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Posted by Len Mercier
Club meeting was called to order by President Bill Nolan with an inspirational invocation by Brad Hunt.  What a team to open the meeting.  Three guests were visiting this week; Michael Wise was the guest of Don Desmond, Juliana Sirois  was the guest and daughter of Annelie Sirois, and Scott Shultz from the Institute of Career Transition was the guest of Matt Schroeder.  Great to see guests with us.  

No Meeting Monday, February 19th

Don't forget Monday is President's Day and there will not be a Rotary Meeting. It's a good day to go for a walk, pick up the sticks around the yard if there isn't any snow, and car dealers would say it is a great day to buy a car.  Well for many of us it is a day to work.  Well think about Rotary and how you can help to improve the world.

Rotary Moment:

Matt volunteered a Rotary Moment.  He went to the Peabody Breakfast meeting and learned about the Haven from Hunger and how each month there is a Friday when volunteers help.  Through that contact he was able to have his son do some volunteer work for his school or scouts.  It is amazing how we make these contacts.

District Peace & Understanding Dinner February 28th

Wednesday night, February 28th will be the District Peace and Understanding Dinner, 7:00 PM at Danversport "Yacht Club".  Let President Bill or Gary know if you can make the meeting.  Sure would be good to have a number of Danvers Rotarians there.

St. Patrick's Day Joint Meeting March 15th

On Thursday, March 15th, we will be having a joint meeting for St. Patrick's Day.  We will meet at the Danversport with I know the Beverly Club but can't remember if anyone else will be meeting with us.  This is a Thursday so we will not be meeting on Monday, March 12th, so mark your calendar and set aside the 15th for a fun time.  There will be the traditional St. Pat's meal along with another option for those who would prefer that.  President Bill will be looking for who can attend so we can let them know.  Count me it.

Rich Maloney - Guest Speaker on Monday, 26th

Rich Maloney, Building Code Administrator for Danvers, will be the guest speaker on Monday, February 26th.  He will give us an update on what is new in his department and things we need to be looking at for staying up to date.  Have any questions, this is a great time to bring them.  Rich has been with the town for many years and is a wealth of knowledge on what needs to be done to keep everyone safe.  Let's plan on being at that meeting.

Coats Collected

Shelley thanked everyone for their help with collecting coats for the coat drive that was recently held.  Shelley, Jacki, Mary Beth, Rick and Lenny hosted boxes, collecting coats at their businesses. Many bags of coats were collected to help those in need.  Shelley turned in the coats and reported that anyone wishing to donate can still donate funds to help with the program, but the actual coat collection is complete for now.  Thank you Shelley for doing this.  What a great way to clean out closets and donating those slightly used, new like coats, to help others.  

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

Mary Beth is looking for volunteers to help on April 4th, the first Wednesday in April.  Volunteers will work with Mary Beth to cook and serve a meal to a family or couple of families, who are homeless.  Following dinner volunteers will spend some time socializing with the family.  A great way to spend a couple of hours.  Can you help?  Call Mary Beth and get on the list.

Annelie Sirois - Classification

Annelie Sirois did her classification talk this week and what a great talk it was.  She was born and raised in Sweden, leaving home at 19 to come to America as an Au Pair, for a family in Salem.  Having 12 siblings, she explained how things are quite different in Sweden.  High School ends earlier than in America, with most finishing their education around 18 years of age.  Once you move out, you are out and on your own, where we are used to having our kids leave, come back, leave and come back, until around 25 or 30 when they can be out and on their own.  I guess being the second oldest, Annelie must have been used to taking care of kids.  This Rotarian is a single mom with three children 11, 16 and 18.  She has a lot of energy and is a hard worker.  She owns McClair Real Estate in Danvers and was sponsored by President Bill.   With three employees she loves selling homes, loves to renovate them as part of the program.  When asked how often she sees her family in Sweden, she said that she has tried to bring her kids their a couple of times and recently went by herself a couple of years ago as her mom was ill.  Things in Sweden are much slower with family home away from the busy area.  She was educated to be a Preschool Teacher.  Loves the Realty work and home renovations that people need someone to manage.  There were many questions and it was so interesting to hear about her life.  Bill reported that she is a remarkable present wrapper as well.  Great job Annelie and it is wonderful to have you in the club.  

Chris Culkeen Wins Cruise

With a little help from Danversport, President Bill announced the winner of the Cruise.  Chris Culkeen, ticket sold by Jacki wins the cruise.  While we all wanted to win, at least most of us knew the winner.  

Sheriff Brad collected $79.00 from everyone for the Campership Fund.  Many thanks to all.

Cards played by Michael Wise and Matt Schroeder, both loosers.  Sorry you two, better luck next time.

That is about it for this week.  Enjoy what is left of your weekend, remember no meeting on Monday the 19th.  Spend some extra time with family and friends.  
See you on the 26th.

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.

  - George Matthew Allen

February 12 2018 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2018-02-17 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
President Bill opened the meeting followed by Chelsea with this week's invocation.  At all the tables, at least at ours there was much talk about the Patriots vs. everything.  Everyone had their opinion as to who will remain, who will retire and who will move on.  We had one visiting Rotarian, Peter Cullen from the Methuen Club.  Hard to think of Peter as a visiting Rotarian after being with our club for so long.  Always great to see him. 

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • Board Meeting, Tuesday, February 27th, 8:30 AM at the Work Bar. Staples, Liberty Tree Mall.
  • District Assembly in Danvers, April 19th
  • Peace & Understanding District Event, February 28th at the Double Tree, Ferncroft.  6-9 PM and the club pays

Cruise Raffle Ticket is being pulled this Monday.

This is your last weekend to sell tickets and hopefully everyone has sold the tickets that they have out.  Please bring any ticket stubs and money to the meeting Monday.  I just can't wait to win.  I can taste the food on the ship, can you?????????

Job Fair at the High School

Ted Speliotis mentioned that we should all start thinking about this year's Job Fair for High School Students to look for summer jobs.  I know last year the Y picked up a couple of students that did great jobs with our camping programs.  Surely many of you will be looking for some help this year.  It is also a great way to talk about your businesses to allow kids to decide what they would like to do in their adult lives.  More information will be up soon but Ted said it should be one Friday morning in June.

Family Promise Volunteer Opportunity

With three families being served by Family Promise, they are looking for volunteers to serve an evening meal and spend some time with these families.  Mary Beth is thinking about Monday or Tuesday the week of February 18th.  She is looking for help.  Please let her know if you can help.

Don Desmond Reclassification

This week we were entertained by Don Desmond, who has been a member of the club for many years.  I want to say I remember his saying 24 years but I may be incorrect.  Don has not just been a member, he has been a devoted active member, willing to chair and or work on any committee needed to move the club forward.  He joined the club, not for business but for personal reasons.  His business, Hancock Engineering  has moved many times in Danvers, currently having 5 offices in Massachusetts with Danvers being the headquarters.  Don talked about some of the projects that he has worked on, many large and some small.  Many in the room can talk about how his surveying and engineering has made it possible for design and building of great things.  On the personal side, Don and his wife have five children between the two of them, loves to travel, hike through the mountains and has spent much time sailing.  He has taken up golfing and continues to travel and has been to 31 countries since 2001.  He joined Rotary in 1994.  A great member and surely a great friend to all of us.

Sheriff Larry D. Collected $90.00

Larry went around the room this week collecting $90.00 for a variety of reasons.  Many for changing their efforts to the Celtics now and looking forward to Red Sox Season.  Others for many other reasons. 

Rotary Member John Zannino Takes Plunge

One of our newest members, John Zannino took the challenge and took part in Rotary's Polar Plunge last weekend.  If you want to support his efforts you can go on the District Web Site and make a contribution to the plunge.  May thanks John for your jumping in to represent our fine club with this effort.  The picture is from a previous meeting but John is the young good looking one in the middle.  Sorry Tom and Bill, but he did take the plunge........

Card Game This Week:

Rotarians Chelsea and Larry D. took their chances at cards this week and were both looooooooooooooosers.  I truly was hoping that one of them would win but they did not so the money builds. 

Speaker for Monday - Annelie Sirois

Annelie Sirois will give her Classification Talk this Monday.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear about Annelie.
Sorry I am so late this week with the Rotoracle.  Life just got ahead of me.  See you this Monday.  Don't miss while the cruise raffle is pulled.

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly 

  -- John F. Kennedy

February 5 2018 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2018-02-08 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lenny Mercier
Wow, what a fun day we had at this week's meeting. 

First of all, there is a new Sheriff in Town.

Annelie Sirois stepped in this week as a new Sheriff in Town. She did a great job collecting a total of $83.00 from everyone for their variety of reasons.  Annelie is one of our newer members and she found that it is a great way to get to meet all the members by checking out their name tags or asking a members name who forgot to wear their badge.  With most donating for the New England Patriots, others donated for the speakers, the weather, snow, vacations and even for the new Sheriff.  Great job Annelie and thanks for stepping up.

Food Packing Event (15 Clubs from District Work Together)

What a time we had, last Tuesday, working along side of 14 other clubs, packing food for local Pantries to distribute.  We had 10 volunteers from our club alone, so that shows you how many people worked together to put together, seal and package over 17,000 breakfast meals, with oatmeal, Cinnamon, Apples and other ingredients.  We were sworn to secrecy about the special recipe.  When I got home that night all I could think about was oatmeal.  Boy, I couldn't wait till breakfast to quench my thirst for oatmeal.  Attached at the end you will find two sheets of pictures that were passed around at the meeting.  Have to say the hair net and mustache net did not help with my photographic look.  I at least pulled by the net from the facial hair for the picture.  All food packed went to local pantries for distribution to those in need,  Our 1,000 meals went mostly to the People to People Food Pantry in Danvers, with some meals going to the Pantries in Boxford, Topsfield and Middleton, through the Y.  Many would remember that we have hosted the food packing before and participated in a district packing event in Salem.  Those other events produced dinner meals to be distributed around the world and in US places, like helping out with Katrina.  Rotary helps in many ways, but this event is great because it is a hands on event to help locally and world wide.  Great job Rotarians. 

Polar Plunge this Saturday

President Bill is still seeking someone to represent us in the District Plunge, this Saturday morning in Gloucester.  Are you up for the chill?  If not you are encouraged to go to the District website and sponsor the event with a pledge.  I know, my Outreach Director, at the Y, a Tri Town Rotarian, will be plunging.  I am sponsoring her, Suzanne Malach.  If you are looking for someone to support you can support Suz Malach at the Y.  Remember, the money collected goes to help stamp out Polio.  As Tom Standring would say, "We are so close and look to the future when Polio is gone."    

Raffle only has a week and 1/2 left to sell tickets.  

More than three hundred tickets are in the hands of Rotarians and they should be all sold.  Some tickets were handed out this week.  Remember, being a Rotarian is not just about coming to the luncheons on Mondays at noon.  It is about sharing the responsibility of helping with service projects and for helping the club raise the much needed funds needed to support those projects.  This raffle is one of those important tools we need to work with to raise these funds.  Are you buying any tickets, are you asking your friends, family and business associates to buy a ticket.  You will be giving someone a chance at winning the cruise of a life time or a chance to win $6,000 to help with their finances.  Just think what you could do with $6,000; vacation, paint the house, help with a new car, buy that important person in your life a nice piece of jewelry.  There are probably 6,000 reasons to try to win and it only costs $50 for that chance.  Better odds than the lottery, than betting on the SuperBowl, and surely better odds than gambling.  Boy I think I just talked myself into buying another ticket, just don't tell Diane........................................  How about you.  Tickets are available at Hancock Engineering, second floor, Hancock Engineering building on Centre Street Danvers.  Go to the counter and see Pat.  She has tickets there and will also take money if you want.  

Coat Drive:

Shelley Silverman reminded us that the drive will be completed this next Monday, February 5th.  Drop off coats at the Y, North Shore Bank, Mountain One Bank, Gilmore and Gilmore, Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or bring them to our meeting on Monday.  
Coats will be given to Family Promise for their clients.

Club Project - Apple Orchard

President Bill reported that our board of directors have approved building or rebuilding an Apple Orchard at Endicott Park.  The plan is to plant one tree for each of our members in the orchard.  That is 40 trees to be planted.  New member John Zannino has a friend that is an Arborist at Essex Tech who will help to set up and maintain the orchard.  On Arbor Day or Earth Day, the plan is to have a hands on day of planting of the trees.  Trees will not be little seedlings, but will be trees of decent size to be sure they take to their new home.  No, you name is not on your tree so you can go pick your own apples...  This will be a great project that will continue to flourish for years to come.  The location is by the entrance into the park, where there is still a few apple trees from a previous orchard.  What a great project.

DanversCARES - This week's speaker

Peg Salladae talks about the importance of the program.
Stephanie Beilin discusses the ways DanversCARES works to give those important alternatives.
Peg Salladae, DanversCARES Director and Stephanie Beilin, DHS Social Worker gave a wonderful, in-depth talk about the great work of DanversCARES in town.  This group works closely with other organizations in town, working to give healthy choices to Danvers students and families.  Originally the program was started as Communities that Caress, which was set up to work on keeping kids away from smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Now DanversCARES has a much wider focus to build awareness on all types of behaviors and to help parents learn how to communicate with their students.  Your peer groups are at both the Middle School and High School levels, having Danvers students work to prevent issues before they begin and to problem solve ways to get kids "peers" on the right track.  Making good decisions is an important part of this program with Youth Leadership groups at both the Middle School and High School.  Some of the things they do include mentoring for Athletes, A Parent's University Workshop for faculty and parents to learn how to help youth.  Fun activities are planned to give good alternatives to bad behavior.  Just last Friday night, over 50 Middle School students attended a fun event at the Y.  This event happens a couple times each year with the Y offering the Y facility for he activities and the volunteers and staff from DanversCARES plan the event.  It is great partnerships in Town that help keep our youth on that all so important Right Track.   Peg invited the club to consider having someone from Rotary represent the club on the coalition.  It is all about partnering to make this happen.  Danvers is so fortunate to have Peg working with this program in town for the past 9 years.  Seems like yesterday that Communities that Care was established.  Guess I am getting old.  

Danvers Y Winter Dance this Saturday.

Yes I will continue to pay my fine.  Looking for something to do this week?  Saturday, February 3rd, 7:00 to midnight is the Y annual Winter Dance Fundraiser.  What a deal, $50 each gets you a night out with dinner, wine and beer included at no extra cost, along with coffee, soda and water.  A live band, "Wild Fire" will play dance tunes and a silent Auction, small live Auction, raffles and more will make up the night.  The Y looks forward to seeing many people at this event, celebrating the community and helping to raise needed funds to help youth and families.  Love to see you there.  Call Lenny at the Y 978-774-2055.
Cards were played by Gary Nangle and Dan Doherty.  Truly I was wishing them to win but it did not sound that way.  So sorry that you were both loooooooooooooooooosers...  Better luck next time you two...
Enjoy your week,  

Go Patriots


Life is a long lesson in humility

   --James M. Barrie

January 29 2018 Rotoracle Lenny Mercier 2018-01-31 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lenny Mercier

Meeting Notes for Members

Everyone was a bit tired after the two football games on Sunday.  The Patriots, in their special way, pulled off the win and move on to the Superbowl for Sunday, February 4th.  Many contributed to the club this week in honor of the Patriots moving forward.  President Bill opened the meeting and called on Jason Allain for this week's invocation.  Larry D. reported to duty this week as Sheriff and the rest will follow.
Shelley shared her Rotary Moment talking about a recent orientation for new Rotarians that she attended at the Wakefield Sheraton.  She spoke about how she and an auditorium full of new Rotarians learned all about Rotary and the great work done around the world.  

Rotary Food Packing

I know it is a bit late, but Tuesday afternoon a great number of Rotarians from our section of the district, met at the Wakefield Sheraton and packed thousands of meals for those in need.  This program designed to stamp out hunger is working to provide families with a balanced meal.  I know that Jacki took many pictures and they will show up soon.  The meal consists of outmeal with additional protein, apples, cinnamon and other special ingredients, carefully measured and sealed in a packet that feeds a family of six.  Many would remember that we have done this project before, once in Salem and the Hathorne Hotel and the other time at night at the Danvers High School.  The previous times were packing food to be shipped to other parts of our country and around the world.  This event was designed to pack food for local use.  Danvers is distributing 1,000 meals to local Pantries.  It was a great time and always fun to be part of a hands on project.  I was scooping oatmeal in my dreams, Tuesday Night and had a yearning for hot oatmeal Wednesday morning.  Luckily there is always oatmeal at home and I was able to satisfy my craving.  I would highly recommend every one of you to participate when we do this the next time.  What a fun time, helping others.

Polar Plunge

The District Polar Plunge is fast approaching and the water isn't getting any warmer.  Date is set for Saturday, February 3rd in the morning, 10:30-12:30.  Surely the plunge will be from 10:30 to 10:30.30 AM.  Everyone was trying to get President Bill to take the plunge but I think he is allergic to salt water.  Past President Matt took the plunge and tried to get President Bill to take the plunge but was not successful.  If you are interested in filling in for Bill and want to have a refreshing dip in the ocean, please let us know so we can sponsor you.  My Community Outreach Director Suz Malach, is one of four Tri Town Rotarians that will be taking the plunge.  I will sponsor her this year.  

Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales

How are you doing with your selling of Cruise Raffle Tickets?  We need everyone to sell as many as possible to see the profit we need to do the projects that our club would like to do.  Please don't hold tickets and expect to turn them in unsold.  There are no extra tickets and everyone needs to be sold for the fundraiser to be successful.  There are only a couple of weeks left to sell tickets and everyone needs to help.  Do I sound like a broken record? Am I being a pain? Am I telling it like it is?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I am doing my job trying to get everyone to work as a team to make this successful.    Just ask your family, coworkers and friends and I am sure you will find some buyers.  I Did.... How about you!

Coat Drive

Rotarian Shelley Silverman has a Coat Drive running for two weeks, collecting new and slightly used coats.  Coats can be brought to the New England Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or you can drop them off at the Y or bring them to our meeting this next Monday.  She also has small boxes collecting $5.00 donations to purchase and clean coats.  So check out your closets and bring in those coats and consider making a $5 contribution to help with the cause.

Farmers Market Time Is Fast Approaching

Matt reported that this year's Farmers Market will be held the same day and time as this past year.  He is looking for a few more committee members to help with the planning and operation for this 2018 Market year.  Looking to add some vendors and wishing for some great weather.  Let Matt know you can help.

Speaker for this Monday - Danvers Cares

The speaker this Monday will be Danvers Cares.  We will hear what is happening in town to help our youth and families on the right track.  They are doing great work.

Sheriff Larry Collects $74.00

Lenny, Mary Beth, Matt, Jacki, Bill, Rick, Alden, Ted, Jason and Larry D. all conated in honor of the Patriots and looking to the Superbowl, Don for the Cruise Raffle, Tom Standring is set to be away for two months, Sara was just happy, Chelsea was thankful for being with us after falling down the stairs at home and is ok, Suzanne put in $6 in because she messed up.  She isn't getting out of the job that easily.  Thank you to all for contributing.

Card Game

Both Bill Lee and Jacki Shambaugh played with their tickets being drawn.  Too bad they did not draw the right card.  Sorry you two for being looooooooosers.  So the money builds.

YMCA Dance Saturday, February 3rd

Yes I will pay a fine but want to see some Rotarians at the Dance.  Larry D. will be sitting at my table.  Who else is attending.  For $50 you get a great meal, beer and wine (wine donated by Bill Lee), dancing to the band Wild Fire and a chance at winning or purchasing a number of great items.  Call the Y at 978-774-2055 for details and to purchase tickets.  Tickets are $55.00 at the door.  Always a fun time.
That is about it for now.  
See you all on Monday.

One important key to success is self-confidence.  An important key to self-confidence is perparation.

     --Arthur Ashe

January 22 2018 Rotoracle Lenny Mercier 2018-01-25 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Lenny Mercier Danvers Community YMCA

Danvers YMCA Winter Dance

Looking for something to do this winter.  How about enjoying a night out while helping to support youth and families.  The Y's Winter Dinner and Dance is planned for Saturday, February 3rd, 7:00 to midnight.  For $50.00 per person you will enjoy a great meal out, wine and beer is included and the dance floor will be open with music by "Wildfire".  
Yes I know I will have to pay a fine for this but it is worth it.  
Also included is a silent and live auction with great items.  Something for everyone.  
Can't attend the event?  You will be missed but you can always help by purchasing an ad for the ad book or help to sponsor the event.  Every dollar donated to the event goes to provide financial assistance for youth, teens and families from our community.  Please consider helping out to make it a success.  
Thanks so much.
Danvers Y Winter Dance Lenny Mercier Danvers Community YMCA 2018-01-16 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Well, the winter holidays are over and the white weather is certainly here.  What is a New Englander to do.......  One thing to do is to go to a Rotary Meeting.  If you missed this week, here is the overview.  President Bill opened the meeting, followed by Past President Mary Beth with the invocation. Bill asked for any Rotary Moments.  Mary Beth and Kim talked about the Chidren's Holiday Party, held at Danversport.  The kids danced, enjoyed a great meal, sat with Santa and opened presents.    Matt Schroeder thanked everyone that helped with 2 families that were going to go without Christmas presents for their children since they were homeless, living in one of the Danvers Hotels.  Quickly, in the last minute, Rotarians stepped up and saved the holidays for these two families. Thanks Rotarians and thank you Matt for making this happen.

Food Packing Event

A district Food Packing Event will be held January 23rd.  Let Mary Beth, Jackie Shambaugh and Kim Labonte Kay know that you can help.  My hands make easy and fun work.

Polar Plunge is set for February 3rd

Go to the Rotary District Website and make a donation and if you want to dip, let President Bill know so we can support you.

Danvers Rotary Board Meeting January 23rd

The next board meeting for our Danvers Rotary Board will be held on January 23rd, 8:30 AM, at the Staples Work Bar, Liberty tree Mall Staples.  If you haven't been to a board meeting, I would recommend it to give you a great look at what happens behind the scenes.  This is also a great way to make up for a missed meeting.  

Danvers Cares will Speak on January 29th

Danvers Cares will give an update on what is being done in Danvers to help steer youth and teens in the right direction.  

Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales

Have you been selling your tickets for the Cruise Raffle?  We only have a few weeks left to sell the rest of the tickets so we can make some good money to help with our projects.  Don Desmond will be collecting funds from ticket sales and distributing any available tickets.  Tickets are $50 each and the winner will either enjoy the cruise of a lifetime or will take the cash.  Either way the winner will enjoy the winnings.

Sheriff Brad collects funds:

Brad collected from Matt S. for Good NY, Suzanne was happy, Mary Beth for a Happy New Year, Gary for being interviewed, Jackie for the long weekend, Bill N. for skiing Gunstock, Chelsea Happy New Year, Kim just because, Shelley for the Pats, Tom S., Lenny and Becky for the New Year,  Larry R for something, Bill for good Skiing, Larry D for the Pats and Brad for Happy New Year.  Thank you to all.

Cards Played

Bill Lee and Matt took their chances with the cards.  Sorry you two for being loooooooosers.  Better luck next time.
Seek you all on Monday, January 22nd.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

  - Francis Bacon

January 8 2018 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2018-01-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

John Zannino - Newest Danvers Rotarian

John Zannino was inducted this week as the Danvers Rotary Club's newest Rotarian.  John is a local insurance guy who was proposed by Rotary Member Jason Allain.  The induction, led by Tom Standring.  Tom, a dedicated Danvers Rotarian explained the importance of the four way test in today's world, the importance of attending meetings and how we get the most of Rotary when we get involved and stay involved.  We look forward to hearing more about John Zannino when he does his classification talk.  Let's give John a warm Danvers Welcome......

Paul Harris Plus 1 Presented to Mary Beth

Gary Nangle carefully pinned Past President Mary Beth with a new pin for attaining her Paul Harris Plus One level with Rotary International's Foundation.  Individuals are awarded a Paul Harris award for contributing One Thousand Dollars to the Rotary International Foundation.  The Thousand Dollars can be paid, pledged over time, showing support for the International Foundation. Many Danvers Rotarians pledge to donate One Hundred Dollars each year.  This adds up quick towards attaining this award.  Our Danvers Club has it's own Endowment Trust that is used to support many of the projects we support.  Danvers Rotarians are encouraged to support both our Danvers Rotary Endowment along with the Rotary International Foundation.  As a side note, everyone should know that 1/2 of the money donated to the International Foundation comes back to the district after a few years, to be used for local projects.  We have been able to utilize these funds for some of our Danvers projects.  Gary represents us on the Foundation Committee.  Great job Mary Beth and we are happy that Gary did not stab you with the Paul Harris pin.  Gary, sorry I need to get some better pictures of you.

Annual Meeting Committee Reports:

Committee Reports
  • Secretary Gary N. reviewed the attendance and statistics for our club.  Would like to see a bit better attendance.  With new members we will see a increase in club membership.  Great job...
  • Treasurer Dan D.:  The club has about $38,000 in two accounts, following a $5,000 payment to the Danvers YMCA for camperships. Finances are in good shape.  
  • Becky reported on community service projects completed includeing meals at Thanksgiving, adoption of a traffic island, support of the rail trail. Upcoming projects include the meal packing. A member asked about Family Promise event, which was also completed, and included several members cooking/feeding families at a short term shelter.
  • Becky reported on our Endowment. Presently there is just under $1/2M in the fund.  Projects funded this past year through the Trust include work at Endicott Park, Great Oak school playground, and senior center vans. Future project includes chess tables at Peabody Institute Library. Members include Becky, Jacki, Bill, Tom, and Neal.
  • Foundation Chair Gary N.: reviewed our commitment to the Rotary International Foundation. This year's pledge is for $4,000 and we are getting close to making our commitment.  Many of our members donate $100 each year.  60% of our membership have contributed so far this year, totaling $3,075 or 77% of President Bill’s goal. Gary also presented Mary Beth with a Paul Harris +1 award pin.  
  • Vice President Kim on Programs and Social Media/PR: Kim asked new members to follow RC Danvers on Instagram, facebook, and ask family and friends to also. Kim noted we have had some good speakers, and working on someone from Workbar, DanverssCares, DEEP, Police and Fire Chiefs, a nutritionist, and a micro-brewer. Please let her know if you have any ideas.
  • Membership Chair Jacki: sick, no report
  • Fundraising chair Don D.: We had wiffleball fundraiser, raised about $13k, and it is on track for next year as well. Matt N. will be taking the lead. Current cruise raffle is in process.
  • Farmers Market Chair Matt S.: Collected $3.9k in vendor fees,a nd $150 in bag and shirt sales. Made 13k, depending on where you allocate about $3k in joint sponsorship of wiffleball sponsors. Thank you to gold and corporate sponsors in the room. Left about $3k in the DFM account, and transferred about $10k into the RC Danvers account. Looking at having a young entrepenuers table at the market, for kids to sell their wares. Also, hope to get an early start with vendors this year to make sur we have a fish vendor, meat vendor, and multiple farm vendors. A member asked if wiffleball and DFM will share sponsors again. Matt not sure, still looking at this issue, but perhaps.
  • Scholarships Mary Beth: Mary Beth is taking chair back over from Jill, who has left the Club. Committee awarded $7k in scholarships this year.
Upon being recognized by the chair, Secretary Gary N. made a final call for nominations from the floor for the position of Director, to take office upon the expiration of the terms of Director Don Desmond and Director Rick Gilmore on 6/30/18. Hearing none, Gary N. presented a single ballot to President Bill and asked him to cast a vote for each of the two candidates on a single ballot for the two expiring terms. President Bill cast such a ballot (below), re-electing Director Gilmore and electing member Sue Contreas to the Board for a three year term beginning on 7/1/18, expiring on 6/30/21.
Gary N.

Holiday Joint Luncheon Tuesday, December 19th

Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Club Members will meet together on Tuesday, at noon, at the Yacht Club to share fun times, laughs, and enjoy the entertainment from the Danvers High Singers.  Always a great time to bring your spouse, friends, coworkers, etc.  We will not be meeting on Monday the 18th this week.  I did not hear anything special but this is always a great meeting to wear your ugly holiday sweater, tie, hat or whatever.    Don't forget, Tuesday is the day and we are not meeting on Monday.  

Other Local Clubs Meet at Night on the 19th

There will be a joint meeting of the clubs in our area on December 19th, 5:30 PM at the Hathorne Hotel in Salem.  $30 each and you need to let Gary know you want to attend asap.  

Bermuda Cruise Raffle Underway

If you need tickets call Don Desmond, Raffle Chair.  Cost of the ticket is $50.00 for an unbelievable cruise that includes a family suite with just about everything you can imagine.  Only 400 tickets are being sold.  Sell, Sell, Sell.

Food Packing

Food Packing will be held on January 13th, with other clubs.  

District Polar Plunge is set for February 3rd

I heard that the ocean will be warm that day and it will be a great time for a dip.  Are you up for it?  Let President Bill know.
Cards were played by Bill Lee and Judy Delorenzo.  Sorry to report they were both loooooooosers.  The money grows.....
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday, the 19th, with bells on.
Best for the Season.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

   - Vince Lombardi

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Posted by Len Mercier
Notes from December 4th meeting:
Sorry for being so late with this week's Rotoracle but time has been short this week.  President Bill opened the meeting and we enjoyed a great meal and some great company.
Speaking about company we were blessed to have two visitors this week; one was Kang Yu, our Assistant Governor and the other a very special guest Ridab Abutaleb, a visiting Rotarian from Jordan.  

Ridab M Abutaleb visits from Jordan

Ridab was a joy to share conversations with at lunch this week.  She traded banners with President Bill and shared discussions with all of us at the table.  She has been in the Jordan Club for some time and prior to her time there she had been President of the Shanghai Club.  Why is she here you might ask?  She has a brother and sister in Salem and Peabody that she is visiting thru the month of December.  Have to say that she is a remarkable Rotarian and well versed in Service Above Self.  Their big fundraiser is a Grand Dance Social where they raise all sorts of money.  

Two New Danvers Rotarians

Richard Keithahn and Chelsea Rosato were inducted into our club this week.  With Tom Standring away, Neal stepped up and did a great job welcoming them into the club with true excitement.  Rick is a Manager at the Danvers Citizens Bank, located at the Stop and Shop.  Chelsea is a DS Consultant.  We will learn more about these two when they do their classification talk in the near future.  So when you come to the next meeting give these two new Danvers Rotarians a warm welcome.

Cruise Fundraiser

Are you ready cruise???   Well Cruise Raffle Chair, Don Desmond is looking forward to one of the 400 available tickets to win this Nine Thousand Dollar Cruise.  This cruise of a lifetime is going to a lucky winner on February 12th, at our luncheon meeting.  Tickets are $50.00 each with no more than 400 being sold.  So you are not comfortable around the water?  Winner can take $6,000 in cash and fly to Bermuda instead.  Either way there will be a winner and it could be you.  Don was passing out tickets at the meeting and would like to see every Rotarian sell their share of the tickets.  They would make a great holiday gift for that special person that will ask you to go with them.  This year's cruise will be in a two bedroom family suite, featuring a large tub and balcony for seven days.  There are so many extras that go with this package.  I am attaching a copy of the handout that includes all the information to share with your friends, loved ones and others.  SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Annual Meeting this next meeting

Monday, December 11th, will be the Annual Meeting luncheon when Committee Chairs give their reports on their progress, so far this year.  

Holiday Joint Club Meeting Tuesday, December 19th

The joint meeting for Rotarians, Kiwanians and Lions will be held on Tuesday, December 19th, regular luncheon time.  This is always a fun time to bring your spouse or close friend, co-worker, and others.  The Danvers High Singers will entertain us and who knows, maybe Larry Raimondi will dig out his old holiday sweater for the event.  I think Brad thought his tie was a sweater and posed for the Ugly Sweater contest.  Yes, this picture is from two years ago and I believe Larry won.  He got my vote.
We will not be meeting on Monday that week so don't go to the Yacht Club on the 18th, unless you want to eat with the fishes in the harbor.  Our weekly meeting will be on Tuesday, December 19th.

Gary Nangle talks about his Rotoplast Mission

I know, not the best picture of Gary.  I will have to make that up to him later.  This week Gary gave an overview of his recent Rotoplast Mission that he attended in the Philippines.  He talked about how important this work is and the joy he received from seeing how it changed so many lives.  The cost of the mission was $90,000 to run the mission at the Miller Hospital.  Every volunteer had a special job that they had to do to make the system work.  All volunteers were treated with great respect as they were giving of their special time to help others around the world.  Families were so appreciative.  Some were sadly turned away since they were too old or not prepared for the surgery.  Others that could not be helped during this mission will be placed on the list for the next mission.  The group of volunteers from our district joined a large group from the California area to make it happen.  With no air-conditioning and weather in the 90s and humid, there were no complaints about the conditions since they were there to help.  Gary recommends any Rotarian to go on one of these experiences to get a real taste of what Rotary does around the world.

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • December 16th, Saturday, 11-2:00 - Children's Holiday Party at the Yacht Club.  Rotarians are needed to help with the event.  Children will enjoy lunch, games and some time with Santa and receive gifts.  Let Larry and Judy know you can help
  • December 19th, Tuesday - Joint meeting with Kiwanis with the DHS Singers.  Always a great time, dig out that ugly holiday sweater.  Bring your spouse, friend, coworker or even an enemy and make them a friend again.  Rotary will not have a meeting on Monday, December 18th, that week.
  • Rotary will not meet on Monday, December 25th or Monday, January 1st.  You should spend more time with your family and friends on those days, even if you don't want to.  
  • January 23rd will be the Food Packing Event.  We will be working with other clubs to pack meals to be used around the country and the world so many can enjoy an important and healthy meal.  This is a great hands on mission project to take part in.  Please put it on your calendar

Sheriff Brad Collects $84.00

Sheriff Brad collected $84 from the following:  Matt N. for the Roll Tide, Peter Cullen for an announcement about his moving to Methuen abnd he is going to try his best to make meetings, Becky for the Pats Win, Chelsea in memory of her son, Jacki for the Inductees, Barry for the visiting Rotarians, Larry and Judy for being honored for the Youth Enrichment program that they support each year (special award), President Bill for Kang and Ridab, Don Desmond for the Raffle, Kang was happy to be with us, Alden for the Christmas tree in the square, Neal for the guests and inductees, Suzanne for Barry's win in someplace, MaryBeth for the guests, Lenny for enjoyable conversation with our international guest, Brad for the good meeting and good energy and Gary for the Xmas Lights up before Xmas (guess he is always a bit late and must get them up for St. Patricks Day).  Many thanks to all.....
Well that is it for now.  Enjoy your weekend.

Great effort from great motives is the best definition of a happy life.

   - William Ellery Channing

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Posted by Jimmy Olsen on Nov 20, 2017
Rotoracle November 20 2017
I hope everyone had a pleasant-or-better Thanksgiving with their favorite people.
As a result of the shortened week, I am behind the curve on the newsletter and apologize!
Monday 11/21 was a most interesting meeting
President Bill welcomed about 20 members and our guests, new inductee Annelie Sirois, and our speaker Cindy King.
We were served baked chicken wrapped around asparagus and an interesting version of meatloaf along with tasty veggies and potato. Dessert of cheesecake followed.
We welcomed a new member today! Tom Standring did his always fine job of induction for Annelie who was sponsored by President Bill. She is a Realtor in Danvers with her own agency. Please make her feel welcome as she acclimates to the Rotary experience.
Our guest speaker was Cindy King who spoke about her struggle with Polio which she acquired at a young age before the vaccines were perfected. Cindy is a lifelong resident of Danvers and hers was the first recorded case of the disease on the North Shore back in 1955. There were 4000 cases in Massachusetts.
Within just a few days of falling ill, she found herself unable to breathe, swallow or talk, and was rushed to MGH with a paralyzed right side. The doctors didn’t think she’d make it through that night alive, but she was placed in the infamous ‘iron lung’ machine that saved her life by forcing her breathing. Her childhood recovery was to leave her with constant pain, weakness and therapeutic treatments that yet have allowed her to continue working and contributing to the public’s awareness of the fight. We have all contributed to the cause and know how Rotary and its partners have been fighting to eradicate Polio overseas but Cindy’s talk brought home the reality of life ‘post - polio’.
Hers is an inspiring story of gratitude to her mother, her friends and her own determination and resolve.
Sheriff Brad, looking especially dapper, rose to the occasion again and collected $103 dollars for his nice white teeth and snappy dress (could it be his impending fatherhood has affected him in such a positive manner?), appreciation for our new member, the Patriots, thanksgiving, the volunteer crew assisting the food Pantry (thanks Becky, Jackie and those who contributed food), congrats to Danvers Gymnastics team, and a happy birthday memory for Joe DeLorenzo.
11/28 Board Meeting at Workbar
12/11 Annual Meeting with committee reports
12/19 Joint meeting w Kiwanis
Director nominations - if you want to serve your club, Gary Nangle and Jackie will put you on the ballot for that annual meeting
Losing cards were down by Ralph and Jackie - so sorry :).
As faithfully reported as possible by Jimmy Olsen.
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Posted by Len Mercier

Danvers Rotary Honors Local Veterans

This week's meeting was devoted to the Veterans who gave of their time, efforts and in many cases their lives, so all Americans can live with freedom and justice.  President Bill Nolan opened the meeting and called on Lenny for this week's invocation, that was built around honoring Veterans for all that they have done.  A number of Veterans were invited to share bread with us in honor of their dedication to country and family.  Annelie Sirois was with us as a visitor, not really a visitor as she is in the works to becoming a Danvers Rotarian.  Welcome Annelie!  
Peter Mirandi, Danvers Health and Veterans Director brought ten Veterans along with his co-worker Leanne Ruleo.  Local Veterans included Alan Weeks who went in the Navy in 1966, Bruce M. Sweeter Navy 1964, Dana S Sweeter Navy 1969, Raymond Young 68 and I think he said Army, Ronald Mercier Army 1965, Frank Geary Army 1990, David W. Woundy from Gloucester Army 68-69, Rich Greenlaw Army 1969, Dick Moody Airforce and well known for his Project Troop Support, Dave Corte Service 1967, Leanne's Husband served 1991 in the Marine Corp.  Also present, from our own club were Veterans Alden Goodnow Navy 1942, Bill Lee Navy and Tom Standring 1957 too 1959 Army.  Danvers Rotarians thank each of our Veterans, for your service and we are so proud to be able to share bread with each of you.  
Peter Mirandi talked about a program titled "Wreaths Across America" that is fast approaching.  On December 16th, at 11:00 AM, a group will be placing wreaths on graves at Walnut Grove Cemetary.  This program is a national program that will take place at Arlington National Cemetery as well as 1,200 other locations across the country.  Peter is looking for support, both money and help with the distributing of wreaths.  I believe each wreath costs $13.00 and people can sponsor one or many wreaths.  Let President Bill know you want to help.

Rotary Moment

Brad Hunt shared a Rotary Moment and I am sorry but I think I will mess it up if I list it.  We will have to ask him to repeat it next Monday.  I was concentrating on my table conversation with the Veterans and missed a good part of it.  Sorry Brad and yes you can fine me for that...

