cards played by Lenny and Suzanne.  Sorry we were both looooosers, again.....

Enjoy your week and we will see you Monday.

The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what be becomes by it.

   -John Ruskin

Well, Fall is here but you wouldn't believe it with the weather we are having this week.  I think President Bill must have been daydreaming or he was spending some time at the beach.  For some reason and I am not going to ask why, President Bill was going to be a bit late so Past President Mary Beth took the gavel back and opened the meeting.  Annelie Sirois from McClair Real Estate was a guest of President Bill.  Annelie is very nice and would make a great Rotarian and Suzanne gave her the Rotary talk.  Shortly after the meeting opened Bill showed and Rotary life went on.  This month's Board of Directors meeting was yesterday, Tuesday the 26th at 8:30 am at the Work Bar, Staples Store, Liberty Tree Mall.  Beginning next month the time will change to either 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM.  Sorry but I forgot.  Gary Nangle passed around a sheet for everyone to write down their volunteer hours from the Whiffleball Tournament and the Farmer's Market nights.  Speaking about the Farmers Market, President Bill asked if we, meaning you, me and other Rotarians, could collect up the Farmers Market signs and drop them off to Matt Schroeders office.  He will store them for next year.  Membership Forum is planned for tomorrow.  It is probably too late but if you are interested in attending, please let Gary Nangle know.  

Town Manager, Steve Bartha, addresses Danvers Rotary

Steve Bartha addressed our club as our speaker but not only as our speaker.  Steve is an honorary Danvers Rotarian.  He started talking about how Bill asked him to speak and a good topic was his topic from a recent presentation about Danvers and how underappreciated the roll of recreation plays in the community.  Standing a bit stiff, Steve joked about a recent injury he had from playing Pickle Ball.  Last spring the town conducted a survey to help plan the future of the community.  Information was compiled from 400 personal calls and 350 online responses.  After evaluating the survey results it was shown that there is a 95% satisfaction.  Statistics have shown that in the next 10 years Danvers will see an increase of 15 to 20% students being educated in our Public School System.  Danvers has a vast amount of Open Space Recreational Facilities; Endicott Park, Rail Trail, LeBelle's Grove, Dog Park and a number of other parks as some of these spaces, along with the harbor, beach, Science and Nature Center, afterschool and summer programs.  Danvers offers reasonable utilities and has a balanced mix of residential and business properties.  Put it all together and Danvers is a much sought out community to live, work and bring up a family.  Comprehensive planning, such as the Maple Street Industrial Rezoning would help with the lack of residential space.  Questions about the Traffic Downtown, Water restrictions and public transportation was discussed.  There is a need to increase storage of water during the wet seasons.  While hard to permit before, the hope is that future storage ponds, etc. will be a possibility.  Georgia Wilson from Danvers Town Hall was a guest of Karen Nelson.

Sheriff's Report

Sheriff Rick collected $72.00 for the following reasons: Rick for Zack turning 13, George for a great Weekend in Maine, Becky for a trip to Denver, Neal for a it being a Nice Day, Tom also for the nice day, Larry Raimondi for Fall Foliage and football season, Karen for Georgia as her guest and being a brown nose'r, Lenny for a successful Trail Run Fundraiser at the Y camp this past Saturday, Suzanne for Tommy Brady, Dan for the Pat's Win and Don Desmond for the Redsox.  Shelley for the hurricane victims, MaryBeth for Steve Bartha being with us, Sheryl for the Walk for Hospice, President Bill for his 12 year old son's big win, Ted, Bill Lee, Jackie and Alden for great weather and for Steve Bartha attending.  Many thanks to all...............................
Cards were played by Lenny and President Bill.  Have to say I real sorry to see that both were loooooooooooooooooooooosers.  Even if I was a looooser.  
That's about it for this week.  See you all on Monday.

Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.

  -Henry David Thoreau

Quick notes from October 2nd meeting.
Past President Matt Schroeder filled in this week for President Bill.  He opened the meeting saying he was President Bill and called on Gary Nangle for this week's Invocation.  The club held a moment of silence and thought for those affected from the massacre in Las Vegas.  Very sad and hard to understand how so many people can loose their lives at an event that should be fun loving.  Just don't get it.  Surely this will be in our thoughts for along time.  
There were not any guests this week and no speaker so Matt called on Larry for a joke.  Catching Larry without a chance to prep, Larry told a joke that was hard to grasp.  He laughed so we all did.  Next time we will have to give him some lead time for thought.  

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Foundation Training event will be held at the Yacht Club on November 14th.  Those interested should let Bill or Gary know.
  • October 30th the Friends Forever young adults will be visiting and for some reason I believe I understand they will be helping with the Dictionary Program, delivering dictionaries to the 3rd graders in town.
  • October 19th is the DEEP Wine Tasting, during the evening at the Yacht Club.  This is alway a great event.  Matt would like to know who is attending so he can reserve a table and let people know that a number of Rotarians were attending the event, supporting education in Danvers.
  • Topsfield Fair is being held all week.  Don't miss the fun......

Farmer's Market Review:

Matt reviewed the Market and thanked everyone for their help with making it successful.  Lahey Hospital sponsored the Food Voucher Certificates this year and 70% of the certificates handed out were used to purchase food along with a couple of certificates clipped out of the program book.  We believe Lahey is happy with the results and hopefully will continue this program for next year.  After all the expenses for this year's weekly market, the club will see approximately $9,000.   Thank you to all that helped this year.  

No Meeting Monday, October 9th

There will not be a meeting on Monday October 9th, Columbus Day.  Spend some extra time with your family or stay in your office and get a few things done.  

Sheriff Matt Nastasia collected $62.00 this week:

Many gave sadly for the Patriots, wanting them to get some defense going.  Others for the weather and many for Gary's Rotoplast Mission.  Some for the Red Sox.  Thank you to everyone.......

Gary Nangle leaves this weekend for the Rotoplast Mission.  Here is to wishing you well and safe travels.


Dan Wins At Cards This Week

I don't know the amount but the cards were played by Gary and Dan.  Gary came up short but Dan pulled the right card and gets the money.  We were down to 11 cards so it should have been a good take.  Congrats Dan!  Don't spend it all at once.
Enjoy your week off and we will see all of you on October 16th.

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.

   -Mohandas Gandhi

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