Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

February 26 2018 Rotoracle

What a great meeting this week.  It opened with President Bill welcoming the group followed by special words from our Polar Plunge member John Zannino.  We has two visitors from St. Vincent DePaul.

Rotary Moment

Matt was in Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, in the everglades.  He met some Rotarians that were running a Bike Race as a fundraiser for Polio Plus.  He did invite them to our District's Polar Plunge for next year, but something tells me that they will probably pass on that.  Point to the moment is that no matter where you go in the world you will run into Rotarians doing great things, helping many people.  Personally I would prefer to run into Rotarians in Florida rather than at the Polar Plunge. Brrrrrrrrrrr.
Since we were on the subject of raising funds for Polio Plus a few figures were shared.  While I do not have them all, these are a couple that stand out for me:  Our district raised 1 million thos past year, our club raised over $1,000, mostly by John Zannino's plunging, the Gates Foundation matches $2 for every $1 raised by Rotarians for this effort.  Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are the only countries left were Polio is still present.  Hopefully this will be taken care of soon.
This week there was a Board Meeting on Tuesday and the Peace and Understanding Dinner was held on Wednesday.  

St. Patrick's Week Meeting

We will not be meeting on Monday, March 12th.  We will be meeting with the Beverly Rotary Club on Thursday, March 15th for a day of Irishness.  You know green water, corn beef and fixins.  I have heard that there will be another option, Chicken Florentine.  Well I enjoy the corn beef once a year.  Surely there will be entertainment and such. Jacki sent our a reminder today about the joint meeting and would like to see a good attendance from Danvers Rotarians.  Good time, plan on attending and again, do not go to the Yacht Club on Monday the 12th, unless you are going for a swim.  Don't forget to mark your calendar.

Thank you from St. Vincent DePaul

Dee Rielly and a fellow volunteer from St. Vincent DePaul visited with us this week to thank our club for stepping up to help when they did not know where to turn.  Dee remembered a conversation she had had with Matt Schroeder when she and fellow workers were panicking, just as the holidays were approaching for the winter break.  Two homeless families, living in local hotels were going to be without gifts for their children, one having 4 children with one still believing in Santa Cullen on the roof.  Knowing that helping these families with food was never an issue, but she had no avenue to secure toys and such for the children.  Remembering her conversation with Matt, she called him, just hoping that he could help or give her suggestions.  As we all know Matt and how he works, he told Dee that he would take care of it with the club resources and he did just that.  The had their holiday with the belief of Santa in tack and these two families were taken care of in a manner that our club is know for.  Thank you Matt for all you do for Rotary and all you do for the community.  I, for one, am proud to have you as a friend and fellow Rotarian.

Guest Speaker - Rich Maloney

This week's speaker was Rich Maloney, our Danvers Building Inspector, Manager of Inspectional Services.  Rich heads up all code enforcing in Danvers.  Went to Danvers High and Merrimack College, worked as assistant to our previous inspector for a number of years.  His department is responsible for inspecting all buildings, electrical, gas, plumbing and everything else that has to do with services that need inspection.  Mr. Maloney shared some interesting facts about our fine town.  There are almost identical numbers of new homes built in Danvers each year and the population has stayed pretty constant.  Homes are bigger than ever today with fewer people living in them.  Some buildings in town have to be inspected yearly, like the schools, the Y and other places of assembly, all meet this requirement.  My first hand experiences with Inspector Rich Maloney and his staff in that they are all fair, treat everyone the same and are extremely knowledgeable about the codes and are very helpful in assisting people to meet those codes.  Interesting to note that in the early times there was a small book that covered the codes needing attention for inspectional services.  Now there are a number of 5 inch binders that list the codes required in today's construction.  We would all agree that things today are a lot more complicated than they were when we were younger and construction is totally different now that it ever was.  Like electronics and technology changing at such a rapid pace, construction materials and all building codes are trying to keep pace.  Being a son of a plumber, (not a son of a B----), I still have a hard time accepting that plastic water pipes are as good as copper.  Now that is showing my age.  Anyway, Rich Maloney and his code enforcement department do a wonderful job.  We are very fortunate to have so many great people working within our town that truly care for the entire community.  Great job speaking this week, making code enforcement an interesting subject.  

Sheriff Brad Collects $76.00

This week Sheriff Brad collected $76.00 from the following:  Shelley for Peace, Lenny for a great weekend, Dan for Meghan Duggan and the US Girls Hockey Team, John for fun, Suzanne for the Women's Hockey Team, Annelie for help for victims, Becky and Jacki for our guests, Alden for the Season Opener, Bill Lee - What no wine?, Don for the guests, President Bill for the Guests, Gary N, Mary Beth and Ted for Meghan Duggan, Matt S. for his recent trip to Disney in Florida, Sara for some reason I don't understand and Brad for USA and a note about 5 weeks from due date.  Thank you to all.......

Cards Played

Both Brad and Bill Lee took their chances at cards and lucky for us and not for them, they were both loooooooooooooosers.

Speaker for Monday, March 5th

Noam Baranovsky will be speaking on Friends Forever International.  Always a great presentation with Friends Forever.  
That is about it for now.  Have to go check out the leaks from all today's rain (Friday).  
Not a great day to fly a kite or to stand outside for very long.
Enjoy the rest of you day and weekend.

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.  

   - Woodrow Wilson

I would add that he also knows how cold it is.  Lenny