Dictionary Project Finishes This Week

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 9th is the last day for the Dictionary Project this year.  Danvers Rotarians will be handing out dictionaries to third graders at 8:30 AM at the Thorpe Elementary School and at 9:15 at the Highlands School.  Surely Sarah would love to have you join her to give out these dictionaries.  I have to repeat it again, it is wonderful to see the excitement within each of these children when they are given a dictionary, knowing that it is their's to keep and they love learning everything about it.  So show up at either school 5 minutes before the scheduled time and take in the excitement these children bring with them.  

Calling all Nuts

No, not nuts that are people, but cans and jars of nuts, packaged candy, cookies or other specialty items that we can turn over to the Food Pantry to help make the holidays special for the families that are being served.  Becky is collecting them at each meeting and would like to see many more items brought in.  I know I need to make a special effort to bring in some nuts, etc on Monday.  Can we count on you?????

Rotary Foundation 101st Birthday Party - November 14th

This Birthday Party will be held at the Yacht Club with a dinner cost of $60.00 each.  Let President Bill or Gary Nangle know if you can attend.

District Roundtable / Town Meeting - November 15th

District Leadership is looking for Rotarians to attend the Roundtable and give their input on the future direction of the District.  Will be held in the evening at the McClane Law Firm.  Details on the Rotary District Site.  Let Gary know if you can attend.

Sheriff Brad Collects $108 for Camperships

Sheriff Brad collected $108 for Y camperships from the group this week.  Starting off, Brad auctioned off a picture of our 4th place Softball Team, which Tom Manuel paid $2 for Brad to keep the picture.  While most; Rick Gilmore, Anne Lie, Mary Beth, Kim, Becky, Alden, Don, Neal, Tom M and Lenny for the Veterans, Bill Lee for the weather, Suzanne a big thank you, Gary Nangle for his water.  Many thanks to everyone this week.  
Cards were played by Bill and Brad and you guessed it.  They were both loooooooooooosers... Sorry you two....Right!!!
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Posted by Len Mercier

Friends Forever Students Share With Rotary

Ten High School Students from Ireland along with Irish and American Leaders attended Danvers Rotary this week. As a group they have been working together since the beginning of March, preparing for their trip to the United States for two intense weeks of working together, understanding how all faiths can closely relate with one another and how differences of opinion and beliefs should not come between their relationships with others.  These young adults are chosen for their leadership skills and how they are perceived as being teens that can help to make changes in their area.  After enjoying a meal with them today, I have to agree that they are well versed and worthy of being chosen to help with change.  Interesting, they were required to leave their cell phones at home, to come with an open mind to accept others for who they and not for their religion, race, etc.  When asked where their were from they answered that basically they were chosen from two youth centers in Northern Ireland.  Some were Catholic, some Protestant and yet others are Polish.  Around the table we talked about differences in neighborhoods, schools, sports and life in general.  Here in America you don't have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic School, which is the same in Ireland.  Where it differs is that here in America no one gives you a hard time, but in Ireland you would be bullied for not being of the faith of the school.  While that is getting better in Ireland, race is becoming a larger issue.  

Club Notes

Kim opened the meeting and introduced John Zannino, guest of Jason Allain.  John has his application in and should be inducted soon.  Following the opening, Kim called on one of the Friends Forever students to give an invocation, which was done wonderfully.  Shortly after the invocation, President Bill arrived.  
First of two Rotary Moments was from Tom Standring, who talked about how 31 years ago the Friends Forever Program first started and the Irish student who spoke was Karen Woods, who recited a poem that she had written titled, "No Hope For Tomorrow".  Later, Past Danvers Rotarian Al T. put it to music.
The Second Rotary Moment was given by Past President Mary Beth O'Connell, who talked about how meaningful this morning's visit was at St. Mary's School.  When Mary Beth and Lenny arrived there the Fire Department had everyone outside since the fire alarm had gone off.  The Friends Forever group met us there to help with distributing the dictionaries to the 3rd graders.  It was great seeing the 3rd graders and the Friends Forever group interact and how they asked each other questions about life in Ireland vs. live in America.  The teacher for their class went to another grade to get a student that had moved here from Ireland, so they could interact.  A great Rotary time.

Dictionary Project Underway

Yes, it is that time of year when our Danvers Rotary Club gives every third grader in Danvers, a dictionary that they can keep for their own.  If you payed close attention over the past few weeks we have been having College Students, Adults, and High School students talk about receiving their dictionaries and what they have meant to them over the year.  As you can see in the picture to the right, all the children/people are not 3rd graders from St. Mary's Elementary School.  The Friends Forever youth came and helped distribute the books and helped teaching the students the many things that a dictionary can help with.  How it is more than just words and their definitions, but also held great information like sign language, information on counties and the individual states in the United States.  Also there is the largest work in the our language with 1909 letters.  That will be our secret word this next week.  It was a great experience for the children to have the Irish youth attending, giving them a chance to ask questions about Ireland and how things differ there.  The Irish youth were a couple of minutes late, since they had to get up, clean up and get dressed in the dark, travel around all the downed trees and make it to St. Mary's School for the event.  They really were not late as there had been a smoke detector that went off, which brought the Fire Department to the school.  A real life Fire Drill for the students.  Have to say they did a great job getting everyone out in case there was a real fire or emergency.  All and all a fun, exciting time with the 3rd graders.
Next dates for the Dictionary Project are as follows:
Thursday, November 2nd:
  • 8:30 AM Smith School
  • 9:15 AM Riverside School
  • 10:00 AM Great Oak School
Thursday, November 9th:
  • 8:30 AM Thorpe School
  • 9:15 AM Highlands School
If you have not signed up, please let Sarah know you can help.  Guaranteed, you will really enjoy meeting the 3rd graders and seeing their faces light up when you give them their own book.

In Search of Nuts, Etc.

No, we are not looking for people that are nuts, we are looking for cans or jars of nuts, boxed candy and or cookies.  Becky is collecting these extra, fun items, to donate to the Pantry, for distribution with the Thanksgiving and Holiday food packages.  Rotary wants to make sure that families less fortunate, have a complete meal on Thanksgiving.  Yes, they always need turkeys and all the fixings, but we would like to see each family have the complete experience that includes the finger foods like nuts, candies and cookies.  So when you are shopping this week, consider picking up a couple of items to bring to the meeting on Monday, for this collection.  You know, one for me and one to help others.  After all everyone has a sweet tooth, even me..........

Upcoming Events:

  • November 1st - Rotary Means Business Meeting - See District Site for Details
  • November 8th - Welcome Home from Rotaplast Mission Celebration - See District Site for Details.
  • November 14th - Rotary Foundation 101st Birthday Party See District Site for Details.
  • November 15th - Rotary District Round Table - Town Meeting - All Welcome.
  • November 6th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Classifications
  • November 13th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker: Mike Stare, Spectrum Fitness
  • November 20 - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker: Cindy King
  • November 27th - Danvers Rotary Meeting - Speaker Andy St. Pierre, DHS Athletic Director
  • November 28th - Danvers Rotary Board of Directors Meeting 

Sheriff Barry's Report

Jason psid 20 for missed Meetings, John Zannino 20 for being with us, Neal, Sarah, Becky, Lenny, Don, Barry, Bill and MaryBeth for the Friends Forever students being with us this week, Matt for "Trunk or Treat", Dan for being up early, Ralph 20 for being back after knee surgery, Kim for new Rotarians, Don for Poland and Gary still has Jet Lag.  $127.00 collected for the Y campership fund.

More on Friends Forever:

Students from Ireland speak of their experiences in the top left picture, Leader Bethany gives an overview of the program and how the kids are doing in the top right picture,  In lower left picture, American Leader Leah, gives a lesson on history of the program and Darren, in the lower right picture talks about the youth and the great potential they possess.  
Lastly was the card game this week.  Even with everyone at my table wishing me the chance to win, the cards were pulled for President Bill, "late Bill", not the late Bill, and also for Sarah.  While you all know I was routing them on, they were unsuccessful in picking the right card and as you might expect were both looooooooooooooooooooooooosers.  The money builds.......
That is it for now.  Enjoy your week and sign up to help or just drop in to help on Thursday with the Dictionary Project.  You will be glad you did...

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.

   Emily Dickinson -

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Posted by Len Mercier

Jason Colombino - High School Principal

Jason Colombino, new High School Principal was with us this week.  Jason recently worked with the Salem School System and is building his new team for DHS.  He is very energetic and young.  Young is a good thing as surely he is bringing some new ideas and programs to our school.   Along with Jason we had the Business Manager Keith Taberna, Superintendent Lisa Dana and new Highlands School Principal Paula Jones.

Paula Jones - Highlands School Principal

Paula Jones is the new Highlands School Principal this year.  Paula come to Danvers following many years in the Marblehead School System and is also a resident of Danvers.   Like Jason, Paula is fast at work, with her team, working to make the Highland School the best it can be.  You can tell that Superintendent Dana is proud to have these new Administrators on her team.  Danvers is a well run system and I am sure it will continue to flourish.  

Meeting Notes:

Well, Well, Well!  What a great day we had on Monday, weather wise and this week we had the new Administration from the Danvers High School with us.  President Bill opened the meeting and called for the invocation.  Besides the four guests from the school system we were honored to have Chelsea Rosato as a guest of Jackie Shambaugh.  We enjoyed some great table conversations this week.  Topics included the old Nike Missal Site off North Street, about school plans for the future and discussed how the actual class sizes are so different now.  I was remembering back 40+ years ago when our High School Graduating class had well over 500-550 students, compared to half that now.  How we all fit into the high school when it was 1/2 the size and now it is tight with half the number of students.  Surely we were smaller then and did not take up as much space, RIGHT!!!!!.  Also discussed how the Woodvale and Northfield Developments changed the town, bringing so many more children into the system.  Statistics show that over the next 5 to 10 years Danvers will see in increase in children entering the school system by 15%.  It is amazing at how computers and other statistic things can predict numbers as they do and be correct at doing it.  Another discussion was on how we are known for our onions and carrots.  Yes, the Danvers Carrot came from here.  Did you know that Binney and Smith "Crayola Crayons" started in the building now housing Hotwatt, in the square?  When I was in the 4th grade I interviewed the owner as a school project and left with a box of 64 crayons.  I was on cloud 9 for weeks.  Danvers Bricks also originated here and were shipped all over the country for building.  Very interesting history and discussions were shared.  I guess I am getting old, since I remembered all of those things.  Danvers is quite a town to be proud of, don't you think?
Barry Kaplan spoke of his Rotary Moment this week.  He was at a function, wearing his Rotary Pin I have to add, when a woman asked him about the pin and what it stood for.  When he explained Rotary to her she was so excited she is going to look into taking part in Rotary in her home area.  We did not pick up a new Rotarian but Barry sparked the interest to help another club out with a potential member.  Great job Barry, you should get an extra credit for wearing that pin.

Rotoplast Mission Completed

Gary Nangle has returned from spending two weeks in the Philippines, volunteering with the Rotary Districts' Rotoplast Mission.  Gary reported that it was an unbelievable experience and encouraged everyone to try to fit it in for the future.  One hundred and fifty plus were operated on for clef lips and clef pallets.  There were a number of children turned away and or put off for another mission as time was such that they could only operate on a certain number.  The Clef Pallet also can't be repaired on individuals once they reach a certain age.  Everyone had a certain job to do and sometimes you had to wait a bit to do your job since an operation may have taken longer than expected.  They took great care of the volunteers and he was surprised that he did not gain any weight as there was always a variety of food to eat.  All in all he was so happy that he was able to go on this mission and help these children.  Such a great program sponsored by Rotary, showing our commitment to helping around the world.

World Polio Day - October 24th

Yes, I know I am late but I am just the messenger...  Tom Standring, Danvers Rotarian that is so committed to the Rotary World Program to Alleviate Polio, reported about that in 2005, Rotary's 100 Anniversary was when Rotary International decided to make this project a main goal and we are so close.  in the next couple of years we hope to be able to say that Polio has been Eliminated.  There are only three countries that are in the waiting period for Polio.  Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are the only three countries left and once each has been able to certify no new cases for a third year in a row Rotary will be able to close the books on this.  Over the past 6 years the District's Polar Plunge has raised over $600,000 towards this effort and the Gates Foundation has matched that with a 2 to 1 pledge for the program.  Many thanks go to the Gates Foundation for their joint commitment with Rotary on this process.  

Dictionary Project News

The Dictionary Project is underway with the first schedule visit planned for this Monday, 8:30 AM, at St. Mary's Elementary School.  Sarah is chairing the program this year and would love some help with the distribution of the books.  I plan on attending on Monday and surely some of you would like to as well.  On November 2nd at 8:30 AM the dictionaries will be distributed at Riverside and then Smith.  On November 9th 8:30 AM, we will b e distributing to Highlands and then to Thorpe.  At this Monday's meeting we will take a few minutes and put stickers and letters in each of the dictionaries for the children to bring home.  Other than St. Mary's signups will be taken at club meeting on Monday.  Check your calendar to see if you can help.  Have to tell you it is one of the best things we do, interacting with the third graders.  

Sheriff Barry took in $140 from the small group this week:

In looking over the notes I believe Matt paid $85 for the nice weather, others for the weather, Tom S. for his Grand Daughter's wedding in Cincinnati, some for the guests, Alden is going to Houston, President Bill for Youth Football Playoff win 20-0, Gary for a great mission, Jackie for the guests and Sheriff and Chelsea in memory of Kayla.  Thank you to all.

Other Danvers School System Notes:

Smith School is beginning a feasibility study for a replacement school to be built for 465 students, two times the size it is now.  There are about 3,600 students in Danvers right now and expected to see an increase of 15% in the next 5 to 10 years.  Lisa thanked the club for our contribution to the Great Oak School Playground that is being dedicated this week.  There was a question about volunteerism with the high school students.  As part of their schooling requirements each student must complete 40 hours of volunteer work over their 4 years of school.  Some do much more as required by certain programs.  It was great to have the School Administrators visiting with us this week.
Cards were played by Becky and Alden.  Sorry to report they were both looooooosers.  So the money builds.
Have a great weekend.
October 23 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-10-26 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
What a great Monday to start off Rotary.  If you did not make the meeting you missed an unbelievable great meal, which I will get to later in the this week's news.  Suzanne Contreas brought her mother Rose and brother Vini Contreas.  Always nice to see Rose and have to report she is 88 years young as of this Friday and looking wonderful.  It was great seeing Vini as he was one of my fellow counselors at the Y camp back, when I first started.  I guess that must be why both his and my hair are white.  So the Contreas group sat with Larry and Judy DeLorenzo, so that table was referred to as the family table.  Now Shelley was sitting with them but I guess she fit right in.  
President Bill opened the meeting and called on Shelley for this week's inspirational words, which she did a great job with making them fit our mission.  Our speakers this week were from the Essex Tech School; the combined school previously being Essex Aggie and our local Tech Schools, now all under one roof or should I say many roofs.   

Speakers from Essex Tech High School

We changed it up a bit this week as the students from the school had to get back early for educational commitments at Essex Tech.  Lisa Berube and Marissa at senior staff from the school that reviewed the set up of the school that included an explanation of how students from all over the state are allowed to apply for entrance into the school with most of the actual students attending, represent the many towns in our North Shore area.  There are 1,400 students attending in the 24 different programs.  To give an idea of how many young adults seek this great education, for the 350 Freshman seats over 1,200 applied.  This shows the importance of vocational and agricultural education and how important and lucky we are to have it right in our community.  The two students Amy and Meghan, both seniors, spoke of how proud and lucky they are to have been able to have this education and how challenging it is.  Staff member, Lisa, works the Co-Op department, placing the students in working jobs in the state, in their local communities.  There are four new programs that are going to be offered, but the faculty were sworn to secrecy until the formal announcement is made about their areas.  Students are given the opportunity to compete in their area's of expertise.  Larry Raimondi has a grand child that is graduating from this school and echoed the quality of education that the kids are receiving there.  Some of the students have taken part in RYLA, Rotary's Youth Leadership program, held at Camp Rotary in Boxford.  Neal Waldman asked if they would be interested in having a Rotary Interact club, for the students to take part in.  The Interact club is a Rotary Club for High School Students to take part in, giving them a great taste of community service and leadership.  They seemed excited about the opportunity and President Bill will follow up with them.    

Rotoplast Report from the Philippines:

Danvers Rotarian, Gary Nangle, reported on how the Rotoplast Mission is going in the Philippines.  When he arrived things were going slow and he thought he was going to be bored.  Well that was the farthest from the truth.  49 children had been operated on through Sunday, with many more to take place.  Surely Gary is far from bored with his mission to the Philippines.  Can't wait to hear what Gary has to report when he returns.  We are so lucky to have him represent our club with this program.  Thank you Gary Nangle, for your commitment to the world through Rotary.  
What a wonderful way to change a child's life.  Thank you Rotary for helping around the world.

Upcoming Items To Remember:

  • October Rotary Board Meeting: Tuesday, October 24th.  President Bill wants those who have reviewed strategic notes to comment to him prior to the meeting.
  • Dictionary Project Begins October 30th:  Sarah is chairing this year and will be looking for help to distribute the dictionaries to the students.  The first date will be on October 30th, 8:30 AM at St. Mary's School.  Other Danvers Elementary Schools will be distributed to on November 2nd and 9th.  The times/schedule will be announced.  Think about when you can help.  I have to say, this is one of the best projects since we get to interact with the children and talk about Rotary.  Some ask if dictionaries are still relevant since the world of computers and smart phones.  One of the Vocational Students said she remembers receiving her dictionary at the Smith School and still uses it today.  Check out my desk and you will find one as well.  So, that answer is yes.
  • Turkeys for Food Pantry:  Becky reported that it was approved to purchase 25 turkeys, to help with the Food Pantry, for distribution for Thanksgiving.  This represents a portion of the many turkeys that are distributed to families in need.  The club is also seeking other sweet/nutty items to donate to the pantry as well.  Can you pick up a box of candy, nuts, or other item and bring them to our meetings.  Becky will be collecting these to help the Food Pantry make Thanksgiving special for families in our community.  Just bring them to Rotary.  Also, if you have any connections for other turkeys, etc. please let Becky know.
  • Children's Holiday Party:  Judy and Larry DeLorenzo reported that Judy had met with Barbara Remon, at the Food Pantry, and due to popular demand, this year's Children's Holiday Party will be held on December 16th at the Yacht Club.  Children, who's families utilize the Pantry, ages 6 to 12 will be at the Yacht Club on the 16th of December, from 10:00-2:00 for a meal, some fun games and even a visit from Santa.  A DJ will provide great music and the Pantry will provide the gifts.  Last year 42 children took part in the event.  Judy will chair it this year.  

Danvers Rotary Endowment Approves Special Donation

The Danvers Rotary Endowment Committee approved a special project that will have two Chess / Checker Tables specially made out of granite and installed in the outside front of the Library.  Through Swenson Granite, these tables will be installed on cement platforms, allowing people to enjoy chess and checkers outside.  Chess and Checker materials will be at the Library front desk for sign-out.  

Sheriff Brad's Report

Brad collected $145 from the 15 Rotarians in the room.  Suzanne for her Mom Rose's 88th Birthday and for Brother Vini's visit, Lenny was glad to be here, Neal for the blonds, Alden for the Patriots, Mary Beth for her Anniversary "with Hubby that is", Bill Lee for the desert, Kim for no special reason, Larry R. for Essex Tech, Larry D. for the happy family table, Shelley for the Pats, Judy for cutting trees, Jackie and Dr. Bill for the guests, Brad for his Birthday and for missed meetings.  Many thanks to all.

Cards played by Lenny and Suzanne.  Sorry we were both looooosers, again.....

Enjoy your week and we will see you Monday.

The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what be becomes by it.

   -John Ruskin

October 16 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-10-16 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Quick notes from October 2nd meeting.
Past President Matt Schroeder filled in this week for President Bill.  He opened the meeting saying he was President Bill and called on Gary Nangle for this week's Invocation.  The club held a moment of silence and thought for those affected from the massacre in Las Vegas.  Very sad and hard to understand how so many people can loose their lives at an event that should be fun loving.  Just don't get it.  Surely this will be in our thoughts for along time.  
There were not any guests this week and no speaker so Matt called on Larry for a joke.  Catching Larry without a chance to prep, Larry told a joke that was hard to grasp.  He laughed so we all did.  Next time we will have to give him some lead time for thought.  

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Foundation Training event will be held at the Yacht Club on November 14th.  Those interested should let Bill or Gary know.
  • October 30th the Friends Forever young adults will be visiting and for some reason I believe I understand they will be helping with the Dictionary Program, delivering dictionaries to the 3rd graders in town.
  • October 19th is the DEEP Wine Tasting, during the evening at the Yacht Club.  This is alway a great event.  Matt would like to know who is attending so he can reserve a table and let people know that a number of Rotarians were attending the event, supporting education in Danvers.
  • Topsfield Fair is being held all week.  Don't miss the fun......

Farmer's Market Review:

Matt reviewed the Market and thanked everyone for their help with making it successful.  Lahey Hospital sponsored the Food Voucher Certificates this year and 70% of the certificates handed out were used to purchase food along with a couple of certificates clipped out of the program book.  We believe Lahey is happy with the results and hopefully will continue this program for next year.  After all the expenses for this year's weekly market, the club will see approximately $9,000.   Thank you to all that helped this year.  

No Meeting Monday, October 9th

There will not be a meeting on Monday October 9th, Columbus Day.  Spend some extra time with your family or stay in your office and get a few things done.  

Sheriff Matt Nastasia collected $62.00 this week:

Many gave sadly for the Patriots, wanting them to get some defense going.  Others for the weather and many for Gary's Rotoplast Mission.  Some for the Red Sox.  Thank you to everyone.......

Gary Nangle leaves this weekend for the Rotoplast Mission.  Here is to wishing you well and safe travels.


Dan Wins At Cards This Week

I don't know the amount but the cards were played by Gary and Dan.  Gary came up short but Dan pulled the right card and gets the money.  We were down to 11 cards so it should have been a good take.  Congrats Dan!  Don't spend it all at once.
Enjoy your week off and we will see all of you on October 16th.

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.

   -Mohandas Gandhi

October 2 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-10-03 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Well, Fall is here but you wouldn't believe it with the weather we are having this week.  I think President Bill must have been daydreaming or he was spending some time at the beach.  For some reason and I am not going to ask why, President Bill was going to be a bit late so Past President Mary Beth took the gavel back and opened the meeting.  Annelie Sirois from McClair Real Estate was a guest of President Bill.  Annelie is very nice and would make a great Rotarian and Suzanne gave her the Rotary talk.  Shortly after the meeting opened Bill showed and Rotary life went on.  This month's Board of Directors meeting was yesterday, Tuesday the 26th at 8:30 am at the Work Bar, Staples Store, Liberty Tree Mall.  Beginning next month the time will change to either 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM.  Sorry but I forgot.  Gary Nangle passed around a sheet for everyone to write down their volunteer hours from the Whiffleball Tournament and the Farmer's Market nights.  Speaking about the Farmers Market, President Bill asked if we, meaning you, me and other Rotarians, could collect up the Farmers Market signs and drop them off to Matt Schroeders office.  He will store them for next year.  Membership Forum is planned for tomorrow.  It is probably too late but if you are interested in attending, please let Gary Nangle know.  

Town Manager, Steve Bartha, addresses Danvers Rotary

Steve Bartha addressed our club as our speaker but not only as our speaker.  Steve is an honorary Danvers Rotarian.  He started talking about how Bill asked him to speak and a good topic was his topic from a recent presentation about Danvers and how underappreciated the roll of recreation plays in the community.  Standing a bit stiff, Steve joked about a recent injury he had from playing Pickle Ball.  Last spring the town conducted a survey to help plan the future of the community.  Information was compiled from 400 personal calls and 350 online responses.  After evaluating the survey results it was shown that there is a 95% satisfaction.  Statistics have shown that in the next 10 years Danvers will see an increase of 15 to 20% students being educated in our Public School System.  Danvers has a vast amount of Open Space Recreational Facilities; Endicott Park, Rail Trail, LeBelle's Grove, Dog Park and a number of other parks as some of these spaces, along with the harbor, beach, Science and Nature Center, afterschool and summer programs.  Danvers offers reasonable utilities and has a balanced mix of residential and business properties.  Put it all together and Danvers is a much sought out community to live, work and bring up a family.  Comprehensive planning, such as the Maple Street Industrial Rezoning would help with the lack of residential space.  Questions about the Traffic Downtown, Water restrictions and public transportation was discussed.  There is a need to increase storage of water during the wet seasons.  While hard to permit before, the hope is that future storage ponds, etc. will be a possibility.  Georgia Wilson from Danvers Town Hall was a guest of Karen Nelson.

Sheriff's Report

Sheriff Rick collected $72.00 for the following reasons: Rick for Zack turning 13, George for a great Weekend in Maine, Becky for a trip to Denver, Neal for a it being a Nice Day, Tom also for the nice day, Larry Raimondi for Fall Foliage and football season, Karen for Georgia as her guest and being a brown nose'r, Lenny for a successful Trail Run Fundraiser at the Y camp this past Saturday, Suzanne for Tommy Brady, Dan for the Pat's Win and Don Desmond for the Redsox.  Shelley for the hurricane victims, MaryBeth for Steve Bartha being with us, Sheryl for the Walk for Hospice, President Bill for his 12 year old son's big win, Ted, Bill Lee, Jackie and Alden for great weather and for Steve Bartha attending.  Many thanks to all...............................
Cards were played by Lenny and President Bill.  Have to say I real sorry to see that both were loooooooooooooooooooooosers.  Even if I was a looooser.  
That's about it for this week.  See you all on Monday.

Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.

  -Henry David Thoreau

September 25 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-09-27 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

District Governor Visits Danvers

District Governor Dave Gardner visited our Danvers Club this week, sharing some great PR and messaging that he would like each club to share and use this year.  Along with Dave was District Governor Elect Bob Wood and our District Assistant Governor Kang Yu.  Ross Billings from Cross County Mortgage was a guest of Jackie Shambaugh this week.
It was great having them in our club's luncheon meeting on Monday, sharing great food and ideas on how to share the word about Rotary.  As part of his presentation he showed a video that showed the great work of Rotary, internationally, within the District and locally with our club.  This video can be used for our PR and can also be updated to keep current.  The PR piece "Peaple of Action, Service to Others" is a short presentation that frames the work that we all do.  A great deal of his talk with us included how we can do more, how to get members involved and how to engage new members to join in the spirit of Rotary.  Many of our Rotarians and across the world have never asked someone else to join.  As a major emphasis this year, Governor Dave would like every Rotarian to ask at least 2 people to do something with Rotary; like help with a project, support our efforts and join us for a meal to see what the club does.  You know how much we love Rotary and usually or friends tend to be like us, since the consider us friends and that means that if we like Rotary and it's mission, chances are they will as well.  If your friends are located in other communities you should recommend they get involved in Rotary within that community.  Can't hurt.  Many clubs are forming an evening club or a Service Club that meets monthly.  A Service Club allows those who can't commit to a weekly meeting and want to be part of the projects.
A great deal of the Governors talk was on retaining members and taking advantage of the District Grant program to better serve our efforts.  If we do not apply for a District Grant we are just throwing that money to other communities or other club's projects.  He also encouraged participation with District and International Projects, like the Rotoplast Mission that Gary Nangle is going to take part in.  Gary leaves on October 8th for 2 weeks and this year they will celebrate helping their 1000th patient, through the 13 missions each year.  
Question was asked what Rotary was doing for the Hurricane Victims and Dave mentioned that Rotary is not designed specifically to handle this on a District Level but some clubs are collecting items and funds to help with these efforts.  He is not against it and would help coordinate it to help. Great having Governor Dave with us this week.  Quite inspiring, of course we were partial to our Sheryl Meehan, who was a tough act to follow.
Sheriff Larry collected $110 for a variety of reasons that included the following:
Many, many for Governor Dave, Gov. Elect Bob and Assistant Gov Kang being with us this week, Lenny for the YMCA Golf Tournament being successful, Don for the Patriots Win, Judy not going anyplace, Larry D. for readying for a trip to Marco Island, Matt for his son scoring his first soccer goal, Suzanne for Brady being back on the field, Jackie for her guest, President Bill for the Danvers Youth Football C Team beating Masco 38-6, Gary has a new Bike, Neal for Gary going on the Rotoplast Mission, Alden for his class of 42 celebrating their 75th High School Reunion.  Many thanks to all for your contributions.  
Cards were played by Barry and Jackie.  I am so sorry to report that they were both loooooooooooooooooosers......  Maybe next time...  The pot builds.
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday.  Remember, when you miss a Rotary meeting you are missing time spent with good friends and a chance to share experiences.

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

 - Buddha




September 18 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-09-22 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
What a funny meeting! Of Course we did do some Rotary business but we had a great time, at least at the table I sat at.  To start off, President Bill could not attend today and Kim was not in attendance as well so after passing the duties around it was decided to have Past President Dan step up to the podium and take charge of the meeting.  Jason "Hollywood" Allain led the invocation and followed with introducing his guest this week, John Zannino of Zannino Insurance of Peabody.  Peter Cullen was more on time than usual and the meal was wonderful; breaded fish, salad, pizza, potatoes, carrots and I think broccoli.  Oh yes and a great desert.  If any of my writing sounds a bit slurred it is because Larry D's red wine spilled onto my phone, note book and the table cloth, via Don Desmond's hand movements.  
It looked like I did the spill but having to return to work, I was not enjoying the wine down my throat but was able to enjoy smelling the full bodied wine.  Now later you will hear that Ralph Ardiff paid his funds this week for my spilling the wine, but remember it was not me.  I just reaped the benefits of it.  Anyway, let's move on.  

Rotarian Travelers

Becky just returned from a trip to the Outer Banks and is looking forward to a trip next month to another location in our fine country.  Boy I can't wait to retire just so I can do some of these trips.  Larry D. reported to us that he was driving to Ohio with Tom Manuel and eight of Tom's closest friends.  After being questioned by everyone as to why anyone would want to venture in a closed vehicle with all those guys for so many hours to go to Ohio, Larry followed up with that they were going to a Sox game, which they could watch on TV without the travel.  I guess it is about the travel, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and so on.  Surely when they return they will not be able to talk.  Should be a good program for our luncheon, when they return.  

Bill Nolan's possible virus email

If you received an email from Bill and I believe we all did receive two of them, the email might be a virus so don't open it, like most of us did.  Poor Bill, now no one will ever open his email again.

Board Meeting and Dues

Tomorrow 8:30 AM, the Danvers Rotary Board Members will be meeting at the Staples Work Bar, Staples Store at the Liberty Tree Mall.  If you have not been to a Board Meeting, this is a great way to see what actually happens at these meetings.  The board decides how to spend the money and the direction of the club.  It is a great way to get a makeup as well as a chance to check out the Staples Work Bar.  If you have not paid your dues bill, you are now beyond late and need to get it in.

Sheryl Meehan Awarded Paul Harris +7

Gary Nangle called Sheryl Meehan up to the podium to receive her Paul Harris Plus 7 pin for her continued contribution to the Rotary International Foundation.  Paul Harris was President of Rotary in 1905 with three other Rotarians, started the Foundation.  Surely Sheryl believes in the system to have made such a commitment.  Great job Sheryl.

Sheriff Peter Cullen Reports

$86.00 was collected by Sheriff Peter Cullen.  I am sorry to report that I either can't find the actual list of reasons or they were lost in the big wine spill of 2017 but I will talk about the ones that I remember.  Ralph claims his money is for my spilling the wine that Don actually spilled, Don for spilling the wine, Sheryl "Gertrude" Meehan for the Sheriff (had to be there), Larry for his upcoming trip to Ohio, Jason for his guest, others for having fun.  


Neal Waldman reported that this last Wednesday, the Y honored Lenny with naming the Arts and Crafts building at the Y's Stiles Pond Camp, the Mercier Lodge.  Lenny and Diane are shown with the building in the back.  This was done as a surprise to Lenny.  Prior to becoming CEO, Lenny directed the camp for many years as part of his Y duties.  

Other Notes to Remember:

Wednesday is the deadline for anyone wishing to participate in Rotary Day with the Red Sox.  Check with the District site for details.
Walk for Hospice is set for September 24th.  Care Dimensions needs everyone's help, can you walk, donate or sponsor the event?  Sheryl Meehan talked about the need for volunteers and for the donations.  The funds collected help those that do not have insurance or do not have enough insurance.  They do not turn people away through everyone's help.  Mark your calendar.
Lastly, cards were played by Karen Nelson and Larry D.  Larry was hoping to win to help pay for his trip to Ohio.  Both were loooooooooooooooooooooosers, so the money builds.  
See you next week.

To have joy one must share it.  Happiness was born a twin.

- Lord Byron

August 21 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-08-21 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week's notes:
Attendance was a bit light this week but it was great to see everyone that attended.  President Bill opened the meeting and called on me, Lenny, for the invocation.  We had one visitor besides the speaker and that was visiting Rotarian and Associate of Don Desmond, Dan Bremser.  The meal was fine as usual but the deserts came out and our table all picked the Ice Cream Sundae's which were fantastic.  Sorry for those that did not get a sundae but not toooooo sorry.

Thank you for Camp Rotary Scholarship from Danvers Rotary

President Bill read a thank you note from the mother of her son, who attended Camp Rotary on our Danvers Rotary Scholarship.  In the quite moving letter the mom talked about her son's life changing experience.  They were very appreciative.  The mom also happens to be a patient of Bill and she would like to come to a meeting and thank us as well.  

Dues are Past Due

Have you paid your dues to Danvers Rotary yet?  If you have not, they are late and you should get the money in.  

Rotoplast Mission Seeks Help

This year's Rotoplast Mission is planned for October 2nd to the 16th.  The district is looking for Rotarians or friends of Rotary to help out with the mission.  Presently, Gary Nangle is signed up to go and would love to have another Danvers Rotarian go with him.  Expenses are paid for with the exception of the flight, which is estimated at about $1,500.  There are a number of volunteer positions available to make this mission work.  Can you spare the two week time to make a difference in numerous children's lives.  Let Gary know if you can help.

Farmer's Market Continues

This week the Farmer's Market featured Kids Week, with a number of things available for children from the Music Man leading songs to decorating cookies.  Here are a couple of pictures from last week at the market.

Navy Band Concert

The Navy Band Concert was a big success, even know it was held inside at the Maple Street Church.  Larry Raimondi reported that it was well attended and even though we "Rotary" were not mentioned, it received good press.  Larry reported that they, the Band, is looking forward to next year.  Great job Larry and thank you to Tom Manuel for working to get it relocated to the church.   This is a true showing of service above self.  

Rotary Board Meeting

The next meeting of our Board of Directors is planned for Tuesday, August 22nd, AM at the Staples Work Bar, Liberty Tree Mall.

Other Upcoming Events

September 13th will be Rotary at Fenway Park.  For further information check out the District Website.
Walk for Hospice is set for Sunday, September 24th.

Speaker - Julie Whitaker

Julie Whitaker, graduate from Fairfield and Jordan Universities, then a Masters from Princton, talked about her passion and dedication to helping people from Syria, who have been displaced to Jordan and beyond.  These Syrian refugees in Jorgan  were and continue to be her major focus.  This Syrian crisis represents the highest displacement of human beings since World War II.  Half of the Syrian population has been displaced for the past six years.  These refugees face many challenges each day from Dust Storms, to not being able to work for pay and live in camps that cover up to 2 square miles.  Julie spend quite a bit of time in one camp, helping with education and working on social skills.  Students get special permits to leave the camps to pursue their education and higher education costs about $4,000 each year with the four year degree costing only $16,000.  Julie has established the Amal Foundation that provides scholarships to individuals for their education.  She is always looking for ways to raise funds for this foundation.  Georgetown University did a Walk for Refugees, others have raised fund through
She would love to see any help with this project.  In September she is going to spend time in Jeruselum with the Catholic Relief Group.  
Quite a nice presentation.

Sheriff Barry collected $82.00

Barry for the speaker, Matt S. for good PGA Golf (Justin), Matt N for daughter at University of Alabama and rushing sorority.  Larry R for the Navy Concert, Alden and Bill for the same,  Tom Standing $58.00 for his 58th wedding anniversary, Laura King for this being her last meeting (Leaving for promotion to Melrose), Jackie for Farmers Market, Lenny for good weekend, Suzanne for the Navy Concert, Gary for Camping Trip, 2nd year, Neal for inviting people to consider going to Rotoplast, Don and President Bill for the speaker.  Thank you to all.

Laura King leaving for new position

Laura has been promoted to the Melrose Eastern Bank position and this was her last day with us.  We wish her well with her new position and will miss her greatly.

Cards were played by Both Gary and Neal.  Sorry they were both loooooosers as they were going to donate the funds to the flight cost for Rotoplast, much better than spending it on a night out.

That's it for this week.  Enjoy and will see you next Monday.

There are three ingredients in the good life; learning, earning and Yearning.

-Christopher Morley

August 14 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-08-17 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Wow, what a busy week we have going on this week, including this past weekend.  First the Wiffleball Tournament, then the Navy Band Concert on Monday, today if I get this out in time, then Wednesday, August 9th is the Farmers Market.  We are all over the town and proud to be there.
President Bill Nolan opened the meeting today and called on Laura to give the invocation, that included a message about August being Rotary Membership month.  This served as a pep talk about recruiting members to the club.  The club needs members to be able to do the work that we do, locally and around the world.  This is a good time to invite someone you know to attend one of our meetings and check out what we are all about.  

President Elect, Laura King News

President Elect Laura King has accepted a new position with Eastern Bank and will be moving her job to Melrose.  Because of that move she will be transferring to the Melrose Club, the end of August.  This will move Kim up a bit quicker than expected but I am sure she will be up for the challenge.  We will miss you Laura, our loss will be Melrose' gain.  Even know we are disappointed that that you are leaving we all can understand the importance of promotions.  So, lets all wish her a great future with her new position.

Danvers Rotary - Endicott Park 

Becky reported that there is a picture of the Endicott Park accepting the contribution from our Danvers Rotary Trust.  To view the picture and public thank you from the town, go to the Town of Danvers Web site and scroll down to view the picture and read the thank you.

Have you paid your dues yet?

If you have not paid your dues yet, you are late.  Remember, the club needs your dues paid, so the club can pay it's obligations to the District and Rotary International.  So please remind the person at home or at work that makes out the checks to get it in to make life easier for the club.  

August Board Meeting - August 22nd 

President Bill noted that the next meeting of the Danvers Rotary  Board of Directors will  be on Tuesday, August 22nd, 8:00 AM at the Staples Work Bar.  The Work Bar is at the Staples Store at the Liberty Tree Mall.  

Wiffle Tournament Success in the Rain

Past President and Wiffle Chair Dan Doherty reported that the tournament was very successful even with the rain on Saturday.  He reported that when all is done we should do better than last year.  There are some outstanding pledges and sponsors that should be in soon.  He thanked the entire club for all the work they did, getting team sponsors, lead sponsors and putting teams together for the event.  He thanked everyone that worked the tournament for their devotion to helping the club and working in the rain.  He specially thanked Rick Seward for his hard work on the grill and Suzanne for her running the Home Run Derby throughout the rain.  Great job everyone.  Your work is well appreciated with this great fundraiser.

