Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

April 23 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Weekly Meeting April 23rd, 2018
This week's meeting was called to order by President Bill.  District Assistant Governor Kang Yu was visiting this week along with our guest speakers Debbie Gilmore and Kathy Gauthier.

Rotary Moments were shared:

Suzanne talked about her attending the Selectman's meeting for their vote to accept our Rotary Club's contribution of the Apple Orchard, planned for Endicott Park.  She was proud to represent the club at the meeting.
Becky spoke about her volunteering along with Matt, Matt's son and John Zannino and his girlfriend.  They all helped out at the Senior Center honoring Senior Center volunteers for their work during the year.  It was a great event.

Dates and Notes to Remember:

There was a Board meeting on Tuesday at the Staples Work Bar.
Women's Build Day for Habitat for Humanity in Danvers.  Saturday, May 5th beginning at 9:00 AM.  Mary Beth has details for Rotarian women to help out.
Farmers Market begins June 13th.  To date there are 15 vendors and Matt is still looking for someone selling fresh Honey.  There is space available for sponsors for the bags and signs at both ends of the Market.  Let Matt know is you know of anyone.

Guest Speakers from the Registry of Deeds in Salem:

Becky introduced Debbie Gilmore and Kathy Gauthier from the Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds.  The topic this week was a new program "Property Fraud Watch Service" that is now offered to our District.  While there has not been a major issue with fraud in our area to date, it is becoming a big issue in larger cities and the Registrar feels it is only time before fraud becomes common place.  With filings being done electronically it is easier for this to take place since you don't physically have to sign paperwork.  Presently most issues of fraud are family related.  This new service can be signed up for online and Deb and Kathy encouraged everyone to periodically check the paperwork on their properties.  When you sign up for the service you will be notified by email anytime that any paperwork is submitted at the Registry of Deeds.  This was you will know if anyone files anything related to your property.  Another thing they were recommending for each of us was to take advantage of the Homestead Act and that when any changes are made to the deed of a property a new Homestead must be files.  Example of this is when a property is put into a family trust, as many of us are taking advantage of.  It was very obvious that our Salem Registry of Deeds office is all about Customer Service and the Registrar wants his staff to be as helpful as possible.  Kathy and Debbie are making the effort to meet every Rotary Club and will be working to meet other clubs and groups throughout the Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds.  Great speakers this week.  

Sheriff Brad Collects $122

This week Sheriff Brad collected from himself saying that he needs to begin saving for Diapers, Neal for Brad's new baby, Larry Raimondi rampaging Red Sox, Don Desmond for never driving again, Barry for Golf and Baby, Shelly for the Baby, Suzanne and Mary Beth for the baby, Lenny for being happy to being at the meeting, Tom Standring for the new Dad, Alden for the Red Hot Red Sox, Matt S for Peter Pan Junior "Matt's Son" and for is son's Goal.  Becky for the same, Bill Lee for the week, President Bill for an awesome vacation, Rick Gilmore for the speakers, Gary Nangle for Melatonin-Get some sleep, Jacky for her birthday this weekend, Kang $10 for Jackie being at the District Assembly.   Thank you to all.

Cards Played:

Both Tom Strandring and Brad Hunt were loooooooooosers, this week.  There are only 10 cards left.  Brad whined a bit, something about needing the money for diapers..... Sorry Brad.
Lastly, I will be away next week on vacation, getting a tan.  Someone else will have to write.
See you when I return.

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