Pictures taken by Jason Allain


Upcoming events in town:

New England Homes for the Deaf Golf Tournament

Download information below.

Walk for Hospice - September 24th

Cards were played by both President Bill and Past President Becky.  You know how sorry I am to report that they were both------


I know that is not nice, but I know you all understand.
Special thank you to Barry for filling in last week for me while I baked in Mexico.  He did such a great job we should work him in more often.
Enjoy and remember Service Above Self.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

  - Theodore Roosevelt

August 7 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-08-07 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Navy Band Concert - Moved to Maple Street Church

The Navy Band Concert will be held at Maple Street Church, tonight at 7:00 PM, due to the rain predicted for this evening.  Public is encouraged to attend. Concert will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.
Navy Band Concert - Relocated Len Mercier 2017-08-07 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan
July 31, 2017
President Bill opened today's meeting with a moment of silence to the memory of Joe DeLorenzo, one of the kindest, most generous gentlemen many of us will ever know.
Gary read these words to us;
"Our friend, Joe DeLorenzo passed away Tuesday July 25, 2017 at Beverly Hospital, after 89 years of life that included 70 years of marriage, 2 daughters, 4 sons, many many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Joe joined The Rotary Club of Danvers in 1972 - he was a Rotarian in every sense of the word for 42 years.
Please keep Joe, his wife Barbara, Rotarians Larry and Judy,, and the entire DeLorenzo family in your thoughts and prayers."
Thank you Joe for your friendship and service to the DRC and the community.
Neal and Kim welcomed everyone at the desk in the newly renovated Garden Terrace room. Our guests today were Assistant District Governor Kang Yu and Jack Good from the Beverly Club.
Dan, Kim and Don
A hot meal of baked chicken and seafood was followed by a tasty brownie-mousse combo. Only got a photo of lunch so you can use your imagination for the brownie thing.
There was no program today but we have updates and activities to report on.
The Wiffle Ball Tourney is this weekend! See below for details. Please make the effort to come if you can and think hard about any last minute sponsors or teams you think should be part of this fun event and profitable fundraiser. It's not too late to volunteer.
Late breaking news - there will be a bouncy house for kids! 
An impromptu Board vote was taken to allow a payment of $125 to the Beverly Chamber of Commerce to create an 'email blast' to its membership to promote the upcoming US Navy Band concert next Monday. Larry Raimondi reports that social media and printed ads have been placed and should help with attendance. I can vouch that this is a good show for all ages. They are a talented group of accomplished musicians who have found a way to also serve the country. We should all be there to support them.
Tom Standring gave an update on the tree planting project at Endicott Park. He made a photo board with 'legacy technology' to tell the story. Each tree planted will represent a Danvers Rotary member (if you've paid your dues) and is part of the global effort proposed by our RI President.
Speaking of which - have you paid your dues? It's the most basic part of your responsibility as a Rotarian so if not, please do so asap.

Sheriff's Report

The dynamic duo of Larry D and Peter C tamed up to collect $120 today. Many donations were left to honor Mr Joe (Grampy) DeLorenzo. Bill, Kim, Neal, Sheryl and Laura for time off, Mary Beth came back from Maine for the meeting (and 3 closings..way to go!), Dan and Don for a successful Wiffle Ball Event, Pete for Sheriff Larry, and Kang for Mary Beth.

Wiffle Ball Tournament

Fast approaching, the Wiffle Ball Tournament is set for Saturday, August 5th.  Check in for volunteers is at 8:00 AM, Rules at 9:00 AM and the first pitch is at 9:30 AM.  Team sponsors are needed at $250.00 for each team.  Please consider sponsoring a team for this year's Tournament.  The club will find the players through the groups in town.  Dan is looking for volunteers from the club to help with setup, cooking, and other various jobs related to this event.  This has been a great fundraiser.  Side line sponsorship is $350.00 and should be in ASAP as the banners are being orders as I write.  Please consider sponsoring a team for $250.00 and help out where needed.

Navy Band Concert

Larry Raimondi asked people to talk it up with their friends and to post the posters and flyers that Lenny had printed for the event.  Concert will be on Monday, August 7th, 7:00 PM, at the Rotary Pavilion.  We need as many Rotarians there as possible and a great crowd from the community.  Up to 30 Navy Band Members will entertain the community with national favorites and today's music.



Golf Tournament - New England Homes for the Deaf

Under other announcements, Rotarian Shelley Silverman reported that her New England Homes for the Deaf will be holding a Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Monday, August 14th, at the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club.  Information is attached along with the following from Shelley:
Sponsor names show up in several places, depending on the level of sponsorship.
All sponsor names are printed in the program book on golf day.  They are listed by level of sponsorship from Gold all they way down to Cart sponsors.  A copy of the program book is given to each golfer, placed on dinner tables and also sent to the sponsor in a thank you letter after the event.
Sponsors at the level of Tee or higher are listed on the golf page of our website (it's up now if you want to see it).  It has their logo, or name if they don't have a logo, and a link to their own website.  This stays up until July 1 when I clear it out to set up for the next tournament.
Silver and Gold sponsors get a banner with their name and/or logo that hangs in the registration area.  They also have their name/logo on a sign in the dining room, and they have a tee sign.
Finally, all sponsors at the level of Tee or higher have a sign in the tee area of a golf hole.    Cart sponsors get a small sign on a golf cart (this is only for individuals and families, not organizations).

Lastly, cards were played by Alden (again! what's his secret?) and Gary

Both were loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosers.  Boy Lenny hates it when people lose.  
If you've read this far, congratulations - the first and fifth emails I receive mentioning this note will win a prize at our next meeting.
Enjoy your week.

“Every Rotary club should be made a forum before which vital economic and social problems may be fairly and intelligently discussed. Club programs should stimulate thought, widen the horizon, and deepen conviction.”

— The Program for the Year, THE ROTARIAN, August 1920 

July 31, 2017 Barry Kaplan 2017-07-31 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
July 24th, 2017
V.P. Laura opened the meeting and called on Sara to give the invocation.  We had one visitor this week; Marion Spark, Newburyport Club President.  Meal this week was sliders, salads, apple pie with ice cream.  Great meal and great company.  Marion, from Newburyport, sat at our table and we enjoyed discussions about the fundraisers that we do and the ones that the Newburyport Club does.  A big fundraiser they do is selling Hotdogs and Beer at the Newburyport Bed Race.  Teams put wheels on beds and race them as teams through Newburyport, obviously ending with a dogger and beer.  The race is well attended and is a huge tradition in the coastal city.  I guess it could be sweet dreams on the run.....
This week was relatively quiet, with only 18 in attendance.

Sheriff's Report

Sheriff's report was taken by each table.  Our table collected for sharing ideas and conversation with Marion Sparks, Barry for flowers, Matt for Maine, Neal for no reason, Gary for no reason, Larry R and Laura for the Navy Band, Sara for going away and getting 12 hours of sleep, Shelly for the New England Home for the Deaf's Golf Tourney on August 14, Bill L getting ready for a family wedding, Alden for Booth Bay Harbor, Rick for President Bill's 1/2 thru baseball and Mary Beth for missed meetings and vacation.

Wiffle Ball Tournament

Fast approaching, the Wiffle Ball Tournament is set for Saturday, August 5th.  Check in is at 8:30 AM, Rulles at 9:00 AM and the first pitch is at 9:30 AM.  Team sponsors are needed at $250.00 for each team.  Please consider sponsoring a team for this year's Tournament.  The club will find the players through the groups in town.  Dan is looking for volunteers from the club to help with setup, cooking, and other various jobs related to this event.  This has been a great fundraiser.  Side line sponsorship is $350.00 and should be in ASAP as the banners are being orders as I write.  Please consider sponsoring a team for $250.00 and help out where needed.

Navy Band Concert

Larry Raimondi asked people to talk it up with their friends and to post the posters and flyers that Lenny had printed for the event.  Concert will be on Monday, August 7th, 7:00 PM, at the Rotary Pavilion.  We need as many Rotarians there as possible and a great crowd from the community.  Up to 30 Navy Band Members will entertain the community with national favorites and today's music.  I am attaching a copy of the poster/flyer that can be printed.

Softball Team Picture

Golf Tournament - New England Homes for the Deaf

Under other announcements, Rotarian Shelley Silverman reported that her New England Homes for the Deaf will be holding a Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Monday, August 14th, at the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club.  Information is attached along with the following from Shelley:
Sponsor names show up in several places, depending on the level of sponsorship.
All sponsor names are printed in the program book on golf day.  They are listed by level of sponsorship from Gold all they way down to Cart sponsors.  A copy of the program book is given to each golfer, placed on dinner tables and also sent to the sponsor in a thank you letter after the event.
Sponsors at the level of Tee or higher are listed on the golf page of our website (it's up now if you want to see it).  It has their logo, or name if they don't have a logo, and a link to their own website.  This stays up until July 1 when I clear it out to set up for the next tournament.
Silver and Gold sponsors get a banner with their name and/or logo that hangs in the registration area.  They also have their name/logo on a sign in the dining room, and they have a tee sign.
Finally, all sponsors at the level of Tee or higher have a sign in the tee area of a golf hole.    Cart sponsors get a small sign on a golf cart (this is only for individuals and families, not organizations).
See Attachment-----

Lastly, cards were played by Alden and Neal

Both were loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosers.  Boy I hate it when people lose.  
I will be away next week for a trip to Mexico.  Yes, I know not to drink the water.  I promise to only drink the tequila.  Barry Kaplan will be writing next week's notes.
Enjoy your week.

The mind is everything.  What you think you become.


July 24 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-07-24 04:00:00Z 0
What a great Rotary Meeting.  We hosted the Friends Forever Youth from Israel this week and the weather was the best.  President Bill opened the meeting and called on Brad for the invocation.  Brad brought a guest this week, Lindsey Parker, an attorney from Newburyport.  
We had an great, enjoyable time at our table, sharing conversations with the three youth that actually were the speakers for the meeting.  Get this, Peter Cullen, apologized for being a little late for the meeting, saying that he was sorry for being late and it is not like a Rotarian to be late for meetings.  Can you believe he said that?  Well we laughed and laughed and had to explain the lateness.  Peter led the questions of the kids and challenged them to ask questions of everyone as to how to make the world better.  As many know, Peter has been involved with the RYLA, Youth Leadership Program, for years and likes to challenge teen leaders to be the best they can be. 
Have you paid you dues?   If you have not paid, then you are late...  Please get those dues in.

Whiffleball Tournament is August 5th

Dan reported that team sponsors are needed to sponsor teams at $250.00 each team.  Sponsors can name their own players or they can let the club choose kids to play in the Tournament.  Get your sponsorships in ASAP.  Members are needed to help with the event on the 5th.  Let Dan know you can help.

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market meets every Wednesday and Rotarians are assigned a night to help out.  I actually helped out last night since I am not available the week that I was assigned.  Diane and I will be in Mexico and I don't think I can come back for the evening to help.  There was quite a group this week.  The weather was great for the market.

Navy Band-Monday, August 7th

Larry Raimondi reported that he is expecting about 30 musicians this year lead by a future Admiral.  Posters are available at the Y and will be at the club meeting on Monday.  Please let everyone know about the concert and encourage them to attend.  Sure would be great to have a huge crowd for this concert.  

Sheriff's Report

Most gave for the Friends Forever visitors, Tom S for his belated Birthday, Gary Nangle for a camping trip, Anne happy for being back, Matt Nastasia for his recent trip to Aruba.  Great job everyone.  Thank you..........
Cards were played and there were no winners.
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Don't aid for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.  

- David Frost

July 17 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier on Jul 20, 2017

Friends Forever Youth Visit

Nine youth from Israel visited our club this week to talk about how religion is affecting the ability for people to get along in their country.  They, these teenagers can't understand how people can dislike "hate" others purely because of their religious beliefs.  This group is one of many that are hand chosen to participate in this program, started by deceased Rotarian, Bob Raiche.  They are chosen because of their leadership potential to make change, to lead by example and to show how people of all faiths can live and work together.  A discussion, question and answer time took place with Rotarians challenging their minds and showing support.  Rotarian Peter Cullen told the young adults to think about what american's can do to improve how we live.  How can we make the world better and how can we better help them to make a difference.  These youths were smart, well spoken and very enjoyable to speak with.  After the Rotary meeting the group of youth went to the Y and helped out with the camp program.  This program started small with one group each year from Ireland and now hosts many groups from Ireland and Israel each year.  A program that is making a difference around the world.  

Youth speak at Rotary and help out at YMCA

Friends Forever Youth Visit Danvers Club Len Mercier 2017-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Danvers Rotarians Honor Seniors with Scholarships

President Bill Nolan stands with five recipients of Danvers Rotary Scholarships for their achievements and plans for future education.  Four, Mark Reagan Scholarships were awarded to Rhianna Leslie, Kelly Black, Angel Nguyen and Marisa Belthoff.  Mark Reagan was a Danvers Rotarian who tragically lost his life in an automotive accident in Newburyport.  At the time of this accident Mark had children at the High School age and the Danvers Rotary Club continues to honor his memory through these Scholarships.  Jessica Boutchie is awarded the Ralph E. Ardiff Sr. Scholarship that is awarded to the Valedictorian each year.  Ralph Ardiff Sr. was one of the founding Danvers Rotarians who had a strong love for education.
Danvers Rotary has been awarding scholarships to High School Seniors for many years and is proud to continue the honoring of higher education of young adults.  These adults will surely become leaders in our community and beyond.  

2017 Recipients


Scholarships Awarded by Danvers Rotary Len Mercier 2017-07-13 04:00:00Z 0

Danvers Rotarians Paul Harris Awards

Three were given pins for their continued contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.  Sheryl Meehan was awarded her Paul Harris +7 pin, Gary Nangle for his Paul Harris + 4 pin and Len Mercier for his Paul Harris +2.  Contributions to the RI Foundation are tracked and each represents $1,000 contribution by the member or to honor the member.  So these three members represent $16,000 in contributions to the Foundation.  Many other Danvers Rotarians have and continue to receive awards.  You too can do this by a yearly contribution to the Foundation.  I make my contribution with my dues each year and it adds up quickly..  Imagine what it would be like if every Rotarian make a $100 commitment each year.  

Sheriff Kim collected $244.00

Tom Standring started off the donations with $134.00 for his years of service and his birthday.  Tom's money is for President Billl's Tree Project.  Do the math on that one.  Larry D gave 10 for Kim, Sheryl Meehan so glad for being back home, Don 5 for Mr. Bill, Mary Beth 10 for Bill's first meeting, Bill, Laura, Larry, BarryBill, Alden, Matt, Dan, Lenny all for the great sheriff, vacation on the cape, scholarship winners and more.  Tom M for the privilege of taking attendance, Becky for a great trip to Crotia, Sara was happy and will pay twice next week, Jackie for the Scholarships and Sue for a great 4th.    Many thanks to all.  
Cards were played by Kim and Jacki, both were loooooosers.  So the money grows.
Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday.

The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well.

- Henry W. Longfellow
July 10 2017 Rotoracle 2 2017-07-13 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Dear Fellow Rotarians......    
That surely does sound official.  Well enough of that.  Let's get into the meeting notes to keep everyone up to date.  
This was President Bill's first official meeting and it was a busy one at that.  We started off with a great opening and enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Yacht Club.  Hey, you can tell last year is over as Sheryl Meehan, Past Governor, was in the room.  Great seeing her and hope that she isn't too burned out from all that work last year.  Have to say, she did a great job and we can all be proud that she is from our club.  

Marc Lerebours - Danvers Rotary Social Media 

Marc is a graduate student at Endicott College and is working closely with our club.  Helping our club with Social Media, making sure that we are keeping posts up-to-date on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  We have a matching grant, from the district, to pay Marc for his help.  Being a Millennial, Marc has a much better understanding about Social Media and how it works.  While some of us understand it a little, Marc will help us in attracting younger members.
Each of us can help Marc do his job by supplying him with photos when we take them with our phone or camera.  Best to email those pictures to him at
I sent him the pictures that I am using in this edition of our newsletter.  Now it's your turn. 

New Rotary Theme for 2017-2018

President Bill spoke about the new theme for Rotary around the world.  "Rotary: Making a Difference" is what Rotary will work on this year.  Along this route, President Bill would like each of us to think about how Danvers Rotary can make a difference in our community and beyond.  Got some ideas?

This week's Rotary Moment

Becky talked about the Rotary Island at the corner of Maple Street and Poplar Street.  The new sign has been installed and it lights up at night.  I went by it yesterday and it really looks great and it is a great location.  Check it out.......

Farmers Market Update

Matt went over how things are going at the Farmers Market.  We are all encouraged to go the market each week and purchase something to show our support.  The vouchers for Seniors are a hit.  Many were used last week and more will be handed out this week.  

Board Meeting

The next Danvers Rotary Board Meeting is set for July 18th, AM, at the Northshore Bank.  Great to see what goes on and a great way to get attendance make-ups.

Bocce Tournament cancelled for this year

Due to the bad weather last week this year's Bocce Tournament was cancelled and will not be held this summer.  All Bocce enthusiasts should practice and be prepared to beat the Lions and Kiwanians next year.  Those other service club members will never have a chance playing against our exceptional team players.  Raimondi and other Rotarians make a mean team.

Whiffleball Tournament - August 5th

Dan reported on the progressive of this year's tournament.  The lead sponsors are in place and sponsors are being solicited for Banners for side lines at $750.00 each and many team sponsors are needed at $250.00 each.  Teams are also being collected for the tournament.  National Anthem is at 9:00 AM at the Danvers High School.  Please get on collecting sponsors for the teams and look for Banner Sponsors to help with the major profit that we need to to the work that we do.

Recognition for Years of Service

Three Danvers members were recognized for their 51 years of service; Alden Goodnow, Bill Lee, Ralph Ardiff all have been members of our club in great standing.  One additional member was honored for 51 years of perfect attendance in our Club.  That perfect attendance member is Tom Standring, who continues to not only do work for our club but Tom continues to work at the District level.  Congratulations go to all four Danvers members for their year's of service, showing the importance of "Service Above Self"  I can't be more proud to be part of a club that includes these mentors.  What a group to look up to...

Navy Band Concert set for August 7th

Larry Raimondi reported on the 20 to 30 Navy Band members that will be entertaining our community at 7:00 PM, at the Rotary Pavilion, by the Mill Pond.  We need everyone to work at getting people there to enjoy the concert.  Posters are available for your businesses and to post around town.  Rotarians are also needed to be at the event to help that night.  Let Larry know you can help.
July 10 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-07-12 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Wow, busy week this week.  First we had our meeting on Monday with a very good speaker, followed by a fun time on Tuesday night, at our Installation Dinner at the Salem Country Club.  
This will be a relatively quick Rotoracle so I will begin with upcoming events to note:

Upcoming Events:

  • District Installation Dinner - Thursday, June 29th, Danversport, See Gary if interested in attending.  Usually a very good take.
  • Rotary Band Concert - Thursday, June 29th, Rotary Pavilion
  • Rotary Navy Band Concert, August 7th
  • Bocce Tournament tonight at the Endicott Park, 5:30 PM.  Thursday, June 22nd.
  • Rotary Annual Reports Meeting, Monday, June 26th, noon Danversport
  • Whiffleball Tournament, August 5th, Saturday.
  • Farmer's Market - Every Wednesday Evening.

Whiffleball Tournament

Dan reminded us that the tournament is fast approaching and the committee is looking for team and tent sponsors for the event.  Usually there are about 40 teams, many paid for by sponsoring businesses and individuals.  Cost to sponsor a team is $250.00.  Always a great event, this tournament is a nice community event.  Plan on attending, playing or helping.

Campership Program Funded

This year three children from Danvers will be attending Camp Rotary, an overnight camp in Boxford, through Danvers Rotary sponsorship.  At this week's board meeting the board approved $5,000 to go to the campership program to send Danvers youth to the Y's camp on Stiles Pond in Boxford.  Both programs are wonderful at giving opportunities to our local youth.  

Dues are Due

Each Rotarian should have received their bill for this year's dues.  Please get them in asap so the club can remain in good standing.  This is also a great time to make your contribution to the Rotary International Foundation.  Why not include your donation with your dues, that is how I do mine each year and then I don't forget to contribute.  Ideally if every Rotarian gave $100 or more each year, the work that could be done around the world would be unbelievable.  Please consider this.....

Speaker, Emily Kearns - Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative

Emily gave an overview about her passion to help those with Dementia.  Attached you will find a couple of handouts about this Massachusetts Initiative.  The main theme is to make businesses, restaurants, and services dementia friendly.  Training people on how to assist others with this area.  She did a wonderful job and spoke about Memory Cafes in the state.  Emily is involved in one of these Cafe's in the Merrimack Valley and is working with the North Andover YMCA on programs for those with Dementia.  Like I said, Ms. Kearns is very passionate about her well deserving cause.  Great speaker.
Cars were play by Bill and Suzanne, both were loooooooosers.  Boy do I hate it when that happens...... RIGHT!

Installation Dinner - Salem Country Club

Bill's Night A Success

There were a lot of thank you's going around at the Installation Dinner.  Tom Standring did an outstanding job, as usual, installing the directors and officers of the club for this 2017-2018 Rotary Year.  Great food, a few good drinks and a wonderful social time was had be everyone in attendance.  Newly inducted President Bill Nolan talked about all the great accomplishments that Mary Beth had completed and how she will be a hard act to follow.  Bill's thrust will be on solving local and non-local issues.  He challenged each of us to come up with a problem that Rotary can help solve during this next year.  He is a man with a mission and want's our help.......  I believe we are for it.   Mary Beth surely did a stand up job this year.  
Upcoming meetings:
July 10th, will be our Scholarship meeting, when we give out the checks and hear about the recipients.
July 17th will be the Friends Forever Meeting with the youth come and talk about their conflicts around the world.  
Don't forget that this Monday, June 26th we will have the reports from the committee's as to what accomplishments have been completed this year.
Money collected by the sheriff this week were attributed to the great Rotary year, led by Mary Beth and the upcoming year with Bill.  Also some for the weather, weekend and such.
See you all on Monday,
Enjoy your weekend,

Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life.

      - George MacDonald

June 20 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-06-22 04:00:00Z 0
June 12th Rotoracle Worthy Notes:
First: We are meeting this Monday, June 19th, noon at the Yacht Club.  Please plan on attending.  Speaker will be Emily Kearns, Jewish Family and Children's Service.
So, this week the weather was great, the harbor is full of boats and the heat is on.  President Mary Beth opening the meeting and brought us up to date on everything that was happening with Danvers Rotary.  Last week Four Reagan Scholarships and One Ardiff Scholarship were awarded at the Senior Event.  A North Shore Community Scholarship is also being awarded this year that will be $1,000 each of three years for a total of $3,000 being given to the recipient.  This is wonderful to help these individuals move forward with education.  Well done Danvers Rotarians. The Danvers Rotary Trust awarded two checks recently, one to the Senior Center and the other to help sponsor the Playground at the Great Oak School.  Great to see Jason "Hollywood" Allain with us this week.  Missed you Jason.    Meal this week was an indoor cookout; hamburgers, hotdogs, all the fixins and great company.  Who could want for more........
The Town of Danvers has a large senior population who take advantage of the many programs provided at the Danvers Senior Center located on Stone Street. Danvers Rotary is pleased to support the seniors, and recently presented the Senior Center with a check for $10,000 for two new vans, which will provide transportation to seniors in Danvers.  The vans transport senior citizens to medical appointments, adult day care, shopping, and educational trips. 

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

Softball Game, Wednesday, June 14th

This Wednesday's game is in Chelsea under the Bridge.  Coach Tom is looking for everyone wanting to play to get in touch with him.  Tom also reported that the Softball Picnic is planned for all teams to come to Danvers on July 17th.  Two fields are booked and everyone will get to play.  He is calling alums to come and play and if they don't want to play they can attend and encourage their team.  All Rotarians can take part in this picnic.  

Danvers Rotary Installation Dinner - Bill's Night - June 20th

Have you signed up to attend this year's Installation Dinner.  It is being held June 20th, in the evening, at the Salem Country Club.  Last year Mary Beth had it at the Salem Country Club and it was a fun night and this year should be no different.  Bill Nolan will be taking over the gavel and Mary Beth will be retiring.  What a great year we had with Rotary.  Surely Bill is planning a fun year as well.  If you have not signed up for the event, call Bill ASAP so you can get on the list.  

District Rotary Installation Dinner - June 29th, at Danversport

Thursday, June 29th, the District Installation Dinner will be held at Danversport.  Sheryl Meehan, District Governor from our Danvers Club, will be finishing up her year as Governor of our fine District.  Sheryl has done a great job this year with Rotary, always on the go and working hard to make our District the best.  Can you keep a secret????? Larry D will be receiving a special award at the June 29th Dinner.  Don't worry, Larry does not get the Rotoracle so he won't see this, but don't tell him........  Sure would be good if we could get a couple of tables of Danvers Rotarians for this event to show support for both Sheryl and Larry.  Gary Nangle is looking for Rotarians to let him know if they can attend.  Email Gary at to let him know you want to attend.  

Rotary Board Meeting - June 20th

This months Board meeting will be held at North Shore Bank on Tuesday, June 20th at 8:00 AM.  This is a great way to make up for a missed meeting and is also a great way to see what actual business goes on with Rotary.  

Band Concert - June 29th at the Pavilion

Danvers Rotary is sponsoring the Band Concert on Thursday, June 29th, by the Danvers Library.  POP DISASTER is the band playing.  Soon to be President Bill Nolan tells us that they are a family friendly band that plays all types of music from old to tunes from today.  Rotarians not attending the District Installation should show up at the Band Concert to support our efforts there.  

U.S. Navy Band Concert is planned for Monday, August 7th

Larry Raimondi is in contact with the Navy Band and firming up the details.  Presently planned for the 7th of August, this band of 18 to 22 pieces from Newport Rhode Island is surely to give another unforgettable concert for the Danvers Community.  Thank you Larry for putting this together.  

Bocce Tournament - Service Clubs

This year's Bocce Tournament is planned for Thursday, June 22nd and is sponsored this year by the Danvers Lions Club.  I believe the Tournament will be held at Endicott Park and will feature Chick-fil-A, and more.  Usually we meet around 5:30 to 6:00, directly after work and the cost is usually $10.00   Surely if you have Bocce balls you should bring them to the tournament.  

Danvers Rotary Annual Meeting

On Monday, June 26th, we are having our Annual Meeting, which usually means report time for Committee Chairs.  If you are a committee chair please get your report together to update the club on what your committee has been doing this year.  

Shelly is Riding for Emmaus House

Shelley is looking for sponsors for her riding for the Emmaus House in Haverhill on July 23rd.  Let her know if you can support her efforts.

Whiffleball Tournament - August 5th

Dan reported that this year's Tournament is set for August 5th, Saturday, at the Danvers High School.  He is looking for people and businesses to sponsor teams at $250.00 a team.  They will find people to play.  Always a fun time, this event does well at raising money for the cause.

Dues Bills going out this week:

Treasurer Dan reported that the Dues Bills are going out this week.  Please get your dues in ASAP so we can meet our obligations with Rotary International, the District and anyone else we need to pay.  Mary Beth also said that she will be getting out the quarterly meal bills for those who are in that plan.

Sheriff Tom collected $107.00

This week's collections included Gary for being low on cash, MaryBeth $10 for accounts payable, Jim J. 5 for summer time in the city, Larry R for his grand daughter's new job, Bill Nolan for good weekend and Field Hockey, Ralph 5 for being back, Tom Standring was sorry about Ralph's Golf Game, Dan D. 5 for DHS Victory tonight, Barry for the new faces, Rick Gilmore for Mary Beth's great year, Bill L $10 for the next meeting that we have at Berry Tvern, Alden for the good time, Shelley 5 for riding for the shelter, Jacki 5 for Good Harbor Beach day with kids, Neal for adding a trip to Vietnam to his bucket list, Lenny for summer finally arriving, Suzanne for the good weather and Karen N. for summa.....   Many thanks to all.......
Cards were played by Shelly and Bill Nolan.  Sorry to report that they were both looooooooooooooooooooooooooooosers!  Not really sorry but sounds good.
Enjoy your week and plan on being at our club meeting Monday, at the Yacht Club at lunch.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

- Mohandas Gandhi

June 12th 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-06-13 04:00:00Z 0
Finally, some nice warm weather.  Boy, I love the heat of summer.  Sorry Bill Lee, but the snow is done for this year and now lets get on the water or go to the beach.  I am going to hit on a lot of announcements / dates to remember / and other junk in this week's news.  Before we get into that I have a couple of pictures to share from last week's meeting at the Berry Tavern, to kick off the opening of the Farmers Market last Wednesday.  What a great time we had eating a number of great pizzas, sharing fun stories over some great beers and other drinks.  It is always nice to change it up a bit.  Many of the key sponsors were in attendance at the Berry Tavern.  Matt got the group worked up and ready for the opening of the Market.   Great job Matt!

Berry Tavern Meeting - Matt is a talker..........

June 5th and 12th 2017 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2017-06-13 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gary Nangle
President MB opened the meeting, and Jason Allain gave the invocation. With us today was our AG, Kang, and Teresa (sp?) from Beverly Bank, guest of VP Laura King.



Lunch was a buffet, with chicken/tortellini, fan-favorite broccoli, with carrots and asparagus (asparagus escaped the eye of PE Bill, who went back and took the last 3 stalks…), haddock with stuffing (crab?), individual salads with greens, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, and Italian wedding soup. For dessert were slices of vanilla cake, topped with strawberries and blueberries, sitting on that red stuff they drizzle on the plate. Need to find out what that is.


MB opened the meeting with a Rotary moment – when dropping off coats at the Lynn Salvation Army, as part of Shelley’s wildly successful coat drive, she was helped unloading by a woman, who said she had 9 grandkids living with her, and a couple of her kids… As the coats came out of MBs car, she noticed a Boston Celtics jacket (lifted from MB’s own son – top secret information!) and asked if she could have it off the top. MB gave it to her, and the seemingly small gesture made the woman’s day. Sometimes we forget how the smallest thing can make someone’s day.

Coat Drive

Speaking of the coat drive, Shelley reported that 30 bags of coats were collected at the banks (NS Bank, Eastern, Salem Five), Anne’s RE office, and of course Shelley’s NE Home for the Deaf. Some of the coats went to Family Promise (recent program speaker) who took a dozen or so coats for their families – right before the blizzard hit. The rest went to Lynn Salvation Army for distribution. Great job on a successful community service project Shelley, and thanks for letting RC Danvers participate.

Habitat for Humanity House

MB announced dates for helping out with the habitat for humanity house on Park Street (behind NS Bank) Wednesday 3/11 and Sat 3/15. There will be cleaning and painting work to do. Let MB know if you can help out with this hands-on community service project. No money required!!!

Job Fair/Danvers High School

Ted S. will be heading up the Job Fair again at Danvers HS, on Thursday, April 13. Let Ted know if you can participate. But if you do, please make sure to show-up. Ted said last time there were some no-shows…

Farmers Market

Farmer’s market is kicking into gear, and will stay on the same day and time, Wednesday from 4 PM to 7 PM, starting June 7, ending August 28. Website has been updated, with a new vendor form, etc. Committees are working on finalizing sponsor levels, and coordinating sponsorships for the FM and wiffle ball, so we are not hitting up the same donors twice, and so the supporters get a bigger bang for their buck. Great idea. ALL Rotarians will be assigned a week to work the Market – so get your calendar ready to plug in your Wednesday to work. You will help set-up the banners, Rotary table, Rotary canopy, get vendors to the right spot, man (‘person’?) the Rotary table during the market, and then tear-down at the end.

Sheriffs Report

Fines collected today were $194, many for the nice weather, and many for Judy D.’s 30th and Larry D.’s 65th Birthday (for a combined fine of $95). Peter gave for a ‘business’ trip to Grand Cayman with his wife, Laura gave for a trip to Puerto Rico (business or no not revealed…), and Teresa (again, sp?) gave for an engagement!. Kang gave for our own PE Bill going to PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar) next weekend in tropical Framingham. Don’t forget the sunscreen Bill.

Cards Played This Week

With a new deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers, Bill L. and Matt N. were both loooosahs at the raffle.
See you next week.
This week's editor,
Gary Nangle
February 27 2017 Rotoracle Gary Nangle 2017-03-02 05:00:00Z 0
From February 1st - February 14th Danvers Rotary will be collecting coats (New or Gently Worn) to donate to local groups in need.  A portion of the coats will benefit Family Promise of the North Shore and the remaining coats will be donated to the Salvation Army.  With some cold days ahead a great way to feel warm inside is to do a good deed to help out someone in need.  
Coats can be dropped off at the following Rotary businesses:
North Shore Bank(Mary Beth O'Connell) - 48 Elm St
Salem 5 Bank(Brad Hunt) 85 High Street
Century 21 North Shore Realtors(Anne Casale-Skinner) - 98 High St
Danvers High School - At Front desk - attention Jackie White
New England Home for the Deaf (Shelley Silverman)
If you have any questions please contact our Drive Chair:
Shelley Silverman
Please share this message with friends!!
Be a Sweetheart and Donate a Warm Coat!! MDS 2017-02-02 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Well, the leaves are down, Thanksgiving is over, and the frost has begun.  As we prepare for the white stuff and the rest of the holiday season we all look to the warmth of family and friends.  President MaryBeth opened the meeting followed by inspiring words from Neal about service to others.  Very appropriate words as we are thankful and look to helping those individuals and families, around the world, that are less fortunate.  That is what Rotarians do...
John Jamerson was visiting from the Haverhill Club, also from New Hampshire.
Peter Cullen reported on his Rotary Moment:  Peter was thankful for the Rotarians that helped distribute food to families in Danvers on Thanksgiving.  The food was cooked at and donated by Supinos, program sponsored by the Lions with more Rotarians helping than ever.  Peter Cullen thanks all that helped to keep this program going.  
Sara D'Antonio reported that she shared a link with her Rockport Rotary friends, on the Super Bowl Raffle.

Super Bowl Raffle Tickets

Mary Beth has sold 44 tickets so far.  How are each of you doing.  If you have unsold tickets in your possession please get them sold.  Remember there are only 400 tickets printed for sale and everyone represents $50.00 to the club.  The club can not afford to have tickets turned in unsold.  If you need tickets, call Don Desmond of see him at the Rotary meetings.  Just ask your friends and family and I sure that you will find someone interested in taking the chance to win the chance to go to the Super Bowl, valued around $9,000.

Annual Meeting for Danvers Rotary

Our Annual Meeting is set for December 12th and all committee chairs are asked to have a report ready for their respective committee's work.

Boat Trip Social

Matt reported that our club won an evening cruise on a boat for 50 people, from Salem Harbor.  This will be set up as a social event in the spring or summer for Rotarians.  A minimal fee will be charged to help raise funds for the Danvers Rotary Projects.  Watch for additional information as we get closer to the warmer weather.

Rotary/Kiwanis Holiday Luncheon

Monday, December 19th, we will be hosting the annual Holiday Luncheon.  Danvers High Singers will be entertaining us while we enjoy a great holiday meal and some eggnog.  Guests are invited to take part in the luncheon.

Rotary Girls Night Out, December 14th

Kim reported that a fun night is being planned for the Rotary Women and their female friends.  She will be emailing details to the ladies as they are available.  Mark your calender.

This is Rotary Foundation Month

Gary reminded the club members that this is Rotary Foundation Month.  Each year, club presidents pledge an amount for their club to hit as a goal.  We have a goal to raise $4,000 for the foundation and presently we are at 50% of that goal and about 50% of the club members have made a contribution.  If you have not given to date, please consider making a contribution of any amount.  Many give $100 each year to the Foundation, some more and some less.  Wouldn't it be great if we had a donation from every member showing our support for the important work the Foundation does locally and around the world.  Give it some thought and get a check to Gary or make your donation on the RI web site.

Speaker - Gary Richard

Rotarian Ted introduced Gary Richard, who has worked on Legislation for a very serious issue.  Gary has a solution to help keep kids safe and more.  The entire project is around making license plates easier to identify and remember.  As part of the plate design there would be a symbol located at various positions, as seen in the example.  The brain can remember a symbol much easier than a number or letter.  The odds of remembering a plate with a symbol is much better than not.  This legislation is titled the Molly's Bill, after Molly Bish.  Massachusetts was the first state to assign license plates, dating back to 1903.  70% of all crimes involve a vehicle and could be solved if people could better remember the plate numbers.  Gary has had a great deal of push back from the State Chairman of transportation.  Ted is working to help this.  Gary has put a great deal of his own money into moving this legislation forward and would love some help.
He very passionately spoke about how children are usually abducted within 1/4 mile from their home and how quickly they are killed.  The reason for it being named the Molly bill is that Molly Bish, at age 8, wrote a letter of condolence to a family that had lost their 5 year old to an abduction.  Later as we can remember, it happened to Molly herself.  Very Sad...
Sheriff Larry collected funds, many for giving thanks and other various reasons.
Cards were played by Barry Kaplan and Tom Standring.  While we all were wishing them well, we were sad to see them pull the wrong cards.  That means the money builds and will be even better to win this next Monday.  
Enjoy your weekend.

The happiest live is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us.

 - Hamerton

November 28 2016 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2016-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week we celebrated or better said honored Veterans as this is Veterans Day Week.  Sorry it took me so long to get to actually writing this but it is actually more meaningful as I am writing it on the actual Veterans Day.  We had a number of Veterans with us this week, Lucile Tondreau and Normand Tondreau, George Kinkle, Steve Godzyk, Greg Stoney, Bill Lee, Alden Goodnow, Tom Standring, Larry Raimondi and Neal Waldman.   The meal was unbelievably great; turkey, stuffing, veggies, mashed potatoes, great salad and apple crisp with ice cream.  President Mary Beth opened the meeting followed by Kim with the invocation.  Quite moving along with hearing from each of the vets at to the time they served and the branch they were in.  It is the Veterans and those presently serving, that we owe a great thank you for the freedom and life we live today.  Many individuals gave their lives so we and our children will continue to live in peace.  For this we all thank each of them and their families.  

Super Bowl Raffle

Dan, President of the Saugus Rotary Club, gave an over view of the upcoming Super Bowl Raffle.  The raffle is about to begin with tickets being sold for $50.00 each.  Only 400 tickets have been printed and I know that since I printed them.  The winner will receive round trip flights, transfer to the hotel, three nights stay (Feb 3rd to the 6th) and two tickets to the Super Bowl in Houston.  Total value around $9,000.  Drawing date will be January 5th, with a trivia night.  Don Desmond and Mary Beth will have tickets to be distributed.  Start letting your friends know so they can get their money together to buy one or more of the 400 tickets.
A bunch of thank you notes were passed around, from the Danvers 3rd graders, for their dictionaries donated by our club.  It is always a great experience, seeing these kids get excited about owning their own dictionary and learning how to use them.  

Rotary Moment

Barry and new members Matt Nastasia and Suzanne Contreas gave their rotary moments.  Matt spoke about how when he was at the North Shore Chamber meeting breakfast he sat with someone that he recognized as a fellow Rotarian.  This individual talked about how Rotary was their second family and he felt the same.  Suzanne talked about her Dad's birthday being today and how she paid this week remembering him as a past Rotarian.  

Rotary Foundation Birthday Celebration

On Friday, November 18th, the district is celebrating the Roundations Birthday with a dinner and fun, at the Yacht Club.  The club has purchased a table.  If you are interested in attending please let Gary Nangle know.

Bylaw Changes Voted

Gary, in accordance with our bylaws, had posted the proposed changes and they were voted on at this meeting.  The first one was to revise Article 2, section 4 to reflect that to be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors, a rotary member must have been a member for at least one year, rather than the previous rule of 2 years.  The second one was  to delete a section that just repeats itself.  All were in favor so the changes carry.

Nominations for the Board of Directors

Bill Nolan is seeking nominations for Rotarians to serve on the board.  Please let Bill know your thoughts of yourself serving or your recommendations within the next week or two.  This will allow the committee time to put together recommendations for a vote.

Pictures of our honored Veterans

Barry and Don took their chances at cards.  Even with my wishing them well with their picks, I am sorry to report that the money continues to grow.
Enjoy your weekend.

If you want it bad enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve.

     --Brian Tracy

November 7 2016 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2016-11-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Salem Village Wiffle® Tournament 2016


Big rush to get ready.  Rotarian's doing what they do best.

Unbelievable Bounce House for the kids.  Caught some adults trying but turned away.....

John Archer sings the National Anthem, getting ready for the games.

And the games began.  What fun.....


More pictures:

Rotarian Rick Gilmore trying to recapture his youth.  Looking good.

Captain of the Danvers Y team, Joe Pauline, playing the game.

More Rotarian's working the event, making sure everyone had their coffee and shirts.

Give me your best pitch....

These are just a few of the pictures from the day.  Watch for a slide show once we get everyone's pictures.  
Many thanks to everyone that helped make the day a success.  What a fun time.  We were very fortunate that the weather held throughout the event.  
Dan Doherty did a wonderful job as Tournament Chairman.  His committee made the event successful.
WiffleBall Tournament Pictures 2016 Len Mercier 2016-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan


President Mary Beth opened today’s meeting freshly back from her Maine vacation.

Larry Raimondi read the invocation and we had 21 attendees.
Jack Good was visiting from Beverly Rotary.
Lunch was a trio of roast beef, ham and cheese and French onion soup followed by a nice watermelon sherbet.
No guest speaker today as is usual for summer but we did induct 2 fine we members. Tom Standring performed the duty and we welcomed Jill Michaud (sponsored by Matt Schroeder) from Mitsubishi Motors and Matt Natasia from People's Bank Danvers (sponsored by Lenny).
Welcome to you both!

Newest Members Inducted

We had a moment of silence to recognize the passing of former Danvers Rotarian Ralph Raynard (1974-75) who was 85.
  • PLEASE send in your dues. They are overdue.
  • Farmers Market thank you for helping last week to Neal, Becky, Jackie, Barry, Tom M, Laura and her husband Darrin!
  • We gathered $166 worth of ones for our new inductees, vacays from Kim, Camper Gary, hundreds of watermelon cocktails by Judy, Larry R for a good clambake,
  • A couple of nothing specials and finally a Big Birthday (63) for Ted Speliotis.
Our Club still needs help on Wednesday nights with the Farmers Market.  Come on down and help and make a few purchases.
Alden was a double looser (sorry nice tries) and That's a Wrap.
Reported by Barry Kaplan
Many thanks to Barry for writing for me this week.  Also sorry I was not there for Matt Natasia's induction.  Will have to make it up to him.

Do not be aftaid of defeat.  You are never so near to victory as when defeated in a good cause.

     - Henry Ward Beacher

August 22 2016 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2016-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Quick Rotoracle this week:
Many Rotarians were on vacation so we had to call back our old President Dan to run the meeting.  Our meeting was held on the patio with a great cookout menu.  Past President Dan reminded us of the following:
  • This months Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 23rd, 8:30 AM at the NorthShore Bank.  President MaryBeth would like to know if board members are unable to attend so she can plan accordingly.  Board meetings also make for great makeups and also a great way to see what business is done at the meetings.
  • Farmers Market is held every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 to 7:00 PM and help is needed to set up and to take down each week.  We also need Rotarians shopping to support the market.  Please help out and show your support for the club and the community.
  • A District Rotary Day is planned for Saturday, August 27th at Cederdale Club in Haverhill.  This is a great family event.  Details are included in the District Newsletter that everyone received this week.  
  • Dues are now overdue.  Please get your dues in so the club can make it's requirements.  At this point the dues are two months late.  
  • The Wiffleball Tournament was a great success and Dan thanked everyone that helped with the day.  Profit should be just shy of $10,000 for the event.  Gary was returning everyone's coolers at the meeting.  If you loaned a cooler and were not there, call Gary to pick it up.  
  • A Softball Team Report was given by Brad Hunt.  Chelsea and Salem are still in and sorry to say we are out.  Was a great season.
  • No Sheriff's report.
Cards were played by Brad Hunt and Becky Kilborn.  Sorry to report this but they were both looooooosers.
Enjoy your week and weekend.  We will see you on Monday.

Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.

       -Cynthia Kersey

August 15 2016 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2016-08-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan
Danvers Rotary meeting Monday Aug 8, 2016
“The Good Bad and the Ugly”
So many good things to report today so let’s begin with Bill Nolan standing in for vacationing Mary Beth. Two visitors who may become Rotarians were Matt Nastasia and Ashley Meghan.  Matt's application is in.
Lunch was an interesting mini taco salad bowl and tasty steak tips on rice, followed by one of The Best desserts ever – an oversized Oreo Cookie ice cream sandwich. Chocolate mousse anyone?
The Bad – Peter Cullen hurting from some rib injuries – get well soon Pete, we miss you. I hate being the last one in.
The Ugly – Our beloved softball team fell to Chelsea in the playoffs due to an overpowering attack and energetic defense. But it’s a team sport and it’s never about just one play, right? See you next year, boys.
The Good – (besides dessert):
Congrats to Ralph Ardiff for completing another 192 mile PMC ride to fight cancer. Our very own Heavy Hitter has ridden many years – 15? -  to support the cause and in memory of his lovely daughter.
The 3rd annual Wiffle Ball Tournament on Saturday brought together lots of Rotarians and area youth to play for the Gold. 24 teams competed and a team representing Cherry St won the day.
Big thank you to all those who helped!
Dan, Don, Jason, both Toms, Rick Seward and daughter, both Lennys, both Garys, Joe J, Kim and MaryBeth. (apologies to anyone else not mentioned)
Acting Sherriff Tom Manuel collected $132 today with lots of good will.
Ralph, Bill, Larry R and Neal for Ralph’s’ “90th” ride and Karen for her new pup, Brodie. Brad had a Saratoga Bachelor Party, seems fairly well recovered, Bill Nolan for a great vacation in NH at Ossipee, Barry’s enjoying the Olympics, Jason for grilling next to his chef idol Tom, Tom M for no injuries while grilling or on the Team, Matt S for another good vacay in Maine at Sebago, Don, Joe and Kim for the successful Wiffle Ball Tourney, Larry D for a continuing nice summer, Jackie for her great Cape getaway in Brewster, Laura  King for some good time off in NH, Jim J is promoting a golf tourney to support the DHS Marching Band, and last but by no means least…
Happy 65th Anniversary to Lois and Alden Goodnow
Happy 57th Anniversary to Tom and Sheila Standring.
We are grateful and impressed with your continuing marriages and service to Rotary!
DHS Band Golf Tournament at Ferncroft, 730 AM Aug 16. Contact Jim of you want to donate or play.
Next Board Mtg is 8/23 830 am at No Shore Bank on Elm St.
PLEASE contact Mary Beth if you cannot attend.
DUES are Overdue. Why wait? It just costs the club to cover for you.
The District is sponsoring a Rotary Day at Cedardale in Haverhill 8/27 starting at 10:30. This is a family friendly facility with tennis, swimming and many other outdoor activities. There will be a BBQ included and the day is just $35. Check the District web site to register and get more info.
The Farmer’s Market continues to be a hit with the town and most of the vendors. We still have people inquiring about joining us but the vendor list is pretty full at this time. Come shop for the freshest produce and great drinks anywhere from natural and skillful farmers, winemakers, bakers and juicers.
Helpers are most useful for setup and takedown times of 2-3:15 and 630-730. We have our own canopies and tables as well as assisting Daniella’s and other vendors with their lifting which is most appreciated. It’s one of the things that can set us apart from other markets and bring the vendors back year after year.
This Monday’s meeting will be held on the Patio and will be a cookout.  A don’t miss meeting for the summer time.
Thanks for reading.
Cub Reporter
Barry Kaplan
August 8 2016 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2016-08-08 00:00:00Z 0

Sheriff Brad collected $129.00

Sheriff Brad was busy collecting funds from everyone this week.  Many donated for the great weather, some for the Scholarship Recipient, some for the four 50+ year honorees and others for a variety of reasons.  
It was a fun meetings this week.  This week there was a playoff game against Chelsea, held at the John George Park.  I hope it went well.
Anyway, enjoy your week and we will see you on Monday, regular time at the Yacht Club.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

    - Doug Firebaugh

July 25 2016 Rotoracle 2 Len Mercier 2016-07-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

District Governor Sheryl

   Addresses Her Home Club

2016-2017 District Governor Sheryl Meehan had her official visit this week, Assistant Governor Kang Yu, from the Saugus Club.  For her real job, Sheryl works in Danvers as the Director of Volunteer Services at Care Dimension.  She tells me that she can be a bit shy and was even a bit nervous addressing us, her home club.  I understand because I can be a bit shy myself, hard to believe but it is true.  You would have never known that by her presentation.  Governor Sheryl has more energy and she encourages everyone to have it as well.  As a Rotarian to look up to she admits that she did not join Rotary to do service, she joined because she thought it was a group to have fun and share time with.  Well she was right for the right reasons. Individuals who possess her amount of energy and join to have fun do the best work.  Service to your community and to the world can not only be rewarding but can be and should be fun.  After all if you did not enjoy helping others why would you continue to do it.  
I am sure that the reason she is Governor is that people are drawn to her personality.  That personality makes doing service projects fun and I am sure that volunteering with Care Dimensions must be fun as well.  She is so excited about her year and mentioned that the District Conference Event will be held this year in Salem, close to home.  She spoke about how Rotary is doing so many great things and encouraged us to be as involved as we can and if we had any questions to ask them and she will get Kang Yu to find the answers for us.  Rotary Serving Humanity is this year's theme and Sheryl want our District's theme to be Rotary is Magical.  She is convinced that there will not be any polio cases found this year and we are on the road to finishing this project.  
The Polar Plunge is on for this year and clubs are challenging each other.  It is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary International Foundation.  In 1917 the first donation to the Foundation was $26.50  Governor Sheryl is asking everyone to dig deep and add this amount to your regular contribution to help bring it over the top.  A Rotoplast mission is also planned for this year, in October.  Sheryl spoke about how our club is serving and having fun at the same time.  Listing the Food Project, the Danvers Mayor, the WiffleBall Tournament, the Veterans Memorial, Pavilion and much more.  She is proud to have Danvers as her home club.
We are proud to have her with us as well.  Congrats Sheryl.  Have fun and enjoy your year......................
Governor Sheryl Addresses Club Len Mercier 2016-07-29 00:00:00Z 0

Wiffle Ball Tournament!!!


3rd Annual Wiffleball Tournament Announced


Danvers Rotary Tournament is set for August 6th


Salem Village Wiffle® Ball Tournament was held in August 2014 & 15 and proved to be a great addition to the club's fundraising events.  With the hard work of the club's members to find advertisers, to sign up teams for play and run the event on game day, this tournament could not have gone better for it's first two years.  Now plans are complete for the 3rd tournament on Saturday, August 6th.  Rotary has plans for this year's tournament to be bigger and even better that last year.
The committee is hard at work making sure that everything will be ready.  The food is ordered, the fields are mapped out and the teams are being put together.  Looking to play?  Click on the link below and register your team.  Looking to get your business or name seen, then click below to see how you can sponsor or take out an ad.  
All funds raised go to programs and projects that benefit the community and beyond.  
Check out the special site set up for this Salem Village Wiffle® Ball Tournament.


Click here for more information. 

Wiffle Ball Tournament 3rd Year Len Mercier 2016-07-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 12, 2016


Danvers Rotarians Tom Standring and Bill Lee were honored with District Governor's Service Awards for Rotary Service with the Danvers Club for Fifty Years.  As seen in the photo from left to Right are Tom Standring, Rotary International Director Julia Phelps, Bill Lee and Club President Mary Beth O'Connell.  RI Director Julia Phelps presented the awarded for District Governor Sheryl Meehan, who was away vacationing.  Tom Standring has been just about everything in the club over the years and continues to collect weekly funds and does anything he is asked to do.  He serves as the Assistant Treasurer for our Rotary District as well.  Recently Tom and Larry Raimondi took first place in the joint Bocce Tournament with the Danvers Kiwanis and Danvers Lions Clubs.  Truly he is a great Rotarian, athlete and community citizen.  Bill Lee has spent a a great deal of his time over the years serving the Danvers Rotary Club though the club officer positions, fundraising, served many terms on the Board of Directors and has done anything he has been asked to do, with a smile.
Both were honored with Citations from the House, awarded by Representative Ted Speliotis.
 True Rotarians have a hard time saying no to whatever is asked of them.  These two men fit that description of being True Rotarians.  I believe there are a couple of other Rotarians that will also be recognized.  Watch for more details.
Rotarians 50 years 2016-07-13 00:00:00Z 0


Four scholarships were awarded at the Danvers Rotary Club's July 11th, 2016 meeting.  President Mary Beth O'Connell stands proudly with, from left to right, Melissa Freed, Abigail Armstrong, Jason Thompson and Riley Thomson.  Melissa Freed was awarded the Ralph E. Ardiff Award and will be attending McGill University in the Fall.  Abigail Armstrong was awarded the Mark Reagan Award and will be attending University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  Jason Thompson was awarded a Mark Reagan Award and will be attending Tufts University.  Riley Thomson was awarded a Mark Reagan Scholarship and Riley will be attending Roger Williams University in September.  All four recipients were in attendance, with their parents to receive their awards.  The Danvers Rotary Club is proud to be able to help these top students.  The club wishes them the best while they begin their higher education, preparing for their future.

Scholarships Awarded 2016 2016-07-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

2016-2017 Danvers Rotary

Officers & Directors Induction Dinner

Can you believe another year has past and we are beginning the new year of club projects and activity.

Mary Beth O'Connell was sworn in as President, by District Assistant Treasurer, Tom Standring, on Tuesday, June 21st at the Salem Country Club.  
Here are a few pictures from the fun evening at the Salem Country Club.
I included a couple of selfies as newly inducted President Mary Beth requested that we take these for marking our history.
Congrats Mary Beth.  Looking to a great year............
Danvers Rotary Inductions 2016-2017 Len Mercier 2016-06-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Rotary Team Wins At Bocce

Larry Raimondi and Tom Standring did a stand up job, representing our club in the Service Club Bocce Tournament, held on Tuesday, June 28th, at Endicott Park.  This team worked hard, defeating the Kiwanis team of Richard Gilmore and Frank Hershede, who in the past were unbeatable.  Tom and Larry's skills helped them through the first round.  The team then squeezed by the other Rotarian team (Rick and Lenny) in the second round.  These two skillfully beat the Lions in the final round.  Tom Strandring must have some Italian blood with the way he tossed the ball and Larry being the experience bocce player, represented the club quite well.
Great job you two.
Rotary wins Bocce Tournament Len Mercier 2016-06-29 00:00:00Z 0
Some quick notes from Neal as Lenny was away this week.  
Thank you Neal for stepping in.  Your the best.

Please note that there will not be a meeting this Monday, June 20th.  Our meeting will be the installation program for Mary Beth as President and the other officers and directors that will be held on Tuesday, June 21st at the Salem Country Club, Peabody.  See you all there.

Now some notes from Neal:
Dan opened the meeting, but I forget who did the prayer.  There were no visiting Rotarians.  Jackie bought the owner of the new Salad Place on Endicott St as her guest.  I think he is a prospective member.
There was no speaker.
Mary Beth's Install dinner is 6/21, Salem Country Club
No meeting 6/20
District Install dinner is 6/30
Navy Concert is 6/30
Larry D said there is Kayaking Tuesday at 11 am
July 18 no meeting, patio party at the yacht club on the 19th
There will be an August social meeting on a boat in Gloucester. Date TBA
Mary Beth is looking for volunteers to join Beverly, Peabody and Salem Rotary clubs to package 20,000 meals from noon to 2pm at the Hathorne Hotel in Salem on a Tuesday in July (I forget which Tuesday). 
Bocce is June 28, 5:30, Endicott Park
The first Farmers Market was a huge success, but there was a poor showing of Rotarians to participate and help with set up and break down. Teams and team captains will be formed to assist in future weeks.
Softball team lost to Salem-Lawrence last week. Game is against Chelsea this week. Brad suggested go to Farmers Mkt 1st then the game.
Sheriff Matt collected $100. Most gave for the Farmers Market. Also for Dan's year, Father's Day. New Member Sara D'Antonio celebrated an anniversary.
Barry was a loser in the raffle, but Jackie got the Ace of Spades- second time in a row for her. The pot was $417 at the start of the meeting.
Hope to see you at Mary Beth's soiree.
June 13 2016 Rotoracle 2016-06-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier


On June 30th, the Navy Band, from Newport, RI will entertain the Danvers Community with a concert beginning at 7:00 PM.  Sponsored by the Danvers Rotary Club, this concert will help lead off this year's Family Festival.  Rotarian Larry Raimondi arranged for the Navy Band to return this year.  The concert will feature the complete group playing Patriotic Tunes along with a smaller group from the Navy Band entertaining with top 40 hits.  This is a great concert for the entire family.  Come on down to the Rotary Pavilion, on the Library Lawn, by the Mill Pond.  

Navy Band Concert Len Mercier 2016-06-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Sean Driscoll's Classification

Sean has been attending and has been committed to Rotary for about a year now.  He is a banker with North Shore Bank, sponsored by fellow North Shore Banker, Mary Beth O'Connell.  Sean is our Treasurer and is a proud Rotarian.  His younger years included growing up in South Boston, lived in Beverly for awhile and has been calling Danvers home since 2014.  One of his hobbies is walking and trying to wear out his puppy, a pitbull husky mix.  Went to Boston Latin High School, continued on to UMass Amherst.  He is a basketball player and after spending some time with him at Sylvan Street Grill with other Rotarians, it is obvious to me that he is proud to be a Rotarian with us.  

He enjoys life, loves to work and is a community dedicated individual.

We are all excited to know more about what Sean is all about.  Great having you in the club.



Sean Driscoll Classification Len Mercier 2016-04-05 00:00:00Z 0
Fellow Rotarians:
President Dan was back this week, after I believe some sickness and vacation.  Glad to have him back with us and he looks like he is feeling great.  We had Dan Weir, President of the Boxford, Topsfield, Middleton Club was our visiting Rotarian and also served as our speaker this week, talking on the District's Initiative on Homelessness and Hunger, chaired by Bob Wood.
Sara D'Antonio was visiting today.  Sara is presently an inactive Rotarian, previously of the Rockport Club and wanting to get back into Rotary.  Past President Matt introduced Sara to us this week and we are looking forward to her possibly joining our club.  
Gary Nangle served as Sheriff this week, collecting $86.00 for the campership fund.  Larry D gave for great skiing, Lenny for not getting the Rotoracle out last week, Gary Nangle for a good weekend, Jackie for the Farmers Market, Guest Dan Weir for discovering Danvers, President Dan is glad to be back, Kim is glad to have Dan back,  Gary Leston loves the spring weather, Guest Sara was glad to be here with us this week, Joe Joslin for the brave rotarians with us today, Bill Nolan for opening day, Tom Manuel for the soup, Jason 20 for the lovely weather, Brad for opening practice for pitchers and catchers and assistant coach, Larry Raimondi for his wife recovering, Karen Nelson for opening day, and Matt Schroeder for being late.  Many thanks to all.    
  • Cruise Raffle is coming to a close.  Everyone should have sold their tickets and if you have not turned in your money, please turn it in to Don Desmond's office at Hancock Engineering, Centre Street, or bring it to the meeting this next Monday.  It is so important that all tickets be sold since we only printed so many tickets.  Ticket will be drawn at the Trivia Night.  Trivia Night will be Friday, April 15th, tax day, at the Polish Club, Cheever Street, Danvers.  Evening begins at 6:00 PM and those with ticket stubs get free entrance, others will be charged $5.00.  Gary Nangle asks Rotarians to bring snack food, chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc. to the club meeting this next Monday.  These items will be used at the Trivia Night.  There will be a cash bar.  You can bring friends and family members, of age, to enjoy the evening.  We had a great time during the last trivia night.  
  • Farmers Market is coming together for this year.  Day has changed from Friday to Wednesday and Bill Nolan tells us that there is a great response from the vendors and his committee is meeting to finalize plans for this year.  This will probably too late, but there meeting this week is Tuesday, 9 am at the Osborn Tavern.  
  • The Job Fair is planned for Friday, April 15th, in the morning.  If you signed up to take part please make sure you attend and share your profession and if you are in need of hiring students or have intern positions available, you can look for good students during the fair.  Ted Speliotis is heading up this effort.  If you have not signed up and want to be included, please call Ted's office to sign up.
Please mark your calendar for Monday, April 18th.  This is Patriot's Day and we will not be having our luncheon meeting.  It's a great day to sit back and watch the Boston Marathon.  
Cards were played by Tom Manuel and Larry D.   Sorry to say they were both looooooooooooooooooooosers.
I will be away next week in St. Maarten.  Will be thinking about you.
Talk to you soon.

Success doesn't come to go to it.

    -Marva Collins

April 4 2016 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2016-04-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

District Initiative on Homelessness & Hunger


Dan Weir, President of the Boxford, Topsfield, Middleton Rotary Club, talked with our club this week, reviewing the District Governor Dave Manzi's Initiative on Homelessness and dealing with Hunger.  This initiative is one that will carry from this year and through the next couple of years.  Fighting Hunger is an area that we, as a club and district has been working on for awhile.  As an issue of every community throughout the world, there are many people in every community in need of healthy food to sustain their health.  Working with Food Pantries, the Boston Food Bank as well as sending food items to other parts of the world, are all ways to help the large numbers of those needing our help.  Even in Danvers we are surprised to see how many families can't put that important meal on their table.  Many children need the help that we can provide.  In Danvers we know how many families are homeless, living in motel/hotels, needing help from the Commonwealth and from our community.  We have been working with the homelessness issue for many years and surely this is not going way anytime soon.  Working with the Commonwealth, our local Community Council's Food Pantry and other community leaders from our community, we can make a difference. Our Danvers Club has been working on this and I am sure will continue to do our best to help support the needs in our community and beyond.  Dan is going club to club talking about this all so important issue.  Thank you Dan for your commitment. 

Dan Weir Talks About District Initiative Len Mercier 2016-04-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Dear fellow Rotarians:
Just a quick Rotoracle this week.  We met at the Sylvan Street Grill on Monday night this week.  We were a small but fun group consisting of Bill Lee, Sean Driscoll, Ted Speliotis, Mary Beth O'Connell, Kim Labonte Kay, Peter Cullen, Newest Rotarian Gary Leston and myself (Len Mercier).  The eight of us enjoyed each others company, talked about Rotary, enjoyed a couple of beverages and a meal.  Many thanks to my friends that attended and  we will catch the rest of you later.  
As you can see the six of us that lasted the longest had a great time with each other.  Yes, we behaved........................

Cruise Raffle:

   The raffle fundraiser is almost at the end.  Please turn in your money and filled in tickets to Don Desmond over the next week so he will be ready for  the day to pull the ticket.  Don't forget the winning ticket will be pulled on Friday, April 15th (Tax Day), at the Polish Club during the trivia contest.  The winner does not have to be in attendance, but wouldn't it be exciting if he/she was.  Plus the more people we have that night at the Polish Club the better time we will all have.  I have already picked out my new bathing suit for the cruise and no it is not a speedo, but I am ready to go so I hope my ticket is pulled, how about you........  I think I have two tickets left to sell and if I don't sell them by Monday, I will buy them for a better chance at winning.  At this point we would hope that no unsold tickets will be turned in.  If you have any then get out and get them sold.

Job Fair - Career Day April 15th

  Don't forget about the Job Fair/Career Day, planned for Friday, April 15th, 7:30 to 11:30 AM, at the Danvers High School.  Looking for High School Students to work for you this summer or want to share some information about your profession?  This is a great opportunity to share what your profession is all about and allow the students the opportunity to find out more about what makes your jobs the best.  They are still accepting names to participate.  I will be away, but the YMCA will be there with bells on.  Well actually not with bells as that would turn off the kids from going to our table.  Those interested should contact Ted Speliotis to get your names on the list.

Membership Committee Business Visitation Day

  On Wednesday, April 6th, Past President Matt is heading up a group to visit local businesses to look for new Rotarians.  Call Matt and let him know you can help.  
Monday luncheon meeting will be held at the Yacht Club, noon as usual.  
See you Monday.
Happy Easter.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.   Willing is not enough; we must do.

  - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Posted by Len Mercier

Gary Leston - Newest Rotarian

Gary Leston from Hawk Oil and Service was inducted into the Danvers Rotary Club at the Club's meeting on Monday, March 7th.  He was inducted by Past Rotary President Matt Schroeder and welcomed by the club members and Club President Dan Doherty.  Gary has been volunteering and taking part in Rotary events and projects over the past year and the club is proud to have his join as our newest member.  He has been in business for twenty-six years, here in Danvers.
Welcome Gary..... 
Gary Leston Newest Rotarian Len Mercier 2016-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Sheriff Report - $127 collected
  Matt for skiing, Jackie for good weather, Anne for missed meetings, Alden for good weather, Gary for good World Peace and Understanding Dinner, Sheryl was happy to be with us, Bill Lee was sad for the lack of snow and Lenny was happy not to care about Bill Lee being sad, Don for the good weather, Joe happy birthday to Kim, Dan for something about college, Kim for her birthday, Becky for something about President Climate, Tom for the Sheriff and Karen for the spring and the birds.  Many thanks to everyone.
Cards were played by Bill Lee and Kim, both being loooooooooosers.... Made me so sad that they did not win.
Enjoy your week, sell those Cruise tickets and we will see you next Monday.

Happines is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.

    - Aldous Huxley

February 22 2016 Rotoracle Sheriff Report 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

DGE Sheryl Meehan Classification Talk

District Governor Elect Sheryl Meehan did her classification talk this week.  She grew up in Woburn and went to Catholic Elementary School.  Sheryl had everyone laughing as she talked about how she was a hand full in her early years.  When in the first grade she wondered what the Nuns did in their free time.  While hanging by the fence, she found a hole in the fence and watched.  Not seeing enough she went to a window with a couple of friends and looked in.  Wanting to see more, she climbed up and through the window as her friends ran away.  She climbed in and under a dresser.  She was so scared that she stayed there for hours and all she could see was the Nuns socks and shoes walking around.  After hours she came out and was caught.  For months she had to go there and read the Bible as her punishment.  Even with being a handful she has never been able to lie.  She worked in insurance and hated that type of work, got married and went to Northeastern University to get a degree in Business Administration.  She worked in computers with BASF following trying to sell computers to receptionists.  She was the President of her own company for 21 years and thought of her employees as family, yearly taking them up to Burlington Vermont for their Thanksgiving Dinner at a restaurant, Mike's Pizza house.  No it was not Pizza that they had for Thanksgiving but a regular Thanksgiving meal. Retiring from that brought her to Hospice, working with volunteers.  She now works with Care Dimention as Director of volunteers and comfort care.  She loves getting up every morning.  As for her history in Rotary, she joined Rotary at the Wilmington Club in 1998, not because of the giving, helping reasons.  She joined because they were fun people, who she loved to socialize with.  Through that social time she learned to love the work of Rotary as well.  After many years there, she transferred to Haverhill, where she learned about Rotary's involvement in eliminating Polio and that is when she realized that there was a more important reason she was involved in Rotary.  She is a Polio survivor and now she could see how that solidified her commitment to Rotary.  She was one of the lucky ones.  Sheryl was asked to be an Assistant Governor and agreed to do it since she thought it was just a little work.  She was wrong as it was a lot of work but she loved it.  Sheryl Meehan is now Governor Elect and will serve as Governor of our District next year, during time year that Mary Beth will be President of our fine club.  She thanked us for taking her in.  Truth is we are honored to have her in our club and will be honored to have her serving as governor from our club.  Welcome to Danvers Sheryl and know that you are truly an example of Service Above Self.
Sheryl Meehan Classification Talk Len Mercier 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier

Kim Labonte Kay Classification

Kim grew-up in Beverly, graduating from Beverly High School in 1987, continued on to North Shore Community College, then finished up her degree at Endicott College, proudly paying her way through school.  She held many jobs including financial positions, working in insurance, and many other positions.  She was a secret shopper when she worked in insurance, catching people on workers comp claims, etc.  She feels a strong connection to family with many relatives.  Kim's Dad was one of 17 kids in his family.  His poor mother must have been sick of runny noses and cleaning up after all those kids.  She is a sportsman club enthusiast who knows how to shoot a gun.  Married to Jeff Kay with son Brice, a fifth grader in the Danvers school system.  She now works with a nonprofit, working with kids grades 8 and under, helping them give back to their community.  She works with kids, helping them do the things that they want to do.  One of these projects included the girl scouts who shoveled out fire hydrants, showing community support for safety.  Kids dream about projects that can help and she helps to make it happen. Her son participates in many of these projects as she drags him along.  Surely he must enjoy her energy.  When she visited Rotary and saw the many things we do for community and around the world she knew we would be a perfect fit with her wanting to give back.  
While she was giving her classification she was a bit emotional which she says is normal.  In finishing her talk she talked about the Rotary four way test and some quotes she lives by every day.  In short she believes she should work to make life better for others and always have a smile on her face.  In looking at her picture to the right, I believe she does just, helping others with an energetic smile on her face.  She feels lucky to be a Rotarian.  Well Kim, we are equally as lucky to have you and your devotion.   What a great classification talk.
Kim Labonte Kay Classification Len Mercier 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
President Dan called the meeting to order, at the Yacht Club, followed by Joe Joslin giving the invocation.  After the invocation Dan spoke of our Rotary four way test and reminded us how important it is to follow this in every aspect of our lives: 
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
There were no visitors this week and no visiting Rotarians.  As a matter of fact. attendance was a bit light, partly because of the members that go south for the winter but also I think a few were still hung up or catching up from the school vacation week.
Announcements, dates to remember, etc:
  • Bowling is being held on Monday nights at Sunnyside.  Social and practice begins at 6:00 and I believe the bowling that counts begins at either 6:30 or 7:00 PM.  Have to check in with Coach Tom and Kim.  Word is that Kim is quite the bowler.
  • Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales - Don Desmond reported that most of the tickets are out, in the hands of Rotarians for sales.  Please sell the tickets that each of you have been given.  Don still has some tickets for those needing more.  Remember that there are only a limited tickets that have been printed and we are limited to that number.  So with that said it is so very important for each of us to be sure that no ticket go unsold.  As you sell, turn in your money to Don at any meeting or money can be turned into Hancock Engineering, Centre Street, Danvers.  The receptionist has the extra tickets and can take your money and sold tickets.  The winning ticket will be pulled on tax day, April 15th, which is just around the corner.  Ticket will be drawn at a trivia night, at the Polish Club.  Winner does not have to be in attendance but would be exciting is he or she is.  
  • Whiffleball Tournament - Tournament date is Saturday, August 6th.  There will be more to come in the future but please mark this on your calendar so you can be there to help and have fun with everyone.
  • District Social Bowling - The Peabody Rotary Club is hosting a social bowling family evening on March 20th, 6:00 PM, at the MetroBowl in Peabody.  Consider joining them for a fun family night on the 20th.
  • Wine Tasting - The Rockport Rotary Club is sponsoring a Wine Tasting on March 4th.  Additional information is available in the District Newsletter and on the District Site.
  • Board Meeting was held on Tuesday morning.  Sorry a bit late for the announcement.
  • Farmers Market - Opening day for this year's Farmers Market will be Wednesday, June 8th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM.  Vendors are signing up and plans are underway for a great season.  Yes the day changed to Wednesday to better serve the community.  
  • Career Fair April 15th - A Career Fair is set for Friday, April 15th, at the Danvers High School.  All grades will be attending and it will be held between 7:30 and 11:30 AM.  They are looking for community people that want to share information about their profession and for those who are looking for students to work for them.  Think about it and I believe we need to let Matt or Ted know.  Either one of those will know the details.
February 22 2016 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2016-02-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan
Jan 11, 2016
Rotary Bulletin
President Dan opened today’s meeting with his thanks and appreciation to all who offered condolences on the recent passing of his father.
Today’s lunch was a plate of Chicken Parmesan with roasted veggies, followed by an old standby – chocolate mousse and a chocolate covered strawberry. Who knows? In a hundred years the club may want to compare lunches from the good old days.
Joe Joslin solicited ads for a program book sponsoring the Eddie Garris basketball tournament in February. Eddie was a respected and talented athlete and the event hopes to raise money for 2 scholarships. Call Joe to arrange your ad size which starts at just $50.
Don Desmond whet our appetite for a Bermuda Cruise raffle.
The trip is on a specific date – August 19 -26th – and the winner will get a Balcony stateroom for 2 people, or they can choose a cash prize of $2500. Tickets will be printed soon and there will only be 500 at $20 each. The winner will be drawn at a trivia night at the Polish Club April 15.
Dan announced the club’s newest Paul Harris recipient, Barry Kaplan, who looked as surprised as I did when it was announced.
Matt introduced Charlie Peabody, author of “The Privileged Addict” who spoke about his personal experience with alcohol and drug addiction. His substance abuse history was concentrated between age13 to 28 and during that time he rarely questioned why he was doing it. “I just loved it”. He explained that addicts often don’t respond to therapy until they learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions and how they affect the loved ones in their life. Eventually he saw the pain he was causing those he cared about and began a 12 step process in NH. There he developed a ‘nourishment’ process that included prayer, meditation and service to others that has helped him leave his self-destructive feelings and habits behind. Sobriety is a first step but it’s “the next step” that really counts and he has found service to be one of his best routes to recovery.
Sherriff Pete Cullen collected around $84, not a small part of which was for his early arrival. Other donations were for vacations, the Patriots, our guest speaker and some weather related wishes I’d rather not repeat.
Note! No meeting on MLK day next Monday but all are invited to DHS for the Diversity Day proceedings that start at 3 PM. The BOD will meet Tuesday the 26th at No Sh Bank at 8:30 AM and w hope to see everyone on Jan 25 for the next regular meeting when we can praise ?? for their Polar Plunge. By the way, please visit the district’s Polar Plunge page and donate to Tom Standring’s fund raising. Although he’s not swimming he has visited 17 clubs in the last 4 weeks to get the word out and encourage people to get chilly. Let’s support his hard work!
Submitted by Barry Kaplan
January 11 2016 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2016-01-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week we met in the Ballroom as all other rooms of the Yacht Club were being used.  I thought President Dan was giving us a challenge of filling the room with new Rotarians.  Last week our meeting was under the tent and a great time for a summer meeting.  
Jackie Shambaugh from Mountain One Bank was again a guest.  We are looking for her to be a member.  Our meeting this week was one of the last during the summer months.  No guest speaker was planned but Neal Waldman did a reclassification talk, which you will hear later.  
Coach Tom reported that on September 9th there will be a Breakup Dinner I believe in the form of a cruize at Seaport in Gloucester.  Anyone interested in attending should get in touch with Tom Manuel to get on the list to take part.  
Joe Joslin reported that the Tom Standring room at the Library is complete and he encouraged everyone to go in and see it.  
Social Event Planned at Kim LaBonte Kay and Jeff Kay's on Thursday, September 24th.  This will count as our meeting for that week.

Neal Waldman's Reclassification

Neal Waldman was born many, many, many years ago.  No that is not how it went but he is retired.  He grew up in Winthrop and is a UMASS Graduate back in 1968.  He went into a Restaurant Adventure with his dad and business was sold in the late 90's.  He volunteered with Hospice and that actually turned into a job.  He retired from that about 6 years ago.  As part of his Rotary experience he  went on a Rotoplast  mission, where he spent time helping surgeons in a variety of ways as they operated on  children with clef pallets and other reconstructive surgery.  It was such a life changing experience to help these children and families in ways that they would never have been able to without the help of Rotary.  Another Rotary experience was his volunteering on a Water Mission where he spent time in Honduras, building water filters for families, that would allow them to take contaminated water and filter it for drinking and cleaning.  These filters were made of cement and had a number of layers of things that once they were set up would help these families.  His volunteering to help thes third world countries through and serving from Rotary shows his commitment to making our world a  better place.  He said he had the time to do this while his wife Doris worked for Salem Five and studied to be a lawyer.  Doris was on her mission to become a lawyer and Neal was on his mission as well.  Once becoming a lawyer, Doris continued to work with Salem Five as council until her recent retirement.  The two of them make a great giving community couple.  Neal serves on the Board of Directors for Camp Rotary, where RYLA takes place each year.  At one point he played on our Softball team as well.  
Presently Neal belongs to our Rotary Club for at least six months a year and takes part in a Rotary Club in Arizona.  Danvers remains to be his home club but he is proud to work with the Arizona Club while he and Doris Winter there.
Neal looked great in his blue shorts during the meeting.  Thank you Neal for representing our club throughout the world.  

Sheriff Tom collected $71 this week and $65 last week for the cause.

President Dan gave $25 for dropping off his child at Williams College, Joe for Tom Brady Acquittal, Bill for Football, Youth, Stafting, Kim for the Kayak Trip, Jacki for the last beach day, Nelli for the lunch, Peter thank you to everyone, Neal for the cozy setting in the Ballroom (nice Echo), Bill, Sean, Ralph Great day, Matt for Rotary and boat, Mary Beth for Rotarians, Becky for summer's end (sad),  Lenny RI and Bill's Boat, Gary for the awfull Bill Lee, Ralph Ardiff for moving.   Thank you to all.

Cards were played by:

Laura King ......Loooooooser and Sean Doyle who was the big winner.....!!!!!!!
That is about it for this week.  Still looking for pictures from the Whiffleball Tournament.  Please get them to me......
Enjoy Labor Day, No Rotary this week.
See you on September 14th.

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong.

    -William Thackeray

June 2 2015 Len Mercier 2015-09-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week we met in the Ballroom as all other rooms of the Yacht Club were being used.  I thought President Dan was giving us a challenge of filling the room with new Rotarians.  Last week our meeting was under the tent and a great time for a summer meeting.  
Jackie Shambaugh from Mountain One Bank was again a guest.  We are looking for her to be a member.  Our meeting this week was one of the last during the summer months.  No guest speaker was planned but Neal Waldman did a reclassification talk, which you will hear later.  
Coach Tom reported that on September 9th there will be a Breakup Dinner I believe in the form of a cruize at Seaport in Gloucester.  Anyone interested in attending should get in touch with Tom Manuel to get on the list to take part.  
Joe Joslin reported that the Tom Standring room at the Library is complete and he encouraged everyone to go in and see it.  
Social Event Planned at Kim LaBonte Kay and Jeff Kay's on Thursday, September 24th.  This will count as our meeting for that week.

Neal Waldman's Reclassification

Neal Waldman was born many, many, many years ago.  No that is not how it went but he is retired.  He grew up in Winthrop and is a UMASS Graduate back in 1968.  He went into a Restaurant Adventure with his dad and business was sold in the late 90's.  He volunteered with Hospice and that actually turned into a job.  He retired from that about 6 years ago.  As part of his Rotary experience he  went on a Rotoplast  mission, where he spent time helping surgeons in a variety of ways as they operated on  children with clef pallets and other reconstructive surgery.  It was such a life changing experience to help these children and families in ways that they would never have been able to without the help of Rotary.  Another Rotary experience was his volunteering on a Water Mission where he spent time in Honduras, building water filters for families, that would allow them to take contaminated water and filter it for drinking and cleaning.  These filters were made of cement and had a number of layers of things that once they were set up would help these families.  His volunteering to help thes third world countries through and serving from Rotary shows his commitment to making our world a  better place.  He said he had the time to do this while his wife Doris worked for Salem Five and studied to be a lawyer.  Doris was on her mission to become a lawyer and Neal was on his mission as well.  Once becoming a lawyer, Doris continued to work with Salem Five as council until her recent retirement.  The two of them make a great giving community couple.  Neal serves on the Board of Directors for Camp Rotary, where RYLA takes place each year.  At one point he played on our Softball team as well.  
Presently Neal belongs to our Rotary Club for at least six months a year and takes part in a Rotary Club in Arizona.  Danvers remains to be his home club but he is proud to work with the Arizona Club while he and Doris Winter there.
Neal looked great in his blue shorts during the meeting.  Thank you Neal for representing our club throughout the world.  

Sheriff Tom collected $71 this week and $65 last week for the cause.

President Dan gave $25 for dropping off his child at Williams College, Joe for Tom Brady Acquittal, Bill for Football, Youth, Stafting, Kim for the Kayak Trip, Jacki for the last beach day, Nelli for the lunch, Peter thank you to everyone, Neal for the cozy setting in the Ballroom (nice Echo), Bill, Sean, Ralph Great day, Matt for Rotary and boat, Mary Beth for Rotarians, Becky for summer's end (sad),  Lenny RI and Bill's Boat, Gary for the awfull Bill Lee, Ralph Ardiff for moving.   Thank you to all.

Cards were played by:

Laura King ......Loooooooser and Sean Doyle who was the big winner.....!!!!!!!
That is about it for this week.  Still looking for pictures from the Whiffleball Tournament.  Please get them to me......
Enjoy Labor Day, No Rotary this week.
See you on September 14th.

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong.

    -William Thackeray

September 1 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-09-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week we met in the Ballroom as all other rooms of the Yacht Club were being used.  I thought President Dan was giving us a challenge of filling the room with new Rotarians.  Last week our meeting was under the tent and a great time for a summer meeting.  
Jackie Shambaugh from Mountain One Bank was again a guest.  We are looking for her to be a member.  Our meeting this week was one of the last during the summer months.  No guest speaker was planned but Neal Waldman did a reclassification talk, which you will hear later.  
Coach Tom reported that on September 9th there will be a Breakup Dinner I believe in the form of a cruize at Seaport in Gloucester.  Anyone interested in attending should get in touch with Tom Manuel to get on the list to take part.  
Joe Joslin reported that the Tom Standring room at the Library is complete and he encouraged everyone to go in and see it.  
Social Event Planned at Kim LaBonte Kay and Jeff Kay's on Thursday, September 24th.  This will count as our meeting for that week.

Neal Waldman's Reclassification

Neal Waldman was born many, many, many years ago.  No that is not how it went but he is retired.  He grew up in Winthrop and is a UMASS Graduate back in 1968.  He went into a Restaurant Adventure with his dad and business was sold in the late 90's.  He volunteered with Hospice and that actually turned into a job.  He retired from that about 6 years ago.  As part of his Rotary experience he  went on a Rotoplast  mission, where he spent time helping surgeons in a variety of ways as they operated on  children with clef pallets and other reconstructive surgery.  It was such a life changing experience to help these children and families in ways that they would never have been able to without the help of Rotary.  Another Rotary experience was his volunteering on a Water Mission where he spent time in Honduras, building water filters for families, that would allow them to take contaminated water and filter it for drinking and cleaning.  These filters were made of cement and had a number of layers of things that once they were set up would help these families.  His volunteering to help thes third world countries through and serving from Rotary shows his commitment to making our world a  better place.  He said he had the time to do this while his wife Doris worked for Salem Five and studied to be a lawyer.  Doris was on her mission to become a lawyer and Neal was on his mission as well.  Once becoming a lawyer, Doris continued to work with Salem Five as council until her recent retirement.  The two of them make a great giving community couple.  Neal serves on the Board of Directors for Camp Rotary, where RYLA takes place each year.  At one point he played on our Softball team as well.  
Presently Neal belongs to our Rotary Club for at least six months a year and takes part in a Rotary Club in Arizona.  Danvers remains to be his home club but he is proud to work with the Arizona Club while he and Doris Winter there.
Neal looked great in his blue shorts during the meeting.  Thank you Neal for representing our club throughout the world.  

Sheriff Tom collected $71 this week and $65 last week for the cause.

President Dan gave $25 for dropping off his child at Williams College, Joe for Tom Brady Acquittal, Bill for Football, Youth, Stafting, Kim for the Kayak Trip, Jacki for the last beach day, Nelli for the lunch, Peter thank you to everyone, Neal for the cozy setting in the Ballroom (nice Echo), Bill, Sean, Ralph Great day, Matt for Rotary and boat, Mary Beth for Rotarians, Becky for summer's end (sad),  Lenny RI and Bill's Boat, Gary for the awfull Bill Lee, Ralph Ardiff for moving.   Thank you to all.

Cards were played by:

Laura King ......Loooooooser and Sean Doyle who was the big winner.....!!!!!!!
That is about it for this week.  Still looking for pictures from the Whiffleball Tournament.  Please get them to me......
Enjoy Labor Day, No Rotary this week.
See you on September 14th.

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong.

    -William Thackeray

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Posted by Len Mercier

Honorary Mayor of Danvers


Every other year the Danvers Rotary Club sponsors the "Honorary Mayor of Danvers" as a fundraiser to support Rotary projects in the community and beyond.  This year's race is underway and everyone can help by either jumping into the race and or voting for the candidate of their choice.  

Click here to learn more and join in...

Honorary Mayor of Danvers Election Planned Len Mercier 2015-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Danvers Rotary met on Monday at the Yacht Club and enjoyed a great meal of salad, seafood newburg, veggies and desert assortment.  President Matt called the meeting to order and Sean Driscoll read the invocation.  

Sean Driscoll - Newest Rotarian

Tom Standring inducted Sean Driscoll into our club this week.  Sean is a Commercial lender with North Shore Bank.  He was proposed by Mary Beth.  He lives in Danvers and has been attending our meetings for some time now.  When you see Sean give him a warm Danvers Rotary Welcome.

Soft Ball Team - Off and Running

Coach Tom reported that there is a game against Woburn, in Danvers, at the John George Park, on Wednesday.  Looking forward there will not be a club meeting on Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day, so President Matt is looking for all Rotarians to support the team at their home game on Wednesday, May 27th at 6:30 PM.  Event will be at the John George Park and Rotarians will be cooking on the grill.

Danvers Rotarians meet with Beverly

President Matt is looking for Danvers Rotarians to attend Beverly Rotary's  meeting on Thursday, May 28th, at the Danversport Yacht Club.  He needs a number so he can let them know we are coming.  email or call Matt and let him know.

Rotary Scholarships

The application process is closed for this year's Rotary Scholarships.  The committee will be meeting shortly to decide this year's recipients.

Club Installation Evening is Planned

This year's Club Installation Dinner is planned under the upper tent, at the Danversport Yacht Club on Tuesday, June 23rd.  All Danvers Rotarians are requested in attendance, with their spouse, friends, family and guests.  I am sure the food will be great the evening will be a great success.  The new club officers and directors will be installed that evening.  Please plan on attending and put it on your calendar.

Whiffleball Tournament - August 8th

Soon to be President Dan reported that the Wiffleball Tournament is set for August 8th and he believes it will again be held at the High School.  Rick Gilmore, with the help of Kim and Laura, will be heading up the Ad Book for this year's event.   Gary will again head up the grill and is looking for help with cooking and serving.  

Danvers Mayor Campaign Fundraiser is underway

There are three candidates to date and I believe their is one in the loop to be added.  Tell your friends and everyone else to get ready to vote.  

Farmers Market Advertising Opportunity

Canvas bags will be printed with room for 9 sponsors at $300.00 each.  To date their are 5 spots filled and that means that 4 spaces are available.  Interested or know someone that is?  Think quickly as the decisions have to be made by tomorrow night, Wednesday, so it can go to print.  Let Bill Nolan or Joe Joslin know ASAP so you can get in.

Rotary Luncheon at the Library

On Monday, June 8th, we will be enjoying a box lunch at the Peabody Institute Library, Sylvan Street, Danvers.  This field trip will be to see the progress of our donation to the library for renovations.  Tom Standring will be welcoming us as he is a Library Trustee as well as a Danvers Rotarian.

Speaker - Gary Paul Magnant, MS

Gary is the Founder and CEO of Thrive Bioscience, Inc..He has three children and a wife of 27 years.  His topic was on Science - Tools and Future of Medicine.  A great video showing how microorganisms, Advanced tools and Separating DNA for study can help to cure just about any disease.  Gary put us through a Biology 101 lesson; there are 100 trillion human cells in the body, 1,000 Trillion microbes and 1 cell equals 100 trillion atoms.Add it all up and that number is only equal to the number of stars in the universe.  We are very complex.  The future in medicine will be to do cell based therapy to treat cancer.  In this manner cells can be trained to combat just the cancer cells rather than having to kill everything around them.  This will be in our lifetime.  Look back 100 years ago and how we treated any disease.  Look at how we treat today compared to then.  This new futuristic was to treat will be the norm, in the future.  Can be done today but is so expensive that no one could afford it.  He is designing the equipment that will make if affordable.  Now that is something to look forward to.  We can live longer (another reason for a good retirement plan and a longer time for our kids to wait for what money we have left).

Sheriff's Report 

This week's collection of funds for camperships included Don Desmond, Larry D, Neal Waldman and Alden all for HMD, Sean for a turkey dinner, Bill nolan for Farmers Market, Jason Allain for Brady's suspension money, Bill Lee for Jason doing a good job as sheriff, Tom Manuel for the return of softball veterans and rookies, Judy for a nice Kayaking weekend, Jason V is looking forward to the farmers market and summer.  Lenny gave $62 for his birthday and 5 for missed meetings, Kevin 5 for son passing all his classes, Peter for having to be sheriff, Kim for celebrating mothers day with 3 generations, Laura for a great mothers day, Becky for the new something for the red sox, Dan for the return of warm weather, Rick for 7 nights of baseball. Gary for his daughter graduating friday and for attending today, Mary Beth for the brilliant guests, Matt for his daughters picture in the paper, Larry Raimondi fora wonderful mother's day, Guest speaker Gary $10 for speaking.  $192.00 this week -    Thank you all so much......................
Cards this week were played by Peter Cullen and Tom Standring; both deserving but both looooooooooooosers.  Sorry guys.
Have a great week.
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Posted by Len Mercier

Danvers Rotarian's Polar Plunge

Barry Kaplan, not being able to take part in the rescheduled, rescheduled Polar Plunge on Saturday, April 11th, took the initiative to make his own plunge the weekend before.  Dedication is what Barry is all about and he wants everyone that sponsored him to know that he makes good on his promises, even if he has to freeze to do it.  
See Barry's Plunge Video by clicking on the following Video Link:  Barry's Polar Plunge Video
Great Job Barry!!!!!
Rotarian Barry Kaplan's Polar Plunge Len Mercier 2015-04-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Monday, April 6, 2015
This week's meeting opened the meeting followed by Jason V. Giving the invocation.  We did not have any real visitors but were happy to have Ralph Ardiff back from Arizona and Joe D. from Florida.  As the weather gets warmer some of our members are returning from far places. 
Ladies Night is planned for this Thursday, April 9th, at the Daily Harvest Rest. on High Street at 7:30 PM.  If you know of any women that would be good members and would be interested in learning more about our group, invite them to the Daily Harvest for this informational, social event. 
In the Sweet 16 brackets, Ted is in first place with 30 points and Bill Lee is in second with 25.  If Duke wins they will split the pot and if Wisconsin wins then Ted will take it all. 

Scholarship Applications available on website:

The club is seeking applicants for this year's Scholarships.  The application is available to download from our website's home page.  If you know of anyone applying for one please remind them to put some effort into the essay portion of the application and fill in the information completely. 

Softball Team Prepares

Well, it is opening day for the Red Sox and it should be a bit warmer.  Our Softball team is looking forward to being able to get on the field for Spring Training in a couple of weeks, once the snow leaves and the fields dry up a bit.  Coach Tom is looking forward to seeing what he has to work with.  Get those gloves out, oiled and loosened up.

Polar Plunge is this Saturday

Barry and Peter reminded us that the Polar Plunge is planned for this Saturday.  After being scheduled, rescheduled and more due to the amount of snow, the event is about to take place.  Barry can not make it to Saturday so he actually did his plunge off Plum Island last weekend.  His plunge was caught on video and he shared it with us at the meeting. 

Sheriff Larry Collects $246.00 this week.

Sheriff Larry was so excited to report that he collected $246.00 from the following:  Ralph Ardiff $50 for three months in Arizona, Alden for Duke, Bill Lee for waterfront property for sale, Lenny, Gary and Matt for a great Easter,  Joe J for welcoming back Joe D., Becky to welcome back Ralph, Bill Nolan and Kevin for opening day, Barry for his Polar Plunge, Larry D for a joke, Tom M 10 for opening day and preparing for spring season for the soft Ball Team.  Jason Allain $10 for Wisconsin, Rick 5 towards new Rotary Soft Ball Shirts, Peter is going in the water on Saturday, Judy for the Senior D's 68th wedding anniversary, Ted for Peter going in the water, Larry R for opening Red Sox Day, Joe D. $100 for his 68th anniversary today.    Thank you to all.            A special congrats to the 68 year wedded couple...............................

Speaker - Barbara Remon - Danvers Food Pantry

Barbara Remon from the Danvers People to People Food Pantry was this weeks speaker.  She shared what the Pantry is doing in town and gave some history of how they came about and where and what they are doing now.  Over 900 Danvers residents are served by the food pantry, representing 443 households, not including the motel/hotel families.  A grant from the Pillsbury Foundation is helping supply the senior population with much needed items.  In February alone, the pantry distributed 6,594 pounds of food to the community.  Help is given in many ways, not just food.  Many are assisted with vouchers for clothing, sneakers for children and emergency assistance when needed.  During the holidays the families are supplied with complete holiday meals, turkeys, hams, and all the fixings.  At Christmas the Pantry distributes toys and gifts to area children so they will not go without, supplies teens with gift cards and sees that needs are met.  For Easter 250 hams, side dishes and gift cards were distributed.   For over 60 years the Community Council has honored outstanding volunteers in Danvers.  Applications are being accepted for individuals who have given selfishly to the community.  These applications can be turned in to Lenny at the Y before April 23rd.  The Citizen of the Year will be honored on Wednesday, May 27th, at the Yacht Club.  Karen Nelson and Gayle Albani co-chair this event.  The food pantry is connected with the Boston Food Bank, which supplies a great amount of food.  Donations from the community and pantry shoppers take care of the rest.  An increased need for Ensure and Pediasure has grown.  Some clients need this and it is very expensive.  The Pantry is part of the Danvers Community Council and is totally staffed by volunteers, giving of their time and resources to help the community.
Cards this week were played by Ralph A. and Larry R., both were loooosers.  Ralph requested fewer oooooooooos.
I am off to St. Maarten next week so I hope the weather is better when I return.

All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better.

        - Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 6 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-04-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
This week's Danvers Rotary News:
President Matt opened the meeting following by Lenny reading the invocation.  What a surprise, it was snowing and cold this morning.  Where the H....... is Spring.  Well I guess it is going to go from winter directly to summer.  I cannot wait.  We had 24 in attendance this week and the meal was onion soup, turkey sandwich, salad and ice-cream pie.  At our table was talked about the lousy weather, flights/crashing planes and drones.  
Herb Harris was visiting from Ipswich this week, Sean Driscoll was visiting and Sean has been published and will soon be one of our newest club members.  Brad Hunt. Beverly Club Member and from Salem Five was visiting as well.  Brad is working the paperwork to transfer from Beverly to Danvers.  It will be great having both Sean and Brad in the club.  Welcome to all.
Last Friday, 18 High School students took part in a Career Presentation at the High School, led by President Matt and others.  This will be held again in the future.

Danvers Mayor Campaign is set to go live on April 1st

The website should be up and running beginning April Fools Day, hopefully not a joke.  Once live, nominations will be gathered and the race will be off and running.  The committee is looking for a few good women and men to run for Mayor.  The incumbent will not be running this year, due to term limits, so the field is wide open..................   Get your nominations in.

Rotary Ladies Informational Night

On Thursday, April 9th, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Daily Harvest on High Street, President Matt will be holding a women's only informational meeting for Rotary.  7:30-8:00 will be social and Rotary information will begin at 8:00 PM.  This is a great opportunity for ladies to get information on how Rotary can fit into their lives.  Some of us feel it is Matt's way to spend some quality time with the ladies but in truth it is an opportunity for women to see what Rotary is all about and have a chance to network.    Soon to be transferred member from Beverly, Brad, thought that the male Rotarians might want to have a Pub Crawl at the same time, socially checking out some other venues.

Notes from this month's Director's Meeting

The board voted to continue a sponsorship of an evening concert during the Concert Series this summer.  On July 13th the concert at the Pavilion by the Library will be sponsored by Danvers Rotary.
A full page ad was approved for the Danvers Cares insert in the Danvers Herald.
$1,000 was approved to be a 10 year sponsor of the Twi Field Sign.  That works out to $100 a year for our emblem as a sponsor being on the sign.

Theme for 2015/2016 Year is Hunger and Homelessness

President Elect Dan is looking for a project for next year that will fit into this Rotary International Theme.  Would be great if we can come up with a project that is worthy of a District Grant and possibly work with another group or club.  Put your thinking caps on and let's get to work.  

Social Media Intern Opportunity

The club is reaching out to the local colleges to see if there would be an intern that could bring us up to date with Social Media.  For many of us it is an impossible quest for for some it is a way of life.  Our club needs to be living in todays moment to be successful.  

Whiffleball Tournament - August 8th

The committee work is working hard to make this year's event surpass last year's great event.  Dan is seeking help and is getting everything in order for a successful Tournament.  Let Dan know you can help. 

Sweet Sixteen Bracket Pole:

Ted Speliotis is in first place, Sean Driscoll is second with Bill Nolan right behind.  Bill Lee and Don Desmond are following Bill Nolan.  President Matt said that he wasn't going to embarrass the person in last place.  Figuring that the one in last place is me, I thank you very much, Matt for protecting my back.  

Sheriff's Report - $88 collected by Tom

Jason Allain $10 for the Sunny Weather, Bill Nolan for the Brackets, Tom M waiting for winter to come back, Alden  for arriving late and leaving early, Becky and Joe J for spring, Lenny is sick of snow, Larry Raimondi for Kentucky all the way, Tom Standring for 5 nice weeks away, Brad Hunt for Free Agency Softball, Dan for his son being home from school, Bill Lee for the sun being out tomorrow, Kevin for 60 degree weather, Mary Beth for the Final Four, Barry for something brilliant in Indiana, Matt for skiing and Laura was happy to be back and a better back.


Vicky Grassman and Heather King from Danvers gave a presentation on Relay For Live of Danvers, set for Friday, May 29th to May 30th.  Vicky explained the history of the program and how it has raised much needed money for research to cure cancer and for educational programs and assistance.  Heather, being from Danvers, has been chairing  the event in honor and now memory of her close friend Karen, who lost her battle to cancer in April of 2014.  The Danvers event raised $22,960 in 2013, $58,341 in 2014 and the hope is to beat that this year.  Held at the Danvers High School Field and outdoor track beginning at 7:00 PM and running to 7:00 AM.  Reason for all night is that cancer does not sleep.  These events raised 400 million in 2014 (311 Million in the US only).  Maple Street Church has a team representing the church.  Vicky and Heather encouraged participation and building of teams.  I included a copy of the handout for this years event.  
In our club only, there were 5 individuals that have had cancer and were survivors.  We all know people (family and friends) that have lost their lives to this disease.    Just last night we got a call that a close friend to our family died yesterday of a rare blood cancer that she had been battling for the past 5 years.  
Great presentation, encouraging everyone to do something to help.  Rotary as everyone is aware is always helping around the world, to rid the world of polio.  Almost there on this quest, but still a way to go.  
Brad Hunt and Bill Lee were both loooooooooooooooooooooooooosers at cards this week.
That is it for this week.  Enjoy the weather as it gets warmer and the snow melts.  
Happy Easter and we will see you all on Monday.

Take calculaed risks.  This is quite different from being rash.

           - George S. Patton

March 30 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-03-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Monday, March 23rd:
President Matt opened the meeting at 12:15 PM and offered the invocation.  We had two visitors this week; Sean Driscoll from North Shore Bank and proposed for membership by Mary Beth, Brad Hunt was also visiting from the Beverly Club.  Brad is now the local district manager for Salem Five, replacing Sturgis.  He has big shoes to fill, following Sturgis, but seems to be fitting in nicely in the Danvers High Street office.  Brad is filling out papers to transfer to our Danvers Club so he and I am sure Sean Driscoll will be regulars.  Give them a great Danvers welcome.  

Mayor's Campaign Notes

     It was reported that a web site is being developed for this year's Danvers Mayor's race.  The committee is looking for some good candidates.  Please get your recommendations in and if you are interested in running, that would be great.  I understand that there are a couple of names being discussed but we need more.  As a new twist this year the club is planning on committing 25% of the funds raised to be spent on the Danvers Charity of choice of the winner.  What a great way to get funds for your favorite charity.  

Dan Doherty Returns from PETS ( President Elect Training)

Dan is back and full of ideas on building Rotary during his year "holding the gavel).  He will share some of these ideas in the future with each of us.  Oh how I remember PETS with I went through...besides drilling the information about Rotary into your heads, it is a great time to hear what works and what doesn't work.  A great social time, at least it was for me.  

Board Members Needed

  A few good people are being recruited for board seats.  Interested???????  Sitting on the board gives you a real say on what happens with our club.  It is a great time to share ideas, to brainstorm on fundraising and service projects.  It is even a great time to socialize with fellow Rotarians.  The board meeting is tonight and I am sure this is too late to get you there.  Mary Beth is looking for a replacement for her Secretary's position.  I think that someone may have stepped forward, but if I am wrong and you would like to serve in that position please let either Mary Beth or Dan know.  

Ladies Night to learn about Rotary

  Get this...... President Matt is holding a Ladies only night to learn about Rotary for April 9th, at the Daily Harvest Cafe, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  Now it is only going to be Matt with all the women.  Wow how lucky is he..........  If you know any women and I would hope that each of you would know at least some women, invite them to attend the Ladies night, with President Matt, on the 9th.

Farmers Market App is up and running----

On your phone you can download the Danvers Rotary Farmers Market App to get all the information first hand as the program runs.  Very easy to download and use.

Navy Band Requested for Rotary's Night during the Family Festival

Larry Raimondi was excited to report that his application was accepted and he has his fingers crossed for the Newport Rhode Island Navy Band to be available for June 25th.  Thank you Larry for working on this.  Always a great night.

Whiffleball Tournament Set

Dan reported that the Whiffleball tournament is set for August 8th, beginning at 8:30 AM.  Will probably be held behind the Middle School as the High School fields will be under construction at that time.  More information will follow on this.

Scholarship Applications Available

On our web site you can download applications for the Mark Regan Scholarship awards.  If you know anyone who fits the bill, please let them know.
That is about it for this week.
Enjoy what is left of the week, as the snow melts, and melts, etc.

From caring comes courage.  - Lao Tzu

March 23, 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Finally, some sun and warmth.  Melt, melt, melt.....that is the hope for this week.  We can see the gas grills and much more.  Bill Lee wants more snow and I say no, no, no....
Great salad, Brisket and sweet dessert, preceded by Barry's invocation.  
Before I forget.   No meeting on Monday, March 16th.  We will be meeting with the Kiwanians on Tuesday the 17th for some great Irish social time.  

No meeting Monday, March 16th

Meeting is Tuesday, March 17th with Kiwanis.

Bylaw Amendment

President Matt reviewed the Amendment to our club to include "Friends of Rotary" to encourage future members.  After a Q&A session it was moved by Gary Nangle and seconded by Bill Nolan to accept the proposed change.  All were in favor.  This amendment had been posted and sent to all members.

Women's Night is planned for April 9th

A night for to encourage women to come and hear about Rotary will be held at Daily Harvest on April 9th.  I am sure we will hear more but I believe it will be at 7:30 PM.  

Farmers Market website is ua and the App should be ready this week.

Applications for the vendors are coming in and some vendors are being solicited.  
Time was spent talking about fundraisers and causes to support this week.  
Sheriff Larry collected $100 this week for a number of reasons.  Many gave for President Matt being honored by DEEP for the Hall of Honor, many gave for the weather, others for the Farmers Market.  Great collection from the small group.  Many thanks to all.
Jason V. and Rick Gilmore both took their chances with cards this week.   Both loooooooooosers, allowing the money to build.  Sorry you two.
That is about it for this week.  Just remember no meeting on Monday,  We meet with Kiwanis on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend.


Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.

                                   - Harold S. Geneen



March 9 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-03-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Len Mercier
Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Can you believe we are still getting snow.  Bill Lee, enough is enough, I know you are secretly doing the snow dance in your office but LET IT GO ALREADY........
Mike Newhall was visiting us this week.  He was missing his friends so he can to share bread with us.  Great to have you with us Mike..  Sean Driscoll from North Shore Bank, guest of Mary Beth.  Last week Sean came as a guest but had to leave in a hurry for an emergency, we missed his company but enjoyed his dessert.  This week he came and stayed for the entire meeting.  We enjoyed a nice conversation with him.  

Polar Plunge Postponed until April 11th.

  Chief plunger, Peter Cullen, reported that the plunge was postponed since the spot for the plunge is being used as a snow dump and would be unusable until sometime beginning of April.  If it is not ready the actual plunge will be in each plunger's bathtub.  Peter and bride will be going to the Cape Ann Inn for their Honeymoon Suite use this weekend since they have to use the booking.  I don't remember hearing that the club was invited so they will be enjoying the privacy, unless we want to get together a bus trip..................

Farmers Market - Notes-----------------

Bill Nolan reported that a website has been set up for the Market. and an App will be ready soon, as well.  Facebook page is still up.  The market begins June 5th on Friday afternoons.

Whiffleball Tournament is set for August 8th and will either be at the High School or at Plains Park.  The High School may not be available as the field work will be going on at that time.  


Kentucky Derby is still being considered.

President Matt will give details when available.

Brainstorming and Committee Work

During the meeting we did some brainstorming about causes and activities to support.  Matt also reviewed committee chairs and setting of goals, following the Visioning Project.
I am sure I missed someone and if it was you, I am sorry in advance.
PR, Social Media - Dan Doherty and Bill Nolan
Education / RYLA - Mary Beth O'Connell, Jason Verhoosky and Peter Cullen
International - Barry Kaplan and Peter Cullen
Local Services - Ted Speliotis
Foundation RI - Gary Nangle
Sheriff's Report for this week - $78.00
  Ted for someone's birthday, Peter a salute to Pete's Daughter, Kevin his oldest getting a job, Mary Beth Happy Birthday to BonJovi, Lenny for no more snow, Bill Lee for wailing is good, Rick Gilmore for fun weekend and a Bruins Game, Larry Raimondi for a good spring, Jay Allaine for time warp Tom being Sheriff, Don Desmond for Red Sox Spring Training, Bill Nolan for the ZBA Meeting, Matt S for High School Basketball Team, Jason V for the Farmer's Market, Dan D for his son's OT Hockey Game and Mike Newhall was just happy to be with us.  
Tom gave a quick update on Stan Guesualdi.  He had fallen from a ladder and did back damage.  He is slowly recovering and has a brace for his back.  Going to be a slow recovery.  Keep Stan in your thoughts.
Cards were played by Dan Doherty and guest Sean Driscoll.  While we were all hoping each would be a winner they surprised us by picking the wrong cards.   Sorry guys, but the money builds............................
Monday, March 9th, regular Rotary Meeting.
No meeting on Monday, March 16th.  We will be meeting on Tuesday the 17th, for our annual St. Patrick's Luncheon.  This is a great time as we get to break bread with our fellow men and women from Kiwanis and Lions.  Always a great time and with some luck maybe Leprechaun Peter Cullen will be in the fold that day.
That is about it for now.
Enjoy your week and weekend.  I know I will.

Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done.

                      - Vance Packard

March 2, 2015 Rotoracle Len Mercier 2015-03-02 00:00:00Z 0
Mission Statement 2015-01-30 00:00:00Z 0
Visioning Report 2015-01-30 00:00:00Z 0
Welcome to our new website! Barry Kaplan 2014-07-02 00:00:00Z 0

Danvers Rotary Wiffle Ball Team Registration

Each team is made up of 3 to 5 players.  All teams guaranteed 4 games...all ages are welcome!
Cost for each team is a contribution to the Danvers Rotary Club of $250.00
Team registration fees can be made in two ways:
  • Checks made payable to: Danvers Rotary Club, P.O. Box 14, Danvers, MA 01923 (check payment must be in prior to July 31st.
  • Payment made with credit card through PayPal.  No PayPal account is needed to make payment. Most Credit Cards accepted.

Click here to pay with your Credit Card/Debit Card. 

When your payment is processed you will receive an email securing your team's registration.  Once this payment is processed please send in the information below.
Please name your team and email the following information to:  Dan Doherty at
1. Team Name
2. Names, email addresses and phone numbers of each team player.  Don't worry if you only have 3 when registering, additional 1 or 2 players can be added.

Get ready for the time of your lives.  

     What a great way to enjoy times with friends while helping to raise needed funds to support the community.

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Wiffle Ball Tournament William Nolan 2014-06-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jun 08, 2014

Danvers Rotary Club Awards Scholarships

     Three Danvers High Seniors were awarded Scholarships from the club on Monday, June 9th, for their freshman year at college.  






Scholarship Recipients with President Les and Scholarship Chair Maureen Larivee.










Three Recipients Include:

  • Allison Walsh - Ralph E. Ardiff Scholarship Award - Allison will be going to Harvard University in the Fall.  She is an avid volunteer and loves working with people and is involved with Danvers Cares Work.
  • Mary Leahy - Mark Regan Memorial Scholarship - Mary will be attending Wagner College in the Fall.  Mary enjoyed volunteering at Smith School.
  • Matthew Kidney - Mark Regan Memorial Scholarship - Matt will be attending  Roger Williams in Rhode Island in the Fall.  He loves teaching 5 and 6 year old kids to play soccer.  

These well deserving scholars received their awards from Scholarship Committee Chair Maureen Larivee.  This year's committee chose their recipients for excellence.  

Maureen called on Ralph Ardiff to give an overview of the scholarship in his father's name.  Ralph spoke on how originally it was the highest ranking male student that would be awarded the scholarship, then changed to the highest ranking male and female student, now the highest ranking student.  Ralph has always been so proud to see this scholarship being presented.  His dad would be so proud to see it's perpetual honoring of excellence.  The Mark Regan Memorial Scholarships are in memory of Danvers Rotarian Mark Regan, who lost his life in an automobile accident on Rt. 1 in Newburyport, when his children were high school age. These Scholarships show great traditions of the Danvers Rotary Club.  These young adults are our future and I for one are proud of their dedication to learning.  




Ralph Ardiff explains the history of the Ardiff and Regan Scholarships.











Proud to be a Rotarian,

Len Mercier


Scholarships Awards by Danvers Rotary Club Leonard Mercier 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jun 08, 2014

President Less opened the meeting, welcomed everyone to Rotary and followed with the invocation.  There were no visiting Rotarians this week but we were happy to see our three scholarship recipients.  

Upcoming Events include:

  • Bocce Tournament planned for Tuesday, June 24th, Rotary Field, as part of the Family Festival Week.  Anyone is welcome to take part in this event.  Minimal cost to enter, hamburgers and hotdogs will be available for purchase and friendly competition with the Lions and Rotarians will continue.  Will be a fun time.
  • Habitat for Humanity - Corain is leading the process for August 20th - 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

         We have 9 spaces set up for helping with this local effort.  Yes local effort.  The way to sign up is as follows:

Select  “VOLUNTEER” and then click on “Volunteer Up!” tab.

This brings you to the Registration page – click on “REGISTER as a HFH-NS Volunteer UP! User”

This brings you to the Volunteer Profile page – choose a user name & password provide all relevant details.   Scroll down through Groups/Teams and select Danvers Rotary.   

Select all that apply in Interest/Skills –click Register.

If we fill these 9 spaces quickly we will have the opportunity to go for 5 more to complete day's work with just Rotarians.  They supply everything needed to do the work, including the instructions.  Your contribution is the work.  Once you sign up, let Corain know so he can plan accordingly.  Thank you for your efforts wit this.  

  • Navy Band Concert planned for Thursday, June 26th at the Pavilion.  There will be 20 pieces in the band and 2 vocalists.  Many thanks to Larry Raimondi for arranging for the Navy Band to play all our favorite songs.  Band will arrive in the afternoon, set up, go to the Y to eat and back for the concert.  
  • Blue Aces Band Concert planned for Monday, June 30th a the Pavilion.  Both band concerts are sponsored by our Rotary Club.  This concert will be a small band playing music to the group.  
  • District Installation Dinner is Thursday, June 26th, at the Yacht Club.  Going to see Matt be sworn in will be your only excuse for missing the Navy Band Concert.  Interested in attending, call Matt.
  • Danvers Rotary Club's Installation Breakfast, June 27th, 8:30 am, at the Yacht Club.  Yes, I said breakfast.  Larry D. will have to get up early for this one.  Matt wants to see as many Rotarians and their guests attend this installation dinner as possible.  Cost is $25.00 and checks should be turned into MaryBeth.  
  • Wiffle Ball Tournament is going to be our biggest fundraiser ever.  Chairman, Dan Doherty has planned the event for August 9th, Saturday from 8:30 to 4:00 PM.  All Rotarians are to be on hand for this one.  Rotary is all about team work for the greater good and Dan is calling all Rotarians to help with this one.  The club has been broken into teams to help with sponsors, publicity and working the event.  Further in this Rotoracle you will find more details on the event and the plans.Dan is looking for a $5,000 Headline Sponsor for the tournament.  
  • Lowell Spinner Field Trip is planned for July 11th.  Coach Tom Manuel has planned this event that leave Danvers in the afternoon, via YMCA bus, enjoy a cookout at the Spinners Field and enjoy watching the Lowell Spinners playing ball and ride home on the Y bus.  I believe you might see fireworks that night as well.  All this for $30.00 for up to 40 people to enjoy.  Sign up by calling Tom Manuel or seeing him at the next meeting.
  • Farmers Market -  I don't have any details but the club is still working on it.

Sheriff Larry D collected $116.00 this week from the following:  Les for news of his 2nd Grandson, Jason was at the pool all day on Sunday, Tom M for beating the 8 year old grandson in air hockey (how cruel), Ralph for Grandson graduating from Danvers High, Larry R. for happy father's day to all the dads, Bill Leed wants to go back to DHS, Lenny for a nice weekend and not yet worrying about grandchildren, Kevin for nice weekend on the boat,  Maureen for the Scholars, Peter $10 for Les and $10 for Matt ( future President), Joe for Grandson being 10 years old this week, Don for Wiffle Ball Tournament,  Sturgis $25 for Scholarship recipients and also for being the big raffle winner and glad to be here.  Dan for the Scholarship recipients, Alden for Great Grandchildren on the way, Neal for Scholars, Barry for Neal's new knee.  Many thanks to all..............................

This week's program was the Scholarship Recipients--- see feature story........

Cards were played by Bill Lee and Neal Waldman ....................................Sad to say they were both loooooooooooosers.

Have a great weekend.  Sorry I am so late with this Rotoracle....just a busy week for me.  


Defeat is not the worst of failures..  Not to have tried is the true failure..

     - George Edward Woodberry





June 9 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on May 18, 2014

Monday, May 19th, 2014

First, there is no meeting on Monday, Memorial Day.

It was a cool day at Danvers Rotary, not only outside, but inside as well.  Seems like someone had left the air-conditioning on and the room was like the vegetable drawer in your fridge.  Maybe if I was not wearing shorts it would have felt better.  The temp came up and all was well.  The meal this week was great, steak tips that melted in your mouth, chicken and the fixings and an ice cream parfait.  Yes, I totally enjoyed my meal, clean plate and all.  

President Les opened the meeting and called on Barry for the invocation.  Attendance was a bit light this week and it might be because you were not there.......  We need every Rotarian to put a special effort in attending the meetings.   It is always great to share conversations, share ideas and just to see friendly faces.  

As I am writing I was going to say I was sitting at the old guys table, but then I realized I am one of the old guys.  So I was sitting at the table with my friends and we listened to Larry Raimondi's review of his 35 days at sea, visiting ports around the world.  He was on vacation for a total of 39 days including to and from.  I think for Larry, this is not another vacation, it is just the way he lives now.  We learned all about kangaroos and all the other species of wildlife, both animals and humans. He cruised over 30,000 miles without any sea sickness.  Now that is a traveler.  Larry taught us how to use a bank of elevators as a casino, betting on which one will arrive first, how many people would be on it, etc.  That is a new one for me and I love to cruise.  

ImageAs you can see Ralph was listening so intently.

Larry is going to put together some pictures and a quick overview of his trip that he will be able to share with all of us at a later date.  He is giving all of us something to look forward to when we retire.  

  • Board Meeting Thursday, June 5th, 5:30 PM at the Hyundai Dealership.
  • Bocce Tournament is set for Tuesday, June 24th, Rotary Field, Plains Park, with our Kiwanian and Lion friends and others are also welcome.  Mark your calendar so you will not miss this event.  Always a good time.
  • Concert at the Pavilion - Thursday, June 26th - U.S. Navy Band, from Newport Rhode Island.  This will be part of the Family Festival and a great time, sponsored by our club.  Larry Raimondi arranged for them to entertain us.  
  • Concert at the Pavilion - Monday, June 30th, Air Force Band "Blue Aces" will entertain everyone.  This six piece band will play popular music.
  • Softball Game tonight in Beverly.  Don't know if you will receive this in time.  Tuesday, May 20th.
  • Whiffleball Tournament - August 9th
  • Habitat for Humanity - August 20th.

Dan Doherty reported on the Whiffleball Tournament and how the plans are going.  The committee is looking for a "Headline Sponsor" for $5,000.  This sponsor will be on every sign, station, advertisement, etc.   Any ideas should be brought to Dan's attention.  He is hoping to have this in place by the end of May.  We will be needing all Rotarians helping with this event.  There will be 3 to 5 person teams, $250.00 per team.  This fundraiser has the potential to be a big success with all of our help.

Habitat for Humanity is doing a build in Danvers in August.  Corain is leading this effort and needs 9 Rotarians to held for one day on August 20th.  See Corain for details.


Sheriff Larry D. collected $109.00 for a variety of reasons.  Jason $10 for the Bruins Out, Tom M. How about N.Y. Rangers, Barry K. for his recent trip to Paris, Maureen in memory of a good friend that passed on, Dan for his daughter's graduation, Joe J. for the Sox start to the season, Larry R for his 30,000 trip on vacation, Lenny for listening about the cruise, Ralph chipping in towards Larry's cruise fine, Walter and Bill for the Entertainment, Tom S. for grad-daughter's graduation and her starting a new job the next day.  Alden's grand dauther has another Master's Degree, Les for trip to Texas, Matt, Corain and Marybeth for trip to Maine, Neal for no Maine trip, Becky feeling nice to be with the group, Karen spending weekend landscaping for 96 year old aunt.  Gary for nothing special.    Thank you to all...............

Danvers Rotary Trust honors Ralph Ardiff with a Bench in memory of his daughter Becky.  Becky and Maureen announced at this week's meeting that the Trust is having a bench installed at Endicott Park in memory of Ralph and Martha Ardiff's daughter.  Ralph has put a lot of time into building the Trust and has been a devoted Rotarian.  It is only fitting to honor his in this way.  Ralph was touched by the announcement.


ImageJoe Joslin was our speaker today.  His topic was one of his biggest loves, the Danvers Historical Society and the History of Danvers.  

Joe gave an informative talk about how Danvers came about, the name, etc.  He talked about many names that we are used to hearing; Endicott, Brooksby, Putnam, John Bailey, Rebecca Nurse, George Peabody and more.  Dating back to 1638 was Salem Village, now Danvers.  Danvers was incorporated in 1752 but was not able to have representation to the General Court until 1757.  There were 300 Danvers men that marached to Lexington, Col. Jerimiah Page's home originally on Elm Street now on Page Street was interesting with his wife having a tea party on the roof of the home, when she was asked not to have one in the house.  Danvers, well known for it's Danvers Carrot, Onions, Danvers Bricks and more.  Danvers, known by many as Old Salem Village, known for the witch histeria, for agriculture, for fishing has been many things to many people.  Rich history for a wonderful community.  Joe also put in a plug for people to join the Historical Society in Town.  The Society is doing a lot to preserve Danvers' past.

Tom Manuel and Neal Waldman both took a chance at cards and lucky for everyone else, they were looooooooosers.

No Meeting on Monday, Memorial Day.

Have a great weekend.


Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

        - Martin Luther King, Jr.





May 19 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-05-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on May 11, 2014

President Les opened the meeting and gave the invocation.  Attendance was a bit light today, probably because it was an unbelievable warm day.  Meal this week was a Panini Turkey Club Sandwich and finished with a great ice cream sunday.  Good company, good food, good weather, what more can we ask for. After the big Derby Day Fundraiser committees are finalizing their reports and will report at the board meeting this week.  Rotary members have all reported that the event was a great success and that everyone had a wonderful time.  Seems like dressing in Derby dress was the way to go, even Bill Nolan's pants were a great success.  I believe he is renting them out for events in the future.  The ladies hats were quite a success and the raffles did well.  I have not heard anyone that did not enjoy themselves.  Many of us have grown to love those Mint Julips.  Hope is to net 12 to 15K from the event.

By the time you receive this the Board Meeting has already been held.  If I get it out early the meeting is set for Tuesday, May 13th, 5:30 PM, at the Hyundai Dealership.  Next on the agenda will be the Whiffle Ball Tournament Fundraiser that is planned for August.  There are other things coming up prior to that date and they are listed next.

  • Bocce Tournament is planned for July 24th, at Rotary Field, during Family Festival.  Dust off those Bocce Balls and get practicing.  This year's tournament will include Rotarians, Kiwanians, Lions and some from the public.  Should be a great time.
  • Two Concerts are being held at the Pavilion, sponsored by Rotary.  The Navy Band and Blue Aces will be the attractions.  I believe the dates were June 25th and June 30th.  
  • A field trip to watch the Lowell Spinners is set for July 11th, partnering with the Maple Street Church.  Plans are to leave around 4:30 and the cost should be around $30.00 per person.  Tom Manuel is planning this and Rotarians interested should let him know.
  • Wiffle Ball Tournament is set for August 9th.  A lead sponsor for $5,000 and 4 other $2,500 sponsors are being sought.  Any leads should be give to Dan Doherty.
  • Corain is getting a group together to work with Habitat for Humanity, when they do a project in our community.  He will be giving an update on this.

This past week the Danvers Selectmen thanked the Danvers Rotary Trust for the recent contribution of $10,000 to the Rail Trail's Putnamville Bridge and work done at that site.  Jason, Les, Becky and other Rotarians were at the meeting.  This was a significant donation for this project.  A great contribution for a great project.  On Thursday, the 15th, there will be 50 Timberland employees working at the site.  Becky said this will be a great time to visit and see the exciting work being done.  


Neal "Sheriff for the Day", collected $80.00 from the group this week:  Bill Nolan $5 for a great weekend, Dan for something, Becky for the Farmers Market Buzz, Maureen for mothers day, Lenny for the Derby Event, Jason for Farmet's Market, Matt for Mom's Day, Les and Neal for the Farmer's Market, Jason Allain for the Bruins win, Alden for the nice picture in the paper wearing his dad's 100 year old hat, Joe D for a nice Day, Bill Lee for the nice wine, nice ice cream and Walter for the beautiful summy day.    Many thanks to all.

Cards this week were played by Alden and Tom Stranding, both looooooooooooooooosers.  So the money builds.

Have a great week.




May 12 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-05-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan on May 04, 2014

May 5 2014

President Les welcomed everyone today with thanks for all who contributed to Derby Day.

Happy Cinquo de Mayo? Maybe but everyone was happy and satisfied our Derby Day Social was a great success. With over 150 attendees, lots of happy raffle and auction winners, a plethora of Fine Hats good weather, fine food and beverages and some local ownership of one of the top 3 finishers, people were heard to be asking if there might be a repeat in the future.

Back to business at hand..

Next board meeting will be Tues 5/13 at volvo/Hyundai 5:30 pm.

Program Books from the event will be sent to the advertisers with our gratitude.

The scholarship committee will meet after next Monday lunch w Maureen to discuss the applicants.

Softball season is upon us - see Tom to play or come and cheer the team vs Salem and the other Clubs.

On behalf of the DRT, Becky received a letter of thanks from charlie Lincecum and the Rail Trail folks for our contribution of funds to make a bridge possible over the marsh area adjacent to the revamped Putnamville Park. There will be a plaque to honor the club's help in building "Rotary Bridge"! Nice work Becky and the rest of our Rotary Trust stewards.

Bocce Tourney is set for 6/24, start practicing.

Concerts coming up June 26 and June 30 as part of our contribution to Family Festival. We will need some volunteers to help and spread the Rotary Word.

Dan is moving forward with the Wiffle Ball Tournament and will be looking for Teams to enter - tell everyone and anyone about this unique even - guaranteed to be competitive and fun.

Our Speaker today was Donna Beck, Rotariana nd former President from Leominster MA. She has recently returned from Brazil with a group that raised money for eye exam equipment to test very poor townspeople for glaucoma and macular degeneration.

They have a Brookline doctor who shares time between here and there and co-ordinates their efforts. In the town of Recife, Brazil they found hundreds who had never had this type of eye exam or care before and were able to diagnose and treat many, inkling one person who would have gone blind in a matter weeks without their aid. 75% of those tested were diagnosed with some kind of eye disease - most of whom could be treated with simple eye drops. Now there's some Rotarians making a difference on the spot.

For some vacation R and R they also attended Carnivale in Rio, albeit with security close by and will be seeking another southern hemisphere mission again, to add to their prior trips to Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Belize.

Perhaps most noted is their expenses amounted to a modest $1500 - 300 per person and the mission budget was in the range of $5000 including district grant funds.

Sherriff Larry was on the job today collecting $121 for among other things, a Penn Quakers win over Harvard in Lacrosse, the Bruins, a Joe Todisco sighting, and Derby Day related fun, pants, vodka and winners.

submitted by Barry Kaplan

May 5 2014 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2014-05-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Apr 27, 2014

Just a couple of days till the Kentucky Derby..... 

 Our fundraiser is set for this Saturday, just days away, on Saturday.  There is still time to get tickets and your help is needed.  Here are ways Rotarian's can help.  

  • Raffle items are being collected by Becky and Judy D.  Becky would love to have items turned in to her office by the end of the day on Wednesday.  If you have something and can't make it to her during the day Wednesday, give her a call.  
  • Tables and Chairs are being moved to the event, from the YMCA on Friday.  Call Lenny if you can help with the move.
  • Tickets can be picked up at the Y or people can purchase their tickets at our Website, .  Any tickets sold on the website will be held at the door of the Derby Party.  
  • Decorating for the event will be at 2:00 PM on Friday.
  • Help is needed to man things at the event.  Let us know if you can help.  

This is going to be a great time for everyone.  

President Les opened the meeting  followed by an invocation by Jason.  Most of the meeting was devoted to preparation for Saturday's Derby Day Party.  Lunch this week was a buffet of Salmon, salads, sandwich makings and a variety of cakes.  Enjoyed by all.  

  • Spring Training for the Softball Team will begin at 6:00 PM, Wednesday, John George Field.  In the interview with Coach Manuel, he is quite optimistic about this year's team.  
  • Becky shared with the group a picture of the mile marker, near the High School on the Rail Trail, sponsored by our club's Trust.  
  • Joe Joslin shared with the group and experience that he went through.  He was the victim of a scam, last week, when he received a call from a person, claiming to be his son, with a bad cold, who was in an accident and needed money.  Joe explained how it is so easy to be taken advantage of in this way and wanted everyone to be aware of this scam.  The caller was actually calling from Montreal Canada.  
  • Danvers Rotary Board Meeting is set for Thursday, May 8th, 5:30 PM at the Hyundai Dealership.  This was rescheduled due to the Derby Day Fundraiser.  

Sheriff's report was given by Jason A.and Jason V., fill in sheriffs.  Many gave for the Derby, some for vacations and others for sport teams.  

Cards were played by President Les and Alden.   Both were looooooooooooooooooooooosers.  


Later, following the meeting some members met at 300 Bridge Street, Hamilton to finalize plans for our event on Saturday.  Decisions were made on the number of tables, chairs and how many bottles of booze are needed to ensure success for the event.  Let's see; 22 bottles of bourbon, 5 bottles of red wine for Bill Lee and Ralph, and some other stuff for everyone else.  I guess that is about all we need for now.  Maybe a few j-ello shots.

See you all on Saturday.



April 28 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-04-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Apr 13, 2014

Danvers Rotary Trust Gives Support:

At the April 14th Danvers Rotary Meeting the Danvers Rotary Club turned over a check for $10,000 to support the newest Rail Trail Project just underway.  The trail, now going along the edge of Agway and the Park is being redesigned for curve into the Park, making it safer for participants to travel through.  Work is also being done at the street to allow for safer crossing.  Some equipment at the park will be relocated for ease of use and the entire area will be improved by the work.  Rail Trail Committee Chair Charley Lancicum along with Lori Dupont, Laura Cilley, Nancy McNulty and Kate Day from the Planning Department, were on hand to accept the contribution and talk about the project.  This is a great project to utilize Ten Thousand Dollars, from the Trust.  The club will be credited on the trail for our support.  Work is underway.  See pictures below of the plan:



Rail Trail Project Gets Big Rotary Boost Leonard Mercier 2014-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Apr 13, 2014

Well, today we call it Spring, but later this week winter returns.  Consistent warm weather is needed to put us all in a good mood.  At least to put me in a good mood.  Looking outside at my house this morning, there was snow last night and I am not a happy camper over that.  Last week I was in St. Maarten and I think I came back about three weeks too early.

Matt opened the meeting welcoming everyone to Danvers Rotary for our Monday meeting.  We had two visitors this week, Jack Good from the Beverlty Club and Herb Harris from the Peabody club.   Both Jack and Herb visit from time to time and it is always great to have them with us.  

The Rotary District Training conference is Wednesday, actually today as I am writing this Wednesday AM.  Matt and other Danvers Rotarians will be taking part in this, learning about applying for grants and more about Rotary information.

The Derby Day Fundraising event is fast approaching and here are some details:

Will be held Saturday, May 3rd, 4:00-8:00 PM - 300 Bridge Street, Hamilton, MA

There will be balloons directing people to the event and there will be a handicapped parking/drop off area by the entrance and some High School clubbers will be directing for parking, (not parking the cars, just directing)

There will be silent Auction and Raffles - Drinks will be cash bar, a welcome drink will be provided.

Race time is 6:30 PM and will be televised/projected for the excitement - a DJ will offer some background music.

Best woman's hat and best Derby Dress awards will be given.

Weather permitting equestrian show will be held.

Great time will be had by all.

The Ad book goes to the printer by the end of the week.  All ads must be in to Matt by Friday.  Please complete your contacts and get this going.  He actually would like new artwork by today, Wednesday.

Tickets are available by calling Lenny at the Y, 978-774-2055.  We need as many people there as possible to make it a success.  Sell, Sell, Sell.  We need every Rotarian to do their share for this fundraiser.

We are looking for Raffle and Silent Auction Items.  Those should be turned in to Becky or Judy.  Becky, I will be putting together a wine basket in the $100 area for the Silent Auction.

This week's program was the Rail Trail Committee, accepting a check from us to help with the project by the Agway/Park area.  See story below.

Sheriff Larry is back in the saddle.  Larry collected $20 from Jason for a need for extra support for the Farmers Market, Ralph was back on the road with his bike, Joe D. is back from Florida and back in the house, Jim Zafris is not riding his bike this year so we can feel safe, Alden for spring being sprung, Jack Good for their Farmers Market in Beverly (rubbing it in), Tom Manuel for today superb service with lunch and the great wine, Peter Cullen for a nice day for a new Treasurer, Neal for Larry's skiing last week, Becky for the Rail Train guests, Matt for a lefty winning the masters, Barry wishes everyone a Happy Easter for those that celebrate and for those that don't, Lenny $66 for his birthday and last week's vacation trip, Don Desmond is finally back in the bedroom after 5 months, Bill Nolan $40 for his birthday (much younger than Lenny), MaryBeth and Maureen  for Bill and Lenny's Birthdays, Judi for the Birthdays.  Great week, $204.00 collected.  Thank you to all.

Ralph led the birthday song for the two Rotarians and it was led wonderfully.

Cards were drawn by Neal Waldman and one of the Rail Trail Committee Members.  Lucky for us, they were both loooooooosers.

Don't forget to read about today's speakers and have a great week.



April 14 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan on Apr 06, 2014

The Rotoracle

April 7, 2014


It seems hard to believe that we may (?) actually be headed out of winter and toward some long overdue spring time weather.  The wind was not whipping across the Danvers River today- a sure sign that better and sunnier days are ahead…let’s hope!


No visiting Rotarians and no visitors with us today.  President Les opened the meeting and Bill Lee led the group invocation.


General Announcements:


District Meeting is 4/16-Matt Schroeder and Dan Doherty are attending.  We are in need of an additional board member to join Matt and Dan.  Please speak with either Les or Matt ASAP if you can attend.  Les has details for exact times and location.


Family Festival Band:  Kudos and thanks to Larry Raimondi who has secured the US Navy Band for our Rotary Pavillion sponsored concert on 6/26.  Danvers Rotary is the sponsor for this long-standing Danvers Family Festival event.  The US Navy Band is out of Newport RI and Larry reports that it is acknowledged to be one of the best US Service bands.  Lenny Mercier will again arrange a meal at the Danvers Y before the band heads to Rotary Pavillion for the concert.


Farmers Market Update On Tuesday 4/8 Bill Nolan will be meeting at Town Hall (8AM) with the Downtown Business Association to further promote our Danvers Farmers’ Market.  Word is that the idea has received mostly favorable feedback.  Several Danvers resident club members signed a petition at our lunch meeting on Monday and Bill will present that too at the meeting.



Derby Day:

We need Raffle Donations! Raffle items contribute toward our bottom line.  If you can donate a gift basket, wine, event tickets, gift cards, whatever, please contact Becky Kilborn as soon as possible.


Ticket sales continue to come in—An event with all club members in attendance will  make our Derby Day a success.  Come and bring a friend!  Where else will you be able to wear perfectly ridiculous hats and outlandish dress pants AND avoid the uncomfortable stare of strangers? 


Matt Schroeder will be reaching out again this week for Ad Book updates.  There is a ‘soft’ deadline set for the end of this week, but ads can continue to come in the following week as well.


Barry Kaplan has set up a Facebook page ‘Derby Day Danvers Rotary’ which had a reported 17 “hits” as of our meeting time on Monday.  If you go to Facebook and like we can generate some additional interest.



Guest Speaker:  Dan Doherty introduced Alan Wheelock from Jones River Consulting and formerly of Iron Mountain.  Alan speaks to a number of Rotary Clubs and talked with us about negotiating skills.  Negotiation is a fact of life and according to Alan, the ability to do it well can put us at either an advantage or disadvantage in both our professional and personal lives.  Alan identified six types of negotiators we may encounter-Skeptic, Aggressor, Litigator, Statistician, Apologistand Corporate Sloth.  Alan painted a pretty detailed picture of each and in business/daily life we all encounter each ‘type’ at some point.  He suggested that as negotiators we strive to be the ‘Statistician’:  Do the research before meeting/negotiating, know the competition, be professional, fair, and firm.


A successful negotiator

·        Never gets defensive

·        Always tells the truth—no matter how difficult

·        Is always well prepared

·        Knows the bottom line

·        Will never agree to something that is unfair to either him/herself or employer

·        Strives for an agreement that all parties can feel good about

·        Always maintains trust and respect.


Great speaker!  Personally, I would love to bring Alan on my next call!



Sherriff’s Report: $105.00 was collected today.  Nicole, Ted, Corain, Becky, Neal, Judy De, Mary Beth, Maureen, Jason V., Bill Nolan, Rick, Larry De, and Peter; for the Danvers Farmers Market approval, Dan D; UConn Men and ND Women’s teams; Les, CT men and women’s teams, Barry; UConn and a good game, Matt; his son Cole’s 5th birthday, Tom Manual; spring training softball on 4/23 and 4/30, Larry Raimondi; upcoming trip to Australia.


Raffle: We actually had a winner today!  Walter Opolski pulled a $50.00 winning Joker.  Ted Speliotis pulled a blace Ace, unfortunately not the right one!


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

  (Shamelessly lifted from Alan Wheelock’s Power Point and now taped to my computer screen!)


Have a great week and think Derby Day!






April 7 2014 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2014-04-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Mar 30, 2014

Rotary Notes for this week:

President Les opened the meeting followed by invocation by Peter Cullen.  A great job by Peter I might add.  We enjoyed a great meal capped with making our own ice cream sundaes, one of my favorite deserts.  Following the great meal President Les called for any announcements or reports.  The following are noted:

  • Becky reported on the Danvers Rotary Trust.  The Trust has purchased mile marker #3 on the rail trail, near the High School.  This is one of the larger mile markers, not a 10th mile marker.  She is in the process of putting the graphics together for production.  The Trust is also working with Danvers Cares on the Mural Project in the downtown area, which will take some time to permit and complete.  As a third project the Trust is working on the new Putnamville Board Walk by Agway.  This too will be a project over time.  
  • Bill Nolan reported that the Farmers Market is on the agenda for this week's Selectman's Meeting.  He encourages everyone available to attend the meeting in support of the project.  We really need to get this going to see the benefits.  Lenny will email members to encourage attendance at the meeting.
  • Barry Kaplan talked about the Derby Day Fundraiser.  He is looking for help with placing posters around town.  Peter, Matt and Jason V. will help with this.  Lenny will be away next week so if you need posters, brochures or tickets, Barry is the one to contact..
  • Peter Cullen, acting treasurer reported that all bills are paid and he is learning quickbooks at a slow pace.  Is looking forward to someone replacing him with a bit more talent with quickbooks.  He will get better with actual reports asap.  Many thanks to Peter for stepping up to oversee this.  I know it is not your bag but we sure do appreciate any effort you put into this.  
  • Board meeting this Thursday, April 3rd, 5:30 PM at the Hyundai Dealership.  Come on down and see what happens at the meeting and I bet you can even give a car a try, if you so choose.

Derby Day Event Notes:

Lenny reported that he is seeing some movement on the tickets but needs everyone to put a lot of effort into getting the word out.  Tickets are available online at our web site.  I just heard from Barry that when you go to, it now directs you to our new site.  Barry has been working really hard to see this through and for that I and the entire club thank him for his efforts.  His diligent work at pushing the two website companies has finally paid off.  I understand there is still some minor things that need to be completed but it is great to have our address point to the correct site.  

President Les reported that the liquor license is ready to pick up.  Tom Manuel is getting the insurance rider from Rotary International and that should be a go. 

Auction and Raffle Items Needed:

We are looking for items to raffle and silent auction off.  Can you put together a basket with wine, beer, etc. or know anyone to ask for items?  Please let Matt, Tom, Les or Lenny know of these items so we can prepare. 

Ads for the Ad Book


Have you made your contacts yet?  Matt is looking for commitments for the Ad Book.  If you have not received an assignment give Matt a call and let him know you can help.  Remember the Ad Book is where we make our much needed funds.  It is real important to remember that this is a Rotary Project and as a Danvers Rotarian you need to be helpful.  We can't expect someone else to do our share and no one should be exempt.  Service Above Self is what we stand for and we need to all work to make that happen.  

Sheriff's Report for this week:


     Neal Waldman $100 for being happy to be back, a birthday and a new home.  Gary Nangle 2 kids in college and $1 left, Becky for the Farmers Market, Lenny will owe big only had $1 in wallet, Barry $20 for opening day Red Sox and for Neal, Dan Doherty for a trip, Les for another warm day"right", Tom Manuel Spring Training, Larry Raimondi, Ralph Ardiff, Alden Goodnow all for a Red Sox win today.Maureen Larivee for a great cruise last week, Bill Nolan for the Farmer's Market Meeting, Jason Allain 42 for his birthday and $10 for vacation, Peter Cullen for Jay's birthday and Kevin in memory of BFD Members.  Many thanks to all.


This Week's Speaker: John Delorey on College Planning Services



John Delorey gave an in depth look at how today's students should be looking as school's of choice and how parents need to be more active in steering their kids to attend the correct school to meet their needs, to open the best doors for financial assistance, best ways to plan for the debt of a college education.  John works with families to help them make the best decisions for their children's continued education.  He gave some staggering statistics about how many people go to school and never use what they learned and how there are many jobs that go unfilled because their are just not enough trained people to fill the positions.  By 2020, 5 million of the 55 million jobs will be unfilled due to no training.  55% of those 18-26 are unemployed.  He seemed very knowledgeable about how to save money, how to prepare kids for their future and how to work to meet tomorrow's needs for employers.  

Would you like more information?  John can be reached at College Planning Services, Newburyport, MA.  978-462-1666  or email


Both Kevin Farrell and Becky Kilborn took their chances at cards this week and you guessed it, they were both looooooooosers!!!

Yielding is sometimes the best way of succeeding.

                           Author Unknown

Have a great week.


March 31 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-03-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Mar 23, 2014

Where oh where is the warm weather.  

President Les opened the meeting followed by Bill Nolan giving the invocation.  

Sorry for this Rotoracle being so late.  It has been a very busy week and every time I wanted to get started something came up.   

For those that missed, last week we had our St. Patrick's day gathering with the Kiwanis and Lions club members.  That was a really nice time having everyone together.  Rotary sponsored the luncheon this year and the entertainment was Irish Music and Trivia, from the trivia guy we had for our Trivia night.  Fun time was had at our table and I am sure every other table.  

The District Conference is set for Wednesday, April 16th at Double Tree Ferncroft.  Matt is looking for someone to go early to learn more about Grants and the Foundation.  I believe that is 12:00 to 3:00 PM.  The rest of the conference and training is following through the evening.  If you have not been to one of these events it is a great way to learn more about Rotary and the District.  Let Les and Matt know is you would like to attend.  I have attended many of these and always learned something new.  

It was voted today to expend $1,400 for a 25 piece band for the Band Concert at the Pavilion that we have been sponsoring for many years.  The Liberty Band is no longer available.  Concert is planned for June 26th.

Derby Day Fundraising Event Notes:

  • Tickets, brochures and posters were distributed this week.  Lenny will bring more next week for those that did not get any.  Tickets can be purchased through Rotarians, at the Y and from our Website.
  • We really need every Rotarian to attend and invite friends and family to as well.  We need every one's help to make it successful.
  • Assignments are out for the ad book.  New ads are always important so please get the word out that space is available in the ad book for companies to help.  Matt Schroeder sent our information to everyone this week.  Please take the time to read and give us some great Rotary Help.  
  • Raffle and Silent Auction items are being collected for the Derby Day Event.  Can you help???  Can you ask people for any items to help???
  • We are counting on your help to make it happen.

Bocce Toutnament

The Bocce Tournament is set for June 24th, during the Family Festival and will be at Rotary Field with the Lions and Kiwanians.  This will be in the time slot where we would normally be looking for the Rotary Kiwanis Softball game.  Since Kiwanis can net get it together for softball we decided to do something different.

Sheriff's Report:

  Larry D for leaving on another trip to see his parents in Florida, Nicole and Hathorne Hills Open House, MaryBeth for Leaving on Friday, probably to meet Larry, Don Desmond was looking for spring, Judy D is happy for spring, Gary Nangle for a new car, Ralph for Golf serious thrashing, Bill Nolan for good ski week at Bretton Woods, Jason V. for a lovely walk, Walter for unbroken string of golf, Bill Lee for more snow, Jim Z is glad that the golf trio won., Larry R. for kidding Ralph about his golf in Florida, Matt Schroeder for a day of skiing, Les is wishing for no more snow, Tom Standring for more basketball, Tom Manuel for Spring Training and Lenny wants everyone to sell those tickets to the Derby Day Event.      Thank you to all.

Speaker this week: Matt Schroeder talked about President Elect Training

Matt gave an overview of what he learned at PETS.

  • There are 48 Clubs in the District, most with 20 to 50 members in each club.
  • An important part of Rotary in all clubs is to connect leaders in each community, sharing of ideas.
  • Taking action is being involved in the community, not just writing checks.
  • Largest growth in a club was in Worcester.  This club worked with the major hospital in that community to install cameras in each of 48 prenatal beds, allowing parents to watch their children from home while they were being cared for until they could come home.  This project brought the involvement of other clubs in their area and the project created great interest in the club and the want for people to get involved.
  • Matt talked about coming up with some things that are flexible for participation.
  • Possibly the Farmers Market will create interest in the club and what we are all about.  
  • A Day of Service can be done to get people excited about volunteerism.
  • Shadow day might better be done right at the High School, talking about different jobs.
  • Rotary International's Theme for this next year is "Light Up Rotary"
  • Many clubs are doing a visionary project - Strategic Planning for 3 to 5 years.

Cards were played and Gary Nangle and Don Desmond both got their chances.  I know they don't believe me when I said that I hoped that they would win, but that did not matter.   They were both looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosers.

Did you know that you can ready your Rotary Magazine on line now.  All you have to do is go to:  Try it now.

I will be a bit more on time this next Rotoracle.


See you Monday,



March 24, 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-03-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Mar 02, 2014

Kevin Farrell Give Classification Talk

 One of our newer Rotarian's Fire Chief Kevin Farrell gave the club his classification talk this week.  Kevin was sponsored by Tom Manuel and has been representing our great town for many years.  Growing up in Danvers, he graduated DHS in 1981, making him one of our younger members.  He always wanted to be a Fire Fighter and remembers how upset he was with his mother during the Big Chelsea Fire.  The Fire Chief called to ask if he wanted to go to the fire, but his mother said it was too early to wake her son so they went without him.  A memory still with him.  In April of 1985 he was hired as a civilian Dispatcher for the Police and Fire Departments.  He held this Dispatcher's position for three and a half years.  In 1988 Fire Chief Martin inducted Kevin into the Danvers Fire Department for his first position as a Fire Fighter.  1996 he was promoted to Lieutenant, then skipped Captain to be appointed to Deputy Chief, eventually to be appointed to permanent Fire Chief. He is very proud of his two sons; one into sports and the other into politics.  


  He loves what he does and absolutely loves helping people.  Kevin answered questions about the equipment in Danvers, as to if it is outdated or up to date.  He was proud to report that there is a plan in place to update large equipment (trucks) after 20 years of service.  At 15 years, trucks are used for their last 5 years as secondary pieces of equipment.  Fire clothing etc. has a life span of 10 years.  All but 3 fire fighters are EMTs, some are paramedics.  The other three are first responders.  Each year the department responds to 7,500 calls, 1/2 are medical and the other are fire related or for inspection purposes.  Technology is the toughest equipment for the department to keep up with as it changes so fast and is so expensive.  

  When not fulfilling his duties as the Fire Chief Kevin can be found teaching Fire Fighting classes at North Shore Community College.  My son had taken classes, taught by Chief Farrell and felt he learned a great deal from him. 

Welcome Kevin, you are no longer a new member of Rotary.  Rotarian's love helping people, just like you, so Rotary is a great fit......................


Kevin Farrell's Classification Talk Leonard Mercier 2014-03-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Mar 02, 2014

     Our meeting was held today without snow, but still had each of us challenged with the cold.  I for one can not wait for spring and summer.  President Les opened the meeting and followed with this week's invocation.  On a sad note, we learned that one of Peter Cullen's brothers past this last week.  Please keep Peter and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  Barry posted a large print of the "Save the Date" graphic design that he put together for our Derby Day Event. On Friday I sent postcard Save the Dates to people that have taken part in our past fundraisers.  You should watch for them as they should be arriving very soon.  

     We had two guests today; Past Rotarian Joe Younger was visiting this week along with Mark Arnoldi, guest of Matt Schroeder.

Things to remember:

  • This month's Board Meeting will be this Thursday, March 6th, 5:30 PM at the Hyundai Dealership.  We checked out the weather and it should be ok for the meeting.  Seems like it snows everything we have any meetings but let's hope this Thursday is clear.  All members are invited to attend board meetings to see the behind the scenes decision making business.  This week final details will be completed for the Derby Fundraiser.  Rick Gilmore will be working with the Ad Book Committee, Lenny will be handling tickets and other assignments will be announced.
  • Danvers High School will hold it's Dedication on Saturday, March 15th from 10:00 to Noon,  Rotarians are encouraged to attend as we contributed a significant amount of money towards the project.  Tours will be given during the dedication.

     Rotarians contributed funds this week for many reasons; Judy D. and Larry D. for trip to Steamboat Springs, Kevin Farrell for Florida Beach where the sand gets hot, Maureen L. for Kevin Farrell's Classification talk, Larry R., Ralph and Sturgis for nothing special, Jason Allain for wife Nicole's Birthday, Les for no snow, Bill L. waiting for snow, Ted S. for the Highlands School Fundraiser this week and myself and other for nothing special.  Bill Nolan for the new Sheriff, Barry for Golf Season, Rick for a vacation, Kristen for Mexico, Becky for Farmers Market, Jason V. for the Mural Art Project and Matt for bringing his guest this week.

Thank you to all for your contributions!

March 3 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-03-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan on Feb 23, 2014

Danvers Rotary News

Feb 24 2014


President Les is in da house!


Welcome back from your respite Mr President.


Les offered his gratitude to Matt for covering for him and all those who helped out in his absence. That is the Rotary way of course.


Announcements from the podium included;


Salem Rotary is planning an auction fund raiser and dinner for Fri March 21. They are seeking donations for the auction and attendees.


A vote was taken and a $1000 scholarship for a deserving NSCC student was approved. The college will determine the recipient for us. We typically send the president and another representative to the school's breakfast awards banquet and the student is invited to visit us to talk about their education and goals.


Tom Manuel has been in touch with Paul Shoer who is pretty much house bound but would enjoy hearing from any of you who wish to call and say hello, and listen for awhile…


The tables collected a nice total today of $143, due in no small part to Larry Raimondi's birthday. Glad he could stop in between trips so we could sing to him.

Happy Birthday Larry.

Other donations/fines came from Ralph for sitting with The Studs, the Olympics, appreciation for both our presidents, ski days and some other cool stuff I can't recall. Thank you everyone.


Ad sheets were passed out by Matt to begin filling our program book for the May 3 Derby Day festivities. You will also be receiving the form by email and everyone is needed to sell some ads as this will be one of our major fundraisers.

This will be an unusual and fun event for us, so pass the word and save the date!


Our guest speaker was no stranger to the club or townsfolk; Peter Morandi, Danvers' Health Agent and Veterans' Affairs co-ordinator, and lately, co-star of the TV show Flipping Boston (google it).


Peter covered the state of the town as relates to the upcoming Farmers' Market, Veteran's programs and some of the local burial grounds.


He said the Town will work with potential vendors of food products at the FM, but they are expected to have proof of sanitary and professional preparation before issuance of a permit to sell in Danvers. The club has prepared paperwork along these and other guidelines to be sure everyone is in compliance and public safety is protected.

His Veterans' responsibilities include helping with the annual Memorial Day parade, placement of flags in the cemeteries and administering the $65,000 plus of funds that get distributed to Vets and their widows. Danvers has about 5000 veterans living in the town, a small amount compared to cities like beverly who also provide expanded housing for their Vets, but significant for a town of this size.


One of the larger and more beautiful burial grounds around is the Judge Holten Cemetery, opposite the duck pond. It is in need of planning and funding to begin repairs to the stones, stream banking and general upkeep. While he did not come seeking funds, Peter wants us to realize there is a need here that the town may not be able to handle on its own. Many cemeteries are on private lands and survive by the grace of neighbors and well intentioned DPW crews.

Have a great week.


February 24th 2014 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2014-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 10, 2014

This week's Sheriff Report:

$100.00 was collected this week for many reasons.  Jason Verhoosky is hoping for warm weather, Lenny for a nice weekend, Les for making it back, Karen for a nice weekend, MaryBeth for Les's return, Becky for the Olympics, Gary Nangle for other accomplishments, Matt S. for Judy's Birthday along with Judy and Larry D. for the same reason, Bill Lee for skiing, Bob Farley looking to a happy spring and the other table all collected $31.00 for Les being back.  Many thanks to everyone for contributing.

Card Game Continues:

Both Gary Nangle and Don Desmond took their chances with cards this week and were both loooooooooooooosers.  Sorry guys manybe next time.

Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more and good things will be yours.

            -Swedish Proverb

Have a great week.




Funds collected this week. Leonard Mercier 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 10, 2014


Judy D is enjoying her Birthday this week.  Being our youngest member she saves some money for her birthday.  Happy Birthday Judy.

Judy D has birthday this week Leonard Mercier 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 10, 2014

Jason Verhoosky - Classification Talk

Jason being one of our newest members, gave his Classification Talk this week.  He was proposed for membership by Joe Joslin and works with DanversCARES and lives in Danvers with his wife, two children, dog and fish.  Jason has worked with youth just about all his working life.  Working at the North Shore Music Theatre, prior to their closing, he was able to work with many talented youth.  Another job, working in Social Services gave him an opportunity to work with Youth-At-Risk teens.  Then the opportunity to work with Danvers youth through the ImageDanversCARES program opened and he has been enjoying that ever since.  DanversCARES is located in the Danvers School System and if funded through grants and programming.  He has worked here since 2008 and really loves what he does.  A big portion of the job is to encourage kids to make good decisions and to work with the community to steer our youth in the right directions.  In his spare time he is a graphic designer, enjoys singing/performing with a band and enjoys his other hobbies.  He is working on the Mural Project for the Down Town.  A very busy guy, devoted to the community and now a great Rotarian.  Following his talk Jason gave some pointers on how to get kids (teens) involved in program.  

Jason Verhoosky Gives Classification Talk Leonard Mercier 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 10, 2014

Mark Regan Scholarship Applications available:

The Danvers Rotary Club's Mark Regan Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for the 2014 Scholarships.  The application must be sent by April 21st, 2014 to be considered for this Scholarship Award.  Applicant must live in Danvers to be considered and children or grandchildren of Danvers Rotarians are not eligible.  

Danvers Rotary Mark Regan Scholarship Application

Danvers Rotary Mark Regan Scholarship Application Leonard Mercier 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 09, 2014

Sick of the Cold!!!

   That seems to be the topic with everyone this week.  While it looked like a warm day on Monday, the wind just cut through you when walking from the car into the Yacht Club.  President Elect Matt opened the meeting and Becky volunteered to give us the inspiring words for the week, (Thank's for the food and bless this food that allows us to do our Rotary work.).  Well put.

   President Les was with us this week and is beginning to feel better, but deferred to Matt to run the meeting.  So glad to see Les on the road to repair.  Herb Harris, Peabody Rotarian was visiting with us this week.  Always great to have Herb with us.  

   So, at the table, at least at my table, the topics seem to flow around heat; lack of, expensive cost of, boilers failing and just plain disgust in the season and what it has brought us this week.  Maybe Becky's words should have been around asking for a reprieve on our fuel bills to give us money to help others.

DHS Seeks Volunteers:

The popular program "Reality Check" sponsored by People's Bank and run by the High School is looking for volunteers to help with the program on Monday, March 17th, I believe at North Shore Community College.  Students will be given life scenarios; a job, salary, family set up, home type, car, utilities, etc.  They have to budget, save, spend and balance.  A true life lesson for the students.  Those volunteering will have a training on March 11th.  Interested in helping, call Kevin Noyes at People's Bank.  It was noted that March 17th is also St. Patrick's Day for Rotary.  

Board Meeting This Thursday:

Our February Board Meeting for Danvers Rotary will be held this Thursday, February 13th, 5:30 PM at Danvers Hyundai Village.  Love to see Rotary Members in attendance to see what goes on at these meetings.  It is a great makeup.  Guaranteed that you will be out in time to go across the street, to buy you special something for Valentine's Day, at the Mall.  You can even stay at the Hyundai dealership and buy that special person a car.......


February 10, 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-02-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Feb 02, 2014

Plans are well underway for the spring fundraiser:

A group of Rotarians toured the venue in Hamilton for our Kentucky Derby Fundraiser, planned for May 3rd.  The group walked through the mansion at 300 Bridge Street, Manchester, knows as Brackenside.  


With the Kentucky Derby time being 6:30 PM the event will be held from 4 to 8 PM, with a cash bar, catering, activities and more.  A save the date card will be going out next week to start the excitement.  

Start telling your friends to save the May 3rd date for a fun event.


Kentucky Derby Fundraiser Update Leonard Mercier 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jan 26, 2014

YMCA Snow Ball Dance is Saturday:

  Looking for something to do this weekend.  The Y's Winter Snow Ball Dance Fundraiser is this Saturday, February 1st.  For $50.00 you get an all inclusive, fun filled evening.  From 7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight you will enjoy a meal from Henry's of North Beverly, beer, wine, soda, coffee, great desserts and dancing to music provided by Roundabout.  Also included in the evening will be silent and live auctions, along with raffles to win the bargains of a life time.  This is the Y's 11th Annual Dance, raising money to help people with financial assistance.  $50.00 includes meal, beverages and dancing, what a great deal.........

Call Lenny at the Y at (978)774-2055 to order your tickets at $50.00 each or buy one at the door for $55.00

See you at the Y on Saturday.

YMCA Snow Ball Dance This Saturday Leonard Mercier 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jan 26, 2014

Sheriff Larry Get's A Day Off:

     We tried something different this week with a member from each table collecting money for that table.  Following the collection, each table was called on for reporting of their contributions.  It was a bit confusing and I had a hard time catching the reasons for reporting. There was something to do with Seattle,  Flag Football, Broncos, Paul Pierce being in Boston, warm weather, Disney vacation, good conversations and for some god know's reason Bill Lee is still praying for snow.........We will come up with a way to collect the thoughts without my taking short hand.  This work in progress will continue.   Larry did look a bit lonely.

Barry Kaplan Takes Pictures For Website:

     Barry was our speaker this week, reviewing with club members how to sign on to the new Website and how to update their profile.  Becky, Lenny, Bill Nolan and Barry have been working on the site and with Barry's help with pictures and instructions on site use, club members will be able to make their own changes.  Committee work and notices will be formulated through our website.  To do so we need every member to have updated information entered.  There was a question as to how often a member would have to actually sign in to the site.  Members will only have to do so when they want to sign up for something, make changes to their information or to contact other Rotarians.   Weekly newsletters will be emailed just as they have in the past.  Other notices will be generated and sent to members through the site, but will not have to pulled from the website.  This may sound confusing but in reality it will not be any different for regular members.  

Tom Standring and Bill Lee both had their tickets drawn.  Both were looooooooooooooooooooooooosers this week.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday.



January 27, 2014 Rotoracle 2nd story Leonard Mercier 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jan 26, 2014

Rotary had a busy meeting this week.  President Elect Matt opened the meeting, called on himself for the invocation and read a letter written by Rotary International President, Ron Burton, that was published in this month's Rotarian magazine.  Included in this letter was some history of Rotary and how One Hundred and Nine years ago the first club was organized by Paul Harris.  Also that the 105th Rotary International Convention will be in Sidney Australia.  

John Gilbert was a guest this week, from North East Community Bank.  This next Monday there will be a couple of potential members, that will be attending as guests, with the hopes of joining our club.  Matt mentioned that this would be a great meeting to invite other individuals to see what Rotary is all about.  Please consider bringing guests to this meeting.  

The Rotary Board has chosen club members to fill temporary positions on the board.  Tom Standring will fill the rest of this year's term for Bob Raiche's seat, Becky Kilborn will fill Paul Fuller's vacant seat through this Rotary year and Lenny Mercier will fill the seat for this next year's term.  

The Danvers Rotary Trust is considering two projects; one is a 750 Square Foot Mural in the down town area and also sponsoring a mile marker on the Rail Trail.  This mile marker would have great visibility, near the High School.

A mailer is being prepared to be distributed to all home based businesses in town.  The hope is to attract some new members that did not know anything about Rotary and the great work that we do.  

Board Meeting - Our next Danvers Rotary Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th, 2014, Dan Doherty's office, 8 Essex Center Drive, Peabody.  Meeting will begin promptly at 5:30 PM.  Board meetings are great times to make up for missed meetings.  It is also a great way to see what is in the future for our club.    Great to get involved and see what goes on at these meetings.  



January 27, 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jan 12, 2014

Wow, what a busy day at Rotary this week.  President Elect Matt called the meeting to order, followed by in invocation by Lenny.

Please keep the Tom and Judy Manuel in your thoughts and prayers.  Judy's mom died last Friday in the morning.  Services were held on Monday.  Rotary condolences go out them at this time.  Her mom's name - Anita "Mickie" Atkinson-Drapeau.

Dinner for the Townley's - On Tuesday, January 28th, there will be a dinner, honoring the life achievements of Joan and Dave Townley, who have served the town of Danvers for over 40 years as Rangers, caretakers of Endicott Park.  When they took the job they had planned on being here for 5 years and have extended this well belong their plan and for that the community is grateful.  If you spent any time at Endicott Park, the animal barn, fields or park area, you would have met the Townleys.  They are a very impactful couple.  Cost of the dinner is $40.00 and reservations are being accepted through the Danvers Recreation Department or Hartnett's Auto Body on Water Street.  Would be great to see a group of Rotarians attend.  Call Lenny if you want to sit together.

Matt reported on last week's Rotary Board meeting:

  • Tom Standring has agreed to fill the remaining term of Bob Raiche's seat on the board
  • Peter Cullen has agreed to temporarily fill the treasurer's position.
  • Bill Nolan, Barry Kaplan and Lenny have agreed to fill the Web Master's position, through a team effort.
  • The board approved a $100 match for the Polar Plunge, matched by the Standrings.
  • Fundraising events set for Kentucky Derby Night, Farmers Markets and Whiffle Ball Tournament.

A lot is in the works for Danvers Rotary, which will require the help from all in the club.

Polio Update from Tom Standring - Tom was very proud to report that he had read that India has reported that Polio has been eliminated in that country.  To be able to report this, India has to have had no cases of Polio for a three year period.  This is great news, so all Rotarians should pat themselves on the back.  One country down and three more to go..


Jim Zafris has achieved his Paul Harris plus 1 for completing his second $1,000 donation to the Rotary International Foundation. 





Another Paul Harris plus 1 will be awarded at next week's meeting.

Upcoming Events:

  • YMCA Winter Ball - February 1st, 2014, 7:00 to 12:00 pm.  Dancing, food and beverages included at $50.00 per person.  Silent and live auctions that include many different types of items, sporting tickets, and much more.  Go to for information on getting involved.
  • Kentucky Derby Danvers Rotary Fundraiser - Event will be held on May 3rd, at an Estate in Hamilton.  Will include women's hat competition, mint juleps, cash bar, maybe some wagers and yes, the race and other races will be simulcast.  Sounds like a great event to raise money.  We will also have our ad book with this event.
  • Farmers Markets - Danvers Rotary will be sponsoring Farmer's Markets beginning late spring through to early fall.  This will be a wonderful fundraiser as well as a nice way to show Rotary Community Involvement.  A committee, under the direction of Bill Nolan will see this through. Help will be needed.
  • Whiffleball Tournament - This fundraiser has the potential to raise a great deal of money for our causes.  Dan Doherty is leading this event planned for August.  Teams of 5 players will be sponsored by businesses and will come not just from Danvers, but from beyond, to take part in the fun.  Much help will be needed to make this possible.  This is a great time to be a Rotarian.
  • RYLA - New Season - Peter Cullen reported that meetings have begun for this year's RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).  He is excited about this year opportunities for High School Students.  He will be talking with Jason about getting names of Danvers Youth to get involved.

The next meeting of the Danvers Rotary Trust Board will be on January 21st, in Becky Kilborn's office at 11 Sylvan Street.  If you want to attend, call and let her know.

THIS WEEK'S SPEAKER - Brain Injury Awareness and Prevention

Steve Butera and Michael Moriarty spoke about the Brain Injury Institute of MA.  There are 1.7 million traumatic blows to the head injuries each year.  Traumatic injuries are the largest type but Acquired brain injuries, usually from a tumor or stroke.  Many sports do not protect their athletes heads with protective gear.  Steve Butera gave the explanation on this and then turned it over to Michael Moriarty, who is a brain injury survivor from an injury he sustained from being hit.  Michael is a recovering alcoholic who underwent a 14 hour surgery procedure.  He dedicates much of his time talking to kids and other groups, like ours, reviewing the importance of protective gear and what can happen through these injuries.  He is proud to have celebrated his sixth year anniversary of being sober, last Thanksgiving.  Following his operation he had to relearn how to talk and everything else.  


Larry D. Collected $95.00 this week with most putting their funds for this next week's Patriot's win.  Jason Allain $10 for the Bronco's.  

Alden Goodnow got to pull a card, then after about 6 no ticket pulls, Alden got to pick again.  Only at Rotary are the odds good enough to be called twice.  

      Alden picked then picked again and both times was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser.  Sorry Alden.

Jason Allain received an email from Julia about next year's theme.  The theme will be "Light Up Rotary".  Just remember, like the TV stations, you heard it here first.


Have a great week.




January 13, 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-01-13 00:00:00Z 0
Bob Raiche Information Leonard Mercier 2014-01-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Jan 05, 2014

Happy New Year Danvers Rotarians:

First I have to thank Nicole Chouinard for stepping up and taking notes for the editorial staff, this week.  I was unable to attend and the other editors were in the same position.  Nicole has great hand writing, much better than mine, so it should be easy for me to put this together.  

2014 got off to a rough start with the loss of Ralph Ardiff's daughter, Becky, and most recently the loss of our Rotarian Bob Raiche.  Last Saturday I attended, along with many other Rotarians, the service for Becky Ardiff.  What a wonderful tribute of her shortened life.  Truly she had a great impact on many people and made the most out of every day.  She has left her mark with many and it was obvious that everyone that she met, loved her.  

Our friend and fellow Rotarian Bob Raiche passed last week and serviced are planned for visiting hours on Friday, Mackey's Funeral Home and gathering for friends and family to be held this Saturday, 11:00 am, at the Yacht Club.  I am including Bob's obituary in this Rotoracle for reference.  Bob has impacted many people in his life, most recently through his Friends Forever Program.  He was always willing to stick his neck out to try new things to make a difference.  I have fond memories of Bob in his younger years.  

Well back to the meeting news.  Matt opened the meeting with a moment of silence for those who have passed.  lunch was served and the invocation followed. 

Sheriff Larry D. collected funds for a number of reasons some that included Ring Ding the dog in the paper- 85 pounds, Pat's Win, 2014 New Year, Disney X-mas, warm winter and for the nice reception for Ralph's Daughter.  Bob Farley celebrated his birthday with song led by Alden.

Matt discussed the upcoming Rotary Board Meeting, Thursday, January 9th, 5:30 PM.  Topics for the meeting will be open board seats, May Fundraiser and much more.  

On February 15th, 8-4 there will be a Club  Visioning Exercise.  More will have to follow in this as I need more information.

Polar Plunge for the District - February 1st

The district has set a goal of raising 100K with this event, planned for Long Beach in Gloucester.  Rotarians can register on the District Website.  Last year some of our Rotarians took part in this event and had a blast.  Are you in???  Give it a consideration.

Danvers Rotary Trust Meeting is upcoming.  The Trust is on the lookout for larger term programs to sponsor, possibly a mutual program.

May Fundraiser - Saturday evening, May 3rd - Kentucky Derby Themed Event.  We will be looking for all Rotarians to take part in this fundraiser.  This will be our large fundraising event this year.  More details will be available in the next week.  

****We are looking for a new Treasurer and there are a couple of open seats on the board as well.  Please email Matt with any nominations for these positions.  This is a great way to get involved in leading the club.  Everyone one of you have talent that needs to be tapped.  Believe me, it is so rewarding when you get involved.

Hathorne Hill is doing a cap the cold campaign and they are collecting new winter hats for children and adults.  They can be dropped off at the Danvers Senior Center and Hathorne Hill.  This program is running through the 8th, but I am sure that Nicole Chouinard would accept new hats this next Monday at our meeting.  Give it some thought.

This week's speaker:  Bill Nolan (no, not about dieting)

   Bill talked about the possibility of a Farmer's Market, to be held weekly on Wednesday evenings from 4 to 7, from mid June to October.  This Market would be held in the Northeast Bank Parking Lot.

Larry D. pulled the winning card "Ace of Spades".  We start a new deck next week.  I so wanted to say we had another looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser but that will have to wait.

Until next week,


Quote of the week:

   First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


January 6th, 2014 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2014-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan on Dec 08, 2013





President Les welcomed everyone and asked Nicole to read the blessing.

Mary Beth has assumed the space next to Tom standring to take attendance in Neal's winter absence.

Les thanked all who helped make the car raffle fund raiser a success. From the committee including Lenny, Mary Beth, Gary, Tom (sorry if I left anyone out) to the rest of us who made the effort to sell their share of tickets.

We raised a net of around $4000 after all expenses.

Announcements included:

Next Monday is the annual Christmas party with the DHS chorus, then a 2 week break for the holidays.

The RYLA kick off meeting is January 11 and Pete Cullen is psyched to help again. Perhaps it is time for another member to step up to help Pete as he will soon be serving on the board.

The district Polar Plunge to raise money for polio plus is on again. Sign ups are open through the web site the district has set up. This site will allow you brave plungers to easily organize your publicity and donations. Cross table challenges were flying today. "I'll plunge if you will"... I can tell you it's not so least for the first 45 seconds. So come on Danvers Rotarians and sign up with your buddies.


Our speaker today was Kay O'Rourke, a social worker from Wellspring House in Gloucester who is well versed in issues surrounding the homeless families in Danvers and elsewhere. Currently there is a crisis in MA and particularly in Danvers where we have over a hundred families in one facility, the Extended Stay hotel on rt one. Beside housing, there exists a lack of adequate warm clothing, job training, education both classroom and financial, and many families are dealing with depression and other mental health trials.

A start toward more affordable housing is at conifer hill behind Danvers plaza where 100 units are under construction.


Lots of pointed questions were posed and the problem remains due to many reasons. Massachusetts could use approx 30000 units of affordable housing. Most of the people in need are there because they have little or no credit, no friend or family support network and if they have work, are qualified for low or minimum wages. As the economy recovers, hopefully legislators will see the ability and have the willingness to fund homeless prevention programs and additional housing construction.


Sheriff Larry collected $111;

Karen spent an extra dollar for lunch, Barry, Peter, Matt glad to have les back, joe t's inspection sticker expired in September, Nicole, bill and Judy for the Pats amazing win, Mary Beth for Superman Brady,Jason $28 for his alma mater Bishop Fenwick's state championship win, same for Tom Standring, Walter and Ralph for the new Santa Claus, Becky thanks to Tom Standring for the traffic island clean up, bill lee $10 toward ski tickets if anyone will go with him, Kevin for all the support for toys for tots, and Larry D celebrating having email though he doesn't know what it is.

Bob Raiche has been under the weather and has not been able to attend.  We hope to see him soon.  If you would like, give him a call or send him a card.

Ralph picked a $50 winner. I wonder how many cards he's picked over 40 plus years of meetings!


Happy holidays all,

Barry Kaplan

December 9 2013 Rotoracle Barry Kaplan 2013-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Dec 01, 2013

Wow! Where did the Fall go?  December 2nd already and the winter weather seems to be arriving way too soon.  Less was out this week, following surgery on his foot.  Substitute President, I mean President Elect Matt was at the helm, leading the troops.  Matt called for a moment of silence for Rotarian Ellie Mackey, who died just over a week ago.  Ellie will be sorely missed by many Rotarians as he has served the club for many years.  

This week was our scheduled Annual Meeting to include committee reports, financial reports and election of board members.

  • Election of Board Members - Peter Cullen and Bill Nolan were elected board members to serve beginning the 2014-2015 year for a three year term.  Congrats to you both.  With three excellent candidates this year it is great to see the enthusiasm.  I am sure the third candidate will be a board member sooner than later.  Great to see some new young blood on the board.  
  • Committee reports followed and included Programs, PR, International, Scholarship and more.  
  • Kristen gave the report on the finances of the club.  Presently we are in good shape with only two commitments left outstanding for this year.  One the Placque for the Veteran's Memorial Field Stone and the Camperships.
  • Becky Kilborn reported on the Danvers Rotary Trust. Presently there is $421K in the trust,  Trust Directors include Becky, Dan Doherty, Matt Schroeder, Maureen Larrivee, along with Les as President and Kristen as Treasurer of the club.  Becky reported that the most recent project was $30,000 that was awarded to fund a Tech Lab at the High School.  The Trustees meet quarterly and are always looking for worthy projects that can be noticed as Danvers Rotary projects and that are substantial in cost to warrant the Trust's consideration.  Ideally the plan is to spend 4% each year so the trust will see some gain each year.  A large project spread over a few years is great.  She also mentioned that $1,800 was contributed to the trust in memory of Don Ingraham.  Memorial contributions can add up quickly, allowing for great things.  This group is doing a wonderful job watching over the funds.
  • Gary Nangle reported on the Rotary International Foundation, as our Foundation Chair.  Our goal this year is $5,200 and we are getting close with 50% of the club contributing to the Foundation this year.  To achieve first class status we need each of our members to donate to the foundation, not earmarked.  If you have not contributed as of yet, please consider some sort of contribution, even a $5.00 contribution will allow your membership in the club to be counted towards the first class status. I know we can do it and I have faith that we will.  You can contribute in a number of ways; go online and pledge through the RI site, make a check payable to the foundation and give it to Kristen, Les or Gary at a club meeting.  You can even make a contribution with your credit card through Kristen's card reader.  Many of you made your contribution to the foundation when you paid your dues and for that contribution we thank you.  To date, District Governors are at first class status, our Districts club presidents all contributed making that level first class status.  Now it is our turn.  Monies contributed to the Foundation stay in the Foundation for 3 years, bearing interest and growth.  The year following the three years, 50% of the funds raised come back to our district for local district grants and the rest goes to international projects.  All great causes that help others around the world and at home.  
  • Membership goals for this year include 10 new members by July.  To date we have 7 either in or in the works.  Wouldn't it be great to exceed the goal in this effort.  Matt reported that we will be included in a mailer to home-base business owners that will help with this effort. Bringing guests to the Trivia night is a great way to introduce them to our great work and social fun.

Our Interact Club at the Danvers High School is in need of an new Rotarian Advisor.  Matt reported that the commitment is an hour each month.  The club sponsors two projects each year; one being the Power Puff Football game in the Fall and a project in the spring, yet to be decided on.  They are a great group of kids.  If you can help, let Matt know or he will be assigning this task to you.

The Dictionary Project is about to begin.  Elsa and Gary are contacting the Elementary Schools and will have dates set up for possibly next week on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please let them know that you can help.  It is a great experience for the kids and for us as well.  Every 3rd grader in town gets a dictionary that they own.  They will use it in their classroom and be able to keep it for year to come, at home.  This is a do not miss opportunity to see our work at it's best.  

Matt asked me to include the following message from Mark Strout at the High School.

Good Morning All,


Could you PLEASE spread the word that we need judges at the DECA competition at the CocoKey Hotel on January 9th!


Anyone who can help would be GREATLY appreciated.  The kids do a phenomenal job!!


Mark Strout  


Sheriff Larry collected $119 this week from the following:

     Judy for her brothers birthday yesterday (both 25), Tom for excellent lunch, Kristen for going to the game and lots of yelling, Mary Beth for dryer s--ting the bed and having to go to the laundry, Rick for the $3,000 on Thursday, Joe D 10 nice to be here, where are you?, Peter fantastic Thanksgiving, Larry Raimondi for Pats win and Houston's Loss,  Bill Lee for good wine and snow, Bob Farley for two Thanksgiving Celebrations.  Alden and Walter for great Thanksgivings, Matt for filling in as President today. Jason Verhoosky, Bill Nolan, Maureen, Neal, Barry, Becky and Dan for the two new board members.  Lenny for all those who have sold and turned in the raffle tickets.  Ted $4 for Big Big Article in newspaper that he does not want to talk about, Don Desmond for his wife's 60th birthday (great time celebrating at the Yacht Club) and Kevin for Patriots win, daughters cheer leading banquet.  Thank you to all.

Trivia Night and Car Raffle Notes:

     Thursday, this Thursday, December 5th, will be the Trivia Night and drawing for the Car Raffle.  If you have not turned in your raffle ticket money and tickets, please drop them off at the Y or at minimum call Lenny and let him know that you will be bringing them to the event on Thursday.  Many tickets are still out and need to be turned in.  Doors at the Polish Club will open at 6:00 PM, members helping can arrive at 5:30 PM.  Cost is being a ticket holder for the car raffle or a $5+ donation at the door.  Cash bar will be available and snack, munchies, will be available as well.  Trivia begins at 7:00 PM and the car raffle is being pulled at 9:00 PM.  The more the merrier, so invite your friends.  Gary and Mary Beth are looking for bottles of wine to use as prizes for the Trivia.  Please bring them on Thursday or drop them off at Northshore Bank, Gary's Office, etc.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  

Jason V. and Alden (again Alden) both played cards and both were loooooooooooooosers.  Sorry guys.

December 2nd, 2013 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2013-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Nov 25, 2013

Car Raffle Ticket Sales in final week.

 Last chance for Car Raffle Tickets.  Many Rotarians have not passed in their money from their sales.  If you have not completed your sales please make your contacts as soon as possible.  A team competition is in play with ticket sales being tracked and the team with the most tickets sold will receive 250 points towards a Paul Harris Award.  If you have sold your tickets and find that you need more, call Lenny, at the Y at 978-774-2055.  Raffle Tickets can also be purchased through the Danvers Rotary Website, using a credit card.  If everyone sells or buys 5 tickets each this fundraiser will  be a huge success.  

See you Thursday


Car Raffle Ticket Sales In Final Week Leonard Mercier 2013-11-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Nov 25, 2013

Marion Staples Memory

     This past weekend, Marion Staples, widow of Past Rotarian Richard Staples, died in her late 90's.  Marion was a great supporter of Rotary and all our efforts right up until a few years ago, when she began needing assistance.  After Richard died, she continued working with the club to the point that she actually received a Paul Harris Award, from the club, for her work.  She considered Rotarians, the YMCA and her church as her family.  Most of you may not even know her but she loved each of you as Rotarians.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, following her wonderful life.


Marion Staples Passing Leonard Mercier 2013-11-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Maureen Larivee on Nov 24, 2013

Some sleepy eyed Rotarians at today’s meeting, at least among those who stayed up late to watch Sunday evening’s Pats game.  An overtime win is as good an excuse as any for being tired on a Monday.


Matt Schroeder led today’s meeting for Les Hefler, who is reported to be on the mend from foot surgery.  Bill Nolan offered the Invocation.


There were not visiting Rotarians today but Matt Schroeder had his guest, Bryan Roman, joining us for lunch.  Bryan is a graphic designer from Salem.


General Announcements:


Raffle:  Money continues to come in. Please do not wait until the last minute and then turn in unsold tickets!  If you are truly unable to sell (or purchase) your five allotted tickets, Lenny needs to be informed as soon as possible.  We make this a success only if all 250 tickets are sold!  The Paul Harris challenge for the team selling the most tickets was postponed today, but will be announced at next Monday’s meeting.  Remember:  Raffle date is December 5th!!!   


Danvers Community Council Holiday Giving:  Karen Nelson had sign -up sheets available for those wishing to purchase gifts for Danvers children.  If you were not at the meeting and want a child’s name, please let Karen know.  As with most holidays, there is always a family in need.  For non-shoppers, cash donations or Target and Best Buy gift cards are also welcome.


Danvers Food Pantry:  Thanksgiving donations can still be made if you missed today’s meeting.  Bags can be dropped directly at the Danvers Food Pantry or left with Karen Nelson in her office at Town Hall.


Distributing Thanksgiving Dinners:  Peter Cullen reported that again this year Danvers Lions will be meeting between 10:30 and 11AM at Supino’s on Thanksgiving Day to deliver meals to Danvers residents in need.  Rotary participation last year was noted and appreciated, so if you have some time on Thursday morning, all you need to do is show up at Supino’s!


Publicity Report:  Becky reported that the Danvers Herald had information in last week’s paper regarding both the Raffle and upcoming Trivia night on December 5th.


Trivia Night:  Coming soon to a Polish American Lithuanian Club near you!  Date is December 5th beginning at 6PM.  Raffle ticket holders have free admission with their raffle ticket stub.    Gary Nangle has a sign -up sheet for those willing to volunteer, provide raffle items, and/or supply baked goods.  See Gary next Monday 12/2 to see how you can help.


Scholarship Committee:  Our committee will meet briefly after the meeting on Monday 12/2 to plan for 2014 and to put together a time-line for applications and for presenting scholarship awards before summer gets underway.



New Member Induction:  Jason Verhoosky was inducted today as our newest member.  Tom Standring did his usual superb job with the ceremonies and Gary Nangle with the Rotary Information process.  Jason is from Danvers Cares and serves as its youth program coordinator and Jason works closely with DHS students.  Welcome, Jason!


Guest Speaker:  Dan Doherty introduced our speaker, Amy Schramm, from the Better Business Bureau.  Amy is a marketing co-ordinator and speaker for the BBB.  Her home office is in Marlboro and her territory for speaking engagements includes all of Eastern MA, VT, ME, RI and NH.  Amy is a Peabody native and happy that for today’s trip to Danvers and an event so close to home.


The Better Business Bureau is a 101 year old non-profit founded by business owners who were unhappy with business owners advertising products and services and making false claims.  The BBB has 114 offices nationwide and works closely with states’ offices of Consumer Affairs.


Although the BBB fields and addresses consumer complaints, Amy suggested that using the free service as a ‘precautionary’ resource tool is often overlooked.  She encouraged us to think about the BBB when contracting for services or when thinking about donating to a charitable cause.


Amy’s other presentations include Ethics presentations to students as well as business’ responsibilities for safeguarding consumer personal information, and fraud and identity theft mitigation.



Sherriff’s Report:  Sherriff Larry was back in the house today, although pretty darned tired (and cold!!!) after spending literally half the night at the Pats game.  So tired, in fact, that he never did count the money!   No matter, we always top the $100.00 mark with our usual generous dollars coming this week from:


Neal, for any idiot who would be at a Pat’s game in those temperatures; Gary, for his daughter’s gymnastics meet win; Joe Todisco, attended a good networking event last week; Jason Verhoosky for being a new member and for last week’s Powder Puff game, Larry R; donated all that he had left over after selling his Raffle tickets, Peter; his godson having a son, and so another new Cullen; Karen, for staying awake as long as possible for the game, Becky, Nicole, Kevin, Jason Allain, Alden, Ralph, Ted, Mary Beth for the Pat’s win; Bill Lee; snow up country, Dan D.; Florida vacation, Barry; Eastern Carolina going to a Bowl Game somewhere;  Tom, Jim, Maureen (or Mary…whatever Larry!!!) wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.


Raffle: Again no winners!  Worse no Lenny to heckle losers Bill Nolan and Ted Speliotis.  Eventually somebody wins!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone—if you are sitting at a table with family and friends, there’s not much more that you need. 


See you next week,



November 25 2013 Rotoracle Maureen Larivee 2013-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Nov 17, 2013

Wow, I can't believe that November is flying by so fast.  Today actually felt more like a spring day with the temperature edging up to the 70s.  President Less opened the meeting and called on Bill Nolan for the invocation.  While we did not have any visiting Rotarians or other guests, attendance was quite good.  There were a number of grocery bags turned in this week for the Food Pantry.  I was proud that I remembered mine.  Becky took the reusable bags to the pantry and you can be sure that all that food will go to good use, helping those needing help in our community.  Many thanks to every Rotarian that passed in their bags over the last couple of meetings.  Bags will be collected over the next couple of meetings, so go through your kitchen, go to the local markets or where ever you buy your food and get those bags filled and bring them in.  

Team Strategy is activated for Raffle  -  VP Matt reported that at last week's board meeting it was decided to give the team that sells the most car raffle tickets, 250 points that can be used towards a Paul Harris Award.  So any money turned in today, Monday the 18th to next weeks meeting will be tallied and the team with the most sales will win the 250 points.  Team Captains will be emailing their teams to get this challenge in full swing.  

December Board Meeting is postponed by one week.  President Less reported that he was postponing the December Rotary Board Meeting until Thursday, December 12th, due to the Trivia Night being held on the 5th.

Trivia Night, December 5th - Gary Nangle reported that the plans are set for the Trivia Night, where the winning Car Raffle Ticket will be drawn.  Rotarians should arrive at 6:00 PM.  Trivia will be take place from 7:00 to 9:00 PM  There will be up to 5 rounds of 10 Trivia.  The committee is looking for prizes  for the Trivia and for food items.  Wine would be great for prizes and cookies, dips, chips, and other items for the snacks.  Cost is $5 for those who are not ticket holders.  Gary thanked the committee that includes Mary Beth, Kristen, Becky, Paul, Tom and Gary.

ImageBob Farley reported on the Veterans Day Ceremony, held at the Thorpe School on Veteran's Day.  Rotary was well appreciated for the sponsorship of the monument for the Veterans Field Dedicated on Veterans Day.  



Some sad news:

While writing this Rotoracle I just received a message that Rotarian Elias Mackey passed away on Monday.  His wake is set for Thursday , 4:30-7:00 PM.  Ellie was a great part of our club for so many years.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.








  • December 14th, Holiday Party for Foster Children, sponsored by the district.  Those interested in assisting this event should see Les or Matt.  I believe it will be held in Salem under the direction of Elizabeth Grant.
  • Wednesday, tomorrow the 20th, there will be an After Hours event, sponsored by NorthEast Community Bank and the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce for networking, prizes, appetizers, beer and wine.  Yes Car Raffle Tickets will be available through Joe, at the event.  4:30-6:00 PM with all welcome.  Flyer available by clicking "Join Us After Hours".


ImageThis week's speaker was our own Gary Nangle, who is our RI Foundation Chair.  Gary gave a great presentation about the great things that the RI Foundation does and how 50% of the money raised this year comes back to the district in three years and the other 50% goes to projects sponsored by RI.  Future Vision is a term used now that RI is stressing for projects.  Large projects can be from $30 to $200 K and more.  Projects are to be sustainable both at District and International levels.  Last year our District raised $226,000 which $113 will come back for District Grants in 2015.  The District wants to meet or exceed last year's total.  District Governor John Hall and all Governors contributed this year and he challenged every Club President in the District to do the same and they did.  Now the next challenge is to get every member in the District to donate.  Ideally the goal would be $100 from each Rotarian every year.  Well in a realistic world the challenge is for every Rotarian to donate something.  This could be $5, $10, $100 or whatever.  Even $1 would meet the requirements as a contribution.  Please consider it as it would be great to be able to say that our entire club contributed to the cause.  Gary showed a great video, outlining where Rotary Projects have made a great difference around the world.  It was a very compelling video and appreciated.  Thanks Gary for chairing this effort and for representing our club.  


Sheriff Larry went around the room: Larry collected $94.00 for a number of reasons.  Joe D for a nice lunch, Tom S for nothing to say, Bill Lee was having a good day, Jason Allain for the speaker, Joe Joslin for welcoming new member to be Jason to the club.  Jason will be inducted next week.  Jason Verhoosky for being with us.  Bill Nolan nothing special, Larry D for Punta Cana (nice place don't drink the water), Don, Rick, Nicole and Alden for the Patriots planned win.  Becky liked the desert, Joe Todesco had 3 (oh how I remember my younger days), Kristen for no money did not get to the ATM will catch her next week.  Mary Beth bought a car from Les (now she should have waited to win the raffle.  Matt S. thanked people for attending the DEEP Wine Tasting.  Lenny, Les Neal and Bob for a beautiful day.  Thank you so much for helping the cause.  You Rock............

Tom Standring and Bill Lee both took their chances at the card game this week and were both big fat (actually skinny) looooooooooooooooooosers.  Maybe next time you two.  

Have a great weekend.


The key to happiness is having dreams.  The key to success is making your dreams come true.  

- Author Unknown



November 18, 2013 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2013-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Maureen Larivee on Nov 03, 2013

Today's meeting was a day to honor our Veterans and we were pleased  to have a number of Danvers Veterans including Rotarian Dick Moody and Peter Mirandi, Veterans Service Officer for Danvers.


President Les Hefler opened the meeting by welcoming our Veterans and thanking them for their service. Danvers veteran Greg Strojny offered the Invocation.


Lunch was great as usual and since Monday I have been stopped by several veterans in downtown Danvers who said how much they enjoyed both the meeting and the meal.




·         Les thanked Gary and Mary Beth for their hard work on the Raffle program.  This is a fundraiser in lieu of the Variety Show of the past few years.  If you have not taken your allotted 5 tickets to sell, please see Lenny soon!


·         Board of Directors Meeting Date Change:  Les needs to change the meeting date to Tuesday 11/12 and will send out a separate reminder to Board Members.  Speaking of the Rotary Board, the club needs at least one additional Board member.  To be eligible you must have at least two years membership as a Rotarian.  If you have not served, new faces and new ideas are always welcome.  Please reach out to Les if you are interested.


·         Birthday Wishes:  Offered by Les to Bob Raiche in honor of Bob's 85th birthday!  Congratulations to Bob and we probably apologies as well to Bob for our singing efforts!


·         Letter to Danvers Schools:  Elsa Marshall read a letter she sent to Dr. Lisa Dana on behalf of the club.  The letter addresses the tragic murder of DHS teacher, Colleen Ritzer             last month and the support offered to the Danvers Public Schools on behalf of the Danvers Rotary.  It has been a terrible few weeks for the town, and a tragedy that has                 shaken residents to the core.  With thanks to Elsa for her eloquence and efforts on behalf of our club.


·         Veteran's Day Activities:  Past Rotarian Bruce Eaton announced Veteran's Day activities to be held on Monday November 11th at the Thorpe School.  The program begins at             11AM sharp and arriving early is recommended.  Part of the program includes the dedication of the new area and plaque donated by the club and Rotarians are encouraged             to attend.


Other Veterans Day remembrances include a flagpole dedication at 9:30AM on Sunday November 10th at Maple Street Church.  The flagpole dedication is in memory of Phil Evans and in honor of Veterans who have served in the US military.



In keeping with Veteran's Day, our program was a look at a 1992 video made by the Danvers Rotary and featuring remembrances from Danvers Rotarians and their service to our country.  The video has been featured at past meetings but it is always a great look back at former Rotarians who served.


Sheriff's Report 

Joe Todisco stepped in and did an admirable job for Sheriff Larry reported to be vacationing somewhere in the Dominican Republic.  Total collected was $187.00 with contributions from both Rotarians and our Veterans. 

With thanks to both groups and for pleading ignorance on some of the "who's who" donations came from:  Bill Lee for good wine, Joe De; sitting next to Bill, Gordon; Joe's pretty face, Dick; Patriots win, Stewart Woods, Bruce, Becky, Bob, Ralph, Tom, Dan, Neal, Nicole, Sheryl, Mary Beth, Gary, Lenny, Joe T, Maureen, Don, and Matt; for our Veteran's Steve; good health, Peter;  for the Vets and also for his dad being the 1st president of Danvers Rotary, Elsa, Larry R; Red Sox win, Jason Allain; shaving party, Jason V; good birthday weekend, Les; for a full house, Barry; sorry just cannot read this one......!



Gary  and Barry both pulled the unlucky cards for today, probably pushing our ‘cash prize’ up over the $20.00 mark!


Remember…..  No meeting on Monday November 11th.  Find a Veteran in your travels this week and remember to say thank you!


See you on the 18th.






There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them
from your dreams and hug them for real.

Charlie Brown

November 4, 2013 Rotoracle Maureen Larivee 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Oct 27, 2013

Second in command Matt Schroeder opened the meeting as President Les was away.  Matt called on Elsa for the invocation.  Elsa began asking for a moment of silence for the tragic loss of Danvers High Teacher Colleen Ritzer and asked for everyone to keep her family, the students and faculty at Danvers High School.    Just so I don't forget, this coming Monday Danvers Rotary will be holding its Veterans Day Program.  Please remind everyone to attend as we are asking Veterans to attend as well as all of our members.  

Matt passed out Salem 5 grocery bags and asked everyone to take them home and collect some groceries that will be donated to the Food Pantry to help serve those less fortunate.  Elsa mentioned that there are many families with infants and very small children and diapers are always needed.  Matt asked that over the next two week we try to fill our bags to help those in need.  I am sure that if you did not get a bag he will have one for you.  

Speaking of having something for each of you, I have been passing out the tickets for the Car Raffle.  ideally we need each Rotarian to sell (or buy) 5 of the tickets for the fundraising event to be a success.  Each ticket cost $50 and only 250 tickets are printed.  So each ticket represents $50 to this effort.  The winning ticket will be drawn on Thursday, December 5th, at a Trivia Night, held at the Polish Club.  The ticket holder does not have to be present to win.  We would love to have them there but understand that not everyone can attend.  If you have not received your tickets that you have not been to Rotary in the last two weeks.  If I do not see you on Monday, your tickets will be delivered, possibly by me personally.  We will have a prize for the best seller, which I will not reveal what it is but as a hint, it will keep you warm on a winter's night.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it is not a comforter.  Winner receives a lease of a new Hyundai Sonata for two years, valued at $4,000 or can take a $3,000 cash alternative.  You can't pick out the color or the cash, so I would recommend the car.

Tom Standring reported that the Polio Display at the Daily Harvest Restaurant went well.  The event collected enough money to vaccinate 73 children and he was quite grateful.  Tom also spoke of a show that was on television giving the history of this disease.  This was also on the cover of this month's Rotary Magazine.  The end of our work to be complete with alleviating Polio has been extended out to 2018.  This means that they expect the last case to be reported in 2015, which is pretty close.  It has been a long trek but the end product will be more than worth the hard work.  Great job Rotarians............

Elsa is beginning to assemble her committee to distribute the dictionaries to all the third graders in town.  Gary ordered the books and they will be delivered soon.  For those who are not too familiar with this program a group of Rotarians, led by Elsa, go to each school and talk about Rotary, about education and about how communities work together.  Every third grader gets a dictionary that they can keep as their own forever.  I still have mine on the desk.  Without it I would be lost.  Even with computers, having the book is a great way to learn and grow.  It is all about education and about improving ourselves.  Now, I have to say, if you have not attended one of these classrooms with Elsa, you must make the time this year.  She truly does a wonderful job with the children and getting them to understand what Rotary stands for and what great work we all do to make every community better.  She is a natural teacher.  Once the dictionaries arrive Elsa will put together a schedule through the school system for the visitations.  Again, this is a must item.

We had a new Sheriff in town this week.   Well Joe Todisco did his best to fill Sheriff Larry's shoes.  I contributed for the great weather from this past weekend, Rick Gilmore was down to his last $2 but Joe gladly took it.  Matt donated 10 for the Red Sox and for missed meetings, Neal for nothing special, Don Desmond for the Red Sox, someone for a beautiful day, Gary for a college visit, Bill Lee for a good sports weekend, Tom for strong innings for lefty, Mary Beth for Tom Brady's Hand, Kristen for someone winning something, Alden for the Red Sox, Bill Nolan for a big Red Sox win tonight (Monday), Jason $20 for Jonny Gomes Home Run.  Becky, Elsa, Dan Doherty, Nicole and Pam donated all for the Red Sox.  $90.00 total collected this week, thank you to all.

Couple of things to know or to remember:

  • Next Board Meeting is Thursday, November 7th, 5:30 PM, held at the Hyundai Dealership.  This is a great way to see what goes on behind the scenes.  You can get a make up at the same time and enjoy some chips, cookies and soda.  If you want, I bet you could also take a car for a test ride.  
  • Car Raffle Tickets can be purchased through our web site.  Tell your friends, family, business associates, neighbors and enemies to go to the website and in the first article, click on buy ticket now.  This will take them to a secure place to purchase a ticket with their credit card.  I will mail the ticket stub to them once they purchase it.  
  • We are looking for sponsors for the Trivia Night.  $250 for a sponsorship will get recognition at the event and help defray the cost of the event.  More details will be available this next week on the Trivia Night, which will also serve as the time to draw the winning ticket for the car.  I just can't wait to drive that car home.  I think I want the blue one............
  • Monday, November 4th will be our Veterans Day Meeting, honoring all veterans.  Plan on attending.
  • Monday, November 11th, actual Veterans Day, there will not be a meeting.
  • Plans are getting underway for our early spring fundraiser.
  • The DEEP Wine Tasting Fundraiser has been postponed until Thursday, November 14th, at the Danversport Yacht Club.  Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased at Merchant's Liquor Mart.  
  • The High School Dedication/Open House was postponed and will not be held until after the 1st of the year.  The date will be announced at a later time.  

ImageCards were played by two this week.   Alden Goodnow and Joe Todisco.   Joe was a looooooooooooooser, but Alden pulled the winning Ace.  So next week we start with a new deck and a new game.  You know how much I love to see people win.    Not really, but I guess it is OK once in a while.

How about those Red Sox and the World Series.  It was great to have them win it at home.   Now let's work on the Patriots and the Bruins.  Boston is a great place to live and enjoy sports.  I am sure you would all agree about that.  

Well, that is about it for this edition.

Enjoy your weekend.



Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.

                                                - Woody Allen


October 28 2013 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2013-10-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Oct 24, 2013

Danvers Rotary Club Holds Car Raffle

For this year's Fall Fundraiser the Rotary Club of Danvers is holding a raffle for a car for two years or the winner can take a cash alternative.  A limited number of tickets (250) are being sold for a chance to win a Hyundai Sonata, lease for two years, value $4,000.  If the winner does not want to take the lease option, he or she can accept a cash alternative of $3,000.   Tickets are $50 each and Danvers Rotarians are proud to announce that there are only 250 tickets printed, giving great odds for the win.  


Presently there are three sponsors and others will follow for the Raffle as well as the Trivia Night. To purchase tickets contact a Danvers Rotarian, call Len Mercier at (978)-774-2055 or click on the "ORDER TICKET HERE" and fill in the credit card purchase to have ticket sent to your address.   

The winning ticket will be drawn on Thursday, December 5th, during a Trivia Night, held at the Polish Club on Cheever Street, Danvers.  Ticket holders will be given free entrance to the Trivia Night event. Rest assured if you cannot make it to the Trivia event and your ticket is drawn, you will still win. What a great way to add a car to the driveway.   Check out the new Sonata ----- it's a sporty looking car, unbelievable fuel mileage and you can pick the color.

Sales Tax, Title and Insurance is the responsibility of the winner. 

Car Raffle Takes Shape Leonard Mercier 2013-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Maureen Larivee on Oct 20, 2013
Monday’s weather was almost too nice to come inside for a meeting, but we did have a decent show of membership and enjoyed a usual great lunch menu.  Ted Speliotis served double duty, both as fellow Rotarian and Guest Speaker for the day.  

Tom Manual stepped in as President for Les Hefler today and did a great job as a last minute fill in or “Last President Standing” with Elsa offering a wonderful impromptu Invocation.  

General Announcements:

Raffle Tickets!!!  Danvers Rotary Fund Raiser!!!  Lenny handed out raffle tickets to members at Monday’s meeting.  Each club member has been asked to sell 5 tickets and we need everyone to pitch in.   We are selling only 250 tickets with the choice of a pretty great prize---2 Year Lease of a Hyundai Sonata valued at $4,000.00 OR as an alternate winner’s choice, a $3,000.00 cash prize option. The raffle is one of several fund raisers planned and replaces the Variety Show of the past several years.

Drawing date will be December 5th at our Fundraising Trivia Night at the Polish Club.  Anyone purchasing a raffle ticket gets free entrance to Trivia Night.

This coming Saturday 10/26 there will be an Open House at the new Danvers High School from 10AM until noon.  There will be ribbon cutting ceremony and student led tours of the building.  As you all know, Danvers Rotary made a significant contribution to the DHS technology lab at the school.  We are asking Rotarians to please make an effort to come by and have a look.  The building exterior is truly impressive and “word on the street” is that the interior and the facilities provided for the students and faculty is even better.  

Rotary International Polio Day is Thursday 10/24.  Tom Standring noted that the date to eradicate polio worldwide has been pushed out to 2018.  Rotarians will be at the Daily Harvest Café / High Street, Danvers on Thursday collecting donations for polio and painting ‘purple’ pinkies’ to raise awareness.  

Polio remains a health threat in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.  India will be declared officially polio free if no new cases are reported by year-end.  If you are in Danvers on Thursday, stop by to support Polio Plus as well as Daily Harvest Café.

Guest Speaker:  Today our speaker was fellow Rotarian Ted Speliotis who offered an interesting and informative local update on the region, and Danvers in particular.  It’s nice to hear that Massachusetts has fared better than the rest of the country during the economic downturn of the last few years.  He credits the health of Massachusetts largely to two recession proof industries which thrive in Massachusetts—education and healthcare.  If you are a 60 Minutes viewer, then you know that Medtronic, located in Danvers was noted during Sunday evenings show.

Ted shared a couple of good news updates:
Danvers High School Project: The Town of Danvers appropriated $79 million for the project which came in significantly under budget ($72 million) AND completed on time.  The project was completed without an override and with approximately 62% state reimbursement.Image

The current project at the Essex Agricultural &Technical School location on Route 62 in Danvers is right now the largest school building project as well as the most affordable school building project in the state. When completed for the fall of 2014 the school will combine student populations from North Shore Technical High School, Peabody Vocational, and the Essex Agricultural & Technical high schools.  

Route 62 On the not-so-good news front Ted told us that there’s a project underway by MA highway which will involve long overdue and lengthy repairs to culverts located on Liberty Street.  The project is in the MA highway survey phase, but potentially involves a closure of Liberty Street for the duration of the project.  For those of you who travel through the crazy and dangerous maze of new traffic lights on Elliott Street, this is not welcome news.  Let’s hope that MA highway and some very savvy engineers come up with a better plan!

Sherriff:  And finally…………..Sherriff Larry in the house collected at total of $228.00, with most notably a generous contribution from Larry Raimondi for his birthday.  Larry was treated to a questionable rendition of Happy Birthday by his tablemates and I am leaving any disclosure of age up to Larry!  
 Additional contributions came from Tom Manual, Jason, Larry De, and Rick in honor of long-time Rotarian Stan Gesdualdi who was married last weekend.  Donations were described as ‘memorial to Stan’ but judging by the sounds of the wedding party, it was a pretty big celebration! 
  Barry donated for ‘being in the house’, Don Desmond; great trip to Italy and he’s going back in 4 years, Neal; checking in and planning to tag along with Don next time, MaryBeth, Maureen, Pam, Alden, Elsa, Becky, Joe Todisco, Bob Farley, Elsa, and Ted; WORLD SERIES WIN,  Kristen; taking some back talk from a 3 year old, Tom Standring; his daughter’s 50th birthday, Joe De; the usual $10 for his seat, Bill Lee; for snow in Colorado that’s heading our way, Bill Nolan; his son caught the catch of the week in flag football, complete with replay aired on Danvers Cable TV!

Raffle:  Pam Wall and Joe Todisco had the numbers today.  Not only no win but no Lenny either to root for a winner.  Sorry Pam and Joe!

See you next week!

Rotoracle October 21, 2013 Maureen Larivee 2013-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Oct 06, 2013

    Sorry this Rotoracle is going to each of you later in the week.  I actually wrote it three times, twice being lost through ClubRunner prior to being able to save and post.  An update that they want us to upload will hopefully help with this and hopefully will help with my stress.  Will go over this with Paul Fuller this next week.

     VP Matt filled in for President Les and opened the meeting.  Pam Wall led the invocation.  Joyce Lehan from Peoples Bank was a guest of Maureen Larivee and there were no visiting Rotarians.  Attendance was pretty good this week.  Kevin Farrell was on his last guest visit as he was inducted during this week's meeting.

     Gary Nangle, Rotary International Foundation Chair, spoke for a couple of minutes.  He spoke in reference to a speech he heard District Governor John Hall gave at the Membership/Foundation event at Double Tree.  John Hall spoke on International President Ron Burton's  challenge to the District Governors to each join him in making a donation to the RI Foundation.  The District Governors in turn challenged all club Presidents to join them in making a similar contribution.  This challenge, through the three levels has raised a great deal on money to assist in Rotary's world wide effort.  Now for the next level.  Governor John, President Les and Foundation Chair Gary is challenging Danvers Rotarians to each make a contribution to the Foundation.  This should not be too difficult as many of our members are sustaining members, meaning that the sustaining members make a minimum of a $100 yearly contribution.  Now if you have not given to the Foundation, do you have to make this large a pledge? No, any amount would be great.  Ways to donate are as follows:

  • Go to the Rotary Internation site and sign in to donate using your credit card.  From this way you can make a one time donation or have a certain amount of money drafted from your bank account or credit card. You know, even $5.00 a month adds up.
  • You can make a contribution with your dues when you pay them.
  • Lastly you can give a check to Gary Nangle or President Less.
  • Note, if you make the pledge online, please let Gary know so he can track it.  All contributions are tracked so that when anyone reaches $1,000 their are awarded a Paul Harris Fellow Award.  If you have been making contributions and want to know how close you are to your Paul Harris Fellow, check with Gary as he has that information.







Tom Standring was called to the Podium and in turn asked Fire Chief Kevin Farrell to join him for his induction.  Kevin is now our newest member and will make a great addition to the Club.  He holds the same values as Rotarians around the world of Service Above Self and Service to Others.  Tom explained to Kevin the importance of Rotary, the four way test and how working together Rotary makes a difference in many lives around the world.  Tom also reviewed the fact the Rotarians are Rotarians because they are asked.  Rotarians ask others that share their same values to join them in their club.  He also reported that only 25% of present Rotarians have ever sponsored another individual to be a Rotarian.  Have you???  It is not too late and chances are you know someone that shares your same values and drive to help others.  Don't you think they would want to share the experiences we do.  Think about who you know and how they might want to join.  Welcome to the club Kevin.  Looking forward to seeing you grow as a Rotarian.









Program Chair Dan introduced Eileen Lubas from The Longevity Connection at the North Shore Elder Services.  Eileen reviewed the program's work for aging elders.  Private Care Management is offered by skilled Social Workers who are available for consultation.  She spoke about the importance of preplanning and their are many avenues to help Elders.  A flyer will be included following the Rotoracle.

Sheriff Larry collected $184 from club members this week.  $73 was given by Ralph Ardiff for his birthday.  mmm, I wonder how old Ralph is?  Many contributed for the Red Sox and some for vacations and great weekends.  Thank you to all.

We are just getting underway on our Fall Fundraiser, the Car Raffle.  With only 250 tickets being sold for $50 each, the winning ticket will be awarded a two year lease on a Hyundai Sonata, valued at $4,000 or take a $3,000 cash prize.  More information will follow in another story.

Couple of dates to remember:

  • DEEP Wine Tasting - Danversport Yacht Club, October 24th.  Tickets available at Merchants, where you can get your pretasting wine.
  • Danvers High School Dedication, Saturday, October 26th, 10:00 to 12:00 noon.  We will probably have a table with Rotary information along with the ability to tour the new renovated and built, state of the art school.  

Some of our Rotarians were selling tickets and the Rotary Pavilion Pictures, at the Topsfield Fair this week.  Tom Manuel headed this up.

It requires less character to discover the faults of others than to tolerate them.

            -J Petit Senn

There will not be a meeting on this coming Monday, October 14th, Columbus Day.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 21st.

Enjoy your week and we will see you on the 21st.


October 7, 2013 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2013-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Sep 29, 2013

Check out this week's Rotoracle or go to Stories to view comments made by Town Manager, Wayne Marquis.


Town Manager Speaks Leonard Mercier 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Sep 29, 2013


Town Manager, Wayne Marquis, addresses Rotarians

What a great week we are in for as we move from September to October in New England.  Wednesday, actually while I write this is going to be in the 80s.  Kind of makes me wonder why I am in the office doing this rather than outside working on my tan.  Well enough about my tan and lets go over this weeks meeting.  President Les opened the meeting and quickly turned it over to Judy D. for the invocation.  While we did not have any visiting Rotarians or other visitors our attendance was quite good this week.  I am sure partly due to knowing that Town Manager, Wayne Marquis, was going to give us an update of town business.  Many thanks go to Barry for writing last week while I was away.  I believe he finished writing while traveling at the beginning of his trip, on his iphone, a man of many talents.  We enjoyed a great plated meal this week, baked haddock, strawberry salad and wedding cake.  Everything that I love was on the menu this week, could not have been better.  

     The District Membership and Foundation Forum is set for tonight, Wednesday, 3:30 PM at the Double Tree (Ferncroft).  I am sure that if you are interested there is a seat for you.  Call Les if you would like to attend.  I have been to many of these and they are quite informational and a great way to connect with Rotarians from around the District.  District Governor John Hall would love to see everyone there.  

      Our club will have a booth, or spot at the Topsfield Fair this next Monday.  Past President, Coach and whatever else, Tom Manuel will be heading up the coverage and we will be selling some of the artwork, of the Danvers Rotary Pavilion.  Plans are also to begin sales of our Car Raffle tickets.  

     Speaking of the Car Raffle.  Tickets will be available very soon for a chance to win a Hyundai Sonata Lease for two years or to take a cash alternative.  We are in hopes to have everything complete by the end of the week so we can begin sales.  Only 250 tickets will be sold for $50.00 each.  Ticket will be drawn at a Trivia Fundraising night in early December. Ticket winner does not have to be present to win but all ticket holders will be invited.  Les and the Hyundai dealership is sponsoring a good amount of the cost and others sponsors are being sought.  We are looking for $500 sponsors, who will be advertised on the tickets, as well as in publicity and at the night of the drawing.  Please consider being a sponsor as it would be wonderful if we could get the entire cost covered and have the money collected from ticket sales be the profit.  This could give us $12,500 to help with our projects and service. 

     October Board Meeting is set for Thursday night, tomorrow, at the Danvers Hyundai Dealership, by the Liberty Tree Mall.  Meeting starts at 5:30 PM and all are welcome.  This is a great way to get a make up for that missed meeting and a great way to see what your Danvers Rotary Club does behind the scenes.  

     The District is looking for advisers to be available to be called by Rotoract Clubs in the district.  Rotoract is for young individuals 18 to 30, who want to be part of Rotary.  In many cases these clubs are connected to colleges, etc. and are great feeders for our local clubs.  This would allow the flow from the High School Interact Clubs to Rotoract and then these young Rotarians can flow into our Old guys and gals club.  Sure makes me feel old when I am writing this.  Tom Manuel and Neal Waldman have volunteered but would love your assistance.

Other Important Dates:

   October 16th - World Food Day -  Please start collecting food and plan on bringing it in next week or the week after.  All food collected will be transported to the Danvers People to People Food Pantry to help to provide nourishment to those needing our help.  If you are bringing food from your pantry at home please check the dates to make sure they are still good to eat.  We can help to make a difference by collecting to help those in need.

   October 24th - World Polio Day - Tom Manuel is heading up a possible Pinky Painting event at the Daily Harvest Restaurant.  Let him know if you can help with the event.  

Sheriff Larry D. Collects Funds:

     Sheriff Larry collected $182.00 today for a number of good reasons, one being Carole Elliott's Birthday ($62.00), with song led by Bill Lee and Ralph Ardiff.  Neal $20 for a vacation in Croatia.  Tom Standring for his wifes picture on the front of the Danvers Herald, Alden for his Great Grand Child, Jim Zafriss for being with us this week, Bill for the good weather, Peter Cullen for his In Laws going home, Ralph for watching the Pats game, Tom for the late people, Gary has a new addition to his family (puppy), Les was happy to see everyone this week, Lenny for a great weekend, Rick Gilmore's son turned 9, Matt S. for the Deep Wine Tasting on October 24th, Jason for a a crazy ass wedding on Friday night, Judy sad for her car being broken into, Dan and Joe for the Pat's 4 and ), Mary Beth wants buffet will eat at Yacht club Monday night,  Bill N. had nothing to say.  Many thanks to all.


Image     Town Manager, Wayne Marquis, addressed the group with an update on what is happening around the town of Danvers.  With 26,000 residents in town and what seems to be a growing economy, Danvers is is good shape.  There are 9,000 water customers served by the newly updated Water Treatment Plan in Middleton.  These customers are from the towns of Danvers and Middleton.  Plant project is set to be completed in October.  The school system is educating 3,700 students from preschool through high school. The newly renovated and expanded High School is complete and was ready to house the students at the start of the year.  With minor work needed, he expects the High School Project to be within the finances expected.  The combining of the Aggie and Vocational School is set for completion September 2014, on schedule.  Parts of the new school are actually being used presently.  All classes for both schools will be held on the same side of the street, leaving the old facility available for new programs, undetermined so far.  The town's budget of 145 Million comes from taxes, electric distribution, water and sewer fees, and excise taxes.  State Aid is at 10 Million this year.  Osram Sylvania is the largest employer with 900 employees, the town with the next largest number of employees.  North Shore Community College has completed a 31 million addition and the Rail Trail is complete and seeing great use. 

   Wayne was asked about how a government shut down would affect our town.  This would mainly hurt the school lunch program.   Great update on our great town of Danvers.   We are very fortunate to have leadership that manages in such a fiscally responsible way.  


Les and Dan both took their chances with cards this week and I am sad (really happy) to report that they were both loooosers.  The money builds.  Your chance could be this next Monday.  Don't miss it.

Only the development of compassion and understand for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.

                    - Dalai Lama

Have a great weekend.  Remember Board Meeting Thursday Night.


September 30, 2013 Rotoracle Leonard Mercier 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Barry Kaplan on Sep 22, 2013

President Les Opened  today's meeting and asked Kristin to read the invocation. 

We had another relatively small group of 24 people due to another golf outing and several people still away on vacation. A couple of birthdays to note: Rick Gilmore today who was golfing and Joe Joslin who joined us for lunch. 

Rotarian Mr. Everly from Lakewood Washington joined us for lunch and the hot buffet included a delicious wedding soup. 

ImageProgram Chair, Dan Doherty intrduced our speaker - our very own Rotarian Dr. Al Tatarunis
Dr. Al's talk today was about how he has found technique's to reduce stress in his life and started off his talk with a couple of Jokes about the joys of aging and then right into telling us that nobody is driving you crazy you do it to yourself.  Thirty Six years ago his method of stress reduction included a bottle of Southern comfort but he finally realized they were better ways available.  I don't want to steal any thunder from his book which he also generously donated to the club for a raffle next week but I will touch on some of the highlights of this talk in which he shared many personal details and experiences.  It's beneficial to learn what things are controllable in your life and which things are not exterior circumstances unplanned events and other people are among the things you cannot control.  We have to take care of our mind body and our soul.  Our mind has a mind of its own as a matter fact it has three minds a monkey mind a sloth mind and a cow mind. think about that next time you're trying to get to sleep.  We all grow up learning a belief system presented to us by her parents or teachers and other people but now it's time to get rid of it and create our own.  In your new belief system there is some steps you have to take to make an agreement with yourself.
Mean what you say and say what you need.  Don't take things personally.  Don't make assumptions.  Always do the best you can.  Listen well but be skeptical.  Dr. Al has other rules too. Live in the present. Let anger and resentment go and don't worry about the future all you have is now!
Perfection is a concept some days are better than others. He closed with a discussion of love and whether happiness or inner peace should be your goal. Finally, find your own spirituality. 
I don't know about everyone else but I felt like I had just had a nice meditation. He got a nice round of applause - it was really good to see and hear dr al. 

There's a Board of Directors meeting October 3rd, 5:30 PM at Les's office at the Hyundai dealership.  There is a social media seminar, put on by the District, in Boxborough in early October and there is a membership and foundation forum on October 2nd that several people from our club should go to.  Let Les know this week if you can make it. 

Joe D and Ted S picked cards but we did not have a winner. Thank you goes to these two for being loooooooooooosers and letting the money build.

Under other announcements, Joe Joslin reported that the Glenn Magna Showhouse will be coming up November 30th to December 15th with advertising space available in the guidebook. Contact Joe for details on this.

Fundraising Meeting Tonight, Thursday, September 26th, 5:30 PM, Hyundai Dealership.

Also since there are so many people playing golf these days it's important to note that last week at the tournament, sponsored by the Danvers Historical Society,  the event was won by our very own team of Matt Schroeder, Rick Gilmore, Barry Kaplan and Rotary hopeful Fred LeBel, with a score of 64, nine under par.  Congratulations to them!
There was no sheriff today so dollars were saved and should be turned in with next weeks contribution please. 

Have a great week.

Barry, Rotoracle Staff

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Posted by Leonard Mercier on Sep 15, 2013


Danvers Rotarians and Danvers Rotary Trust completes donation of $50,000 for a Technology Classroom at the newly built Danvers High School.


Danvers Superintendent of Schools, Lisa Dana, and Jeffery Liberman, Director of Technology for the Danvers Schools were presented a check for $17,000. by Club President Les Hefler.  The check represents a final donation of $10,000.00 from the Danvers Rotary Trust and an additional $7,000.00 donated by the Club.  Presentation was made at the Danvers Rotary Club's weekly meeting on Sept 16, 2013.
Danvers High Technology Contribution Leonard Mercier 2013-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Maureen Larivee on Sep 15, 2013
President Les opened the meeting and Elsa Marshall joined us today, returned from her summer travels, to offer the Blessing before the meal. Elsa is happy to be back and we are happy have her!

We were joined very briefly by Danvers Superintendent of Schools, Lisa Dana, and Jeffery Liberman, Director of Technology for the Danvers Schools.  They were not able to stay for lunch but  President Les presented Dr. Dana and Mr. Liberman with a check for $17,000.00.  The check represents a final donation of $10,000.00 from the Danvers Rotary Trust and an additional $7,000.00 donated by the Club.  
There are several open house dates scheduled for the newly renovated high school and we hope to plan a time for the Club to tour the new school.

Today was definitely our club’s chance to show our pitch-in can-do attitude.  With many Rotarians participating in golf tournaments, Danvers Historical Society’s to name one, we had a small crowd.

No matter!  Maureen Larivee sat in for Tom Standring, Gary Nangle sold raffle tickets, Jason Allain acted as Deputy Sheriff, and the ever nimble Gary jumped in again to lead our meeting when President Les headed off early for a business meeting with European visitors.  

We hope that the golfers enjoyed their day and that the Danvers Historical Society’s tournament was a success.

Announcements and Reminders:

If you were there and sleeping at today’s meeting,   Gary Nangle rings a mean Rotary bell. You can bet that everyone was awake and alert for announcements:

* Reminder that luncheon costs have now gone to $16.00.  Please keep that in mind if you write a check or pay monthly.

* October Board Meeting is October 3rd at 5:30 PM.  Location has been changed to Les Heffler’s office at the Hyundai    dealership located at Liberty Tree Mall.  Everyone is welcome.

* A second fundraising meeting on September 26th 5:30 PM, also at the Hyundai dealership.  Gary and Les reported that  last week’s meeting went well but volunteers and ideas are still needed.

* Preliminary fund-raising plans include a raffle for a 3 year auto lease.  Vehicle type is “TBD” and details are being finalized.
* Additional fund raising ideas include moving the Road Race to an earlier springtime date in the hopes of attracting  more runners.  A spring ball or gala event is also in discussion.

* Foundation Membership Forum:  October 2nd at the Doubletree in Danvers.  The cost to attend is $60.00 and the  Club generally covers the cost for those attending.  This is a great event if you are new to the club or if you have  not attended in a while.  Please email Les if you are interested in going.  The event starts around 3 PM and is over by 8.  (OK,  I might be making that up a bit, but having attended before I am pretty close on the times!)

* Scholarship Committee:  Maureen Larivee has taken over for Michael Newhall.  A meeting invite will be going out to current  committee members, for late October.  We hope to revamp the scholarship application and process somewhat. If you have not  been a part of the committee before and would like to participate, please contact Maureen.

Sheriff’s Report:   Jason collected a total of $56.00 today including a donation from Kristen Armstrong for her birthday.  She won’t tell her age, but got a nice serenade from Ralph anyway.  Other dollars from Jason, Nicole’s sister had a baby boy yesterday; Elsa is thrilled to be back;  Maureen for  being at Fenway on Saturday;  Becky,Walter, and Gary, for the Sox; Dan, for our missing golfing members; Karen, for a lively discussion on medical dispensaries; Lenny, a gorgeous weekend;  Ralph, Bill Lee, and Alden, for Judy DeLorenzo’s presence at their table and Judy for her all of her dining companions’ stories from the 50’s and 60’s.

Raffle:  Both Lenny and Ralph had the unlucky tickets today.  Too bad……  we were all so upset for you!

I think that’s it.  See you next week.


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 

- Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

September 16 2013 Rotoracle Maureen Larivee 2013-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Sep 08, 2013

Well September is here and back to the grind for kids at school and Rotarians at our meeting at the Yacht Club.  President Les opened the meeting.  There were no guests or visitors. We enjoyed a great meal of salads, chicken, salmon, veggies and ice cream parfait.  

President Les reviewed the Board of Directors Meeting that was held last Thursday.  Beginning this next Monday, September 16th, the meal cost will be increased $1.00 to allow for an increase in the charge from the Yacht club as well as allowing for our guests. Please remember that we have not gone up on the weekly meal charge for a couple of years.  We were able to absorb the last increase but have to increase at this time.  The Yacht Club has charged us less than other clubs and for that we are grateful.  Board Meetings will be held at the Hyundai Village Conference Room beginning with the October Board Meeting.  We actually had a fundraising meeting there tonight and it worked out quite well.  You can also pick out your next car if you like while taking part in the meetings.  Meetings will still be held at 5:30 PM.  Les reported that we were changing the plans on fundraising this year.  He called for Rotarians to meet at his office on Thursday, which was tonight, to set up the year's fundraising events, dates and other plans.  Since time got ahead of us, the board decided to postpone the event that was planned for October as more lead time is needed to put on this event.  

Sheriff Larry collected $131 from the following: Pam just because, Dan, Joe J, Bill and Ralph for Pat's Victory, Maureen for siting with Larry and wedding stories, Jason $20 for his dog loosing 5 pounds, Larry R for the successfull Historical Society Golf Tourney this next Monday, Mary Beth $10 going to Myrtle Beach next week, Bob Becky and Ted for a good summer, Les for walking in the Cancer Walk in Boston yesterday, Don Desmond 5 for nothing, Barry for a great sports weekend, Lenny for the successful Y Golf Tournament, Paul for it being Monday, Matt for a good Labor Day in Maine, Gary closed his pool, Carol Elliott for it being nice being back and for Bob Woods Son's Wedding at the Yacht Club., Joe D for being here and Bill Lee for the wine being so good.

This weeks speaker was our own member Paul Fuller, who showed the new Web Site and reviewed how to sign on and how to update our personal information.  Paul gave a great overview on the great benefit we will be seeing with the new site.  Some time in the future, Past President Barry will set up a picture station at one of our meetings so we can post our pictures on the site.  There are a number of great features to the new site, one being the connection to all the other clubs in the district along with being connected to Rotary International for record keeping.  It will take some time to get our arms around all the great features but we are beginning to do so.  

A number of Rotarians met tonight, Thursday, at Les's office to review plans.  I will not outline them here at this time, but I will say much time was invested in planning out the year for events.  You will hear much more about the first event on Monday at our meeting.  

The card game was played by two very important Rotarians, myself and Gary Nangle.  We were both winners at having our numbers pulled but were looooooooooooooosers where it counts.  The money builds and you will have a better change on Monday at winning.  

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday.


Rotoracle for Monday, September 9, 2013 Leonard Mercier 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Maureen Larivee on Aug 25, 2013
Well summer is skidding in toward home plate; pretty unbelievable that Labor Day is upon us once again.  We had a really interesting speaker and meeting today and although many Rotarians are using up the last of summer vacations, those of us “at home” enjoyed a great lunch and a very entertaining speaker.  More to follow……………

Matt Schroeder ran our meeting on behalf of Les and Ted Speliotis offered the Invocation.

Visitors today included Jay, our regular Monday waiter.  It was fun to have him sitting on the other side of the table and we hope he enjoyed our company.

Visiting Rotarian was John Jameson from the Haverhill Club

General Announcements:

• Tickets still available for the Red Sox games on 9/4 and 9/17.  If you would like to attend you can go to our new Club Runner website or by contacting Tom Manuel.

• The Board of Directors will meet on 9/5 at the DYC and all are welcome to attend.  Meeting time is 5:30 (I think) but if you are planning to attend you might want to confirm the time.  As a reminder, there is no meeting next Monday, Labor Day.

• For anyone who ordered canvas prints of the Rotary Pavillion, Barry has them ready and at his store for pickup.  If you are not able to get to the shop, let Barry know and he will make arrangements to get it to you.

Guest Speaker
Dan Doherty introduced our speaker, Brendan Cronin.  Brendan was joined by his wife Christine.  Brendan currently serves on the faculty at Endicott College as head of the Culinary Arts program.  Brendan is native of County Mayo Ireland where he grew up on a family farm.  The farm expanded and grew to include dairy farming and further when Brendan’s mother opened the family home for lodging.  

Brendan’s interest and love for cooking grew from his home and from the hours he spent helping his mother prepare meals for not only the 7 members of the Cronin family but for the 7 lodgers as well.

Brendan’s mother channeled his interests and found a two year scholarship for her son at a small hotel school in nearby Galway.  From there Brendan went on to live and work in Switzerland where he earned a prestigious ‘Certified Swiss Master Chef’ qualification.  From Switzerland he moved to Western Africa, and then on to Thailand and Singapore.

He met Endicott President Richard Wylie on a return trip to Switzerland and was persuaded to come to Beverly where he earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s from Endicott College.

Brendan’s Book, Cheffin’ From Potatoes to Caviar, was available through Brendan at yesterday’s meeting.  It is his ‘story’ and each chapter includes a recipe.  FYI it is also available on Amazon and Kindle if you are interested.

Sheriff’s Report:  Larry was the sheriff and coincidentally just back from a trip to Ireland.  We collected money, but unfortunately your scribe this week neglected to get the official Report from Larry.  With apologies to all, but we did collect at least $100.00.

Raffle:  Alden Goodnow and Ralph Ardiff both had tickets drawn this week. The money pot remains as there were no winners.

Happy Labor Day.  See you on Sept 9th.


August 26 2013 Rotoracle Maureen Larivee 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Aug 18, 2013

District Governor Elect Peter Simonsen



District Governor Peter Simonsen, introduced District Governor John Hall at our meeting on Monday, August 19th.  Peter is a Charter Member of the Hamilton-Wenham Club and was well versed with his talk.  We were the twentieth club that this team visited.  Peter is a very sincere and devoted Rotarian.  He will be a great leader to follow John Hall.  

                   Seems like we are in good hands.

District Governor Elect Introduces District Governor John Hall Leonard Mercier 2013-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier on Aug 18, 2013
ImageFriends Forever Youth Visit Danvers

    What a great day we had at Rotary this week.  The "Friends Forever" youth were visiting from Israel and we were also honored to have our District Governor, John Hall, conducting his first official visit from the District.  As you will all see, this is my (our) first attempt of publishing the Rotoracle through the new ClubRunner Website.  I will touch on that in a later part of this week's news.  What a great group of teenagers, ages 14 through 17.  They are in the mid portion of their two week program with the Friends Forever Program.  Rick Gilmore is the Chief Volunteer Officer for the program this year.  You can see how much he loves the program by the smile on his face.  The kids were personable, polite and a joy to talk to during the luncheon.  If you missed the meeting this week, you missed on of the best.  



District Governor John Hall Addresses

                      Danvers Rotarians ---------------

Once the visiting youth and leaders spoke on their experiences, Governor John Hall spoke with the group about this year's District Plans.  It was great having John visit today, while we had the Friends Forever youth.  It brought home the international theme of Rotary and how Rotary work around the world as well as in our own community.  There are 48 clubs in our district doing great things.  Membership growth is a priority for John and his team this year.  He is proud of Rotary, proud of the difference each club is doing world wide. Engaging Rotarian's is a main goal for the District.  When a new member comes through the doors, we need to engage them into some type of humanitarianism activity.  If they get involved early in their experience in Rotary, they are more likely to remain engaged forever.  The District has been awarded a matching grant to work on branding.  This is a continuation of last year's grant.  It will be shared with two other districts.  Our District is planning events that will be social as well as educational this year.  Another goal is to offer social activities that will bring Rotarian's together from all over.  Two Red Sox nights are planned; one on September 4th and the other on September 17th.  Mary Beth sent out information on these, via email.  Interested?  Let President Les or Mary Beth know.


 Rotarian Bob Raiche accepts a check for $2,500, Danvers Rotary Club's support for the Friends Forever Program.  Bob founded the Friends Forever program and has devoted a lot of his life into the efforts of building Peace.  




    These two students tell of how religion is blocking peace.  They are proud and honored to be able to work together to help make a difference.   




     Dick Moore, a Salem Rotarian was visiting this week.  We were also pleased to have Carole Elliott in attendance.  Nice to see her at her home club.  Carole is the Editor of the District Newsletter, which is almost a full time job putting it together each month.  Great to have her back and looking forward to seeing her at more meetings.   

     Next Rotary Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 5th, 5:30 at he Yacht Club.  

There are many other events planned and all events will now be listed on the District Web site as well as the individual club sites.  Click on the District Site for announcements and other District News.  

     This is our first posting of the Rotoracle through the new Web Site.  The new site is in the infant stage and will be better each week.  

     Cards were played and no winning cards were pulled.  The money grows and the challenge continues with the game.  

     Are you dues in?  Many Rotarians have paid their dues but there is still some money out.  Most your dues money pays District and International dues. Our club has to pay those bills and needs your funds to make that possible.  

     A special thank you goes to every Rotarian that contributed to the Danvers Rotary Trust, in memory of Don Ingraham.  This will be very helpful to keep his memory going through the work of the Trust.  Donations are still be accepted and will continue.  This Trust helps fund many of our large projects and will see Danvers Rotary into the future.  Again, thank you.

     Next week Maureen will be writing as I have another commitment.  Enjoy your week and remember to do Rotary's work, helping to make the world a better place.  


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Mark Your Calendars! Barry Kaplan 2013-05-31 00:00:00Z 0
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Barry Kaplan 2013-05-31 00:00:00Z 0
Thought for the Week - Who Said It? Barry Kaplan 2013-05-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier

This weeks speaker: Richard Tisei

   This week Republican Candidate Richard Tisei spoke about his running against John Tierney for the Co gressional Seat for the 6th District.  Richard is one of a few running for this seat against Tierney.  in 1984 he was the youngest Republican Rep from Reading/Wakefield and was on the Senate for 20 years.  He spoke of his many accomplishments and how he, while being a Republican, works with both parties to do the right thing..  Presently is a Realtor in Lynnfield.  One of the proud moments was his work with the Whistle Blower Protection program for health workers.  This work along with work on the two zoos being privatized to improve the conditions and increase the number of visitors.  He spoke about unemployment in MA in that while we boast that the unemployment rate is 6%, that does not include the kids just completing school and living in their parents basements.  Once an individual receives the maximum benefit from unemployment, they are dropped from the program and dropped from the %s tallied for unemployment.  Massachusetts is more like 12% unemployed, not the 6%.  While we have been hearing that Danvers is growing in population, the state as a whole is shrinking and there are not enough jobs being created to support families.  That makes the young people move out and look elsewhere.  

He would like your votes if you are from his district.


Richard Tisei, Republican Candidate Speaks Leonard Mercier 0
Posted by Leonard Mercier

With both President Les and President Elect Matt away, President Select Dan stepped up and ran the meeting in complete control.




Dan Doherty runs meeting is complete control.  He is ready to lead.  Usually we have to get the new guys and galls to ring the bell with some force.  Not the case for Dan, we are going to put a buffer on the gavel to control the noise level.   Just kidding, Dan did a great job......







Dan welcomed everyone to the meeting and called for the invocation.

Guests for this weeks meeting included:

     Suzanne O'Brien, guest of MaryBeth

     Chandler Noyes

This weeks speaker was Republican Richard Tisei and his supporter P.J. Ferencroft.

Softball game this week is Wednesday at John George Field.  If this Rotoracle get out in time we encourage Rotarians and friends to go to the game and support out world renounded team of players. coached by Tom Manuel.  


Coach Tom reported that on Friday, July 11th, there will be a Rotary Field Trip to the Lowell Spinners Game at LeLacheur Park.  They are playing the Staten Island Team.  There will be a cookout at the field at 5:30 PM, you will enjoy the game and fireworks that follow the game.  Up to 40 can sign up with the cost of $30.00 each, that includes transportation from Danvers, via the Y Bus, cookout and game.  What a deal.  Get your checks to Tom for your family and friends, so he can include you in the event.


     Gary Nangle reported that this year's collection of funds for the Foundation is coming to a close and he encouraged Rotarians that have not made a contribution to the Rotary International Foundation, to do so, to be included in this years fund.  Danvers Rotary Membership Bills are in the mail or being delivered to each Rotarian.  MaryBeth was passing out bills to each of us, present at the meeting, to save postage and get the notices out.  This is for the 2014-2015 year.  Each bill has a space for members to include their contribution to the RI Foundation.  I would encourage everyone to make their committment this way, as I do.  By doing it this way it is done, out of the way and you do not have to think about it for the year.  Rotary's goal is $100 from each Rotarian to get the most benefit from the program.  Remember 50% of what is contributed comes back to our District for local grants.  Great way to support locally and globaly.  Please get those dues in as soon as possible so the club can fulfill it's financial obligations to the District and RI.

Habitat for Humanity - Corain is leading the process for August 20th - 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

     We have 9 spaces set up for helping with this local effort.  Yes local effort.  The way to sign up is as follows:


Select  “VOLUNTEER” and then click on “Volunteer Up!” tab.

This brings you to the Registration page – click on “REGISTER as a HFH-NS Volunteer UP! User”

This brings you to the Volunteer Profile page – choose a user name & password provide all relevant details.   Scroll down through Groups/Teams and select Danvers Rotary.   

Select all that apply in Interest/Skills –click Register.

If we fill these 9 spaces quickly we will have the opportunity to go for 5 more to complete day's work with just Rotarians.  They supply everything needed to do the work, including the instructions.  Your contribution is the work.  Once you sign up, let Corain know so he can plan accordingly.  Thank you for your efforts wit this.  

Sheriff's duties were spread out to have tables report individually.  I did not get the sheets from the tables so I will report quickly on this.  Some contributed for the bell ringer, some for the weather and others in support of time off and other accomplishments.  Many thanks to all that contributed to the effort.  

Cards were played by Tom Manuel and Gary Nangle.  I am sad, ya right, to report that they were both loooooooooooooooooooooooosers.  So the money is building.  

Enjoy your weekend and be ready for Rotary on Monday, June 9th.  





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Posted by Barry Kaplan
ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.

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